Hybrid Dog Breeds: Sometimes A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That Makes The Best Dog

By Farah J

We are this close to getting another dog. Especially after learning about these hybrid dog breeds. There could never be enough dogs in our lives. The more, the merrier! Their cute little puppy eyes build a whole fort in our hearts from the first moment we see them. Even if we adopt a full-grown dog, their playfulness and joy never fail to lift our spirits and make us happy. They are like your therapist, your best buddy, sidekick, and knight in shining fur, and most of all, your family! Out of 190 natural dog breeds that we know, mixed breeds might be less common but are no less enchanting. We are not exaggerating at all; take a look at these majestic and gorgeous hybrid dogs and judge for yourself.

Chusky, the great furball

Yes, it’s a name of a hybrid dog. And no, we are not overstating when we say that this dog is an adorable, giant furball. We mean it quite literally. The size of a human torso, this “puppy” is something special.


The Chusky is a mixture of Chow Chow and Husky, two of our favorites. And before you say this dog is overweight: no, it is over-furred! The long fur keeps this good boi warm in harsh northern winters. Imagine the cuddles you would get from him.


We don’t know how much longer we can hold off before running out to find one of these. This is the cutest cross between two already adorable dogs we’ve ever seen! Malshi is an obvious mix between Maltese and Shih Tzu breeds.

Vilmathemalshi / Instagram

Imagine this coming up to you to lick you awake every morning. Or curling into a tiny ball beside you in bed every night, taking the littlest bit of space. Imagine this baby sleeping in your lap while you watch TV from the couch…

Bea-Chi, Cheagle, Beagle Chi

“Call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to.” We could not help but quote Taylor Swift’s song here. This lyric perfectly describes this situation. Because, for some reason, the dog-loving community hasn’t been able to decide what to call this piece of perfection.

Mooseontheloose / Instagram

A cross between Chihuahua and Beagle created this wonderful creature This hybrid dog is tiny but very energetic. Don’t underestimate the size; they still love to play. We can imagine him being the most loved member of the lucky family he lives with.


What happens when two of the most loyal and intelligent dog breeds are combined? And not to mention the most charming. Well, the answer lies in this perfect hybrid dog – please welcome Pomsky! The creation with brains and never-ending charisma.


The mix between the Siberian husky and Pomeranian breed produced this glory. No wonder this little fluffy thing is loved by everyone, from children to the elderly; everyone wants a Pomsky. The intelligence that he got from his parents makes him even more attractive. 

The Cockapoo!

We got the idea of how enchanting the hybrid dog would be when we first heard about the featuring crossed dogs. Yes! It’s the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. Our most favorite two, if we’re allowed to be so biased. Of course, we were going to love their baby.


This little cutesy got the best of both worlds; we cannot stress this enough. The shiny coat of fur, adorable eyes, fluffy paws, the innocent look, and the outgoing and loving personality. Like, seriously, what else would you call perfection?

Bullpei – the sweetest buddy

The featuring crossed breeds of this hybrid are the English Bulldog and Shar Pei. Both of these gorgeous dogs are famous for their loyalty and dedication to protecting their humans. Looks like their hybrid took these traits from his parents!

Kaithebullpei / Instagram

Bullpei is the sweetest thing you can ever have in your home. This dog gives off the “introvert” personality vibes; he is the family guy with sincerity and loyalty running through him. He may be a little sensitive to extreme temperatures, and he loves solitude and quiet.


Maltipoo is one of the most common hybrids. Especially in families with kids. Because this little thing just loves children! (Probably because of the common interest in games and playing!) If you were looking for a family dog on the smaller end of the scale, this is your pup.

Vegacockapoo / Instagram

We adore this little hyper hybrid so much that we are willing to get one of our own! Maltipoo, a mix of Maltese and Poodle, is very energetic and fun-loving. Just like his parents. And he is a perfect addition to a small happy family.

Golden Dox

A perfect mix of Golden Retriever and Dachshund creates …*drumroll* the Golden Dox! Don’t judge his size because he may take you by surprise with his quickness and agility! He is such a warm boi, just like the color of his coat.


Kid-friendly, family-friendly, park-friendly, people-friendly, pet-friendly, friendly-friendly… the list goes on and on when it comes to us counting his positive aspects because there are no negatives to this gorgeous and loyal Golden Weiner! His angelic golden fur says it all.

Corgi with 101 spots

Guess who this little guy’s parents are? This hybrid puppy’s lineage is obvious: Corgi and Dalmatian! His little legs and petite figure give the “corgi” part away. And don’t even start with the black Dalmatian spots. They make us squeal with joy.


We are not surprised that this hybrid is one of the most popular – and most wanted – dogs for families. Due to his pretty appearance and loving nature, who wouldn’t want to have a Cormatian in their homes as a permanent family member?


Whoever decided to name this pretty little creation as “Hug” has our whole heart! Because nothing suits this ball of cuteness more than the name “hug.” It is just what we want to do to it. The name of this hybrid breed gets a round of applause.

Angelamcclure13 / Instagram

The hybrid of Pug and Husky is the most delightful thing we have seen all day. We are lucky to have this information because most people are not aware of them. Unfortunately, this intelligent, friendly, and sweet boi isn’t a trendy breed.


The little cross of Boston terrier and French bulldog is one of the jolliest, most active, and happiest breeds. Unlike most dogs, this little guy enjoys his own company as much as he does others’. He’s an incredible little dude!

Boomerlefrenchtonandbettyboston / Instagram

Frenchton is very warm and social, and as we mentioned before, active. He loves to play. There needs to be a whole backyard for this little guy to run around in. Just watching this sweet thing play in the mud all by himself brings us calm and wholesome feels.

Golden Shepherd

Just the looks of this hybrid dog give off very royal and classy vibes. Their shiny golden fur, their grooming, their style and posture, their active lifestyle, their loyalty to their family members… what’s NOT royal about this hybrid? Because we sure can’t find anything.


Gaining the best of both royal worlds, i.e. the Golden retriever and German shepherd, this hybrid is very popular among other dogs and people alike. Just like their featuring crossbreeds. Come on! Who doesn’t want one of these alluring puppers?

Toy Bulldog

This very English boi is a mix of English bulldog and pug, a breed that arose in England a century or two ago. Nope, this kind of dog is not new. When those two highly smart dog breeds collided, their majestic hybrid was born.

Bigshua_wen / Instagram

Another fun fact about this beautiful dog is that he is also called a miniature bulldog, even though he can grow to an incredible size and weight in later years! It’s a little odd calling a huge dog “tiny,” but we’ll go with the flow.

The Frug

Who came up with this name? Where did the creativity go when we found this fun hybrid? We are well aware, based on the names we have seen thus far, that hybrids are given names that are funky combinations of their parents’ breeds.

Pitti.thefrenchiepug / Instagram

The mix of French bulldog and Pug could have been given a better name, but then again, it’s kinda funny, like the hybrid itself! These pups love to play and have fun. It’s a shame they are not so popular, but maybe that will change.


This hybrid is known as the human version of a dog. Why? Because they are like the canine version of a human! Stubborn, yet intelligent, friendly, playful and active, and enjoys outdoors. You can totally imagine a kid with these traits, right?


Being the crossbreed of Yorkshire terrier and Maltese, this hybrid took the cuteness genes of both of the parents. Their already overwhelming cuteness has now merged in one glorious breed: Morkie. This fluffy thing keeps his humans on their toes all the time.


It is tough to guess the ancestry of this hybrid. The most obvious signs tell us that this little boi belongs to some breed of spaniels. But who could imagine that he is crossbred of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? 


This adorable furball is covered in thick fur from head to toe. This little guy must be the best cuddler in his family. We can’t imagine NOT petting him all the time. Above all that, he’s very friendly and playful with his humans.


One of the most popular breeds is the sheepadoodle. Because of his royal and famous ancestry and his apparent charming personality, this hybrid is one of a kind! His intelligence, speed, agility, and loyalty make us absolutely swoon over him.


This handsome guy has everything in it that we desire in a family pet. His brains are just a bonus to his wonderful charm and playfulness. A few treats, playing games with him, and lots of love are all it takes for him to be an amazing companion.

Gerberian Shepsky

Okay, the seemingly clever idea of the name of this hybrid made us laugh out loud. It looks like the creativity was running high in this person. Shepsky is just such a clever, catchy name for such an incredibly likable breed.


This hybrid is the son of a German shepherd and Siberian husky! Two of the most incredible dogs crossed and produced this dominant and genuinely attractive dog breed. Look into those eyes and try not to be hypnotized. Good luck!


One of the most adorable, brilliant, lively, and popular hybrids is the Shollie. The name suits his fun-loving and quirky personality quite well, in our humble opinion. This breed has even been officially recognized by the Dog Registry of America!

Milo.thesholie / Instagram

A popular cross between two popular dogs – German shepherd and a border collie – of course the resulting hybrid would turn out as great as Shollie! We believe that Shollie is a great family pet. Anyone would be lucky to have a Shollie in their home.


We were pretty surprised by this weird yet cool crossbreeding between a traditional Poodle and a Bernese mountain dog. Like, who could’ve imagined that the collision of genes of these two very different breeds would turn out to be like this?

source unknown

But we are so glad that this happened. Because we can’t stress how much we would’ve missed if we didn’t witness this hybrid dog. This loving, goofy giant with a sharp mind and friendly nature makes them a wonderful addition to the family.


Despite being one of our favorites, this magnificent hybrid is unpopular in the world of dogs. Even though this might be the case now, we’re sure there will be an upswing in their popularity. Just looking at this big guy’s innocent eyes makes us want to hug him!

Bohagidiakow / Instagram

The Goberian is a mix of Golden retriever and Siberian husky, the two most admired dog breeds. With his parents’ adventure sense, the love for fun, the sense of loyalty and devotion to his humans, and charming looks, Goberian should be the number on the list of pets.


This name is the perfect one for this crossbreed of Schnauzer and Poodle: Schnoodle. His thick curly fur makes him such a style icon in the dog world. His small size and happy and friendly nature has helped him build homes worldwide.

Blueeyedindy_schnoodle / Instagram

This adorable Schnoodle can be one naughty kid! Although social and playful, if this boi becomes too hyper, you may struggle to get him back on track. But his joyful personality makes it so hard for us to be mad at him for long.

French Pin

Having the ancestry of a French bulldog and Mini Pinscher, this French Pin is one oddly cute hybrid. We have seen this dog grow up from a little puppy to a full-size dog of about 25 lbs! When we say he is the man’s best friend, we mean it with all our hearts.


He is really popular among grown men. We think this is because of his loving, jolly, adventurous, and playful nature. And most probably because both dads and French pins are stereotypically the real softhearted ones, but tend to act tough.


One medium-sized dog breed, Corgi, and one big Labrador retriever make one fun-packed Corgidor! Or Labrorgi. Whatever you like to call it. Both are pretty decent name combinations. Back to the hybrid itself. He’s the most charming pet you could ever have!


Perfect for a medium-sized family living in a medium-sized house. And one thing that makes him more wanted is how quickly he learns. If you are one of the most families who like to train their dogs, Corgidor is the one for you.

German Chow

The German shepherd’s and Chow Chow’s crossbreed gave us German chow! How cool is that? We cannot even begin to say how amazing this hybrid dog is. He has wicked good looks, an adventurous nature, active lifestyle, sense of humor, and likes to play little tricks on his favorite humans…

Koakawaii / Instagram

Everything about this “little” guy is endearing. He’s like a hyperactive ball of loveliness and fun! AND he gives the best-est of hugs, his size being almost equal to a person’s torso. His emotional understanding of his family is off the charts too.

Saint Berdoodle

No one can look at this adorable thing and not fall in love with him immediately. Saint berdoodle’s fluffiness can enchant you from the second you lay eyes on him. You can’t help but drool over his cuteness while you pet him all over!

instagram/edison the saintbd

The Saint Berdoodle is a hybrid mix of Saint Bernard and Poodle, two very different breeds of dogs. Just look at the size of those big ole paws of his! We can only imagine them patting our faces as he wakes us up every morning with a shower of kisses.


This imperial looking majesty is the product of breeding between the Labrador retriever and the Boxer, two of the most famous American breeds. The picture of Boxador says it all: his magnificence and charm are hard to glean from a single photo!

Jaxtheboxador_ / Instagram

His love for adventure makes him an outdoorsy type, and he’s also pleasant and very, very friendly. He may look a little scary due to his confident demeanor, but he’s all goofy and jolly around people! Walking him every day is an integral part of the daily routine for this breed.


Say hello to the cross combination of Siberian husky and Pitt bull (also known as the American bull terrier). The mighty Pitsky! Although easily bored and in need of constant attention, this high-spirited hybrid is on another level of beauty.


From puppy days to a full-grown boi, this gorgeous hybrid is the one who seeks the attention of his humans. And if you are one of those people who like to spend most of their time with their pets, a Pitsky will never bore you. He would always keep your life full and satisfying!

Bull Pug

Can you guess what two (very obvious) breeds make up this cute little guy? Let us be the buzzkill for you and ruin the guessing game: the Bull Pug is a hybrid dog featuring English bulldog and Pug ancestry! Well, whoever named him did not struggle with the name.


Those muzzles, deep eyes, and broad shoulders… he is exactly a miniature bulldog. Family-friendly and active, but not overly hyper, the bull pug will give you the best memories. These dogs can be very calming even though they are also playful.

Aussie pom

Keep your grooming kits at the ready, dog owners, because here comes the fashion icon of the dog world, the Aussie pom! This beauty with a long coat and cute little paws doesn’t like getting dirty; being all glammed up is his game!

Thepuppybear / Instagram

The Aussie pom is the cross hybrid of Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd. And physical beauty aside, this dog is an icon. This hybrid’s most remarkable characteristics are loyalty, being a family pet, intelligence, and friendliness. In other words, practically perfect!


Ever seen a cross between Bulldog and Dalmatian? Well, now you have. You’re welcome. Their black and white Dalmatian coat never fails to earn them several oohs and awws from across the road by random passing strangers. We are one of those admirers.

Doggiesw0rld / Instagram

Intensely energetic and hyper, in a playful mood almost all the time, Bullmatians are the cutest little beasts in the family household. Their happy attitude can rub off on you like a magnetic charge. Their joy is totally contagious, y’all!


A crossbreed of Jack Russell terrier and traditional Poodle, we present to you a very good boi, Jackapoo! This little doggo is a BEAUT from his button-like nose and deep googly eyes to his curly coat and super soft paws!


We understand the hype around this popular hybrid pup; no wonder his families consider themselves lucky for having him in their homes. If we had one, we’d be so proud of lil guy, too! This joyful doggo would be all we lived for.


Look at his face, does this look like a “chug” to you guys? Okay, maybe he does, but still, the name could use some work. But no one asked us! Although, to be fair, pighuaua does sound even weirder. We’re digressing here.

instagram/buddy and max chugbro

This ball of energy tends to be athletic and loyal to humans. His friendly and jolly nature and his intelligence, coming from the beloved Pug and Chihuahua’s breeds, make him so unique. He deserves more respect and a lot more attention.

The Puggle 

What is the result of crossbreeding between a Pug and a Beagle? A Puggle! No, it is not a joke. The Puggle is real and very much loved! This designer dog is one of the most well-known and popular dog breeds in America. No wonder.

Georgieandlouiepuggle / Instagram

His floppy ears and long muzzle make him adorable and kissable! This good boi can grow up to be roughly half the size of a grown man. Maybe even bigger. His happy personality could grip anyone’s heart and fill it with love! Such a little gem.


The Ratcha is a fascinating little hybrid dog; it’s a cross between a Rat Terrier and Chihuahua. We are in awe of how much energy is stored in his tiny body! He is one of the most active dog breeds, never sitting down.

Aaronmarlo / Instagram

We can imagine his little feet tippy toe-ing all over the house. If you are the person who can keep this little hybrid entertained with lots of playtime, he will love you endlessly for his entire life. His joyful nature would ensure you’re never bored either!


You probably know this unique hybrid dog as Weimador. The dog namers probably couldn’t choose one, so this breed goes by both names. A combination of Weimaraner and Laborador retriever, this is a fiercely intelligent pupper. Not to mention gorgeous.


Incredibly active and energetic, this doggo keeps you fit because you would have to take him outdoors for a walk or run every day for a few hours! Also, his intelligence is top-level, so this smarty pants can easily be trained.

The Charming Labbe

Firstly, a Labbe is very easy to raise. He is brilliantly clever! Secondly, this hybrid doggo has been crossed between the beagle and labrador. Known for his long life and energetic attitude, the Labbe is a loyal and devoted family pet.


His charm is way off the charts! Even some institutions for the elderly or physically challenged people adopt Labbes for mental and physical comfort. They are naturally comforting and easy to be around, trainable, and very people-friendly. Labbes are a joy to behold.

The Goldendoodle

We would very much like to call this hybrid “the golden ticket” because this dog deserves no lower ranking! His magnificence and humbled personality charm everyone, much like his royal golden coat. He is a true blessing from the canine world.


His tolerant and easy-going nature makes him a breeze, even for the people who are first-time pet owners. He doesn’t take much of people’s energy and time. Having a very kind and understanding doggo as a family pet is nothing less than winning a golden ticket!


ShiChi is one of the most popular designer breeds in the world. And it did not take much time for him to become famous among dog lovers. His beauty, inside and out, was enough for everyone to fall in love with this fascinating crossbreed of Chihuahua and Shih Tzu.


Beloved for his intelligence and sweet demeanor, this adorable little creature has a huge personality, and he is always looking for ways to show off. Also, the family who makes him their family member needs to be sure to take extra care of his fur. 

Whoodle – man’s best friend

We believe that having a Whoodle, a crossbreed of Wheaten terrier and Poodle, brings luck. At least we find those people lucky who have taken in or pet or even seen Whoodle in real life. Unfortunately, Whoodle isn’t a very well-known breed yet.


This hybrid has everything that a dog owner wants: a calm and understanding nature, friendliness and energy, a relaxed nature, cuddly and soft fur, and beauty. His dense fur can keep him and his human warm in the cold. What else does a person need?