Paws Of Possession: 35+ Pets Showing Their Jealous Sides

By Satarupa D

People can be possessive. It’s not unusual for some folks to lose sleep if they notice their loved ones getting too close to others. However, jealousy is not unique to humans; pets can be possessive too. They get cranky if you dare look at another pet or if you have the audacity to give them your divided attention. They growl and howl and purposely scare strangers away if they feel they are no longer your priority.

Anyone who’s ever owned a pet will tell you how clingy they can be when there’s a new addition to the household. But don’t believe everything we say. Look at the photos we have compiled to prove our claims. They’ll demonstrate the jealous streaks of our favorite companions. If you’re planning to get a pet, you better be ready.

Baby Of The Family

What happens when you are the baby of the house, and your owner dares to bring another baby into the home? Well, then, it is time to stand up and fight for the attention you rightfully deserve! Game on!

Image courtesy of Demilked

This cat is going through such a phase. Its pet parent committed the ultimate betrayal; it brought a new baby home. How dare they? Did they not realize they already had a baby feline? If you can’t beat them, join them!

No Looking!

Sometimes pets think their pet parents won’t dream of adding to the household. Their presence should be enough. But lo and behold, things go differently than planned. Another pet comes along to take a bite out of the T-Bone bought specially for them by their owner.

Image courtesy of namanama101/reddit

This photo should be evidence enough that its position in the home is under threat. It could be usurped. So what is a dog to do? Cover the eyes of their rival, of course! What you can’t see, you can’t have!

Would Move Oceans For You!

Sometimes, pets live under the impression that their owner’s laps are their personal property. They are unhappy when that lap becomes a safe space for another pet in the house. Just like in Highlander, there could only be one.

Image courtesy of Demilked

This cat was willing to share, if only for a short time. It gave the other feline permission to sit on its pet parent’s lap for a while before deciding that enough was enough. It was his turn to get some love and attention.

Granpa’s Mine

When a pet joins a family, it automatically gets the love, attention, and treats from mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma. Most often, our furry friends find difficulty in adjusting to the arrival of a new family member, specifically a baby.

Image courtesy of Imgur

This dog could not bear the thought of its grandpa hugging and cuddling with another baby. Grandpa is allowed to only do such things with him. If he couldn’t get Grandpa all to himself, the doggo was at least getting a part of his arm.

Back Off, He is Mine

If a pet is lucky enough to live with a single parent, they usually don’t take it kindly when their owner decides to get a partner. That means fewer cuddles, kisses, and attention for them. They don’t like sharing those things with anyone.

Image courtesy of Jonas Grinevi?ius/BoredPanda

This cat is not happy its parent decided to start a relationship with someone. Approval should be sought before any major decisions are made in the home. After all, it has a say on who’s allowed to go inside the house.

My Dad

This cat’s world came crashing down when it realized that a new person would be a permanent presence in their home. Although no one is likely to share its cat food, this new reality can only mean one thing, divided attention.

Image courtesy of estacaoteimosa878/reddit

This cat has had enough of his dad cuddling and spending time with another guy. Look at its face! The cat decided that if he couldn’t have his dad’s arms, his back would have to suffice. Love is a two-way street, after all.

I Demand Hugsies Too

A pet’s heart is big enough to include its owner and the entire family. But pets have little to no room for another pet that has dared to take attention away from them. Such a thing should not and cannot be tolerated!

Image courtesy of Demilked

This pet has been replaced by another dog. There are fewer hugs to go around, and it is not happy. Look at him glaring at his parent. If looks could kill, his parent and the other dog would have been buried by now.

Snuggle Police Reporting

A pet is said to be the softest and most affectionate cushion for humans when they are stressed, tensed, or sleepy. Pets, especially cats, take pride in the service they provide to their owners. But what if another cat is trying to take over your business?

Image courtesy of Rokas Laurinavi?ius/BoredPanda

What will you do if your parent cuddles with another cat and you’re left seething with rage and jealousy? Claws are going to come out, and we expect an all-out war. Someone is going to get hurt. We’re curious if it’s the cat or the parent though. Yikes!

Everything Belongs to Me

Owners are known to shower their pets with gifts whenever they see something nice in a store. So, it’s understandable for pets to get used to being showered with nice things. What if the practice suddenly stops? What happens then?

Image courtesy by wildfrida/reddit

This cat was shocked and offended when his owner bought a pair of Crocs for the ‘other cat’ in the house and must have thrown such a tantrum that they had no choice but to let him borrow the shoes to calm him down.

Betrayed By My Own Kind!

This article is all about pets being possessive of their owners, but it’s time to take a short break and look at an exceptional cat that has learned to coexist blissfully with another but was furious when said cat got another friend!

Image courtesy of Demilked

Oh, the betrayal! Upon seeing its friend spending time with another cat ‘Titanic’ style, this cat looks utterly jealous. “How dare they act as if they were the only cats in the house? They didn’t even ask me to join the fun!”

Me Wants Milk First

Milk is a staple in most cats’ diets. Owners convey their love by ensuring their cats get a bowl of milk daily. It is what ties cat and fur parents to one another. Until a new and little person requires milk and attention every 2 hours.

Image courtesy of defenseman13/ reddit

This cat could not bear the thought that a precious thing it shared with its parent was no longer theirs to enjoy. So, what does it do? It perches itself on its parent’s chest to prevent it from seeing the baby!

Tear Your Cotton Out

This is a warning to think carefully about the gifts you choose for your pet. You want to make them happy by giving them a toy, but that doesn’t always work out. The pet parent might think this is a cute gesture, but it’s extremely threatening, especially to furry friends with a possessive side!

Image courtesy of skycolylyly/reddit

This parent bought a fake husky for their real one, thinking it would keep him company. What they don’t know is that the stuffie is going to be torn apart soon by the teeth of the real husky. It’s not ready to share its pet parents.

What the Woof!

The animosity toward the newest member of the household continues. This photo shows another dog annoyed with the newest and littlest member. Little does the dog know that it will also be enamored with the cute baby in a few days.

Image courtesy of LipstickAlley

The look on this big dog’s face is heartbreaking. It’s asking mommy why he’s no longer getting as many cuddles as before and why daddy is constantly preoccupied with the tiny human nowadays. Enough pictures, Mommy! Tell Dad to get to work.

Get Off Me!

Sometimes you have to kick your competitor off the chessboard to get all the love for yourself, but sometimes, you can do the complete opposite and kill them with kindness! Sharing is caring, after all. There’s a thought for every pet.

Image courtesy of BrightSide

This dog was so jealous of the house cat getting all the love from its owner that it also wanted some for itself, but not at the cat’s expense, of course. So it decided to lie on the feline to get belly rubs. The cat’s eyes say it all!

Us Three Against the World!

It is back to the world of miserable pets who have to share their owner with their clingy partners. There can only be one clingy living being in the house, and this pet has decided it will be him and him alone!

Image courtesy of Nevsedoma

This owner probably wanted to spend time with his girlfriend while watching a romantic movie. But his cat had other plans; as a result, all three are now holding each other’s hands and paws. Two is a company, and three is a crowd.

What is That Creature?!

A pet that is used to the idea that it’s the only pampered baby in the house will go nuts once someone tries to take that title away. It doesn’t matter if it’s another pet or a new baby. Things are going to get messy.

Image courtesy of p338/imgur

This dog was pretty traumatized when it saw a miniature human being in its house and, moreover, a cute one who looks like a tiny cupcake. But surely, the dog wouldn’t be able to resist much longer and cuddle it as well.

The Ugly Dogling!

It is not just the family members like partners, new babies, or other pets that can cause jealousy. Sometimes it can be a passing acquaintance or, in this case, a few ducks in the park that bothers a pet enough for it to react.

Image courtesy of Pablo Valdivia/Buzzfeed

This cute golden retriever could not believe that its owner would think, even for a second, that some tiny ducks could be more adorable than him. So, to prove his point, he decided to jump in front of the camera and reinstate his adorableness. Kudos!


Pets all want attention and affection, but some say cats are even more possessive than dogs. Maybe because they think they own their humans instead of vice versa. And they don’t tolerate anyone or anything who tries to take away what’s theirs.

Like in the previous picture, this feline is unhappy that his owner is cuddling with another cat. The audacity to do such a thing. Look at it in the corner, spying on its owner and the new favorite, hurt and disgusted simultaneously.

Mine to Play With!

As surprising as it may be to some, not all pets get possessive of their owners. Sometimes, they get possessive of other pets in the home and get jealous when the other pet decides to spend a reasonable amount of time with another human.

Image courtesy of Demilked

This cat is not pleased when their human comes around and plays with his friend. So, to prevent that from happening, he clutches his furry friend and never lets go. There’s no way the human will dare take his friend away now.

Mommy, Look, I Am A Flower

Well, this time, a pet has decided to be jealous of a non-living thing too. How low can one go? The flower doesn’t move, snuggle, make any sound, or return the human’s affection. However, the cat still feels threatened by it.

Image courtesy of Mum2rkg/Imgur

It couldn’t bear the thought of not being included in the impromptu photo shoot in the kitchen. How dare they not ask if he would like to grace the session with his presence? So, the feline decided to settle below the flower and pose. Take the picture now, human!

That Is My Blankie!

Humans might be possessive of their things, but no one is more possessive about their stuff than pets. If anyone tries to put their hands or paws on their stuff, you can bet that World War Three will happen. It’s not going to be good.

Image courtesy of Alison Forde

Here, the tiny black cat is sleeping peacefully with a blankie, with no idea that the grim meow reaper is standing over his head watching him sleep. The brown cat must have thought of different ways to drag that blankie away from the tiny furball.

You Are Warm; Let’s Be Friends

Introducing a new pet can be a complicated situation. You never know how other pets will react to the new addition, and most of the time, they don’t really warm up to each other right away. It often takes time for them to adjust and learn to live with one another.

Image courtesy of Doughboy786/Reddit

The same thing is true of introducing new appliances or gadgets to pets. This doggo hated its pet parent’s new laptop, especially since it took over the space on its parent’s lap. But, just like the often-used enemies-to-lovers trope, now all the doggo wants to do is to be near the laptop.

My Mommy First!

And the ‘New Baby Misery’ saga continues as another cat has found itself unseated as the favorite in the home. A teeny-tiny snuggly baby has taken its place and is now the apple of everyone’s eye. Suffice it to say that the cat wasn’t taking the changes well.

Image courtesy of Hedy Phillips/Popsugar

This cat is sad that there’s a tiny human toy everyone wants to cuddle, entertain, and play with, and it has no choice but to accept the small breadcrumbs handed to him. If it can’t lie with mommy like it used to, it will lie on the baby’s back so it’s still connected with mommy in a way.

Love For All

Everyone has a right to snuggle. Life wouldn’t be worth living without it. But what can be better than snuggles? Belly rubs! Being given belly rubs is the highlight of any pet’s day, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Image courtesy of Pablo Valdivia/Buzzfeed

This owner was giving their cat a belly rub, and the dog felt offended. “Hey, I’m right here! Why am I not included in the activity?” So, it decided to lie next to the cat and see if its owner will come to his wits. Thankfully, the dumb human did and gave him a belly rub too!

Say Woof!

Golden Retrievers are the cutest and most adorable dog breeds in the world. But when they are jealous, they can get quite grumpy and are not afraid to show how they feel. Want proof? Here it is. Look at the unhappy doggo at the back.

Image courtesy of Canade247

Their owner probably took the two dogs to the pond to enjoy a great sunny day. While there, he took a picture of one dog sitting in front of the pond. But the second one got jealous and photo-bombed the picture!

Hey You, Tiny Thing!

Pets could care less if they are the bigger animal in the house. But there are times when they refuse to be the bigger ‘person.’ Even if the new pet is tiny, they will still go after it for trying to steal what’s theirs.

Image courtesy of BoredPanda

Or, in this case, when they go after the pet’s food. This dog was not happy when it saw that the new family member had gone after his beloved kibble. It didn’t matter if the hamster was as big as its nose.

You Are Beneath Me!

Since we’re discussing the size of an animal, here is another picture where a cat decided to show its strength by trying to overpower the new addition to get the lion’s share of hugs and pats from their beloved owner.

Image courtesy of Demilked

This large cat couldn’t hide how jealous it was of the new addition to the home that it decided to squish it. No more threat if there’s no other cat. Look at the fella caught under all that weight. It must have regretted being added to the family.

H is for Betrayer

This is our favorite photo because the dog’s face at the back has nothing but pure hatred for the new favorite, but we understand how it feels. To have your parent love someone else more than you can be heartbreaking.

Image courtesy of Reddi

This husky was not pleased that its parent brought a new dog home without permission. If its mother thought they would become best friends, she was mistaken. There’s no love between the two, only a lot of jealousy and animosity.

How to Kill Your Enemy

This demonstrates what should be done to creatures who try to unseat you. Sometimes a simple meow or a strong grrr don’t do the trick. You have to assert your place in the household, and sometimes there’s no other way to do it than by sitting on your enemy.

Images courtesy of Animalsbeingjerks/reddit

The cat did what it had to do! When it saw the other cat getting all the cuddles, the larger cat threw his weight around and sat on the tiny feline to prove his dominance. The grey cat wouldn’t make the same mistake twice!

Let Me Be!

The worst thing about having a new kitty in the house is that they want all their owner’s attention. But alas, cats choose their owners and as earlier stated, they are very bad at sharing. Their human is their property. Period.

Image courtesy of Cats/reddit

This cat is extremely jealous of its new sibling, and the new kitten doesn’t look happy with its new brother. We wouldn’t be surprised if they have been having a few sleepless nights. Hopefully, they’ll be able to adjust to one another within a few days, and we’ll see them playing with a ball together.

Where Are My Smooches?

As mentioned earlier, Golden Retrievers are little balls of sunshine who want all the attention. It’s not unusual for humans to forget the existence of other pets when Golden Retrievers are around. We can confidently say that’s what’s happening here.

Image courtesy of lemons/lifebuzz

The expression on the cat’s face says everything! While their owner was fascinated with the Golden Retriever, the cat was disgusted with the lovefest. It turns around and stares at the camera deadpan while the dog gives a toothy grin.

No Photos Allowed!

Some pets are camera-shy and are not ready to show the world how much they love their owners. Cats don’t usually acknowledge that they have a soft spot for their owners, and that’s probably why this cat behaves the way it does!

This cat was fine cuddling with its owner, but the moment it saw the camera, it screamed bloody murder. No paparazzi allowed, it seems. Or maybe the cat hates the person behind the camera. This is another rivalry in the making!

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

The phrase ‘puppy dog eyes’ is prevalent, and it’s usually what canines resort to if they want an extra treat. But did you know that cats have something similar in their arsenal? Think of Puss in Boots in Shrek. It can quickly melt someone’s heart. This picture proves that.

Image courtesy of Demilked

This owner was trying to make her cat jealous by smooching the dog. The sadness in the cat’s eyes effectively conveys how it feels. It can’t take any more of the loved-up scene in front of it! The envy in the cat’s eyes makes us want to pick it up and shower it with love!

Birdie, Birdie Fly Away

This article has a lot of cats in it, which is strong evidence they are a possessive lot. We’re here to add another, where Tom the cat is probably killing Tweety the bird a thousand times in its head! “What about me, human?”

Image courtesy of Demilked

The human probably thought it was a good day to feed a harmless bird. He didn’t know his cat was nearby and did not like what was happening. If it could, the cat would have swatted the bird away or snatched it.

I Am A Wee Little Baby

Sometimes pets want what doesn’t belong to them, even if they don’t fit. This dog saw its little sibling lying calmly in the car seat and thought that if it took over the car seat, it would be treated as delicately as a new baby too.

Image courtesy of Nevsedoma

It was probably going to get all the attention too. His enormous size didn’t stop the dog from trying his best. We can only imagine how disappointed he was when he found out he could barely fit his bum. He should ask his parents to get him a bigger one.

Blessings, Blessings

We’re giving in to the popular demand for more photos of jealous pets. This photo shows that the battle between partners and pets continues. But things are a little different this time. This cat is trying its hardest to be the third wheel.

Image courtesy of Demilked

Perhaps the cat has decided its human has finally found the one, the person its human is meant to love more than anything else in the world, and to the feline, that’s a scary thought. This human has probably bribed him with all the fish and milk in the world, but he’s not gonna be swayed that easily.

Competition For The Human!

This is when the pets in the house realize that instead of fighting each other for their owner’s attention, it’s better if they team up to defeat a common enemy – sports events on television! We’re sure plenty of pets can relate.

Image courtesy of nevsedoma

The cat and the dog decided on a plan of attack to get their daddy to ignore the television. After which, they can get cuddles. They must muster all possible cuteness to distract him from the game. It looks like they didn’t win! The disappointment on their faces says it all.

Give Me Love!

This one is a happy picture with a funny backstory. Although this is one of the rare pictures with no jealousy, what happened before it was taken was a little sad. The eyes of the cute little dog don’t lie.

Image courtesy of Pablovaldivia/buzzfeed

The dog had been jealous of all the smaller puppies sitting in his owner’s lap and having their pictures taken. It wanted to do the same. Who could say no to those sad eyes? We know we’d give it anything it wants.

I Got Here First!

This pet knew that if it got first dibs on a good spot on the bed, nobody else could get close to his parent. So, it snuck into its parent’s bed before another pet or a partner beat him to the punch.

Image courtesy of Reddit

No way this lady’s husband could sleep next to her now. He has no other choice but to doze off on the couch. If you ask us, that’s better than sleeping on the floor. We wonder how he’s gonna feel about that.

That is My Blondie!

The Dachsund is another favorite because they are simply irresistible. They look like walking Bratwurst and are playful and lively. However, because they bond closely with a single person, they tend to have a jealous streak. They easily get lonely too, if not given attention.

Image courtesy of Demilked

We pity the doggo on the side. The way it keeps glancing at the owner would melt anybody’s heart. It’s asking for attention, too, and wants to get its share of smooches. The iconic “criminal side-eye” comes to mind as one looks at this picture.

Looking Cool In The Sweater

Here is another picture of jealousy. Let this remind pet parents that if you decide to get your pet something, you should the same for your other pets. It’s not gonna go well if you show favoritism.

Image courtesy of Reddit

Never buy one dog a nice sweater and not get your other dog anything. That’s a criminal offense. The dog with the sweater acts like a model on the runway, while the one at the back is miserable. Hopefully, the owner realized their mistake and bought one for the other dog too!

Let Me Be First

Every family has that one cousin who always needs to be the center of attention. You’d find them in front of the camera with their megawatt smile. There’s also that one cousin who would rather blend in with the walls than be noticed.

Image courtesy of Nicole Conner/dailymail

In this picture, there is a happy-go-lucky dog whose clearly the star’s show. There it stands in front of the camera with its tongue lolling. Behind him is his friend, who keeps waiting for his turn which never comes because someone is hogging the limelight. Careful, sharp teeth are coming out.

Put Me In Your Pocket

Great things come in small packages, and contrary to what most people say, there are advantages to being small. For starters, it’s easier for your pet parent to carry you around in their jacket pocket. This saves you from having to walk around.

Image courtesy of Demilked

However, the bigger pet in the house isn’t happy. Why is he not being carried around the house in a comfy and warm pocket like his little sister? Clearly, there’s favoritism here, and he isn’t happy with how things are going.

Family Portrait Time

Family portraits are a must not only for sentimental reasons but for posterity. Of course, it’s imperative to include the family’s furry members. Pets deserve to have their pictures taken too. No pet is going to tolerate being left out of the family photo.

Image courtesy of Pablovaldivia/buzzfeed

This dog was a little late to the photo shoot. So, the large fellow decided to jump in right in front of everyone. It wasn’t going to let anybody steal the spotlight. If anyone were going to be the center of attention, it would be him.

Mark On Your Back

We saved the best for last, and there’s nothing worst than having a mark on your back. The cat in front should be careful. We won’t be surprised if it gets into an ‘accident’ one of these days. If anything wrong happens, this is proof of who the perpetrator is.

Image courtesy of cats-jealous/wikianimal

The cat in the back is furious. Although we can’t be sure of the reason, we have some ideas. It has to do with losing its position in the house to a newcomer. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?