Julian Rad, The Photographer Who Spent Ten Years Snapping Pictures Of Wild Hamsters

By Anthony K

As you might already know, the small rodents called hamsters are frequently kept as home pets. Their small ears, stubby legs, and short tails set them apart from other rodents. For starters, even those who don’t like “rodents” may find hamsters cute. Hamsters come in many hues, including white, yellow, red, black, grey, and brown.

Image courtesy of julianradwildlife/Instagram

Did you know that there are wild hamsters? For the past decade, Julian Rad, an Austrian wildlife photographer has documented the uncommon European hamster, a wild hamster species only found in a few European nations.

The European hamster was declared to be endangered in 2020, making them close to extinction. Unfortunately, the International Union for Conservation of Nature predicts that the species may go extinct within the next 30 years. Its exact cause is unknown, however, it has been connected to habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and fur trapping in earlier years.

Image courtesy of julianradwildlife/Instagram

Wildlife professional photographers like Julian may use the power of pictures to raise awareness of threatened species in addition to helping the general public get more familiar with various species. While the species kept as pets are relatively well-known, the wild species are not.

Today, you have the privilege of experiencing just a few of Julian’s best photographs of wild hamsters that he has managed to catch over the past ten years. Julian has an exceptional ability to capture these singular and beautiful moments. He makes sure that every single shot he takes is spectacular.