Learn To Respect The Wishes Of Your Loved Ones

By Anthony K

What steps would you take to ensure you have a successful wedding? You may need a committee to help you with planning, budgeting, dress, venue choice, and other ceremony aspects. Sometimes, you may have to lock out ‘difficult’ family members, likely to destroy your long-awaited day.

A bride surprised her family by asking her brother-in-law not to bring his German Shepherd to the wedding. We expect that the brother-in-law had to respect the request and leave the dog behind. How do you react to a friend or relative going against your simple request?

Image Courtesy of @adamkontor / Pexels

Imagine the bride’s dismay upon seeing the German Shepherd in her wedding venue. We don’t know if she has issues with dogs or if she was encouraged by the fact that the German Shepherd had wronged her before.

Netizens reacted differently to the news and responded to the news that a bride sent away her brother-in-law for bringing his dog along. A woman wonders whether the lady is bad for sending away her brother-in-law without considering why he brought the dog along. The brother-in-law, Jack, and his German Shepherd were known to attend all events together.

Image Courtesy of @jwfotografia / Pexels

The bride came to her defense that she didn’t have anything against dogs because she had owned a Chihuahua for over three years. Unfortunately, she could not be around Jack’s dog, claiming it was too moody, big, and active. She insisted that no dogs were allowed, but Jack went ahead to attend accompanied by his dog and a t-shirt with ‘dog dad’ on it.

Image Courtesy of @immortelleana / Pexels

One may argue that sending away her brother-in-law was well founded. That’s because the dog was running around ruining decorations, causing loud noises, and making guests uncomfortable. You must decide to keep most of your guests or maintain your brother-in-law’s company.