Lovely Hamster Gets Special Care After Breaking His Arm

By Stephen M

Looking at the cuteness and adorable nature of hamsters, it is always painful to see them hurt. I can’t just imagine these tiny creatures going through pain. It does happen, though, and the only thing we can do in such a situation is to give them the best of care.

Image courtesy of Design By D9

I recently came across a picture of a hamster in a cast after breaking his arm. The pic was a little worrying, and we hope you will also feel sorry for the poor rodent. We believe you are trying to figure out how it got hurt and the pain it was enduring. The good news is that he is receiving care and attention just as other pets would receive.

Usually, dogs and cats receive such special treatment when they fall ill. These pet owners would spend any amount just to such their companions get fit again. But, for a rodent to get that special attention, it means he is special. It is unknown how he broke his arm.

Source of the Picture

A veterinary clinic in Petrozavodsk, Russia, first shared this adorable pic, but it received much attention and went viral after a Reddit user GeorgeOnee, reposted it. The picture has since gone viral. The original post on Russian social media site VK with the caption “Doctor Maria Firsova splinted a limping hamster. Now it looks like this :).”

Photo credit: Veterinary Center | Petrozavodsk

Other people shared their views on the viral pic. To many, it was a disturbing sight than being cute. Granted, but the fact that he received the needed care makes it encouraging. How many people would even have time for a rodent compared to a cat or dog? Thanks to whoever sent that suffering hamster to the vet for special care. We wish it a speedy recovery.