Lovely Photos Of Busao The Cat Enjoying His Heater During Cold Weather

By Stephen M

Climate change has come with extreme changes in weather conditions. We are currently witnessing record-breaking temperatures in both the cold and warm seasons. As the cold season sets in, we are all looking for ways to keep warm. This is the same with animals, as they also look for ways to stay warm to avoid freezing to death.

Japan, like many other countries, has recently witnessed heavy snows forcing many people to remain indoors. This adorable cat named Busao is feeling nothing different, and it won’t let this chilly weather break it down. To escape the current extreme cold weather in Japan, Busao is always glued to his heater.

Busao loves his heater, says his owner Ryuji Tan. Checking from his picture, we can see that the lovely cat is very much in love with his heater. It seems he can distance himself from it, and it’s always seen close. At some point, it seems he was worshipping the heater. But can you blame him? It has been his source of comfort in these chilly times.

Ryuji Tan adopted the then nine-year-old Busao from the streets of Ibaraki. The two have since been enjoying each other’s company. He tries to meet the cat’s needs, which is evident in the pictures he posts. Ryuji frequently posts photos of the cat on his Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. Follow his pages for more pictures of Busao. But until the weather changes, we don’t think this cat would move away from his heater.