Tibetan Mastiffs: These Huge Fluffy Beauties Are Our New Favorite Breed

By Iulia P

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog breed that originated from, you guessed it, Tibet, and has become very popular in the past few years. The breed is considered one of the most primitive dog breeds in the world, and they are the only breed that retains a single estrus. This means they only have puppies once a year, usually in December and January. The Tibetan Mastiff can be as big as 220 pounds and over two feet tall. Even though they are huge dogs, they are very docile and loyal, and they make awesome family dogs if the owners understand how canine psychology works. Here is a glimpse of how wonderful these beautiful, fluffy, huge dogs are and how lucky their humans are.

9 months old

Believe it or not, the giant guy pictured below is actually just a pup. Yes, you read that right! His name is Babur, and he is all of 9 months old in this photo. Still a pup, and he looks like a grown adult doggo.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/babur.thebeast

And as impressive it is for us, it is just as normal for these Mastiffs. Dogs of this breed look like normal puppies for 2 or three months, and then – boom – they transform overnight into 200-pound ginormous beasts.

Mommy and me

There is something about this picture that makes us melt. Could it be the combination of colors, could it be the mountainous landscape? This gorgeous and artsy photo is one of those pictures one would frame and hang in their living room.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/nika_topol

Also, this picture is the best proof of what a Tibetan Mastiff owner should expect from his pup after he grows up. But before we proceed, can we take a moment to look at this little guy’s innocent face and fall in love with him?

Autumnal beauty

There is one thing about this dog breed. Maybe it’s just us, but for some reason, we don’t think a dog like this would look good in a hot, beachy, tropical environment. Chromatically speaking, a dog like this suits a cold environment.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/sasha_morozovo

And if you don’t get us, take a look at the two pictures above. Everything in the works just perfectly. The autumnal landscape, the beauty, the Tibetan Mastiff, and the love dog and human seem to have for one another. We love everything about these!

“Little” rabbit

All kids have that phase when they stan some cartoon/ book character and pretend they are that character. We’ve all been there, and there wasn’t anything that would make us happier than other people acting like we really were that particular character.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/luxury_dogs_sale

So we will not be the ones to ruin this little guy’s dream of being a bunny. We will be here admiring his perfect bunny hops and fluffy bunny coat and acting like he is not the big friendly Mastiff that he actually is.

“My baby,”she said

The lady pictured below posted this image on a thread about Tibetan Mastiffs, and she captioned it “my baby.” It’s been a good 30 minutes, and we still have not found the baby in the picture… It turns out it was the dog!

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/nika_topol

According to his owner, this huge dog is nothing close to a baby, but he totally behaves like one. His mother tried to do anything for him to feel like a baby, but she is obviously really struggling with carrying him around.


For those who don’t really know much about this breed, this picture might be scary. If you are quick to judge, you might think a big dog like this can be very risky to have around a small kiddo like that.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/astro.and.liathelion

But do not worry! The only potentially risky thing here could be this big guy giving the little girl a big, floppy smooch. The Tibetan Mastiff is okay with other kids but loves and protects the kids of his masters fiercely.

Ginger the giant

We have a game for you! Guess how old this Tibetan Mastiff girl is. Make sure to look at the face and not at her big body to avoid getting confused. The face will reveal the truth, which we’ve shared with you before.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/ari.tibet

She is nothing less and nothing more than 6 months old. A big, fluffy baby who does not know that she is a giant and that sitting on her human mom’s lap can actually hurt. It must be good to be this spoiled.

Photo shoot model

If this picture was not a planned photo shoot, then we don’t know what it was. The background was on point; the model was clearly posing like she was going to appear on the cover of Vogue, and the makeup was lit too.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/gingerthegiant

By makeup, we mean the sandy beige powder that this cutie has on her face. If this is how just one of the shots looks, we are seriously curious to see how the other shots from this shoot came out. Give this pup a modeling contract!


The act of taking a selfie is an art. And as with every artist on this planet, not all of us can manage it. In this case, it’s fair to say that this guy below doesn’t even have to use his external camera and take a million shots, as we do.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/ask_the_tibetan_mastiff

As funny as it is, the angle he chose to take this selfie would not serve us as well as it did this guy. It would give us double chins, but he manages to look flawless and confident. Therefore, for more selfie advice, feel free to contact this fabulous Mastiff!

Fairy tale shot

You have to agree with us on this one: this picture looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale. Or a movie or anything magical and beautiful that gives the person who looks at it a very calming feeling.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/lovely_from_bordo

The little boy is a cutie, but those two beautiful majestic beats next to him and their manes stole the spotlight. They came to the photo shooting with one purpose: to steal the show, and this is exactly what they did.

Some things never change

Here you have the same pup, two years apart. In the first picture, the pup was only 5 months, while he was a grown 2-year-old doggo in the second picture. The size might have changed, but not the habits.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/prabhu_max

The doggo clearly thinks he is still a puppy because we cannot explain how and why he still likes being carried on his human’s shoulder. Poor human, he looks like he was really struggling in the second picture. But love conquers pain.

Buddha the Lion

Meet Buddha! He is a Tibetan Lion, as his owner likes to describe him, and we can see why he describes him this way. The doggo is enormous. And look at that paw; one would say that it might belong to a lion.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/buddha_the_lion

That paw is as big as this man’s face. A dog like this, so big and imposing, would make one want to do anything to please it. Nobody would want to see this guy angry. But like we said, these are the most gentle of giants, so there’s no real worry.

Lap dog

There is this thing about big dogs. All of them, without exception, and we meant it, have the impression that they are lap dogs. None of these big dogs are aware that they are sometimes bigger than their human parents.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/rinchen__norbu

And this guy above is clearly one of those dogs. As cute as it looks, we can only think what was in his human mind. Because we all know, when a pet thinks your lap is comfortable, you’ll sit there without moving until they finally get up.

That good feeling

There is nothing as good as feeling that you have finally found your place, that you can finally say you belong somewhere or to someone, and that you finally made it out of the dark times. This pup’s face describes this feeling the best.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/bruceallmutty

This beautiful soul was adopted a month before this picture was taken. Clearly, he is happy and relaxed and that his new family is what he always wanted to have. Oh, dogs, they are the best thing we humans were given.


There are many fun babysitters out there, but we are more than convinced that there is none as fun as this babysitter right here. Maybe it is not as fun for the kiddo because it seems that this babysitter is a bit overprotective.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/yameifeng

And this is exactly what every parent wants from the babysitter that they hire. And it turns out that the Tibetan Mastiff is the best choice: they love their parents, the kids, and are ready to do whatever is necessary to protect them.

What a smile!

We can not decide which smile is more beautiful, the Mastiff’s or the lady’s. Nonetheless, this picture is so beautiful, and the pup and his human are so expressive that you can definitely feel that they have a strong bond.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/ashelytiong_makeup

The beige Tibetan Mastiffs are pretty rare dogs, the black and cream or black and ginger coated ones being more common. In 2014, the price of a cream Tibetan Mastiff puppy was nothing less than $2,000. Now that’s expensive!

Mountain lion

It is fair to say that these dogs are the real mountain lions. Hopefully, no real mountain lion will read this. We don’t want to insult anybody, but these dogs deserve the title with a mane like this, no question.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/caes_de_trabalho

And look at that attitude. It seems like these dogs are aware that they are the kings of the mountain. They stand tall; they are proud and strong. The only thing they’re missing is a real crown. Other than that, they have everything royalty needs to have.

Hair for days

It looks like someone had a friend’s day out at the salon. And it also looks like they enjoyed it to the fullest. Their fur is done, freshly cut and washed, the highlights are popping, and the poses are on point.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/stephaniebroekarts

And whoever thought it would be good to dye some of their furred, let us tell you, had a marvelous idea because these two look awesome. So awesome that we just might book us some hair appointment for ourselves too.

Goofy boy

That moment you have to wake up early, get ready and go to work after a night of staying up late scrolling through all your social media timelines. This is how you look, and this is exactly how you sit on the edge of the bed.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/astro.and.liathelion

The trick when you are in a situation like this is to move as much as you can because if you stay like this on the edge of the bed, you will fall asleep, and your boss will not be happy. But where does this big boi need to be beside his human’s lap?

Daddy and me

You wouldn’t assume that these two dogs are of the same breed. And this is probably because of the height and weight differences. But yes, these two are not only part of the same breed but are father and son.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/venicetibetanmastiff

This 2-month-old little guy will be exactly the size of his father, and this will happen in only a few months. It is crazy how a puppy this small can become an enormous dog like this. This dog breed is impressive.

Best hug everrrrr!

This is exactly what all of us need right now. We’ve been through quite a lot these past months because of what is happening in the world, so a big, cozy hug given by a fluffy teddy bear look-alike would be fabulous.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/lovely_from_bordo

This lady is fortunate to have such a loving companion. And not only is she lucky to have him but her whole Tibetan Mastiff pack too. Because it turns out that this guy is one of the five doggos that she has.

Mastiff gang

We were talking about them, and here they are. Meet the Tibetan Mastiff pack that this lucky lady lives with. It must be good to have so many fluffy giants that are always ready to give you a hug and a sloppy smooch.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/veneras_dynastyI

No wonder she is so happy. Who would not be happy to be around such awesome creatures?! It is a fact that all dogs are awesome, but these gentle giants take the crown, for sure, for being the most awesome of the larger doggos.

Besties pic

It looks like someone got really bored one night and decided to put some clothes on his Mastiff. And if you ask us, it is fair to say that the big guy does not care at all. More than that, he looks like he is enjoying it.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/Thespaniard3468

His name is Rogan, and not only does he like being dressed in his human clothes, but he also loves dancing with his human. Fair to say he looks adorable. We can’t help but wonder what songs this giant loves to dance to?

Family portrait

This might be one of the cutest family portraits that we, and you too, have seen on the internet lately. The funny thing about this picture is that it is exactly how families with multiple kids look. It’s all too accurate.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/astro.and.liathelion

The mom (on the left) is looking very proud of her brood, yet exhausted because we all know that having kids can be a mission sometimes, especially if you’re the mom. And the dad is clearly living his best life because this is how good dads feel.

Dream boat

We don’t know about you, but this is exactly how our dream car/dream boat would look: full of fluffiness and “woof-woof” makers. And if the doggos are Tibetan Mastiffs, well, this would be even better. This what those SUVs were made for.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/lovely_from_bordo

Even though it doesn’t look like it, the only thing is that this car carries more than 1.000 pounds of sweetness and cuteness. We can not help but wonder if this car was able to move, considering all the floof in the back weighing it down.

Too big

Yes, this guy might be too big, but this didn’t not stop his owner from taking him out for a drive, you know, to show him off. And can you blame him? Look how handsome this big guy is. And the handsome boy in the back, just wow.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/tibetanmastiffrescue

With doggos like this, not only can you steal the spotlight, but you can also steal the ladies’ hearts. These doggos’ human knew exactly what he was doing when he took his huge pups for a drive around his hometown.

Proud dad

You can tell how proud this doggo’s parent is of his beautiful pup just by looking at his face. The way he looks at his dog tells us how much he loves his 6-month-old pet baby (who, by the way, looks exactly like a lion).

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/allcolourbullz

This enormous lion-looking doggo is 6 months old, so practically still a baby. We cannot get over the fact that even when they are babies, pups of this breed look like adult doggos, and each time we see a “baby,” we are in awe.

Cuteness level: 1000

Can we take a moment to admire this pup’s skills when it comes to modeling? She is giving the camera cute poses for days. And the way she hugs that teddy, there’s no doubt that she is a professional, or should be.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/rinchen__norbu

The photographer and this beautiful Mastiff are the dream team of any photo collaboration. This is another photo that we would love to have in our homes. Those eyes are hypnotizing, and the way she cudles her bear is too much to handle.

Mojo the Mastiff

Many people who will see this picture will say that the dog looks so big because he is closer to the camera than the woman is. That might be true of another breed. But these people have clearly never heard of the Tibetan Mastiff.

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/andyrc

Meet Mojo! He is a 4 years old Tibetan Mastiff, and he is indeed a huge pup. Despite his size that would scare some of us, he is one gentle and friendly boy. You know what they say: sometimes appearances are deceiving.

3 months vs 3 years

This is how 3 years can change things when you have a Tibetan Mastiff. When you get your puppy, he looks like an actual puppy, and then you blink twice, and you find yourself the human parent of a giant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/venicetibetanmastiff

Yes, his size might have changed in the past 3 years, but one thing stayed the same. The beautiful smile that he gives the camera. It’s so infectious, we can’t stop smiling ourselves. Oh, and also his good boy attitude and his nose have stayed the same.

Someone is stuck

Yes, we know the picture is cute. We totally agree with you, but can we get serious and send some help to this lady? She looks like she is stuck there, in between the paws of this big Tibetan Mastiff and his lion-like mane.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/SiriusNovaTibetanMastiff

Well, with a big dog like this, nobody would dare to come anywhere close to this lady. This guy gives us the impression that he is very protective over his human. And if we really look, we’ll see how happy his fur mom looks to be under his fuffy protection.

Back sit, cutie

It looks like someone was having an awful day. Lucky for her, her human noticed her mood and decided to take her for a ride because it turns out that she loves car rides. This was the perfect pick-me-up for this gentle giant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/geily_model

What could have possibly made him this sad? That sad little – well, big – face breaks our hearts, and all we can do is hope that the moment the car was started, doggo became a little happier than he was in this picture.


We dare you to find the differences between this Tibetan Mastiff below and the painting behind him. You might have to spend quite a time looking for them because there aren’t that many. Maybe just the color of the coat.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/geily_model

Other than that, both of them are big, both of them are proud, and both of them have equal chances in a battle. The Tibetan Mastiff is known for being fearful when having to protect the livestock or their masters.

Celebrity pup

You know a dog breed is getting recognition and becoming popular when even the celebrities start adopting that particular breed. The Tibetan Mastiff started gaining recognition in the early 2010s, and ever since, more and more celebs adopted themselves a gentle giant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/loganpaul

One of the celebrities that declared themselves to be lovers of this breed is Paul Logan. The former YouTuber and boxer have one pup whose name is Ginger. Ginger is known for her Instagram page, which is full of glamorous shots of her.

Fresh cut

Haters will say that this mane is fake. But surely those haters do not know that the Tibetan Mastiff has a very impressive, lion-like mane that looks surreal. But there is one thing that might not be real in the picture below.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/robynmcnair_travel_photography

Do you see those red tips? Well, that must have been dyed because, usually, the Tibetan Mastiff does not have that red in his coat, but more like a ginger red. Nonetheless, this guy looks awesome, and this coat is so shiny one almost can’t tell that this doggo is real and not a stuffed animal.

The movie star

According to the owner of this doggo, this picture was taken during the shooting of one movie in which the pup would play one of the main characters. Due to an NDA, the owner could not disclose any more information about the production.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/geily_model

But this is really exciting, and we are looking forward to seeing a movie in which a beauty like this dog plays the main role. We are so curious what the plot of this movie will be, and you’d better belive we will be in the front row at the premier.

Fairy tale shot part II

Here we have another shot that looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale. Not only does the landscape looks magical, but the costume of the little girl is so unique. Her hat makes her look just like a tiny, magical smurf.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/serifayan

And there is no need to say that the cherry on top is definitely the two Tibetan Mastiffs. The two beauties gave the best poses that they could have ever delivered. The result came out looking fantastic, and very heartwarming despite the snowy background.

Bath time

The Tibetan Mastiff has an exceptional coat indeed. Not only are the colors rich and gorgeous, but the texture makes the coat of this breed unique. The only con about it is that it needs a lot of attention and treatment.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/geily_model

These dogs need brushing up to four times a week; they need a hair cut every four to five weeks and a bath every three weeks. Their coat is high maintenance, but the result of their hair routine is spectacular.

Old habits never die

Another picture in which the only thing that has changed is the size of the pup. Because it is clear as day that the habits this guy had when he was a puppy are still with him now that he is a big doggo.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/wangdakcervenak

As disgusting as this may be, we have to admit that dogs can be like this sometimes. Well, at least this makes them happy. Maybe they think the same about us and our habits. We do not judge on this page!

Selfie master

We cannot decide which one of these two is the selfie master. Jokes! The selfie master is clearly the fluffy guy who did not come to play that day and looks like he was more than ready to jump in front of the camera and slay.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/any_fruit

No matter how hard the human was trying to pose, Tashi the Tibetan Mastiff stole the spotlight. He slew the mini selfie session without any effort to do so. It must be hard being so photogenic and so cute. Right, Tashi?

Stuck part II

It looks like someone might need help again. We don’t know what it is with these people that get stuck under these huge Tibetan Mastiffs. Could it be a trend, or it’s just this dog being super protective of his human?

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/natali090488

Nonetheless, even though we know that they are good doggos, this photo could fool someone who doesn’t know better. Well, except you can see the smallest of smirks on the man’s face. He clearly loves his dog and just wants to show it off.


Just a lion look-alike eating his human’s hand- this is what we thought when we first saw this picture. Instead, the photographer’s hand is under the pup’s muzzle, and this is to take a good shot of hi and his long adorable face.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/thanosthetibetanmastiff

And it is fair to say that the shot (with the photographer’s hand included) came out looking awesome. The “little” guy seems a bit confused, though, but this could be because maybe he does not like being photographed. Or maybe he was hoping for special attention and pets form his human.

Dancing buddies

There are some things that we have on our bucket lists. And now, after seeing this picture and the one further up in the list, we think that we might add dancing with a Tibetan Mastiff on it too. Seriously, he looks like he might be the best dancing partner.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/edosuweta

Sure he is huge, but this does not mean that he can’t be graceful. Just look at this guy above. If he is not the definition of grace, then we don’t know what could be. What song was playing? That’s what we always wonder when we see these dancing doggos.

The struggle

If you still can not understand how big the Tibetan Mastiff is, the picture below will explain it perfectly. First of all, to understand how heavy he is, you will have to look at the owner’s face. He is clearly struggling.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/tahoetibetanmastiff

Secondly, if you look closely behind the man’s legs, you would see a bed. A bed that is clearly almost as big as the couch on the right. And this is a bed he has to curl up on; he can’t even sprawl out. And this, people, is how big these dogs are.

Photogenic level: 1000

There is not a single thing that we do not love about this picture. Everything is in perfect harmony, chromatically, aesthetically, and photogenically speaking. And the wow factor about it? This picture was an instant picture, so they couldn’t delete and try again.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/ploenthejourney

On top of this, we have to take a moment to admire this boy’s proud pose. He is beyond photogenic. If we still have not convinced you to appreciate the Tibetan Mastiff, then we might have to write another article praising this amazing dog breed.