Meet Grandpa, The Newborn Kitten With Charming Older Looks

By Stephen M

Recently, a parent fosterer for Stray Cat Alliance, Stephanie Medrano, received a call about a newly born kitten with unusual features. The cat was born with his hind legs twisted and a cleft palate. The previous owner, concerned about the adorable kitten’s health, decided to take it to the vet.

Photo credit: grandpa.the.kitten

Looking at the dire condition of the kitten, the vet suggested euthanasia as chances of survival were very slim. They came by this suggestion because the then owner had no experience catering to animals with such conditions. That notwithstanding, the vets were ready to help the kitten live, looking at how eager it wanted to. They, therefore, reached out to Stephanie and briefed her about the situation. She immediately accepted an offer to take in the kitten cater for it.

Photo credit: grandpa.the.kitten

Choosing a name and health situation

With no hesitation, Stephanie accepted the cat but later found something very unusual about his appearance. The newly born kitten had an old-looking face. She, therefore, decided to call him Grandpa.

In an interview, she said she felt the cat was special the first time she saw him. She noted that the name came naturally, looking at the kitten’s calm demeanor and unusual look. Stephanie said her new pet’s legs are frequently examined and waiting for him to grow to have a cleft palate surgery. For now, he feeds through a tube.

She revealed that the right leg has seen a massive improvement with a constant massage and has a small splint on his toes. However, the left leg remains the same. According to the vet, the cat has a twisted bone in the left leg and may have it corrected when he grows.

The decision to keep Grandpa

She has decided not to give the cat up for adoption, despite knowing he requires a lot of care. Though fostering is a difficult task, she said she had fostered kittens with various health conditions. These include those with broken limbs, raptured eyes, and congenital conditions.  

Photo caption: grandpa.the.kitten

Instagram popularity

Photo credit: grandpa.the.kitten

Stephanie took her new friend to Instagram using an old account that had only 800 followers. She archived all the old pictures and posted new ones with Grandpa. The account has since become very popular and now has over 25.2k followers.