Meet Jubjib, The Lovliest ‘Durian Harvester’ From Thailand

By Stephen M

With their soft mouth, Golden Retrievers are some of the loveliest and happiest dogs you can ever own. They love to smile and play around like there are no problems in this world. You can’t blame them. That is how they are made.

These are precisely the traits of Jubjib, the ‘durian harvester’ from Thailand. The adorable goldie is known for accompanying his family for durian harvesting. What you didn’t know is that he has been doing this since 2014.

Photo credit: jubjibdurian

He lives with his family on a durian fruit farm in Thailand. Thanks to his cuteness when posing for pictures, the farm has gained popularity on Facebook and other social media sites. He is virtually the face of the now and pretty much enjoying his celebrity status and posing with the family when harvesting durian has now become a yearly ritual for Jubjib.

The farm has for many years enjoyed the business prospects and publicity that comes with posting the cute dog’s photos. After every harvest, Jubjib poses in front of the durians for photo sessions. He always looks gorgeous in his fabulous hats and scarves of various colors.

When it all started

The first photo of Jubjib ‘working on durians’ popped up in 2014. The popularity it received has since made it an annual ritual. Every year, the farming family releases photos of this lovely dog around multiple durian harvests. The year 2016 came with an upgrade as the family started giving him hats and scarfs during the photos. It has since remained so.

Photo credit: jubjibdurian

Jubjib has become the marketing tool for the farm. The packaging of the durian products comes with a sticker of his photo in a red hat and scarf combo.

Jubjib enjoys a lot of love from his followers on the internet. Some say he is the cutest farmhand dog to ever hit the internet. Durian has a powerful foul scent. However, that does not stop this dog from posing for his pics.