Meet Pixel, The Cat With An Infectious Smile

By Stephen M

Have you ever seen a photogenic and smiley cat before? Does your cat pet has swag? Meet Pixel, the cat who has all in one. Even at a very young age, he had exceptional, unique traits hardly seen in cats. He smiles a lot and loves photoshoots.

Photo credit: Instagram/PixelandSophie

In an interview, Pixel’s owner, Alyson Kalhagen, said that her cat always puts up a smile and makes other funny gestures when being photographed. She admits that she previously wanted to display only his elegant and fancy side but later decided to add goofy expressions. This, according to her, gave them the popularity they currently enjoy.

Pixel’s photos attracted instant attention when Kalhagan started posting them. People fell in love with his adorable smile, and he has since become an internet sensation. His mom has no other option now than to take and post more of his photos.

Photo credit: Instagram/PixelandSophie

Though the overall reaction is excellent and welcoming, people share different opinions on his somewhat strange traits. Some commenters say he looks like a bat, while one also said he’s so ugly and cute. Some even think he is evil or possessed. Well, not everyone has something good to say about everything.

But for Pixel, all he wants is to be expressive when posing for pictures. He has no idea about what some people think about him. Oh, yes, he can’t read them, so, therefore, it doesn’t matter to him. To see more of Pixel and his mom, follow them on Instagram and Facebook at PixelandSophie.