Meet The Adorable Akita With A Unique Heart-Shaped Face

By Stephen M

Pets are currently making a statement on social media and the internet with their uniqueness and adorable nature. Currently, pet owners have taken it a step further to create social media accounts for their pets. Some post the daily life activities of the pets, while others brag about how special their animal friends are. One of the pets enjoying such social media craze is Bob, an adorable Akita with a heart-shaped face.

Photo credit: yanagida_bob_akita / Instagram

With an Instagram account name “yanagida_bob_akita,” he currently has 6,654 followers with 288 posts. Each photo has numerous likes, meaning he has some real fans out there. Bob also has a YouTube account with almost 300 subscribers. Some of his videos there have over 20,000 views. A glance through his pictures would obviously make you fall in love. Now, relax, smile, and enjoy what you see.

History of Akita Dogs

The Akita dog breed originates from Japan. It was named after the Akita prefecture in northern Japan, where the dog originates. The first one to enter the United States was a gift to disability rights activist Helen Keller in 1937. However, the first registered one was named Taro and brought into the country by a military officer in the 1940s. Akita dogs are large canines with thick fur and pointed ears.

Photo credit: yanagida_bob_akita / Instagam

Health Issues

Generally, Akita is a healthy dog breed. That notwithstanding, they have some common health issues. The larger ones may have a life span of about 10 years. The breed is prone to progressive retinal atrophy, obesity, hair loss, and hip dysplasia, among others.