Meet The Hen That Crossed The Road To Scare Pentagon Security

By Anthony K

As you may all know, chickens evolved from dinosaurs. But there is more to these creatures than just their ancestry background. If you didn’t know, chickens often wander away from their owners’ homes but somehow find their way home.

Image courtesy of Mikael Lindmark/CC BY-SA 2.5/Wikimedia Commons

An extremely brave and disoriented chicken was “caught sneaking around the Pentagon security area” early Monday Morning on the 31st of January 2022. Animal control officers from Arlington, Virginia, who were called in to assist the headquarters of the most powerful military in the world with its chicken issue, captured the daring bird.

Chickens have a perfect memory, and maybe Penny Henny was just crossing the road to go look for its owner? Or maybe she even wanted to protest? We will obviously never know the true answer. All we know is that she was apprehended and taken to a shelter until she could find her new home.

Image courtesy of AWLAArlington/Twitter

As usual, people on social media had thoughts on why Penny Henny would cross the road to head to the pentagon security area. Most of the netizens found it hilarious! Martin Austermuhle tweeted, “It’s probably not a joke that this chicken will prompt Congress to increase Department of Defense spending by $12 billion.”

So if you are a lover of chickens and you are looking to adopt, you should probably reach out to the Arlington, Virginia, shelter and enquire if Penny Henny got a new owner. But be warned; this bird has some guts and is unstoppable!