30+ Monkey Memes Proving That Primates Are Way More Hilarious Than Humans

By Hans A

Monkeys are fascinating. It might have taken humans thousands of years to recognize their intelligence and capability, but it’s better late than never, right? They are smart, resourceful, thoughtful, emotional, rational animals that are sometimes more civilized than us Homo sapiens.

That being said, they might be intelligent, but that does not mean that they are photogenic.

Monkeys can look really funky in photos sometimes. Luckily for us, some people have compiled funny pictures of these animals and turned them into fantastic memes. We’ve never been happier that Planet of the Apes is not real, or else we would have some angry apes going after the creative netizens that made these memes.

Scroll down to see some side-tickling memes of apes made by, well, some other apes.

This Has Been A Warning

Even if you’ve never watched Planet of the Apes, you’ve probably seen the ape soldiers depicted in the film. Caesar might have been the wise leader, but he would have been nothing without the feral primates that made up his army.

Image source: AnimalVoiceHero/Twitter

So if you’re ever all up in their grill, then you are going to regret it, because you better believe that they are going to be sending the wildest soldier that they have in their battalion: the great and mighty Bobo!

Circle of Life? Monkeys Don’t Believe In That!

The animal kingdom has a gentle yet clear hierarchy between those who are predators and those who are simply meant to be prey. Take the lion, for example, dubbed as the “king of the jungle.” That title may be incorrect, but you can bet that they really are the king in certain situations!

Image source: Issac_zh/Reddit

This monkey with a stick seeks to challenge that, though, and cause an uprising in the animal kingdom! They will take this lion down and be figuratively crowned as the new “king of the whatever-place-the-lion-is-in.” It probably won’t end well for him, but at least the concept is there.

Alright, Who Gave This Guy Drinks Again?

Humans often go out and drink, whether with friends, family, or sometimes they even have their little mouse moments by going out alone. Then there are the few weirdos who go to the bar to chat up everyone who crosses their path, often opening with an unironic yet dumb question.

Image source: autumnkitten86/DeviantArt

Those people probably think they’re slick with the “rizz” and all that, but in the end, they kind of just look like this orangutan in the meme. To be quite honest, this fella looks way better than the human men in bars who buy you a drink and ask you the question anyway.

Googling “Bananas Near You”

Us humans have evolved far enough to be able to invent, innovate, and use technology without needing to know how it works. One of the best things we can do is that sometimes, we don’t even need to go to the grocery store anymore! We can just have our food delivered to us right on our doorstep.

Image source: MathMonkeyOfLeawood/Facebook

This little guy is probably famished because he decided to just take the mouse and keyboard, most likely to find the nearest banana vendor that offers a delivery service. We just hope that he’s not using the credit card, because if so, then that bill is gonna skyrocket.

Your Story Is… Unamusing

This baby orangutan is exactly what we look like when that person we don’t like in class suddenly comes up to us, then proceeds to tell us a story that they think will make them look cool, but actually won’t. We’re just left there staring at them, saying in our heads:

Image source: iiispazzz/imgur

Like, who cares dude? So what if your family went on a vacation in France and you met a cute French girl with a thick accent when speaking in English? We’re literally taking a mathematics class! Sorry, we just have bad memories with people like this.

Miley Really Let Herself Go

Why do monkeys seek (and get) attention in either the most adorable, or the weirdest, funniest way possible? There is no middle ground when it comes to them, seriously! It’s either they’re super cute, or they end up becoming the butt of the joke.

Image source: ImGonnaPostTheGifSomeDay/imgur

For example, this monkey who just decided to go up to the poster’s car, climb the window by the driver’s seat, and lick the glass to call for the attention of the person behind the wheel. That certainly is one way to greet visitors to your ranch!

Down To The Core

A lot of these pictures are actually quite relatable if you look at the caption as well. Is it because humans descended from the other great apes, or is it because you just look like a monkey? Who knows! One thing is for certain though — a cup of joe is always good in the morning.

Image source: thirawatana phaisalratana/Shutterstock

This monkey knows what’s up because whatever it looks like in a fresh, steaming pool of water is exactly what we look like after a bad night’s sleep and an even worse morning wake-up call. It even looks like it’s holding an imaginary mug. How cute!

Watch Your Back

If Bobo wasn’t scary enough for you, then wait until you see Harold. He’s always plotting something on the branch of this tree, and if you’re unlucky enough, then you might need to be careful and wish that he hasn’t set his sights on you yet.

Image source: Photo Spirit/Shutterstock

All threats aside though, he actually looks pretty cute! But be warned, he may look like a cute monkey on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a criminal mastermind! His cuteness is probably his modus operandi to steal your stuff away from you!

That Awkward Moment

We’ve all had at least one surprise birthday party thrown for us at some point in our lives. Wait, you didn’t get one? Wow, we’re actually so sorry to hear that. Anyway, this one goes out to all the people who have their friends and families throw a party for them!

Image source: wildwateradventurepark/Facebook

Seriously, what the heck are we supposed to do while they sing “Happy Birthday” to us? Are we supposed to just smile? Sing along? Cry? Is running away an option, because if so, then we’ll be taking that route please and thank you!

Yeah, Right

Everyone has seen skirmishes every now and then, right? In the parking lot, at school, and sometimes even at the mall! What you think is going to be a completely normal day for you suddenly turns into an action movie, and we’re all here for it!

Image source: NeilVermillion/Twitter

Sometimes, though, that fight isn’t between a large group, but instead between you and one other person. We here believe that friendship is the most important thing ever, so instead of punching them, just give them a nice old high-five on the face! Works every time.

We Hate Our School IDs

This next meme is going to be very relatable to all of you out there who are parents, or if you remember how your parents reacted to school photos. School ID picture taking is the worst, since you never really know what face to make.

Image source: Robin Phinizy/Shutterstock

In the end, we just end up looking like this monkey here — that is, if you already don’t look like a complete monkey on a daily basis. Roasts aside, you don’t have to worry about being the only person looking awkward in their school photos.

Monkey Manager

Every celebrity has a great manager behind them. As stated in the job title, they’re the ones who manage everything for them: meetings, buying groceries, keeping away paparazzi, and now, taking care of pets. It’s a tough job, that’s for sure.

Image source: 10Loodles/redbubble.com

This monkey manager of the dog is definitely doing his job very well, because our canine friend truly looks like they don’t want to receive any head-pats for today. They’re probably on break; why not just come back later when they’re back to work?

Another Awkward Moment

Admit it: you’ve secretly peed in the pool at least once in your life, if not every now and again, in your swimming endeavors! Don’t deny it, we already have you all figured out! And this is exactly what you look like when the people in the pool find out:

Image source: SCStock/Shutterstock

Embarrassing, huh? Maybe next time you should think twice about using the public pool as a bathroom and get your butt out of the pool and onto a toilet. Unless you really want to be this monkey in the picture over here; then we’re just going to judge you silently.

Party Animal

We all have that one friend who keeps boasting that they’re always the life of every party that they go to. Then, when you’re finally at the party, they suddenly become that weird person in the corner who’s just drinking the spiked punch and scrolling through their phone.

Image source: TomCarpenter/Shutterstock

When you come up to them and ask them why they’re not being the thing that they keep saying they are, they just look at you like this and tell you that they’re just not feeling the vibes at the moment. Yeah right, Carrie, we bet you don’t feel the vibe during anything anyway.

Riding In Style

Do you guys know that one person in your friend group whose car is so beat up that you’d think they stole it from the junkyard, put a fresh coat of paint on it, and called it a day? Well, maybe you should tell them to get a macaw instead!

Image source: metro.co.uk

We already have a five-star review from this little simian over here, who has been enjoying their ride for the past year! The best part is you get a ton of miles on this thing in the air, instead of being a normie and staying on the ground, ew!

When You Realize Something…

That moment when you have a great epiphany is one of the weirdest feelings that you’ll probably ever get in your life. Your eyes widen, your brain feels like exploding, and you’re left looking like this tarsier in the picture. Before you ask, yes, it’s also a primate.

Image source: fin777/Unsplash

It’s that “eureka” moment that always gets you. Either way, it’s good that you’re out there learning and realizing important stuff, despite looking like an endangered Philippine species of flying monkeys. They probably also look way cuter than you ever will.

Relaxing Monkey

Hey, we all want to unwind here. Wherever the most relaxing place is for you, shouldn’t be judged by others. Just look at this monkey atop an electrical cable. He probably doesn’t care about anything, not even the fact that he’ll probably get electrocuted if he isn’t careful.

Image source: Jason Bittel/slate.com

Yeah, you know the thing about not judging where people like to spend their minutes of relaxation? You probably shouldn’t take the advice of this monkey, because he surely is more of a daredevil than you. Also, how is he not electrocuted yet? Do monkeys have natural insulation?


For sure, we have a few medical students here and there reading these articles. If you’re one of them, then hello! You should feel very honored because we actually have a monkey meme specifically for you! Though, it might cause a bit of trauma on your part.

Image source: Osama2413/imgur

Yeah… Working on a cadaver may not exactly be the best thing to do before going to a place with animal carcasses and meats with sauces. But hey, if you’re hungry then you’re hungry. What else are you supposed to do? Drink coffee until you’re full?

Good Medical Advice

Well look at that, we don’t have just one, but two medical-related monkey memes for all our medical student readers out there! Sorry lawyers and engineers, we’re going to be a bit biased against your field of work today. It’s all about the front-liners!

Image source: tonmoy001/imgur

Aside from showing two monkeys in a very funny pose, this is actually some good medical advice. Playing with your food is pretty bad, especially if you do it with your hands! If monkeys know the threat of tapeworms, then you probably should, too!

Do it for Mike!

Hey guys, so earlier you met our good friend Bobo, but we think it’s high time that you meet one of our other simian comrades: Mike! He’s a pretty chill dude, but he doesn’t like it when you flood him with information, so if you see him do this, then you should know what to do.

Image source: janeymackwriter/imgflip.com

It’s not that he doesn’t like your story, it’s just that he’s a monkey and he really doesn’t know what you’re talking about most of the time. Maybe you should skip all the medical stuff like cadavers and autoimmune illnesses, and just talk about yellow bananas.

We Know This All Too Well

We’ve all been there before. You were up all night studying for your exam the next morning, trying to cram in every single piece of text on that history textbook of yours. So, you feel confident when you take it the next morning, naturally.

Image source: peakpx.com

Then the teacher comes in the next day, with your papers in hand. The suspense is about to kill you, but you’re confident that you could at least get a passing score. Until your jaw drops and you find out that you studied for the wrong subject and failed. Yeah, good luck with that.

Sassy Lemur

Alright, we’re not exactly sure if this monkey is a lemur, but one thing is for sure: it has sass, and it is definitely the epitome of the word “yassified.” Just look at how he holds his hand up to the side, with his other on his hip, looking mighty fine.

Image source: Peterboya/Twitter

We wonder how many monkey ladies this guy has pulled with his immense amount of “rizz,” and we all wish that we had the same level of game as he does. Though, the zoo may not be the best place for him to utilize his skills…

What A Gentleman!

The last one may have the street style, may walk the walk, and may talk the talk, but nothing beats good old-fashioned style. That is something that humans hold dear to their hearts, and it looks like even monkeys think of that too.

Image source: Brocken Inaglory/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Sorry boys, it looks like that peach fuzz you have on your chin is nothing compared to the magnificent being on this monkey’s face: the Brotache. Yeah, we all wish we had one. That has to guarantee you at least fifteen dates on the sleazy dating apps you use.

Too Relatable

Man, having a cold frigging sucks! It’s just not nice at all when you’re feeling weak, having to stay in bed the whole day but every waking second is a bit painful, and just not vibing to the frequencies of the universe. The worst part, however, is how your nose feels.

Image source: Pink_Katto/imgflip.com

The person who made this meme knows exactly what’s up because this monkey’s nose is definitely what it feels like to have a cold. All that snot stored up in there, stuck and waiting to be flushed out on a napkin; it’s just something else.

This Is Awkward

We all have that one relative who goes into family events being as weird as possible, and for what? For absolutely nothing but the sake of being weird. To be fair, they are pretty fun to be around, but sometimes it’s kind of a bit too far.

Image source: maxetluc/imgflip.com

Ah, the Christmas of the year 1977. That was the time when Aunt Jenny thought it would be funny to bring her pet monkey to the event instead of actually contributing her famous pecan mango pie to the mix. At least it was as entertaining as the pie is delicious.

That Friday Feeling

Every Friday, we here like to look at monkey memes to find the most relatable one. Trust us, it’s something that we actually do, you can ask all our coworkers about it! This monkey meme in particular is the definitive Friday feeling that we’ve been able to find.

Image source: markksg/imgflip.com

It doesn’t even need a top text for context. It just perfectly describes what every worker feels when the clock strikes 5 PM on a Friday. Some go home, some go to the bar and slur their way around the venue like the orangutan we saw earlier, and some stay at the office because they have nothing better to do.


As people, we all have our assumptions about certain things that most definitely are wrong some of the time. For example, Robby the Bully from high school wasn’t really being mean to you, you just really smelled like rotten tomatoes in class. Sorry about that.

Image source: ididnthavemyglasseson.com

And here, we have Lonnie the Monkey contemplating how people have wrong perceptions about monkeys and their food preferences. Do people think they love bananas? But actually, well, they do. Yeah, most monkeys love bananas, and we can’t do anything about that.

Like A Boss

The heading probably reminded you of a time in the early 2010s when the phrase was increasingly popular, especially among men who didn’t do anything but spend their entire day at their mom’s house and eat greasy pepperoni pizza. This monkey isn’t like that.

Image source: DarthPotatoo/imgur

Yeah, this monkey that kind of looks like John Travolta in a certain, weird angle is the definition of the famous phrase. We’re not sure about you, but we’re definitely willing to work for this monkey and bring him his second morning coffee.

Late For Work Again!

Are we the only ones here who set up like, five different alarms an hour before the time we actually have to wake up, just to make sure that we aren’t late? Because it seems like no one else has ever thought of doing it, or committing to it.

Image source: Vodacom/Twitter

This monkey sadly had to put up with the fact that she didn’t use our genius strategy, and is now probably fired and banned from the banana company she works at. Unfortunate, we know, but hey, we don’t want to say that we told you so.

Does This Count?

So, we all know that we descended from primates, right? It’s just a general consensus that we evolved from them and we evolved even more to what we are today. Well, some of us really regret that, because man, do we hate responsibilities!

Image source: gridclub.com

Yeah yeah, we know that this isn’t a monkey meme. It’s more of an ape-only meme, to be honest, but we don’t discriminate here! All primates are beautiful, dangit! Although, just imagine a world where our ancestors didn’t discover fire… Or taxes.

This Isn’t Daft Punk

We’re up all night to the sun, we’re all up night to get some, we’re up all night to have fun, we’re up all night to get… monkey? Okay, that isn’t right… We could’ve sworn that we memorized that Daft Punk song by now. Curse this monkey meme!

Image source: Sarosh Lodhi/comedywildlifephoto.com

Alright, we admit it. We actually do know the lyrics to that song, and we just wanted to have an excuse to put this very meta monkey meme on the list. You got us, are you happy yet? Yeah, we bet you are, you clever little orangutan.

Bad Monkey!

This next monkey meme is a perfect example of how to make a meme that compares two entirely different situations and yet makes the viewer feel as though they are relating to it way too much. Just take a look for yourself.

Image source: SirOhsisOfTheLiver/Reddit

Now that, friends, is very relatable. Having an enormous student debt from all those college loans definitely feels like a giant orangutan on a tiny bicycle chasing you through the park. No matter how fast you run, eventually, it’ll catch up and run you over.

Monkey See, Monkey Smell

We all know the famous phrase: “monkey see, monkey do.” It is pretty well-known because not only does it show the immense potential intelligence of our simian buddies, but it honestly applies to humans too, specifically with how families work.

Image source: gentlemantleman/Reddit

Joke’s on you; we aren’t actually going to do a commentary and comparison between animal and human behavior, we just want to show you this cute picture of an orangutan and its child. Nothing else, and that’s pretty much it for this list. Just a cute picture to cap off your day!