Mop Dog Goes Viral For Her Swimming Video Thanks To Her Owner

By Stephen M

Dreams always come true when pursued diligently. This is the story of Gintarė Bertauskienė, a resident of Kaunas, Lithuania, who always desired to own a Komondor dog (also called a Hungarian sheepdog). As a little girl, she received a postcard with a photo of these magnificent dogs. She dreamt of keeping one in the future, and this has finally been realized  Gintarė now owns one of the two Komondor dogs in Lithuania. Named Hanga, the dog is doing very well with lots of admiration on the internet.

Photo credit: Komondor Hanga Kaunas

Komondor dogs easily attract attention with their unusual fur. They are one of the few dog breeds with natural dreadlocks. It sounds interesting, right? Do you want to keep one? Then, you should be ready for whatever they come with. With their dreadlock fur, Komondor dogs require a lot of attention and care.

Hanga is lucky to have a dog grooming expert as owner. With that, she gets the best of care, attention, and treatment. She went viral on the internet after LADbible shared a video of her enjoying swimming in a lake. The video that has attracted over 19 million views also earned Gintarė some good cash for Hanga’s recent surgery.

Photo credit: Komondor Hanga Kaunas

Aside from being an internet sensation, Hanga also enjoys street views. Sometimes onlookers approach Gintarė for photos of her lovely dog or take selfies with it. However, since the dog is cautious with strangers, Gintarė tries to avoid such instances. As a result, she mostly likes to take city trips in the evening.

Are to planning to keep a Komondor?

Komondor are large dogs and mostly built for livestock guarding; hence, they have the temperament of other livestock dogs. They are calm and reserved but can be very aggressive when the need be. They are independent and make decisions on their own. The bred have speed, power, and high temperament, and good learners, especially when young.


A good breeder puppy may cost you around $1,000. However, a top-quality breed can come at double the price. It becomes cheaper when purchased from shelters or rescues.