More than 100 “Goats For Rent” Pays Neighborhood A Surprise Visit

By Stephen M

Some goat numbering over a hundred recently went on a rampage in the neighborhood of Boise, Idaho, devouring anything they had on sight. These goats had no mercy for the vegetation they came across during their unannounced expedition.

Photo credit: @KTVBJoe

Political correspondent Joe Parris was there on time to capture the invasion of the rampage goats. According to him, responding to the situation quickly and alone was challenging. They received a call that some goats had invaded the neighborhood without further information about the situation on the ground. Parris said covering the event was difficult because the goats were running around. However, some residents came in to help, including taking videos.

In a Twitter post, Parris wrote:

Photo credit: @KTVBJoe

Later, news came in that the ruminants were from a goat rental service. This sounds weird, and you may be asking who rents goat, and for purpose? The goats are rented out to eat unwanted and flammable vegetation. While some of these homeowners keep their goats, some also prefer to rent them for such purposes. Therefore, the goats were professional vegetation eaters. What happened was that the over 100 goats from the company “We Rent Goats” broke their enclosure for about 15 minutes. Goats love weeds, and once they chance on a vegetable, they wouldn’t stop until they are complete. The company later came in to load the goats onto a truck.

The owner of We Rent Goat, Matt Gabica, said he never believed his goats would become that popular on the internet. Speaking to The Atlantic, he said he doesn’t do social media campaigns, and that day was a busy one for him. As the goats broke their bounds, some community members found them, and they later rounded them.

Parris said the story was fun and became one of the top news items for the day. He received new clips and articles containing his videos from family and friends.