Motherless Kittens Find A Parent In A Rescue Labrador

By Shivam B

You have heard numerous stories about how dogs and cats don’t get along. A rescue labrador has gone all the way to prove the notion wrong.  Check this article and learn about his heroic deeds.

Image Credits: battersea/Instagram

Bertie, The Labrador Looks After Seven Kittens 

Rachel, head nurse at Battersea animal rescue, took it on herself to care for seven homeless kittens. She decided to take them until the little creatures found a permanent home. 

Bertie is a rescue dog himself who stays with Rachel. When Rachel took the kittens home, Bertie decided to help her take care of the kittens. Bertie is only one year old. But his paternal instincts took center stage when he saw the motherless kittens.

Instead of being hostile to the little creature, he did everything to make their stay comfortable. He helped Rachel to care for the little creatures. He looked after the kittens as if they were his own. Perhaps Bertie felt sympathetic as he is a rescue animal himself. 

Rachel and Berties did not allow the little kittens to feel motherless. They tended after the little ones. From using litter boxes to eating on their own, the tiny creatures learned everything. Afterward, the kittens were brought back to the animal shelter. 

Image Credits: battersea/Instagram

Ending Note 

All the lovely kittens were adopted after they were brought back to the shelter. They found a permanent home for themselves where they were taken care of. Meanwhile, Bertie is enjoying his well-deserved peace at home.