Is There A Cat Or Isn’t There A Cat: That Is The Question

By Ana J

Cat and other pet-related content is very popular online. It is so popular that there are thousands of blogs, accounts, websites, and meme pages dedicated to giving the animal lovers what they want. Some post chunky animals, some funky looking, some pets in costumes. If you’re like us, you have asked yourself, which movies have cats in them? If you have, there is a great page to follow! The Twitter account @catinthemovie sets out to answer this question for you by offering a simple yes or no to the question, is there a cat in this movie? With proof, of course! If you want to join in on this necessary, ground-breaking research, you can participate in the account’s “find the cat” challenge to make watching movies more fun. 

Bohemian Rhapsody

Have you ever wondered whether a cat (or two) makes an appearance in the dramatization of Freddie Mercury’s life as the frontman of one of the most popular bands of all time? The Twitter account @catinthemovies has the answer for you. 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes! Bohemian Rhapsody from 2018, a biopic about Freddie Mercury and his bandmates, has not one but two cats in it! Hopefully, the fur pattern on the chair the cats are on is fake! It would be sad to include 2.5 cats. 

The Godfather

What about The Godfather? It is hard to associate Don Vito Corleone with cats, but welcome to the internet! A place where all things are possible. Even seeing the head of a powerful mafia family hanging out with a grey kitten. 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes. The user glowworm2 wrote in the comments that the cat was not supposed to be there originally. It was one of the strays on the set, and it was being so noisy that the easiest thing to do was to include it in the scene.

Stuart Little

Stuart Little is a movie from 1999 about a talking mouse, which does not seem like a natural friend of a cat! However, it does not stop followers from asking, is there a cat in this movie? And the answer is…

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Why, of course, there is a cat in this movie! The feisty feline is one of the central figures of the film. It becomes the antagonist of the beloved mouse, Stuart, getting him into all kinds of situations throughout the movie. 

The Wizard of Oz

What about the Wizard of Oz? This film was the first movie to be filmed in color. Therefore, if there is a cat in it, it would be the first cat in color on screen! What an exciting role for the fancy feline.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes! This Siamese cat with a prominent dark face and beige body had the honor of being the first cat in a movie in color. What a pioneer. We have to ask, was the little guy from Kansas too?

Hunger Games

Desolate dystopian worlds are not great places for any living and breathing beings. We are not sure if we want to be reminded that a cat was present in this one. Those of us who read the books remember there to be one present. But in the films?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Yes. Buttercup is the Everdeen family cat described as “hideous-looking.” However, the funny story is – Buttercup was a ginger cat in the books! The director accidentally cast a black and white cat for the first movie. They had to recast Buttercup for the second film.

Hair Love

Hair Love sounds like a perfect movie for a cat! This adorable, award-winning short film is about a loving dad who is tasked with styling his little girl’s hair for the very first time. But is there a hair expert watching?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes! A grey cat, who knows exactly how the (currently ill) mother used to do the do, does make an appearance. However, ultimately, it is the video of the mom doing her daughter’s hair that saves the day.

Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries sounds like a perfect movie for a cat to make an appearance, but is there one? Princess is a very popular pet name too, so the movie title might as well be then name of one of those accounts for somebody’s cat. 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

And the answer is… drumroll… YES! Of course, there is a cat in Princess Diaries! Even the cat gets a little makeover and a tiara. If you ever wondered, the cat’s name is Fat Louie, and it had to go on a diet in 1997 (as stated in the film).

Black Panther

Is this really a mystery when a big cat is featured in the title? However, this account prides itself on the proof it provides. Therefore, it had to be on record that there is indeed a cat featured in Black Panther

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Naturally, the cat in question is, in fact, a panther. Well, multiple big cats on trees. If you ever wondered, a group of panthers is called a claw! You see one featured here. However, they are usually solitary animals out in the wild. 


In Parasite, depending on what neighborhood one lives in, their lives might be easy or hard. We can only hope the cat from this movie uses its charms to relocate as it is more mobile than the protagonist’s family. Although, it looks content.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Maybe the cat too, is set to venture out of that neighborhood in hopes of securing a better life for itself and its family. Sequel idea? Also, did we give too much of the plot away? No, we guess not. We only talked about the garbage cats.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun sounds like a great place to be for any person or animal, unlike a dystopian nightmare. Wouldn’t we all love to live in a rom-com? Many of us like to imagine our lives through the genre’s lens.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

What completes a romantic setting? Why, kittens, of course! Does Under the Tuscan Sun have them? Absolutely. Well, one proven, at least. What’s romance without a tiny, cute animal involved? Not complete! At least in our humble opinion. Bring on all the cats!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Egyptians believed cats were mystical, magical creatures who brought good luck to those who befriended and hosted them. Wealthy families would dress them and even put jewelry on them! But what about a movie set in Egypt? Would it contain cats? 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Of course, it would! Although just for a second, a cat made an appearance in the Raiders of the Lost Ark as Harrison Ford runs in a narrow street. It would probably be an oversight to make a movie set in Egypt without a cat!

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is not a movie famous for cute animals making appearances. Unfortunately, no cute lambs showed up during the film, but none were harmed either, so we suppose that is a win. But what about a cat?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

No cats were harmed either, but one did show up! In the window, at least. Twitter user @catinthemovies is an expert in spotting kittens on screens, and fans are absolutely loving this game. If a kitten shows up – they know!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days 

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was a fun romantic comedy when it came out in 2003. It may not have aged well because of all the tropes it features. Would “crazy cat lady” be one of these?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Maybe! After all, one of the two main characters does have a cat and ends up acting crazy for the sake of advancing the plot. Or, maybe we are just looking too much into a simple, harmless rom-com! But the internet agrees with us.

Toy Story 4

The sequel to the beloved children’s movie also made it to the list of “is there a cat in this movie?” There was one lively discussion in the comment section among users about whether the cat was real or animated.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

What do you think? Is the cat animated or real? Some people said it looks way too realistic to be animated. Some complimented the studio for their work. Regardless of whether it is real or animated, it’s a cute one!


We know from other fims that aliens and kittens can make friends more or less efficiently if they happen to meet on Earth. So did a cat make a cameo on Marvel’s blockbuster film Venom? It’s a movie about an alien and a human sharing a body, if you were unaware.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes! Eddie Brock, the human half of the duo, is dating a woman named Anne Weying, who owns a long-haired calico named Mr. Belvedere. While Eddie and Anne ultimately break up, Venom does not kill the cat, probably because he sees it as a friend.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

We Have Always Lived in the Castle is a movie based on a novel written by Shirley Jackson in 1962. The film is about a cousin arriving with ulterior motives and stirring the pot in lonely and cramped life and uncle and his two nieces.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Castles and family drama? Why, of course, there was a cat featured in this one! The cat’s name is Merricat, and he is basically a main character. The cat is so enigmatic that one of the other characters believes he has powers.

Practical Magic

Practical Magic is a movie about another pair of sisters. However, unlike in We Have Always Lived in the Castle, the sisters aren’t isolated in the slightest. They actually do not have much in common except for the lack of parents and their hereditary gift for magic. 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Much like castles and family drama mix, magic and family drama go hand-in-hand too. What would a movie about which craft be without a black cat? The cat even serves to hiss at ex-boyfriends too. A great companion – who wouldn’t want that?

The Crow

In the movie the Crow, a young poet and guitarist is resurrected by a crow. The good Samaritan bird guides the protagonist, Eric Draven, to his killers and decides to help him avenge his own death. Would this be a movie with a cat?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Naturally! There is a type of magic involved, mystical creatures with supernatural powers – the right kind of vibe for a cat. The cat’s name is Gabriel, and unlike most cats in these movies, he’s a white Turkish Angora cat.

The Invisible Man 

The first rendition of The Invisible Man has a plot very similar to the 2020 remake. The protagonist’s abusive ex-boyfriend seemingly comes back to life to haunt the main character. The twist is that no one believes the main character that her ex is alive!

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

But is there a cat in this horror story? While Cecilia hunts for truth in the first Invisible Man from 1933, a cat also makes it onto the screen, you’ll be glad to know. Hopefully, the cat had better taste in partners.


Just from the movie title, Silence does not seem like a movie that would feature many cats. Being silent is not something kittens are famous for, especially in the late hours of the night. So, are there any cats in this movie?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The movie is the search for a beloved mentor who went missing. Two students go out to find them. In Japanese folklore, cats are believed to have protective powers and symbolize good luck – so yes, there are many cats in this movie!


Come on, guys, this is another easy one. Is there any question if a cat is on screen in a movie called Bewitched? It is literally a movie that tells the story of a young woman with magical powers who loves a muggle – we mean, mortal.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The witch promises to restrict her powers and become a typical housewife. However, you can’t hide forever. Her black kitty companion doesn’t hide either. He makes it onto the screen, naturally. What would a witch be without her trusty cat?

Cat People

Here’s another kind of easy one. While the title immediately implies the presence of cats, it’s not all that simple when it comes to the movie plot. The story is about a couple who is afraid of one of them actually…

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

…turning into a cat! Apparently, the woman was cursed in her homeland, Serbia, and is afraid of turning into a cat if her marriage is consummated. In the later rendition, Irena finds out about her family’s “warecat” history. Yikes, talk about drama!


It appears cats are a must-have featured pet in horror films! In the movie It, a bunch of friends team up to kill a monter of some sort that can shape-shift. The evil entity likes to attack children and chose a small town in Maine for its dining spot.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The local kids start disappearing one by one, and the band of outcasts is determined to solve the mystery. However, what they find is horrifying. Twitter users noted that the cat from It looks like it’s seen a lot. 

The Snowman

The Snowman is a cartoon from the 1980s about a snowman built on Christmas magically coming to life. The snowman takes the young boy who made him to the skies and they fly to meet Santa. But is there a cat in the movie?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes! There is a cat in the movie. Cats love heat, so it’s not surprising that a cat would appear next to a fireplace. However, what is a snowman who just came to life doing next to a fire?

Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted is an iconic movie featuring two top actresses of their time, Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. The pair meets in a mental institution where both reside after Winona Ryder’s character, Susana, attempts to commit suicide. In the institution…

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

… she befriends a troubled girl, Lisa, played by Angelina Jolie. The two get into some trouble soon after, and one characeter’s life is changed forever. However, is there a cat in the movie? Yes, certainly, and here he is!

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was an instant classic that launched its director, Quentin Tarantino, into stardom and made him a household name seemingly overnight. It revitalized the career of some actors, like John Travolta, and made others even more famous in the process.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

However, the question is, was there a cat in Pulp Fiction? The answer is no. There is a reference to the felines, as John Travolta refers to Uma Thurman’s character as the kitty-cat. But, unfortunately, no actual cat appears anywhere in the film.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a movie about rediscovering faith and trying to mend relationships. The film features big names in the industry like Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain. But the important question is would we see any cats onscreen?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is yes. In a very visually pleasing manner too. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a porch surrounded by trees petting a cat? We suppose that’s the dream unless you are one of those people with pollen and cat allergies.  

Little Women

Little Women is about sisters on the cusp of womanhood. In the movie, the sisters go through ups and downs and have to important decisions impacting their future. But do they get the help of any furry friends in the process?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is a resunding yes. There are indeed cats in Little Women. From this screenshot, it seems that the girls liked dressing this one up and playing with it. The fabulous feline clearly featured in many of their games of pretend.

Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion movie directed by Wes Anderson. Since the director is known for his colorful style and a humorous take on seemingly mundane situations, a cat showing up on the island of dogs is not a farfetched scenario. 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

And the answer is… yes, a cat does show up! Multiple cats, in fact. In the movie, all dogs are quarantined on an island after an outbreak of the canine flu. It seems like the cats decided to keep their sworn enemies company.

Let The Right One In

Romantic comedies and horror movies and cats just work together. Let The Right One In is a Swedish romantic horror film about two childhood friends from the suburbs of Stockholm in the early 1980s. But does the interesting niche film have cats?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Well, yes, of course. There is a cat in the romantic horror movie. Not only is there a cat, but it appears to have a particular role and a line dedicated to it. We wonder how the kitty’s acting was?

Julie & Julia

Julie and Julia is a movie about two women who bond over their love for cooking. The film contrasts the life of the chef Julia Child in the early years of her career with the life of a fan of hers, who is blogger from… 

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

…New York and is aspiring to make all 524 of Child’s recipes in 365 days! Julie documents this challenge on her blog. But are there any cats helping these women separated by time but bonded by their love for cooking? Yes.

The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum is a movie about a man called Moondog. If that wasn’t strange enough, he is also a stoner and a struggling writer whose wealthy wife dies, forcing him to finish his novel to get a share of the estate.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

But is the hedonistic writer Moondog friends with a feline? The answer is yes. The beach bum shares a moment on what seems like a beach with a tiny white cat. Hopefully, the cat will get to enjoy some of his estate.

You’ve Got Mail

We established that rom-coms and cats mix well. In You’ve Got Mail, the bookstore chain owner meets the owner of a small online bookshop – and surprise, surprise – they fall in love with each other. But are there any cats involved?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

The answer is, unfortunately, no. There is a reference to a cat but not an actual kitten! Disappointing. Maybe they will make an updated remake with a real cat bombing the scene. After all, cats are a rom-com must-have, people!


Gremlins is a horror classic! It inspired a generation of toys, games, and other merchandise that sold for decades after its release. It’s a movie about a pet with a secret and three precise instructions with harsh repercussions if not followed.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

But is there a regular pet with simple instructions in the movie? Let’s say… a cat? The answer is yes! Not just the one from the picture but also Kopek, named after the Russian currency because of its owner’s love for coins. 


Did you also have that conversation with friends in a pub or some other setting about if anyone ever understood the end of the film Inception? Because we sure did. What if next time you turn it around and ask them…

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

… do they know if there was a cat in the movie? Because the answer is clearly yes. It might move the debate in a cuter direction. Not to be confused with the Inception cat meme from YouTube. Important distinction.

Christmas With The Kranks

Christmas With The Kranks is a movie about a family who scandalize everyone by declaring they are skipping Christmas one year. But then, their daughter decides to come home for a visit, and they go mad organizing Christmas dinner anyway!

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

More importantly, how does this affect the felines in the surrounding of the Kranks? Well, the cat, Muffles, is a white Persian owned by the neighbors who are not on the best of terms with the Kranks. Muffles furthers the feud.

Rear Window

Rear Window is a movie about a professional photographer who is stuck in his apartment due to an injured leg. He gets bored in his forced isolation and starts spying on his neighbors. However, this leads to a shocking revelation.

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

But does it lead to spying on or spotting some cats in the process? Why, yes; yes, it does. Besides this cat, according to a website called Cinema Cats, there is also a ginger kitty who lives with the sculptor neighbor.

The Edge of 17

The Edge of 17 is a coming-of-age mix of drama and comedy about a girl called Nadine who does not get along with her mother or brother and sees her father as her only ally. This takes a turn for the worst when…

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

… Nadine’s best friend Krista starts dating her brother! Nadine feels betrayed and makes some rash decisions in the heat of the moment. But are there any cats on her self-discovering journey? The answer is no. Nadine complains she doesn’t even have one. 

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl is in a similar genre as the Edge of 17, a coming-of-age film with a mix of drama and comedy where awkward teenagers are the protagonists. In Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, the main characer, Greg…

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

… spends most of his time with Earl, his best friend. His mother is worried about his lack of a social life, so she forces him to befriend Rachel, who suffers from leukemia. But where are the cats? Cats are there too! 

Tigers Are Not Afraid

Sometimes a movie’s title isn’t enough of an indicator a feline will show up on the screen. So let’s dissect why it’s here. First of all, it’s a horror movie. So, a cat is a must. Second, what kind of a cat?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Ok, we lied. It is in the title this time. A literal tiger shows up in the movie! This movie is classified as a dark fairy tale. It’s not for those with faint hearts, since it’s not as cute as the big cat appearance.

Marriage Story

Marriage Story is a movie about two former partners struggling to communicate their feelings during a devastating, grueling divorce. The couple is a former director-actress duo who has to face that their marriage is doomed. But is there a cat involved?

Source: catinthemovie / Twitter

Amidst it all, at least the divorce lawyer has a cat friend! The kitty makes a few cameos during the movie. While the film is emotional, at least there is a kitty to break the tension, even for a few seconds.