Avian Architects: 35+ Random Places Birds Decided To Call Home

By Ishita P

A busy hive of winged construction workers decked up in trendy beak helmets and feathered tool belts are the marvels of avian architecture. These little creatures are nature’s “Bob the Builder.” Birds pick the ideal branch or cozy nook for their home with accuracy and a flair for the dramatic. They gather twigs and leaves and show off their exquisite home-decorating abilities.

Some use a minimalist strategy, while others choose a more opulent “bird-chateau” style. However, in the process of nest-building, many humorous instances occur. Often inept birds need to balance twigs twice their size and wind up looking like a messy tangle of feathers. Nevertheless, we should appreciate the humor and creativity of their nest-building efforts. So, today in this article, we’ve put forth some hilarious yet cute instances of these feathery pals showcasing their architectural skills.

Goggle-Wearing Hummingbirds

A brave hummingbird family transformed a pair of hanging swim goggles into their pint-sized castle, leaving all pool fans speechless. Think of making the water “buzz”! With their determined beaks, these feathery daredevils converted the eyewear into an ideal nest. Their young progeny now chirps away as they fly about, creating a miniature poolside symphony.

Image by MusclePussy on Reddit

The ingenious nest resembles a snug cup, expertly nestled within the gap of the pool glasses and creating a harmonious balance. Thus, with their innate artistic flair, these hummingbirds prove their natural talent as imaginative architects, fearlessly crafting their homes amidst any circumstances they encounter.

Feathery Furnishing

Seeking out a heat source near their homes is any living being’s survival instinct. So, it’s unsurprising to see a little bird construct a comfy nest right next to the adapter of a laptop charger. But what makes this sight more heart-warming is the presence of a tiny egg nestled between the twigs.

Image by throwyMcTossaway on Reddit

Parental love transcends all boundaries and manifests even within animals as they seek to provide their young ones with the best. And this is why the bird chose such a unique spot to welcome its newborn. The laptop charger will soon enjoy the company of a little feathery family!

Bike Seat Pack Turned into Avian Airbnb!

Why would birds need a nest in the tree when they can nest in luxury on a bicycle? Thus, a group of avian interior decorators applied their skills to a bicycle seat bag, turning it into a comfortable home that even Martha Stewart would envy.

Image by jacobhottberr on Reddit

The two-wheeled mount has an inside bird nursery with twiggy architecture and soft furnishings. When the owner witnessed this tiny nest, they switched from riding to walking, making the bike the ideal avian lodging. Maybe the owner should start marketing the bicycle as “bird-branded,” with each seat pack representing a potential haven for nesting birds.

Swallows Hijack CCTV Camera

In an unusual twist of avian mischief, a bold team of five swallows decided to transform a CCTV camera into their own feathery headquarters. They sat atop the camera while their beady eyes and feathers ruffled eagerly, pretending to be the ultimate surveillance specialists.

Image by 9999monkeys on Reddit

As the mobile cameras panned and zoomed, filming their every action, these avian bandits reveled in their newfound popularity. They have adopted a unique form of bird surveillance to ensure no predator or prey evaded their eye. These crafty swallows have undoubtedly raised the bar for the “bird’s-eye view.”

Glass Figurine Turned Nesting Spot!

Imagine the person’s amazement when they came across this tiny hummingbird with a penchant for unusual real estate making its own cozy nest out of the delicate glass hummingbird figure! This daring avian builder definitely has a sense of style.

Image by lovemymaltese on Reddit

Previously used as a decorative gem, the glass figure has transformed into a luxurious high-rise nest with expansive views. What a bird’s-eye view of Airbnb! Who could have thought a glass figurine would become the most sought-after address in the avian world?

Hay There, Feathered Tenants!

A wise bird chose to name a haybale home sweet home, much to the amusement of the busy farmhands. So, when the staff discovered this prized real estate, they quickly added an attention notice, alerting people of the bird on board carrying eggs and requesting them not to move the haybale.

Image by TheFranchise36 on Reddit

The farmers even kept an eye on the well-being of their feathery tenants as they hustled around. Thus, these diligent workers accidentally became property managers, guaranteeing the bird’s peaceful incubation time. But after getting so much care from these people, we hope it doesn’t seek a concierge service for its newborns!

When Birds and Bikers Collide

This cheeky Robin has chosen to exchange the standard nest for something more unconventional. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this tiny feathered rebel has made its home inside an MX helmet! What a bold, fashionable statement. This feathered fellow has a knack for adventures.

Image by 33arig on Reddit

While most birds choose branches and twigs, this brave Robin has transformed a helmet into the coziest crash cushion in town. So, all bikers out there, get ready to make way for a new wing-powered competitor that is ready to chirp its way to motorcycling glory.

The ‘Tweet-iculous’ Balcony Oasis

An intelligent bird transformed a balcony chair into the ideal nesting location, safeguarding itself and its egg against all weather conditions. Maybe it was an emergency that led the bird to make a home in a place where there is continuous human intervention, but at least the mom-to-be is secure!

Image by eoc1994 on Reddit

Forget about the soft patio furniture; this bird understands how to fashion its luxurious refuge. With a fully-furnished nest and a precious egg, this feathery genius even enlisted the assistance of a cushion for added comfort. What a magnificent bird lounge experience!

Quarantine Nesting

In a peculiar spin on lockdown hijinks, a zebra dove turned a car’s rearview mirror into its nest, going above and beyond social withdrawal. While the rest of the world was stuck inside, this wise dove recognized an opportunity and quickly feathered its nest.

Image by jundesirehd on Reddit

The friendly dove transformed a humdrum vehicle into a luxurious bird refuge in only ten days. Now, every time the car owner makes a shopping run, they can’t help but smile at their new winged neighbor’s strange choice of location.

The Vintage Coat Retreat

An old jacket hung in the woods has become the hippest avian refuge, in a fashion faux pas turned magnificent. However, the irony lies in that a bird constructed a nest within the jacket’s pocket and not the tree branches, transforming it into a cozy wooded refuge.

Image by golden_blaze on Reddit

Probably, it’s time to say goodbye to haute couture and hello to “nest-a-porter”! This skilled bird has turned the jacket into the most fashionable nest in the neighborhood. No wonder this forest jacket hideaway is the essence of bird style, with feathery flare and pocket-sized luxury.

Goose Maternity Ward

A feathery surprise emerged when a goose chose this enormous planter as the perfect location for her nesting endeavors in the crazy world of hospital occurrences. The hospital’s staff offered immense support to their unexpected visitor and went above and beyond to ensure she was comfortable.

Image by OrangeCosmos on Reddit

One of the reliable maintenance technicians even created a custom umbrella for the goose and a luxurious water station nearby. All these efforts helped the goose give a safe birth in a lavish oasis and enabled the hospital to witness an endearing story of bird motherhood in real life.

The Whirlybird Lodge

Perched atop the spinning blades, these feathery pals built an unusual nest. As the fan didn’t operate much, these Robins considered it a favorable location for establishing their nest. But little did they know that it was an outdoor ceiling fan that was only turned on when there wasn’t enough wind outside.

Image by angmarsilar on Reddit

However, the members of this house were truly compassionate towards these little creatures. Thus, to ensure a pleasant and safe nesting experience, they didn’t use the fan while the Robins were there. Instead, they enjoyed the chirping and singing joyfully as they strolled outdoors.

The Bird’s ‘B’eautiful Billboard Adventure

A cheeky bird recently moved into this “Wild Bird” sign in a stroke of flying brilliance and a flare for typographic style. But this feathered trendsetter didn’t stop there; it chose to build its comfy nest directly on the letter “B,” making it the ideal perch with a dash of avian humor.

Image by someguyontheintrnet on Reddit

Well, a new flying spokesman is in town, extolling the virtues of feathery creativity. The birds exclaim loudly to the world, “Listen to me! B is for Bird, and also for Bold,” as it proudly perches atop its letter-perfect masterpiece.

The Bathing Suit Nest Edition

With an eye for taste and a knack for feathery couture, this avian designer converted the bathing suit top into a beautiful nest refuge. It didn’t require a seaside cabana and thus comfortably nested in one of the bust cups.

Image by SpreadySpaghetti on Reddit

Probably, the little fellow thought this hanging swimwear was one of the ways people tried to assist fliers in finding a home. Hence, it started nesting in it without any worries. However, the way it minutely built the nest in that tiny cup yet again proved the finesse of birds in creating avian architectures.

From Boot to Brood

A wren pair made their home in an old hiking boot tucked away in the depths of a garage. The garage owner had no idea that this tiny nest of two would soon become a busy bird nursery. But right after building their chirpy home, this brave wren couple wasted no time growing their brood.

Image by sarahaflijk on Reddit

In just a few months, their little boot house was bursting at the seams with five lovely wren chicks, giving new meaning to “boot camp.” It must be surprising for the owner to witness such a beautiful garage transformation from a simple storage space to a lively bird’s bed and breakfast.

From Roars to Chirps!

An odd scene ensued when a tiny birdie perched between the jaws of a stoic wolf statue in a reckoned university. It appeared to be a case of accidental misidentification gone wrong. The tenacious baby mimicked its ferocious protector, filling the statue with chirps rather than yells.

Image by ostrich270 on Reddit

The statue of the wolf, which was once a symbol of power, now served as a surrogate parent to this little one. It convincingly illustrates the university’s dedication to diversity, even among its statuesque residents. Who knew that a wolf’s scream could be converted into the lovely melody of a newborn bird’s song?

The High-Flying Spa

A mourning dove transformed the plastic shelf of a bathroom into its own high-flying spa. The bird knows how to relax by creating a luxury bath for itself! Thus, perched on its plastic throne, this feathery connoisseur remodeled the bathroom into a tranquil haven.

Image by stone_monkey56 on Reddit

With a nest tucked securely on the top level of the shelf, this dove clearly loves the better things in life, even if they’re made of plastic. As the members of this house begin their daily restroom procedures, they can’t help but envy the dove’s ability to find peace in the most unlikely places.

Robins’ Traffic Light Hangout

This American Robin understands how to spice up the everyday commute. Thus, it chose a traffic signal lamp as its preferred nesting location. The bird seems to enjoy the yellow glow as it intentionally sets its nest near yellow lights, maybe wishing for an endless green signal.

Image by TheGossey on Reddit

Perched high on the traffic light, this Robin reaps a fantastic opportunity to explore bustling city life. People must admire the bird’s capacity to relax amidst everyday traffic mayhem. Thus, this scenario serves as a reminder to appreciate the most unexpected moments of tranquility.

Egg-citing Surprise

A pair of labor gloves left outside for a few days became the unexpected setting for an egg-citing surprise! As the owner went to fetch them, they discovered a little nest with a lovely egg inside. Although the person couldn’t use the gloves sooner, they could serve a fruitful purpose for the little creature.

Image by another-modern-leper on Reddit

Thus, it was high time to say goodbye to the old gloves and hello to some new feathery embellishments. These gloves now have an added bonus — the ability to hatch ideas and future feathery friends! Perhaps, it was a quirky way of mother nature to surprise us in the most unexpected locations.

The ‘Carpool Coo’ Club

A clever pigeon transformed a car’s hood and windscreen wiper gap into the ideal avian carpool nest. This feathery parent ensured the construction of a comfy and handy hatchery for its two babies by neatly positioning the nest between the bonnet and windscreen.

Image by Elvishgirl on Reddit

The bird noted that the vehicle owner has not been using their automobile for a long time. Thus, it thought of temporarily utilizing the space for its own house! No wonder this pigeon has taken the phrase “family car” to new heights.

Robin’s Unusual Housing Choice

An intelligent Robin spurned typical nesting locations to set up business in a cozy elephant planter, leaving both nature enthusiasts and horticulture experts puzzled. You can think of it as a humorous take on the old cliche, “bird on an elephant!”

Image by PrettyCauliflower638 on Reddit

Probably, this Robin decided to embrace its inner interior decorator instead of following the lead of other feathered companions that usually chose trees or bushes. However, this bird perfectly mastered the art of imaginative real estate, with its cozy nook snuggled at the back of the elephant pot.

Cupboard Cribs

A cheeky bird began on a funny interior design odyssey in this kitchen. With a bold entry via the back windows, it uncovered an unexpected treasure trove — the saucers in the kitchen cabinet. And based on its interior designing instinct, the bird turned one of the saucers into a comfortable nest.

Image by iambertan on Reddit

The homeowners had no idea their kitchen cupboard would become the setting for an avian tale. Only when they tried getting a dish or cup they met with a funny gaze from their unexpected guest. It looked like the bird had already claimed the cookware, declaring, “This is my nesting paradise!”

The Mop Manor

In a brilliant demonstration of avian inventiveness, this bird chose a plain mop as the unusual canvas for its nesting masterpiece. It could easily construct a feathery home on a cushiony mop with just a few twigs and branches. It’s like a contemporary art installation that has everyone in awe.

Image by mcclanedutch on Reddit

Imagine the bird’s delight as it sits on its mop-made palace and looks proudly over its territory. Therefore, remember not to disturb birds’ high-rise refuge the next time someone goes for a mop. Accept the unexpected and admire how nature can transform commonplace items into spectacular houses!

Featherweight Champ

A wise bird selected an odd location for its nest: the top of a big punching bag. This feathery pugilist, perched atop the bag, has changed the boxing world into an absurd nesting arena. This bird is primed for a featherweight knockout!

Image by ilovemydumbdogs on Reddit

It’s a genuine “bird vs. bag” battle, as this tiny champion demonstrates that even in boxing, there’s a place for a little avian whimsy. So why not wear gloves and prepare for a training session? After all, feathered contenders bring unexpected laughter to the ring!

A Tea-Lover Sparrow’s Nest

A brisk sparrow spotted an excellent nesting site in a little square hole at the top of the ceiling. However, what’s worth noticing here is the bird’s fondness for tea. It’s such an avid tea-lover that it got a whole teabag from somewhere, making it an essential decor item for its nest.

Image by TeeteringCrockery on Reddit

The sparrow sat proudly in the tea bag-adorned nest, sipping from the cup of imagination and bringing a smile to the world below. Its nest became a quirky emblem of adventurous innovation and a call to enjoy every bit of life.

Robin’s Floral Fiesta

In a horticultural twist of destiny, a Robin turned the hanging basket of sparkling purple geraniums into its own cozy nesting center. It looks like a flowery invasion in the air! Forget luxurious resorts; this bird knew that a basket full of petals epitomizes comfort and style.

Image by Blackjack14 on Reddit

We couldn’t help but notice how flowery the nest was. It’s like hiring a Robin interior designer to spruce up the landscape with whimsy and avian elegance. So let’s toast to bird’s surprising floral takeover — a vibrant cooperation demonstrating nature’s talent for forming unlikely alliances!

Tweeting Fire Alarm

This courageous little bird had an unusual idea for her nest — above the fire bell in the parkade! But she was oblivious to the impending devastation the alarm could bring to her house if triggered. Onlookers couldn’t help but chuckle uncomfortably, hoping for no false alarms in the coming months.

Image by Madiikatty on Reddit

Thankfully, the nest stayed intact day after day, defying all odds. Thus, the tiny bird accidentally became the parkade’s feathered guardian of fire safety, keeping an eye on the tenants. Its nest was so well-built and perfectly balanced on the bell that it could be a permanent avian residence.

The Boot-Dwelling Bird Extravaganza

A creative bird transformed an old boot into a novel nesting site with a touch of foam for added comfort. No doubt, this bird has redefined feathered home decor! What better way to add a luxurious touch than with foam insulation? It’s a natural “sole” and “soul” collaboration!

Image by DogOnABike on Reddit

Unsuspecting individuals point their cameras toward the boot-dwelling birdie, intending to record candid moments, but are confronted with an expression of sheer rage. The bird seemed to appreciate its solitude, and all visitors should respect its privacy and not trespass the boot bungalow’s borders.

The Unlikely Romance of Dove and Bone

A dove discovered an unusual nesting site within a cow skull in a story. Perched atop the hollowed head, she transformed the remains of life into a comfortable haven, confounding all avian expectations. It incubated her eggs inside the strange embrace of bone and feather, representing the beauty of unexpected habitats.

Image by DoodDoes on Reddit

Although it looked weird, this dove’s cow skull nest became an icon of the odd. It reminds us that most bizarre pairings may occasionally give rise to the most sensational stories. So, like this bird, feel free to go quirky with your choices, as you never know what mesmerizing twist they may offer you!

Pumpkin Paradise

A person had adorned their porch with a pumpkin decor for Halloween. But little did they know that this showpiece would draw a bird’s attention so much that it would make itself home in it, changing the hollowed-out gourd into a cozy nest.

Image by LordOfTheGerenuk on Reddit

As trick-or-treaters reached the porch, they met with an unusual sight: a bird looking out from the triangle eyes of the pumpkin as if asking, “Trick or tweet!” Thus, it proves that even in the spookiest season, nature always finds a way to join the festivities.

Duck’s Dutch Hideaway

In a quack-tastic turn of events, this duck in The Hague built its nest beneath the unassuming hips of Spel en Zekerheid. Probably, she thought the statue could incubate her eggs in her absence. But the poor duck didn’t know it was just a figurine incapable of caring for her eggs.

Image by shroobs on Reddit

Although the duck was naive to construct the nest in such an unexpected location, it led to a hilarious scenario. Whoever caught the sight of the eggs beneath the buttocks of the statue couldn’t help but break into bursts of laughter. Nevertheless, the duck deserves appreciation for doing something humans couldn’t imagine!

A Bird’s Aquatic Abode in the Drinking Fountain

While people were quenching their thirst, this bird worked hard to change the drinking fountain into its nesting sanctuary. Using twigs, leaves, and a little delicacy, it transformed the metal basin into a beautiful nest, with water just a beak’s reach away.

Image by ggfchl on Reddit

Residents must have admired the bird’s ability to combine usefulness and nature, coining the term “fountain-dwelling bird architect.” It sat proudly on its aquatic home, proclaiming, “This is my nest, and this is my refreshing sanctuary!” Thus, this event showcases the intelligence of chirpy beings in choosing an appropriate place to build their homes.

Egg-cellent Bicycle Accommodation

In this story of unexpected nesting locations, a bird transformed an ordinary bicycle’s cup holder into its cozy avian abode. With a sharp sense of pragmatism, this bird devised an effective strategy to use the cup holder as the ideal position for its nest.

Image by maggieufledu on Reddit

Probably, the bird sought this place to be both comfortable and convenient to keep its prized possession. Hence, it snuggled its tiny white egg into this cup holder. This serves as a reminder that even the most basic items can transform into unexpected havens for nature’s tiny marvels.

Eggstraordinary Escapades

This peculiar pigeon had an odd infatuation with modern equipment, and her most recent passion was the gorgeous escalator. As a result, when she came upon a stationary escalator, she viewed it as the ideal chance for an egg-cellent adventure.

Image by Elvishgirl on Reddit

She placed her treasured egg on the motionless escalator steps while she explored the appliance. As the escalator wasn’t operating, it ensured the utmost safety and security of the egg. Indeed, this was a surprising alliance between technology and nature, which led to a hilarious moment.

A Wreath-Warming Surprise

The front door instantly turned into a birdie homestay when the owner placed a wreath in a strange twist of decorative fate. Within only two weeks, different birds took advantage of the chance and converted the wreath into comfortable nests.

Image by Rockin_freakapotamus on Reddit

Thus, it evolved from a door decoration to a lively inn for birds. These birds chirp every morning, thanking the homeowner for such a lovely upgrade. It even looks so picturesque that it is difficult for the owner to place the nest elsewhere.

Feathered Timekeeper

In a society full of laws and regulations, one parking meter became entangled in a funny story of bird revolt. It was transformed into a secure haven for a feathery family. However, it decided to accept its newfound role as a cozier bird’s nest since it was no longer satisfied with its monotonous responsibilities.

Image by _DOA_ on Reddit

Twigs and leaves replaced cash and receipts, converting the metal structure into a lovely home. The meter may have discovered its actual calling: to provide shelter rather than collect money. It seems like the meter defied its mandate, claiming, “No more parking, just bird-watching!”

A Bird’s Bright Idea

A skillful bird spotted an ideal refuge in an old, inoperable light pole. Hence, it converted the post into a relaxing nest with rustic charm. The bird believed in the concept of recycling, too, and thus brought liveliness to the lampost by filling it up again.

Image by faust_allegra on Instagram

This bird should be remembered as the “Lampost Master” and admired for transforming an abandoned edifice into a lovely dwelling. Even on the darkest days, its nest would exude warmth and homeliness through the flickering light of the lampost.

Winged Innovations

This bird set out on a bold nesting adventure using wires in one of the windows of a house. So, with deft precision and creativity, it started threading twigs and grasses through the crisscrossing cables to create a nest that defied gravity.

Image by urtotalfriend on Reddit

It’s as if the bird turned into an electrician by day and an avian architect by night, creating its one-of-a-kind house decor. Eventually, the artist’s wire-nesting window became a favorite attraction. People must have marveled at the bird’s ingenuity, hailing it as the real pioneer of avian engineering.

Buzzin’ Wires and Feathered Spires

A playful hummingbird started an exhilarating nesting venture in a home that sparked with excitement. When she noticed a tangle of loose cables dangling from the ceiling, she viewed it as an ideal chance to build her cozy dwelling. Thus, she made her home amidst the intertwined cords with a flutter of feathery skill.

Image by charizardpoop on Reddit

While some worried about the potential electrical hazards, the bird danced through the air,utterly ignorant of the chaos below. She constructed a sanctuary where the humming of her wings blended with the buzzing of the cables, creating an odd symphony of nature and technology.

Forged Feathers

In a narrative that mixes nature and industry, a daring bird puts an unusual nesting effort inside a forge. It converted the flaming workshop into a cozy bird dwelling with winged resolve and emerged as the “Feathery Forge Master” in the process.

Image by LilyFish- on Reddit

A symbol of the fiery spirit, the bird’s nest within the forge displayed a distinctive combination of twigs and molten metal. No wonder, by now, every member of the feathered population must have made this daring bird the buzz of the town, tweeting about its fearless pursuit.

Staircase Surprise

A naughty bird built its nest on the edges of a staircase in a bold display of avian mischief. So, the visitors to the stairs were in for a feathery surprise as they walked inadvertently into the trap. Dive bombs and squawks often followed, startling the guests and leaving their hair in tatters.

Image by GuyOnSofa on Reddit

However, the mommy bird nested calmly amidst the turmoil and agitated guests, making an unforgettable impact on the memory of those who braved to ascend those steps. Thus, this nest could be considered a prime hotspot for chance meetings between humans and birds.

The Wacky Nest Mishap

A pigeon went on an epic (and inept) journey of nest-building in a comically tragic sequence of events. This feathered protagonist endeavored to build a cozy home for her treasured egg on a webbed porch chair. But, unfortunately, the universe had other intentions.

Image by BadNests on Twitter

The pigeon’s nest crumbled, with all twigs falling through the holes of the chair. Nevertheless, the egg was left innocently amidst the ruins, a masterpiece of architectural tragedy. It survived the tangle of falling twigs, pulling through the avian catastrophe.

The ‘Eggs-traordinary’ Grill Takeover

These feathery grill fans went all-out, covering the entire grill with their cozy nest, like a gourmet coup d’état. And what’s at the center of it all? A clutch of lovely blue eggs, eagerly awaiting hatching and joining the backyard horde.

Image by PugOverload on Reddit

The grill owner might be surprised to see this sudden invasion; they can’t help but admire the birds’ dedication to backyard dominance. It appears that the cookout should be postponed in favor of a “tweet-up”! So, move over, grill masters: these birds have turned the grilling game on its head.

Robin’s Fence-Top Mansion

A smart Robin picked an unconventional address for its cozy nest — a great perch at the top of a fence post. Thus, owing to its magnificent view of the surrounding garden, it can keep an eye on the worm supply and any feline foe advancing toward its nest.

Image by Automaticdealz on Reddit

Move over feathered architects, for this Robin redefines the real estate game! The bird has perfected living on a fence, roosting high as if on a palace in the sky. No wonder this avian innovation has made the neighborhood chatter with envy.

Gutter Glamour

A mourning dove took it upon itself in a modest suburban house to redefine the notion of a secure nest. It selected an outlandish location: the gutter! The bird created a nesting nook atop the rain-soaked canal that awed the avian population.

Image by Marconis4 on Reddit

The dove incubated her eggs boldly, proving that even in the wettest conditions, nests could be established with a flutter of wings and a penchant for innovation. Thus, it demonstrated to the world that true home joy is often found in the most unexpected locations.