Random Rendezvous: 40+ Times Animals Were Spotted In Bizarre Places

By Aileen D

The world is full of surprises, and sometimes these surprises come in the form of unexpected animal sightings. From urban environments to remote areas, people encounter creatures that have wandered far from their usual habitats every day.

The reasons for these unusual sightings can vary widely. Some animals may be following their instincts to find food, water, or shelter, while others may have been displaced from their homes due to human activity, such as habitat destruction or climate change.

Additionally, some may have been intentionally or accidentally transported to new locations by humans, whether as pets, livestock, or invasive species. From an ostrich on the subway to a bear chilling on a hammock, here’s a collection of photos of animals spotted in the strangest places. Enjoy!

Furniture Shopping Spree

We have always known cats to have expensive taste. But recently, we came across two who have made a luxurious furniture purchase. These three feline buddies found a new use for their woolly companions and turned them into comfortable chaise lounges!

Image courtesy of animalswheretheyshouldntbe / Instagram

While it may seem like an unusual pairing, the internet is filled with photos of kitties lounging on the backs of unsuspecting sheep, seemingly without a care. Perhaps the cats are drawn to the sheep’s warm, fluffy coats, or they simply enjoy the elevated view. Or it could be both!

Freebies for the Taking

Picture this: you’re strolling through your local park, minding your own business, when you hear a strange noise coming from a nearby vending machine. Upon closer inspection, you discover that a beaver is trapped inside, surrounded by snacks and sodas.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

It’s a classic case of “beaver fever,” but this time, the furry little critter took its love for wood chewing too far. It seems that it was trying to gnaw its way through the vending machine’s wooden base when it accidentally got stuck. But the vending machine isn’t the worst place to get stuck, right?

T-9 World Domination

These three feathered friends are huddled together on a fast food chain table, heads bowed in deep conversation. But what are they talking about, you ask? World domination, of course. They’re plotting their next move, one french fry at a time.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

With their beady little eyes and quick reflexes, they’re the perfect candidates for a feathered coup. So, be wary. We could all be bowing down to our new pigeon overlords in no time! Luckily, we know to bring a few extra breadcrumbs to appease them when the time comes.

Hey Neighbor

Imagine looking up from your morning coffee and locking eyes with a cow staring back at you through the window. That’s right. This bovine beauty decided to take a break from grazing in the fields to enjoy the view from someone’s living room.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

It has bigger dreams than just a life of leisure. With its piercing gaze and strategic position, it’s clear that this is a cow on a mission. Perhaps it’s plotting its next escape, or maybe it just wants a closer look at your collection of cow-themed decor!

First Off the Agenda

It’s a scene straight out of a surrealist painting. A group of dogs was pictured lounging in a conference room, seemingly discussing their latest business deals. From the way they were nodding their heads and wagging their tails, it was clear that these pups meant business.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

They truly are a force to be reckoned with. With their adorable faces and wiggly bodies, they can charm the most stoic of businessmen. The next time you find yourself in a meeting with a few furry companions, don’t be too surprised. After all, dogs gotta hustle too!

To the Springs

When it comes to road trip companions, most people opt for a trusty friend or a loyal pet. But one Florida man decided to take things to the next level by strapping an alligator to his passenger seat. We’ve asked before, and it seems we’ll keep asking, “what is happening in Florida?”

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

The reptilian beast seemed surprisingly calm as it rode shotgun, its gleaming eyes peering out at the passing scenery. However, don’t be fooled by its relaxed demeanor. This alligator can certainly be vicious when it sets its mind to it. We don’t doubt that for one second.

Speak Smack of Giraffes

If you’ve ever been on safari, you know the excitement of seeing a giraffe up close and personal. But what happens when said giraffe gets a little too close for comfort? Imagine this driver’s surprise when he saw this tall majestic creature smack its face into his window.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

That put a quick unprecedented halt to the trip. Shards of glass flew like confetti. The giraffe then withdrew its face, unharmed, and looked back at the seat to survey if the bag of fast food had fallen on the seat. It took its prize and then sauntered away.

Whatchu Cookin’

It’s a scenario straight out of a cartoon; an elephant breaking into a kitchen, looking for a snack. But for one unlucky homeowner, it became all too real. Had the ginormous beast mentioned that he would be stopping by, maybe this human might have prepped some figs for him!

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

It’s a surreal sight, watching an elephant rummage through your pantry like it’s no big deal. But who are you to argue? Just make sure to keep your valuable kitchen appliances out of reach. You don’t want to see what happens when an elephant gets ahold of a KitchenAid mixer!

Me Sleepy

It’s midnight, and you’re lying on your bed surrounded by plush pillows. You are ready for a peaceful night’s sleep when you hear something rustle in the backyard. You would have let it go, except the dog starts barking non-stop.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

You force yourself to peer out the window and are jolted awake upon seeing a massive bear lounging on your hammock! We think it would have preferred the living room couch with cookies and fresh milk by the table, but it decided to settle for the outdoors at the last minute.

Go Doggy Go

It’s quite unusual to see a dog riding on the back of a horse swimming in the pool. It’s even more peculiar when you consider the fact that dogs and horses are not usually known to interact in this way.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Perhaps the dog is trying to protect its equine companion from prying eyes or is simply enjoying the company of the stunning creature. Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that animals have a unique ability to form bonds that transcend their species, and that is a beautiful thing to witness.

Cats and Dogs

There’s a saying that goes, “dogs are man’s best friend.” But this particular dog didn’t subscribe to that notion. So, he rebelled by entering the African cheetah’s cage at the zoo. Was he looking for a new friend or a thrill-seeking adventure?

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Maybe he heard that the cheetahs were really good at playing fetch. Regardless of the reason, the dog is now face-to-face with a big cat, and the cheetah seems to be just as surprised as the zoo-goers. We can only hope he makes it out unscathed!

Dry Cereal

It’s not every day you see a cow taking a dip in the ocean, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. Is it on vacation? An impromptu break to escape the hustle and bustle of the farm? We can only imagine how many households won’t get their supply of fresh milk this week!

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Maybe she’s just trying to cool off from the summer heat. Whatever her reasons may be, it would be quite the sight to see her enjoying the waves with her hooves up in the air. The fish must be as surprised as we are to see a farm animal in their territory.

Hygiene is a Must

As this tiger approached the bathroom sink, he couldn’t believe his luck. A fresh stream of water was gushing out of the tap, and he didn’t have to work for it at all! He gingerly took a sip, marveling at the refreshing taste, and then another, and another.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

He was so engrossed in his impromptu drink that he didn’t notice the toothbrushes and dental floss scattered around him. He briefly wondered if he should take up flossing but then decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. There’s just too much meat!

I’m Fat; therefore, I’m Ham

We opened the refrigerator door and were surprised to see that the shelves were occupied. So, we tried to find an inch of space to put our snacks in and even asked this cute little guy to move to the side just to grant our request. But he wouldn’t budge.

Image courtesy of chicksrule / Twitter

Did he really think that we wouldn’t be able to notice him if he pretended to be frozen meat? If we hadn’t chanced upon him chilling inside the refrigerator, chances are we would have looked for him for hours in a panicked frenzy before he let out a low, slow meow.

Found his Calling

Have you ever grappled with the idea that you were born in the wrong body? Well, this feline sure has. After living eight lives, he is certain that this is the life he was meant to live – swinging using wild vines and hanging on banana trees.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Sometimes he will even let out an unfamiliar shriek. It’s enough to pierce any wild animal’s hearing in the forest. Unfortunately, that draws predators and scares prey away. But it’s a good thing that he has learned how to live on bananas for sustenance.

Which is Which

As the chicken waddled around the blocky world of Minecraft, she couldn’t believe his eyes. There, on the screen, was a perfect digital replica of herself! She strutted over to the screen, examining her pixelated feathers and beady eyes. What is this quackery?

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

She even tried pecking at the monitor but quickly realized it was a futile endeavor. Much later, she felt a surge of pride, knowing that she was now immortalized in the virtual world of Minecraft. But try as she might, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the screen.

Bow Before Me

Ah, the majestic feline. So regal, so elegant, so utterly unimpressed with everything around them. He takes a deep breath in, oblivious to the fact that with a single misstep, he might plunge to his death meters below. Luckily, he’s still got eight more lives to go.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

He looked at everyone and everything around him with contempt. Just look at these clueless humans carrying their groceries with their kids trotting behind them – totally unaware of my supreme existence. Surely, there’s nothing like this kitty to remind us of how totally awesome cats are.

I’m Ready

You get into your car, ready to start your day, only to find that there’s a kitten sitting in the driver’s seat. You try to gently coax it out, but nope, it’s not budging. It looks up at you with those big, innocent eyes as if to ask, what do you want, human?

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

He may be scraggly and thin, but there’s no denying the self-assuredness in those eyes. So, he looks down at the seat and back up at the steering wheel, hopeful that he will be able to drive the car should its passenger let him.

Seat’s Taken

It’s rush hour on the subway. Suddenly, the doors open, and in waltzes an ostrich. Yes, you read that right, an ostrich. The passengers stare in disbelief as the bird struts down the aisle, looking for a seat before it eventually declares that it needs special assistance.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

As the train speeds along, the ostrich seems to enjoy the ride, swaying with the movement of the train. He looks around at the people on the train fawning at him, and this flatters him further. Who knew they would be such big fans?


If you thought only humans find it difficult to find space in the suburbs, then you’re sorely mistaken. Even albino raccoons are suffering from the scarcity of habitat! So, they have resorted to this desperate measure: terrorizing and scaring away birds.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

This guy has taken up the wrong residence. When the real owners of that birdhouse came home, they shook him awake by tapping the sides of the wooden house. He then snarled at them, hissing that he would chew on their belongings if they didn’t stop. We hope the birds won in the end.

On My Way To Get Some Spicy Wings

Quack quack! We recently spotted a feathered friend on the subway, waddling down the aisle like it owned the place. It then plopped itself comfortably on the farther end of the tube, clacking about how it wanted spicy wings for dinner.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

People gave it a wide berth, unsure of what to make of this feathered passenger. The duck seemed to enjoy the ride, however, occasionally flapping its wings in excitement. It never took offense since it liked space better than people’s senseless gossiping.


Who needs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when you have a real-life breakout artist in your hands? We wouldn’t have thought it possible to witness a prisonbreak out of a wall. But this turtle poked its head out and told us to blame the contractor.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

He surveyed the area and then wriggled himself out of the hole he had dug himself into. After that, he flopped clumsily onto the floor but unluckily fell on his back. So, he had to push against the wall to turn himself over. Unfortunately for him, he had three more floors to go through!

Play It Cool

You are out grabbing a snack at your local convenience store when suddenly, a herd of deer wanders in. Yes, you read that right – a herd of deer. They start perusing the aisles, lingering at the one with bags of chips and eyeing up the candy.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

One then starts lying through his buckteeth. He looks at the cashier and grunts at the vehicle out in the lot; fill her up! The cashier stammers a reply and then darts to the back and out into the parking lot. Meanwhile, the rest fill their tummies with junk.

X Marks the Spot

Once upon a time, in a murky lake, a raccoon named Rocky decided to take a ride on a friendly alligator named Ally. As they cruised on the water, other animals were stunned to see the odd pair. A duck quacked, “What in the quack is going on here?”

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

As you can imagine, humans who happened to be fishing in the lake were equally, if not more, astounded. You would think that an alligator might have a carnivorous disposition, but this one kindly offered safe passage the full length of the lake.

Hello You

Imagine an alternate universe where “Joe Goldberg” appears in his true form, and you catch him looking down at you from the apartment window. You can’t tell how long he has been staring, but instead of flinching, he continues to meet your gaze.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Later, when you encounter him in the hallway, he hands out a hoof for you to shake, and he tells you that he works at the city bookstore. Aside from that, he doesn’t tell you much about himself. However, something tells you that this won’t be your only encounter.

Loves the Cold

The cold has never bothered this cow. In fact, she liked the chilly weather and the freezing cold temperatures of the backyard pool. She made sure to bathe in the early mornings when the people in the house were still clutching their comforters.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

On this unfortunate day, she lost track of time, or she might have fallen asleep. She heard a surprised yelp from the housewife who had caught her chilling in the pool. She then hurriedly scrambled to get out of the pool and scrammed back to the barn, where they would collect milk from her.

Fill Her Up

This vehicle owner looked at the gauge and knew he had to pull over. He eased his foot off and then steered the vehicle to the gas station that had a convenience store in it. Unlike other car owners who leave their cars in the lot, he brought his inside the store.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

He had to fill her up with junk food, water, and probably a tub of nuts since he knew just how much she liked them. When they were done shopping, the cashier rang the total, and they left. Horses may be pricey, but at least this owner doesn’t have to worry about frequent oil changes.


One sunny day, a curious cat climbed up onto a nearby statue of a woman. As she sat in the woman’s lap, the kitty looked at the far end of the lawn to see if there were small mice to snack on.

Image courtesy of animalswheretheyshouldntbe / Instagram

Without meaning to, she had caught the attention of many people in no time. Though she heard them calling out to her, she ignored them all. Pesky humans. She then sighed and purred contentedly, loving the attention the inanimate statue was giving her.

Shapeshifter Spotted

We can’t imagine how this horse was able to course through the city, ignored by the people around him. Worse still, he was able to get inside a building and then climb to the third floor. A worker there then bumped into the peculiar shapeshifter.

Image courtesy of animalswheretheyshouldntbe / Instagram

He just snorted and looked around, taking in the sights and sounds of this strange new world. Eventually, the worker got over the shock and led him back outside to the street. Looks like Henry will have to stick to the stables from now on! That was enough sightseeing to last a lifetime.

Meters Out

As we walked towards the car one day, we noticed something strange. In the passenger seat of an empty vehicle sat a duck, looking out the window with a bored expression. We couldn’t believe our eyes! What was it doing there?

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

The barn was only a couple of meters away, so if it was planning to go there by car, it would have been a waste of gas. We then came closer, only to realize that the AC on the passenger side was turned on. That explains it. Everyone would want cool AC in this heat!


After a long flight, passengers couldn’t help but long to skedaddle out of the airport with bags in tow. Unfortunately, they were growing angrier by the minute because their bags were nowhere to be seen on the conveyor belt. But that anger was quickly snuffed out at the sight of this.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Three cats were being ferried to and fro on the conveyor belt without a care in the world. Something tells us they must have been quite a handful for their owner. But if they aren’t returned in time, they might miss their flight.

Doggie Purchase

A dog was standing at the counter with a volleyball in its mouth, waiting to make a purchase. The barista didn’t seem to be fazed, however, and asked the dog what it wanted. It just looked at the items on display without letting go of his prized treasure.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Eventually, he grumbled a reply that we don’t know how the barista was able to decode. But she rang up the order and handed the dog a cup of coffee. He had to lick it while at the corner so he could bring his ball with him to play.

Look at that Smile

A cat snuck into the local zoo to befriend a lynx. The lynx, who was normally shy and reclusive, seemed to take a liking to Mittens and even let her play with its tail. Naturally, the other animals in the zoo were stunned to see the unlikely friendship.

Image courtesy of animalswheretheyshouldntbe / Instagram

The zookeepers, however, were not amused and quickly shooed Mittens out of the enclosure. Mittens just looked back at her new friend with a sad expression as if to say, “I’ll be back soon!” However, that might be difficult, seeing how her face is plastered all over the news now.

Filled With Action

Don’t you hate having to launder your clothes? It’s one of the most tedious chores. Imagine carrying your lump of soiled clothing in a bag and then arriving at the laundry shop shortly after midnight, but instead of having a boring night, it is quickly filled with action.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

We can only imagine how the guy who encountered this reacted. Did he freeze in place, or did he run towards the machines pooled in the center of the room? You can hide there, just until you are able to call the police authorities.

Aptly Described

People noticed a strange sight at a construction site. A CAT construction machine was parked with a cat sitting on top of it. It seems like this odd furball knew that the bulky machine was meant for him. It gracefully lurched and sat pretty, as cats love to do.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

The construction workers seemed to be unfazed by the cat’s presence and just carried on with their work. Luckily for us, some couldn’t resist taking a picture of the bizarre scene. As soon as they did, the kitty jumped down and ran away, leaving them stumped.

Like Them Muddied

You would think that this elephant would fancy freshwater from the lake or the river. Instead, he gets his supply of water and nutrition from this dilapidated bathroom. The fact that it doesn’t have a ceiling worked wonders for him.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

This person couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Who knew that elephants had such strange drinking habits? We hope to never witness anything like this during our African safari! But then again, that would prove that it’s not an isolated case, right?

Got A Dreamer

This guy couldn’t help himself. He had to tell his friends to stop making that ear-deafening noise. He had a lot to study before the exams the following day, and he also needed to get some shuteye in a couple of hours. So, he called his friend out for the distraction.

Image courtesy of animalswheretheyshouldntbe / Instagram

But as soon as he heard that his friend’s cat was actually trying to play the tuba, he felt ashamed. The poor fella had big dreams! He was planning to go pro too. It was a sentiment he could understand, given that he’s whiling his hours away for a degree too.

Breaking News

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing when we peeked through our neighbor’s window and saw a bull standing beside him, watching television. The bull seemed completely engrossed in the show and didn’t even notice us standing there in disbelief.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Just how did this bull get inside the house? The owner gruffly answered, “through the door, of course. Now would you stay quiet and let us watch in peace!” Apparently, they couldn’t let anything or anyone distract them from watching the season finale.

How Not to Catch Prey

If you want to catch some prey, then you have to closely observe this notorious predator’s habits. Here you will see a cat hanging by his prey’s house, hoping to catch him off guard. Though he has gotten closer to the bird, he hasn’t gotten anywhere near capturing him.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Meanwhile, he is imagining all the ways his dinner will be served; raw with shiny feathers or plucked and served with broth. If only you would get in the cage already! He decides to wait a little longer, but finally, the bird closes the latch to teach him a lesson.

Defying the Law

Everyone knows better than to disobey the rules in this place. The authorities are pretty strict about having people off these steps. But every now and then, a rulebreaker tests the limits. Just look at this one doing it right now.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

It’s not every day that you see a cat sitting on a staircase with a sign forbidding anyone else from sitting there. We decided to give him some space and walked up the stairs, wondering what other rules the rascal had broken.

For Lack of Suspects

We were walking down the street when we saw a bird perched on a fence, holding what looked like a shiny object in its beak. Later in the news, we found out that that same bird had somehow gotten involved in a robbery.

Image courtesy of pigeonsDT / Twitter

They posted a picture of the suspect for the world to see, not that there was anything unique about him. The police even put a black bar over his eyes to keep his identity private. Did they think other birds would attempt a jailbreak?

Against His Nature

This bear had set up a whole BBQ station and was cooking up some delicious-looking ribs. He seemed to be having a grand old time, completely at ease in his new role as the grill master, until the man of the house walked in on him, shrieking that he’d used a quarter of soy sauce!

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

The others tried to pacify the old man. After all, he should be able to give credit where it was due. Instead of resorting to his bestial nature by eating the ribs all on his own, this bear actually marinated and grilled them for everyone!

Counting Calories

We were browsing through the snack aisle at the local convenience store when we heard a commotion coming from the shelves in the back row. We looked up to see a giant lizard scaling the shelf, knocking over bags of chips and candy bars as it went. Everyone was stunned into silence.

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

At first, the customers thought that it was desperately looking for a snack it liked. However, he burrowed himself into a shelf and then scattered the remaining food to keep himself hidden. Maybe he didn’t want people to see that he had gotten fat!

Hands Full

This was quite unexpected. We parked beside a police car that was fully occupied one day. The suspects were not in cuffs, but they were quacking loudly, protesting that they had been unlawfully arrested. Do you think they had been read their Miranda rights?

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

We have always known ducks to be a handful, but what had these two done to break the law? Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait to find out, so when the light turned green, we sped out of there, lest we got caught with our broken taillights! Good thing those cops were occupied.

Surprise Surprise

It’s an extremely unusual sight to see a wild horse standing atop a building. The majestic creature seems out of place in the urban setting, with the city skyline stretching out beyond the horizon. Just how did it get up there?

Image courtesy of animalswherehteyshouldntbe/ Instagram

Regardless of how it got there, the horse appears calm, as if it’s taking in the view. It serves as a reminder that even in the midst of endless concrete and steel, nature can still find a way to surprise us.