40+ Pet Pairs That Are Sisters From Different Misters

By Jhoana C

Have you heard the saying, “brother from another mother”? This usually refers to kindred spirits, but the adage also applies to friends that look so alike they could be mistaken for siblings. This applies to our four-legged friends, too. We’re not just talking about cats and dogs that are miraculously best friends, or a jet-black horse and an ebony barn cat.

Once you scroll down this list of animals with their siblings, you’ll see what we mean. After all, your best friend, sister, or brother does not have to come from the same household, let alone the same species. They can look or act differently, but they can be close to your heart or fur color. You’ll find all sorts of cuteness here that will make you just want to adopt your own ‘twins’ too.

They could pass as twins

If you don’t take a close look at this photo, you could mistake the two animals in it for twins because they look exactly alike. Their size is the only difference. Well, that and their species. One is a piglet, and one is a dog.

Image courtesy of stereofailureohno/Reddit

Don’t they look adorable? We can imagine one always following the other and the two of them spending all day joined at the hip. They might not be of the same type of animal, but it’s clear that they love each other.

Aww, this is making our hearts melt

Can any other animals look as cute as this two? They are seriously making our hearts melt with their affection for one another. Yes, we have seen many TV shows depicting different species as always at each other’s throats, but that’s not true.

Image courtesy of vladgrinch / Reddit

These two prove that guinea pigs and dogs can be the best of friends and spend the entire day together in bliss. See the look of love on the collie’s face as he shows off his little buddy, perched on his nose?

Mess with the dog and you’ll deal with the cat

Sometimes when you mess with someone, you have to deal with the whole clique. And that’s exactly what you get here. You mess with the dog, you’ll feel the wrath of the cat. Mess with the cat, you’ll have to answer to the dog.

Image courtesy of bowstring0924/Reddit

You can’t have one without the other because the two of them go together. They are each other’s ride or die. Don’t you just wish you also had a friend like this? We all need someone who would never leave our sides.

A dog taking his favorite pony for a little walk

By now, we must all have seen a visually impaired person being led by a dog, but what we have here for you is something entirely different. Here is a Newfoundland dog taking his favorite pony for a walk, wearing matching coats, of course.

Image courtesy of Newfy / /Reddit

We say it’s his favorite pony, but the truth is it’s the only pony he has. Don’t they look great together? We can’t tell if it’s the dog leading the pony or the pony leading the dog. Either way, we love seeing this fabulous duo strut.

Spot what does not belong in the photo

One of the oldest dog breeds in the world, the Samoyed, was created thousands of years ago by Siberia’s indigenous people called Samoyeds. They were used to pull sleds, herd reindeer, and accompany their owners in hunting. It doesn’t hurt that they are very cute.

Image courtesy of miss_poppet_the_samoyed/Instagram

Just look at them! They look like fluffs of cotton, but the most important thing for you to do with this picture is to spot which of these is not like the other. Do you see it? We’ll give you a hint, it’s on the lower-left corner, and it’s glaring at you like only a feline can.

Where did the kitten go?

If we didn’t tell you there was a kitten in this picture, would you be able to spot it? We don’t think so because, at a glance, all you’d see is the Golden Retriever with the glorious fur. The kitty discovered the comfiest spot in the world, and we’re jealous.

Image courtesy of khrak/Reddit

The little kitty looks like a sleepy frog hitching a ride to reach its destination. They must be the best of friends. The dog, the kitty, and the floor seriously look like they are triplets. If this wasn’t planned, it’s a glorious coincidence.

Just chilling at home

These two are just chilling at home and having the time of their lives. What they have now is the perfect end to a busy week spent running around the house, chasing each other, knocking things over, and making a mess.

Image courtesy of patryks_world/Instagram

They might be rowdy, but their cuteness more than makes up for their shenanigans. Who can stay angry at these two? Look at their faces! We know we won’t be able to say no to them. Just come and take everything we have.

Twins separated at birth

Seals are often referred to as the dogs of the sea, and if you want further proof of that, we have it right here for you. Just look at this photo. We rest our case. Seals are more closely related to dogs than any other animal on land.

Image courtesy of harpertheblueseal/Instagram

These two look like twins that have been separated at birth, and a glance at their photos is enough proof. No documents or birth certificates are needed. We would gladly adopt these two if we had the space because we want them reunited.

One of them is a spy

Step right up, folks. We need your help figuring out which one of these four adorable creatures is a spy. We have gotten intel that one is pretending to be something it’s not to fit in and get some information.

Image courtesy of Newsini

Which one do you think it is? We are leaning more towards the adorable creature on the left. It may be irresistibly cute, but we know it has some hidden agenda. If that pupper weren’t grinning like a maniac, we never would have figured it out!

Where does one begin and the other end?

When we look at this photo, we must admit that we almost don’t know where one starts and where the other begins. We never knew that a cat and a guinea pig could look alike so much that they could pass off as twins.

Image courtesy of Milkshake-cat/Reddit

Look at the duo sitting pretty and trying to relax. They must have had a long day chasing each other around the house, having fun, and driving their fur parents mad. We’re sure these two give their pet parents plenty of joy, too, though.

Buy one and get something for free

Sometimes in life, you get lucky, like getting a free gift when you make a purchase. This is our best guess about the story behind the photo below. When this pet parent brought the doggo home, he got to take the matching cat for free.

Image courtesy of labbitlove/Reddit

We wish we could also get that lucky in life because we’d also love to take these cuties home. They will make any home brighter, warmer, and filled with love, and who doesn’t want to live in a house like that?

Listen to your father, son

Horses are some of the most magnificent creatures on this planet. They have lightning-fast reflexes, and they look truly beautiful galloping in the wild. If somebody told us that horses would make good parents to dogs, we wouldn’t have believed them before seeing this photo.

Image courtesy of photo_pokla/Instagram.

But here is all the proof we need. The horse looks like it’s talking to its son, the doggo. “Listen here, son; you have to be careful running and playing in the wild because not all creatures are your friends. Just follow my lead, ok?”

The doggo looks surprised

The doggo in this photo looks like it was expecting a puppy but got something entirely different. Were you expecting a little dog too? We hate to disappoint you, but that’s not a dog; that’s a guinea pig with the same fur colors.

Image courtesy of SarahSmilla/Reddit

If dogs could give birth to guinea pigs, we’re sure these two would belong to each other. The dog may look confused initially or super surprised, but we’re quite sure it grew fond of the little guy. They match so perfectly.

Even the dog didn’t see it coming

Just take a look at the adorable pug’s face, and you can tell that even it is shocked to learn that it has a brother from another mother, and it’s no other than the equally shocked seal. They are just too cute, and we would nominate them for the cutest brothers award.

Image courtesy of ThisIsFlaming_Drag0n/Reddit

You can tell that both of them didn’t see the truth coming, but we guess it’s always good to know that you have a brother you can rely on when things aren’t in your favor. There is always someone you can run to. That’s what brothers are for, right?

It’s cold outside, so they need some cuddles

Winter is the time for countless cups of hot chocolate, sitting by the fire reading a nice book, or just having wonderful conversations with the people you love. Something else that will be good to have during chilly winter nights and mornings is cuddles.

Image courtesy of wallacethewabbit/Instagram

These two must have been feeling cold outside, so they decided to warm each other up with endless snuggling. Now that is something everyone could use, whether it’s cold or not. We can almost hear the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” playing in the background.

The dog found his clone

This dog looks very happy that he finally found his clone, and the joy emanating from his face is infectious. His twin may not be as big as him, but give it time, and he’ll soon grow up. Mark our words; we’ll see the two of them running around and just having fun.

Image courtesy of mobyd1ckhead/Reddit

The little puppy also looks thrilled to have found someone who looks exactly like him, someone that could pass as his dad or big brother. We bet he can’t wait to have adventures with his adopted sibling. Oh, the places they’ll go!

The unrelated twins looking out the window

These two may live in the same household and may look exactly alike, but they are not related. Perhaps they purchase their wardrobes from the same store or boutique. We want to know where they got those coats from because we’d like to get one so we can also be twinning with them.

Image courtesy of notur_bb/Reddit

Anyway, we’re curious, what are they looking at. They seem to be staring intensely into the distance. Could it be the ice cream truck? The mailman? Or is it their pet parent coming home from work with some treats? Probably a squirrel.

This kitty has the best big brother in the world

With this kind of big brother, we’re sure no one would mess with this kitten, and bullies will leave him alone. Some of us could have only wished for a big brother as protective as this one while growing up. It makes a world of difference.

Image courtesy of cookiecups/Reddit

The kitty looks like it’s sure that no matter what happens, no other cat – or dog, for that matter – will give it a hard time. Aside from protection, there’s plenty of warmth, cuddles, and love to be had from his big brother too.

Is that a part of the kitty walking away?

Good heavens! A part of the cat has separated from it and is walking away. Quick! Get it and put it back before it escapes! How long can you live on this earth if a part of your body has separated from you and has decided to walk away?

Image courtesy of the_cool_guinea_pigs/Instagram

In all seriousness, though, that’s just a little guinea pig, but looking at it from behind, without seeing its face, it looks like something else. We just feel the need to reach out and pet the two of them because they are super fluffy.

Scratch my chin, please

This guinea pig has the best life. Look at it having its chin scratched on demand and its twin dog obeying it without any complaints. These unlikely animal friends love each other so much, you can tell from their photos. It seems to us that the guinea pig is the leader.

Image courtesy of crimsonclover_andfriends/Instagram

The guinea pig’s name is Crimson, and it’s the boss in the house. It’s telling the little doggo what to do and the doggo following its command. If other pets got along this well in all households, the world would be a better place.

What are we gonna do today?

These two are plotting world domination and are earnestly discussing how to go about the process. They are going to start at home, then slowly move to the neighborhood, then the city, then the country, and then the whole world.

Image courtesy of waaduu/Reddit

We’d love to be a fly on the wall and hear what they are talking about. We also love their matching outfits and fur because they look gorgeous. Say what they will about Very Peri (Pantone’s color of the year), but black is still their favorite.

The guinea pig is blending into the dog’s chest

One of the things these two have in common is that they are both fluffy, and they have so much fur we just want to give them matching mohawks. The color of their coats match so well that the guinea pig easily blends into the dog’s chest.

Image courtesy of archie_theoandco/Instagram

You can’t even tell where one ends, and the other begins. And it’s not just a guinea pig; it’s the dog’s best friend. If all best friends were this cute, fluffy, and adorable, there would be a lot more smiles.

Reunited at last

Being away from family and friends can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most of us dislike being alone and prefer to have some kind of company (yes, even us introverts! We need friends all the same).

Image courtesy of impetuous_panda/Reddit

That’s why we understand the seal and the dog’s happiness when they finally saw each other. One may be on land and the other in the water, but they look so much alike you can tell they are related. They could tell right away too.

Give us some treats

Some pets and children have this notion that if they look really cute, they will get exactly what they want. With these two, it seems they think they have better chances of ruling the world and getting treats if they combine their cuteness.

Image courtesy of ronald_mcrabbit/Instagram

That must be what’s on the minds of this kitty and bunny. They are so cute that they could raid our pantry and take all our money, and we wouldn’t mind. They can have everything! Just stare at us all day with your cute faces.

Wow, you have some cute mops there

We love this lady’s mops because they look more adorable than any we’ve seen. One has big eyes, and the other is a little cutie just flopped on the floor. Just kidding! The ferret and the Mini Schnauzer have identical fur, and they may not be related, but they love each other like sisters.

Image courtesy of mariantobrito/Reddit

We want to know what happens if the pet parent takes the doggo for a walk. Does the ferret go with them, and how does it look when out for a walk? Do people stop on their tracks to stare and compliment the sisters?

What are you two looking at?

Animals are curious creatures. The world is so big, and there is so much going on, and they want to be in the know as much as possible. Proof of that is this dog and cat duo looking out the window. What’s on the street?

Image courtesy of sidnam/Instagram

What is happening? We’re curious as to why they are curious. But beyond the question of what they are looking at, we must take a moment to admire how well-matched they are. Even their body language is practically the same!

We can’t tell which one is the cat or the dog

This fluffy, cotton candy duo could also pass for clouds. We (almost) can’t tell which one is the kitty and which one is the doggo. That is a white Pomeranian and a white Scottish Fold cat that you see here.

Image courtesy of fluffywhiteplanet/Instagram.

If you’re curious, the name Pomerania is a region in northern Europe where the breed originated. These dogs are also known as Poms or Pom Poms. The Scottish cat, on the other hand, has trademark folded ears that make them look more adorable than they already do.

The look of love

From the way the kitty looks at the guinea pig, you can tell that she has nothing but love for her twin. We could only wish someone looked at us that way. They may not be of the same species, but hey, love transcends all boundaries.

Image courtesy of bob_piggy/Instagram

The guinea pig is chilling on the bed, and the kitty has taken it upon herself to stand guard so that nothing bad happens while the little guy dozes off. If we only had someone or something as dedicated as that kitty.

The cat that has a pet dog

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sven. He is a cat, and he has a twin dog, Darwin. With their signature black and white fur, this duo is the apple of their pet parents’ eyes. Their fur mom can’t get enough of them.

Image courtesy of princesventhecat/Instagram

The parents make it a point to go home directly from work because who needs a social life when you have these two to go home to? Just give them attention and treats, and they will give you all the love in the world.

Nose to nose

These two just met last week, but they already get along as if they were born right next to each other. They greeted each other nose to nose and haven’t looked back since. How adorable are they with their matching fur?

Image courtesy of walter.spaniel/Instagram

The dog has such fabulous fur, and we are jealous. We are not that lucky to be so well-styled all the time, and since we have been staying home most of the time, we haven’t given our hair the attention it deserves. These two don’t even have to try!

Matching furbabies

If these two were waiting for us, we’d rush home from the office daily. We might not even leave home altogether and just ask our boss if we could just work from home indefinitely because two irresistible creatures need love and attention.

Image courtesy of Alluring_Taurus/Reddit

The cliche of warring cats and dogs needs to be updated with a friendlier version such as this one because they have nothing but love for each other. They don’t get on each other’s nerves, they match, and they treat each other well.

There’s a dog in the photo?

At first glance, we didn’t realize that there was a dog in this photo. We thought it was just two pigs basking in the sun and taking in all the vitamins and goodness it has to offer. But when we looked a bit closer, we saw the (slight) differences.

Image courtesy of barry_boss/Instagram

Well, it turns out there is a doggo in the photo, and it’s also enjoying the sun out in the backyard. They must have had a long day that they got so tired they needed to take a small nap together.

These two have gone glamping

What is it with people trying to make everything glamorous, including camping? Camping is no longer what it was like years ago. Some people stay in cabins that are nicer than any hotel we’ve been to. Honestly, we’re all for it!

Image courtesy of oliver_bouvier/Instagram

These fur buddies are having the time of their lives enjoying their fluffy bed while glamping. We’re only wondering where their pet parents will be sleeping now that they have completely taken over the bed. That’s their problem, we guess.

Different but the same

When it comes to friendship, you can look completely different but still be exactly alike. We know it’s confusing, but for people who have a best friend, they know what we mean. A best friend is a different kind of soul mate.

Image courtesy of korunka/Reddit.

This bunny and his hedgehog friend can’t be more different from each other, but they are such good friends that they even do something considered very rare in the animal (and sometimes the human) world: share food with each other.  

Let’s go for a ride, buddy

That may be a miniature dog, but you can tell from the photo that it’s the boss. Look at it riding high and mighty on the back of its favorite horse, which also happens to be its best friend. We love the expression on that doggo’s face.

Image courtesy of chantiunicornReport/Instagram

The friendly horse also doesn’t mind taking his bestie for a ride. We have to be honest with you; at first, we thought the doggo was an accessory and not a real creature. It looks like one of those stuffed animals. Adorable!

Morning kisses

These two are so sweet. Every morning, they look for each other and give each other their version of a morning kiss, which is more like a nose boop. They must miss each other so much while separated every night.

Image courtesy of quirkyherd/Instagram

For the record, that’s an alpaca in the photo. They are often mistaken for llamas. We just want to clear that up. But whatever you call it, it is definitely a different species than the dog. But once again, the animal kingdom shows us that friendship rises above all barriers.

Enjoying a rainy day together

Rainy days are for lounging by the fire, lying in bed, watching your favorite TV series, or just chatting with your best friend. These two are spending a rainy day together by the window, watching passers-by. They both look ready to pounce too!

Image courtesy of alice.and.owen.in.wonderland/Instagram

Perhaps the doggo is also barking. We can only imagine the conversations they are having while people and animal-watching. “See that old lady; she lives in that big house by herself.” “Now that kid over there is someone I’d love to bite.”

Enjoying the summer sun

Summers are for fun with your best pals. Going to the mall together, spending the day at the beach, having a scoop of ice cream, and watching your favorite movies together. These two have their very own idea of a great summer.

Image courtesy of isabella_boo_boo_minipig/Instagram

All they want to do is bask under the sun next to each other. We have seen plenty of cat and dog best friends, but we don’t know enough dog and pig best friends. It’s quite a novelty which we enjoy.

Strange best buddies

Move over, all sets of fluffy best friends. There’s a new pair of best friends in town, and it’s a kitty and a bearded dragon. The bearded dragon is one of the most popular pet reptiles and is active during the day.

Image courtesy of ottoandbaby/Instagram

Of course, we don’t have to tell you much about the kitty because they are a familiar sight, and many households have them as a pet. But what is extra cool about these fab friends is how well their fur and scales match!

A dog and his pet turtle

This unlikely pair of a dog and his pet turtle is refreshing. Look at that dog with its tongue out while looking at its best friend. They enjoy each other’s company, and they both look fab. The turtle might be trying out some new moves for his bestie.

Image courtesy of nani_the_pibble/Instagram

Just look at their eyes, and you will realize just how similar they are, other than their color, of course. Do they go for a walk together? How do they do that? We’re not sure if you can put a collar on a turtle like you would on to a dog, but they’re not hard to catch if they try to escape anyway.

I found my twin

Imagine how surprised this little doggie was when it was out for a walk, and it chanced upon its long-lost twin. The twin is not another doggie but a kitty, and the look on the cat’s face says that it was completely taken aback too.

Image courtesy of bob_bobark/Instagram

After this photo was taken, the doggie looked at its fur parent and asked if the kitty could go home with him. If only it were that easy to bring another addition to the family. Would you have been able to say no?

Come on, human, take our photo

Pets can be very demanding, and sometimes we have to do things for them even if we don’t want to because they are just the cutest. These two, a Malamute and its best kitty friend, seemed to be commanding their pet parent to take their photo.

Image courtesy of a_malamutes_kitty/Instagram

Some pets don’t know how to pose, but these two not only posed, they slayed. They could very well be on the roster of America’s Next Furry Top Model. That’s Mr. Cash and Oliver to you. Work it, you two!

BFFs forever

We often see videos of cats chasing chicks and trying to eat them, but you can get those images out of your head because we have a kitty, and its chicken best friend. This chick never has to worry about its safety again.

Image courtesy of theCOOKIEscientist/Reddit

They are besties, so much so that the kitty even allows the chick to chill on top of its head. It’s as if the cat is saying, “He ain’t heavy, He’s my brother.” We can’t wait to hear about the future adventures these two will have.

Another photo of a doggo and its twin

Very Peri has been hailed as the color of 2022, but we could care less about it. We say that black is still the IT color and will continue to be. It’s versatile, and it’s easy to match. Just ask this doggo who found his twin.

Image courtesy of sabamirel/Instagram

We know his twin is a cat, but their matching black fur coats are twinning. These best friends would look very different if they had Very Peri for a color. They can stick with black; they both look gorgeous and happy together.