Perfect Timing: Parrot Lands On Birdwatcher’s Book, And He Captures The Moment

By Anthony K

Getting the best photos may require being at the right place, timing, and precision. Combining the three is ideal, especially when sightseeing or interacting with a live audience like birds in the wild. A Redditor, 4thedoor, recently experienced the luck of being in the right place at the right time.

Image Credits: u/4thedoor/ Reddit

The man was in the wild trying to identify an Australian king parrot using an illustrated bird book. Fortunately, the bird came down and landed precisely on the page showing its unique features. The bird stayed long enough for the Reddit user to take several shots showing its feathers.

4thedoor encountered the bird in Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia, while searching through Simpson and Day’s Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. One may argue that the bird decided to make the Redditor’s work easier by flying down to help.

The bird may have also flown down to view others of its kind and perhaps get them to fly away from the pages into the wild. It stayed down long enough for the man to take photos and compare them with those displayed on the colorful pages.

The bird flying down and perching on the book proves the existence of unplanned moments that turn out magical. One may argue that the universe has a way of bringing one to the right place at the right place and time.

Image Credits: u/4thedoor/ Reddit

The man experienced every birdwatcher’s dream. His calmness allowed him to take cool photos of the bird, who seemed at peace and willing to pose from different angles. The images attracted thousands of comments from other Redditors.

The Australian King Parrot is prevalent in Eastern Australia and can be found in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Parrots can develop a limited vocabulary in domesticated environments. The birds dislike being touched but can attach to humans as devoted pets.