Enchanting Encounters: Photos Of Pets Watching Butterflies With Wide-Eyed Wonder

By Jhoana C May 22, 2023

In the words of nature photographer Robyn Nola “Butterflies embody nature’s celestial messengers, reminding us of the preciousness of life.” We share her sentiment. Who wouldn’t marvel at these winged creatures’ ethereal grace as they traverse from one flower to another? With nearly 20,000 diverse species, butterflies are vital to the ecosystem. We can be grateful for their existence, as they contribute significantly to our world. Without butterflies, we would undoubtedly face numerous challenges.

Apart from humans, pets deeply admire butterflies, and this post is dedicated to that special kinship. From pets displaying curious expressions while observing butterflies to those eagerly attempting to engage with them playfully, we have an array of delightful moments to share. Prepare yourself for a collection that encapsulates everything you desire to witness in this captivating interaction between pets and butterflies.

#1 This butterfly must taste good

Introducing Gryff, the adorable pooch with an abundance of jowls and a sweet tooth that kicks in after mealtime. We can’t help but wonder if this butterfly chose to land on his nose, prompting Gryff to deem it as the ideal post-meal treat promptly.

Image courtesy of kitkat7578/Reddit

As we witness him licking away in pure bliss, our fingers are crossed that he resists the temptation to turn that butterfly into an unexpected snack—he will break some hearts by doing that! Let’s hope he keeps his taste buds and our emotions in check!

#2 I can almost reach it

Meet Kisu, the feline extraordinaire named after the oh-so-fancy polyethylene cat sculpture. Kisu’s true passion in life? Engaging in epic butterfly pursuits! We can practically read Kisu’s mind in this moment: “Just a teensy bit closer, and that fluttering marvel will be within my paws’ reach!”

Image courtesy of ritvaleino/Instagram

But alas, destiny had other plans, and the butterfly managed to escape, much to our relief. Do you believe this setback will squash Kisu’s butterfly-chasing dreams? Oh, heavens, no! We predict this little furball will channel its inner Rocky Balboa and come back swinging (or, should we say, pawing).

#3 I’m afraid to touch it

This little doggo seems to be afraid to touch the butterfly. It’s alright, little fella; it won’t bite, and it won’t sting, and if you’re lucky like some of the other pets on this list, the butterfly might get closer to you and land on your nose.

Image courtesy of shoptrunks27/Instagram

Dogs are curious by nature, and although their curiosity can get them into trouble at times, this time it seems that something wonderful is going to come out of this chance meeting. They might just become the best of friends.

#4 Dalmatians and butterflies make the perfect pair

We’re starting to question if these pet owners possess some magical butterfly-summoning powers! How did they capture those exquisite moments when butterflies gracefully landed on their furry companions? Meanwhile, we struggle to take even a half-decent photo when people stand still. Some are just luckier than others, we guess.

Image courtesy of kindnestquest/Instagram

There are countless amazing photos on this list, but this one has got to be in our top ten. Just look at this Dalmatian with pure contentment on its face. It’s not every day that a butterfly lands on your nose, so might as well enjoy it.

#5 This dog might just be a snob

This photo is pure enchantment! It captures the mesmerizing rainbow effect and a graceful Monarch butterfly perched on the photographer’s hand and features the rare and unique Chinese Crested dog. These furry companions are a sight to behold, as their breed is not as commonly seen as Labradors.

Image courtesy of maya.xoloitzcuintle/Instagram

However, this dog seems utterly unfazed by the Monarch butterfly’s presence. But fear not! We have a fail-proof trick to bring a smile to even the most discerning dog’s face—dog treats! Those irresistible goodies can work magic and turn even the most indifferent pooch into a tail-wagging bundle of joy.

#6 This kitty has been gazing at the butterfly for two hours

This handsome kitty, according to its pet parent, has been gazing at the butterfly on the glass for at least a couple of hours. Truly, butterflies are beautiful and fascinating; even kitties find them worth looking closely at for hours.

Image courtesy of eunoiaqueen/Reddit

Perhaps the kitty wishes it was also outside so it could run around, chase after, and play with the butterfly. It seems to be a warm and sunny day, perfect for frolicking in the background and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans.

#7 Should I eat you? Maybe not….

What is the cat saying to the butterfly? “You’re so cute that I could just eat you up.” However, the cat thought better and decided they were better off as friends. After all, it’s not every day that a butterfly tries to make friends with you.

Image courtesy of mooninthepuddle/Reddit

It’s always a good thing to make sure your tummy is full, but it’s an even better thing to have a friend for life, the kind that will never abandon you and listen to you if you’ve had too much of the world and need to vent out.

#8 It’s a good day to make new friends

Every day is a good day to make new friends, especially if that new friend has wings, comes in many colors, and loves flowers too. The garden couldn’t be a better backdrop for the friendship between a dog and a Monarch butterfly to blossom.

Image courtesy of lili_the_happy_cavapoo/Instagram

We can think of spending endless summer days in the garden tending to the flowers and plants while these two get to know each other better. Of course, it’s best to always have a camera or phone handy to document special moments like this.

#9 This hamster is looking fly with her fascinator

Supermodels better be ready because someone has come to take over the fashion world, and it’s none other than this hamster. The little lady is prepared to attend some of the most fabulous parties in town with its sophisticated fascinator.

Image courtesy of stellalalalalalala/Reddit

The best thing about the fascinator is that it can fly and play with the hamster too. If they ever attend a boring party, they need not worry because they can keep each other company with their stories or frolic in grassy areas.

#10 This doggo doesn’t look impressed

While many pets on this list revel in the joy of butterflies landing on their adorable noses and faces, this particular doggo seems rather unimpressed. In fact, it appears utterly disinterested, as if it couldn’t care less about the fluttering visitors.

Image courtesy of skye_huskycross_uk/Instagram

This doggo has mastered the RBF (Resting Bark Face). Despite its unamused look, it’s actually brimming with joy because a butterfly landed on its nose. It’s a reminder of those who effortlessly sport a similar expression, making it hard to gauge their true emotions. Expressions can be puzzling indeed!

#11 Perfectly at home with each other

You know you’ve found your soul mate when each other’s company feels like home, you don’t keep secrets from one another, you are each other’s cheerleader, and you are perfectly fine spending time with each other doing completely nothing.

Image courtesy of angieseckinger/Instagram

That’s precisely the kind of relationship this kitty and butterfly has! They share such comfort and ease that they can spend countless hours together in the garden, peacefully snoozing away. Their bond is a testament to the power of companionship and the joy that comes from finding solace in eachother.

#12 What’s that on your hand?

The expression on this dog’s face is a mix of curiosity and a hint of fear toward the butterfly. It is pondering what the human is holding and wants to examine the butterfly up close. Is the dog interested in giving it a sniff? Maybe so!

Image courtesy of corgimix/Instagram

Could the dog be tempted to play with the butterfly? Perhaps. Or, has the dog come to a grim realization that this particular butterfly seems to bring unfortunate events in its wake? Is there a sense of foreboding that something tragic may follow its visits?

#13 I need to look at that thing closely

The close proximity to the butterfly seems to be making this dog cross-eyed! The chocolate Lab is convinced that the key to understanding the flying creature is to be as near to it as feasible. We can relate—we’re just as captivated by our phones sometimes.

Image courtesy of katerinasuttova/Instagram

In that precise moment captured in the photo, we can’t help but wonder what thoughts were running through the dog’s mind. Was it considering the butterfly as a potential friend, or did it find the fluttering creature somewhat intimidating? Oh, if only we could understand the inner thoughts of animals!

#14 This is happiness in one photo

This fluffy ball of joy, accompanied by its butterfly friend, embodies pure happiness. What captivates us most is the doggo’s sweet yet perplexed expression. It’s as if this is the first encounter with a butterfly, leaving the pup delighted and slightly puzzled.

Image courtesy of Wrfhjyiooffse/Reddit

Judging by the expression on this dog’s face, it has become a life-long fan of butterflies, ready to embark on countless adventures in pursuit of these fluttering wonders. With a newfound passion for chasing butterflies, this pup’s life is bound to be filled with endless fun and excitement.

#15 Um, what do I do now?

If you believe that all dogs exude unwavering confidence, allow us to introduce you to Cymber, the husky. When a butterfly landed on its head, Cymber was overcome with such astonishment that it was left momentarily bewildered, unsure of how to react.

Image courtesy of fluffyhuskytales/Instagram

It’s alright, Cymber, we can relate. There are moments when we receive our energy bills and react similarly, mainly because we struggle to comprehend why they’re so high and worry if we have enough funds to cover them. A mix of confusion and concern resonates with us in those moments.

#16 Basking in the sun with butterflies

Nothing beats a sunny day outdoors, soaking up the rays and immersing yourself in the delightful company of butterflies. It’s the perfect recipe for a day filled with whimsy and wonder! And who makes the ultimate tag team? You guessed it—the dynamic duo of a dog and a butterfly!

Image courtesy of christiesmirl/Instagram

What’s not to love about this picture? We could stare at it for a long time and still feel a flutter of love in our hearts, it’s that powerful and magical, and if people looked at this, their mood for the day would be a lot better. Don’t you think so too?

#17 What a magical moment

We don’t even bother with those skeptics claiming this photo looks staged! Who in their right mind would go through the trouble of dressing their bunnies in costumes? But you know what? We couldn’t care less about their doubts and raised eyebrows. It looks magical, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Image courtesy of stayathomebun/Instagram

They could have thrown a majestic unicorn into the mix alongside the butterfly and bunny, and we still wouldn’t bat an eye at the photo’s authenticity. Oh, and can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer loveliness the wreath on the bunny’s head brings?

#18 My nose is a landing pad

Meet Simba, the brave and lovable rescue dog whose nose has become an unexpected landing pad for a newfound butterfly friend. But here’s the twist—Simba couldn’t be happier! Simba embraces this magical moment with a radiant smile and a heart full of joy, cherishing each precious second of their unique encounter.

Image courtesy of simba_therescueddog/Instagram

When a stunning butterfly chooses your body as its landing pad, it’s a rare and remarkable moment that deserves gratitude. After all, it’s not every day that such beauty graces us in such a unique way. Rather than complaining, let’s appreciate this extraordinary occurrence and count our blessings.

#19 Nom nom said the butterfly

The butterfly must have had a blast with this unexpected encounter! Who would’ve thought a cat could be as fascinating as a flower with sweet nectar? The butterfly didn’t mind one bit! It was clearly enchanted by its newfound feline buddy and decided to seize the moment for a delightful rendezvous.

Image courtesy of renascitur007/Reddit

Wouldn’t it be a marvelous world if all animals got along like these two adorable creatures? We can’t expect snakes to invite chickens to tea parties or have friendly game nights with their prey. It’s simply the natural order of things.

#20 And they lived with each other peacefully

At first glance, it’s clear that the doggo wasn’t too thrilled about the butterfly invading its personal space, getting dangerously close to its face. It seemed like a potential disaster in the making. However, in the second photo, we witness a delightful twist!

Image courtesy of kress66/Instagram

Gone are the days of wanting to devour or harm the butterfly; now, the doggo has a gentle approach, using its snout to get closer and even allowing the delicate flier to land on its head. It’s a true testament to the doggo’s newfound self-control and serenity.

#21 These three are the best of friends

Yorkies are renowned for their terrier-like nature, often displaying a feisty and assertive attitude. However, in this delightful photo featuring two Yorkies and their butterfly companion, what shines through is pure love and friendship. It’s as if the presence of butterflies has a magical effect, bringing out the very best in us!

Image courtesy of Dangerous-Top8919/Reddit

Who could argue with that premise when presented with this picture? The three are best friends, and they look like they want nothing more than to spend each waking moment with one another, getting up to all sorts of adventures.

#22 Is that a ribbon on your head?

Is that a fashion-forward doggo sporting a fabulous ribbon on its head, or is it just overwhelmingly excited to see us? Nope, it’s neither! Behold, the crown jewel of canine fashion—a butterfly perched ever so gracefully on the dog’s head!

Image courtesy of bigfinishllc/Instagram

We’re unsure if the dog is male or female, but that’s the least of its concerns. It’s just happy that a butterfly decided to go near it and make the day’s mood better with its presence. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter.

#23 I could look at you all day

If we were asked to describe true love—it would be this picture! That’s Mochi right there, and how he looks at the butterfly is something many people could only wish for. Some might say that he looks like he wants to munch on the butterfly, but we beg to differ!

Image courtesy of doser303/Reddit

If you meet someone who looks at you like Mochi does at the butterfly, never let them get away and marry them ASAP! They only come once in a lifetime, so don’t waste time and have them sign on the dotted line.

#24 Ruby and her new friend

Most of us know that dogs are extremely friendly towards people because they crave company, but little did we know that canines are also quite friendly regarding butterflies. If you have any doubts, this article should erase all of them.

Image courtesy of ruby_the_dogo/Instagram

Meet Ruby and her butterfly buddy! Get ready for a whirlwind of fun and mischief with this enchanting duo. The photo speaks volumes about the exciting adventures in store for them. We can’t wait to see Ruby’s human document their blossoming friendship

#25 Gimme a big pug

Look at this little pug gazing adorably at the butterfly on its paw. Aside from a bowl full of dog treats, the butterfly must be the most beautiful thing it has ever seen. This beautiful sight makes our hearts melt.

Image courtesy of haxamin/Reddit

Wonders never cease. We might think that pugs and butterflies might make weird fast friends, but this photo might change our minds. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a cat and a goldfish lounging together in the tank tomorrow.

#26 Butterflies must like noses

Affectionate, even-tempered, and intelligent, Golden Retrievers are some of the most popular dogs, and even butterflies agree. Retrievers are recognized for their gentle interactions with children and other pets. This captivating photo further emphasizes their excellent compatibility and nurturing qualities.

Image courtesy of nuvdp/Reddit

One interesting observation is that butterflies seem fond of landing on noses, regardless of the dog breed. This behavior may be influenced by the cooler temperature of the dog’s nose compared to the rest of its body. We’re curious to learn more about this phenomenon, so if anyone can provide insight, we would be thrilled.

#27 Are you comfortable there?

Meet Bjorn, a delightful Border Collie who, like many dogs, thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors. He enjoys lounging on lush green lawns and indulging in well-deserved nap sessions. Just when Bjorn least anticipated it, a welcome companion unexpectedly joined him, adding a touch of surprise to his day.

Image courtesy of nessiefly/Instagram

We’d like to think that when this photo was taken he was making sure that his little flying friend was comfortable perched on his back. His friend seems satisfied just doing nothing and indulging in the joys of dolce far niente.

#28 I’ll catch you one of these days

Have you ever experienced the frustration of putting in tremendous effort and attempting something repeatedly, only to find yourself unable to achieve your desired goal? Could the cat in this scenario be facing a similar challenge, desperately trying to catch the elusive butterfly?

Image courtesy of dolphinscanread/Reddit

Contrary to disappointment or exasperation, the cat thoroughly enjoys its current endeavor. Rather than an unsuccessful pursuit, the cat and its airborne companion seem to engage in a playful exercise routine, ensuring they both maintain optimal health by joyfully chasing one another.

#29 The nosy friend

The term “nosy” doesn’t refer to someone who enjoys gossiping and meddling in others’ affairs. Instead, we’re referring to individuals who appreciate noses, just like this butterfly here. As big as the dog is, the butterfly prefers this one tiny spot like most of its friends.

Image courteys of piktassuo.lt/Instagram

Unlike other animals that may be wary of close proximity to different species, this amiable Doberman holds no reservations about the butterfly’s presence—Hurray for friendships that remind us of the inherent goodness in forging bonds across species.

#30 Her favorite part of the morning

Meet Chloe, a delightful companion who enjoys her morning walks alongside her pet parent. These outings offer Chloe the perfect opportunity to engage in exercise, unleash her playful nature, and make delightful acquaintances. Today, she just added one more friend to her list.

Image courtesy of chloehachiko/Instagram

Chloe is delighted to be in the company of a butterfly because although she sees them around, she has never gotten close to them. Of course, she made sure to get to know her new friend better, and they planned to meet again in the next few days.

#31 Can I have that, Mommy?

Doggo sees the butterfly on her mommy’s hand, and doggo wants the butterfly for herself. Is Mommy going to give it to her? That’s the million-dollar question that we don’t have the answer to. What do you think? Did Mommy say yes?

Image courtesy of casey_marie_demko/Instagram

We hope that mommy said yes because the dog seems eager and we hope that the butterfly didn’t leave. Nothing is more disheartening and discouraging than trying your best to impress others only to have them turn away and leave.

#32 The curious cat

Describing this cat as cautious would be an understatement, but can you blame it? Imagine being in its position, encountering a butterfly up close for the very first time. We often hear the saying, “curiosity killed the cat,” but in this particular instance, curiosity led the cat to a delightful outcome—it gained a newfound friend.

Image courtesy of pants2422/Reddit

We love happy endings like this because life can often feel overwhelmingly gloomy. When something delightful captures our attention, such as this uplifting moment, it reminds us that things can and do improve. It is a gentle reminder always to seek the bright side and hold onto the hope that brighter days lie ahead.

#33 Gentle and sweet Bungie

A sausage dog? That’s all it takes to capture our hearts! We have a special affection for these adorable dachshunds, which are undeniably precious. Despite their small stature and short legs, sausage dogs have a big, irresistible personality. Their charm makes it impossible not to fall head over heels for them.

Image courtesy of bungie_the_mini_sausage/Instagram

We don’t need further convincing; this is our favorite photo out of the whole bunch. The butterfly is just the icing on the cake that is Bungie, the sweet and gentle Dachshund. We’d love to meet them both one day.

#34 I want that butterfly so bad

The cat must be so bummed that it’s stuck inside the house while the butterfly is out in the open and enjoying its freedom. Maybe its pet parent went to run an errand and thought it would be best to keep the cat indoors.

Image courtesy of Hendobegendo/Reddit

The cat’s owners are concerned about it venturing too far from home and potentially getting lost, so it’s being kept indoors. However, one downside of being confined is the missed opportunity to join friends when they come by and extend an invitation for a walk.

#35 Can these two even get more adorable?

These two are the picture of love; we can’t think of anything cuter than them. The world could be going to pieces, but we’ll feel like everything is alright if we see them playing and chasing each other in the garden.

Image courtesy of smaderer/Reddit

Most people think some dog breeds are incredibly ferocious, but this photo shatters that stereotype, revealing every canine’s gentle and affectionate nature. It’s so heartwarming that we can’t help but frame it and keep it close because, let’s face it, when the world gets ruff, a glimpse of this adorable duo will turn any frown upside down!

#36 What does it smell like?

Have you ever wondered what a butterfly smells like? Do they smell like flowers since they are always near them, or do they perhaps smell like paper? Maybe they don’t have any smell at all. What do you say, doggo, since you’re near it?

Image courtesy of enricemdic/Instagram

We’ve made a decision! The next time a butterfly graces us with its presence, we’re determined to give it our best shot and try to catch a whiff of its aroma. It’s time to put this question to rest and finally uncover the truth.

#37 Guess who came to visit

Visits are a delightful escape, especially when you find yourself feeling a bit bored at home. As per the Mayo Clinic, friends are crucial in warding off feelings of loneliness and isolation. They provide companionship and a chance to connect and share meaningful moments.

Image courtesy of ninja_nora0284/Instagram

Look at the smile on the dog’s face after its butterfly friend visited. Today, why not enhance your happiness by visiting a dear friend? Engaging in heartfelt conversations and catching up with each other is an excellent way to reduce stress and infuse your day with joy.

#38 A butterfly on the butt

Unlike the other butterflies on this list, which tend to favor dogs’ noses, this one has developed a fondness forthe dog’s tail. Given the adorable nature of the pooch’s rear end, it’s understandable why the butterfly finds comfort in spending time near that particular body part.

Image courtesy of Barbara0719/Reddit

If we were judges in a contest for the cutest dog photos, we would undeniably select this gem as one of the finalists! You don’t stumble upon snapshots like these every day! Let’s keep it hush-hush, shall we? We’d rather savor the pleasure of being delightfully subjective judges.

#39 Milo is having a great week

Milo is off to a great week, and you can tell from the look on his face. That big smile on his face is partly because of the Monarch butterfly on its nose, and wouldn’t you feel the same if a butterfly landed on your nose too?

Image courtesy of milo_the_toller/Instagram

Even if you found yourself stuck with a less-than-stellar boss and a job that didn’t quite set your heart on fire, you would still find yourself beaming from ear to ear if a moment like this unfolded in your life.

#40 Oh, hello there!

You know what they say: bugs and insects with flashy colors are like culinary caution signs – they taste pretty awful! Monarch butterflies taste bad thanks to their special diet of Milkweeds, which adds a touch of toxicity to their flavor.

Image courtesy of jpatel35/Reddit

Yes, some people say it has a funny look on its face, but we bet our bottom dollar it’s not from taking a lick at the butterfly. We don’t even think that look is funny; we think it’s a look of satisfaction knowing that it has all it needs.

#41 Is that a Dorito on my nose?

This dog is scratching its furry head, trying to fathom how on earth a rogue Dorito landed on its precious snout. No treats from the parent, no wild Dorito fiesta attendance—so where did it come from? Talk about a chip-mergency! Isn’t it exasperating when snack-based mysteries confound our furry friends?

Image courtesy of outroversion/Reddit

Well, would you look at that—of all the places that Dorito could have landed, it chose to grace the dog’s nose! Thank goodness for that fortunate twist because, oh boy, who knows what chaos would have unfolded if that airborne Dorito had taken a detour into the dog’s eager mouth.

#42 Why are these fellas so hard to catch?

This dog is trying to catch the butterfly, but the butterfly isn’t giving it the time of the day. It’s thinking that if the dog wants to grab it, it better be ready to spend a few hours trying to do so because it won’t make things easy.

Image courtesy of Starbucksina/Reddit

Would you give up and watch the butterfly getaway if you were in the dog’s shoes? Some would say yes, but others can’t resist a challenge and would pour all their energy into achieving their goal, even if it’s catching a butterfly.

#43 Are you okay there, Banjo?

Here we go again with butterflies and noses, and this time Banjo the dog is the lucky or unlucky fellow, depending on how you look at things. Do you think the butterfly will leave or stay longer if he holds still?

Image courtesy of orangejuicenopulp/Reddit

It might not matter what Banjo does because once the butterfly makes up its mind, it will do what it wants, regardless of whether the dog is comfortable or not. Yes, butterflies have a brain, too, but it’s not on their head.

#44 Looks like Champ won’t be lonely anymore

This is Champ and he is a Malamute. Malamutes are a large breed and were originally bred for their endurance and strength. They can haul heavy freight and they can live for up to 14 years. Champ may not be working as a sled dog like his ancestors but he is having more fun.

Image courtesy of champ_the_malamute/Instagram

Why do we say so? Because he gets to spend time in the garden with his butterfly friend and here he is letting his curiosity take over. What sorts of fun things could these two be up to? We’d like to put a camera somewhere to record their activities.

#45 Look at that silly grin

Looks at this photo if you’re having a bad day, and it will surely put a smile on your face. Even the dog has a silly grin pasted on its face because what could ever go wrong if a butterfly landed on your nose?

Image courtesy of tmitchell.2012/Instagram

This is an excellent reminder that whatever setback you’re experiencing right now, everything will work out for the better, and everything will be alright. You need to hang in there, push through, and never give up.