40+ Pet Reactions To Kisses That Gave Us Cuteness Overload

By Sachin P

Our pets are total hams. Nine times out of ten, they LOVE a good cuddle and scratch behind the ears. Every pet is different, and even their moods and reactions can change. So, some internet users started a trend on TikTok, videotaping how their pets react to being kissed on the forehead. The reactions were as varied as the pets, with some cuddling back and others looking downright perplexed.

Cats, dogs, and even chinchillas joined in the TikTok fad and showed the world how they react to spontaneous affection from their humans. All of this is to say that 1. we’re dying from cuteness, and 2. you need to see this. From this day forward, no pet shall go unkissed!


How adorable is this? This just melts our hearts like a pat of butter left near a sizzling hot griddle. Just look how brimming with life this grandpa is. The love between these two is so strong we can feel it through our screens.


That dog might be old, but it is always ready to receive affection from its beloved human packmate. Just look at that loving gaze right there, man. This is enough to make any pet owner break down and hug their fluffy companion!


It is quite commonplace to see cats being labeled as snooty. In some instances, like this kitty, that’s simply not true. Stereotypes don’t apply to cats like this. This lady gives a kiss to this sleepy-looking cat. How does the kitty respond?


Does it hiss or snarl? Maybe show their owner some claws? No! Instead, it tries to snuggle with its owner. Now, how adorable is that? It must feel quite comfortable too to have a fur baby like that, snuggling up against your arm.

My heart!

That poor pupper looks so shy. Unlike some other pets, dogs aren’t always keen on sharing the spotlight with their owners. They’re happy to watch their humans go about their day without the need to photobomb. But all it takes is one kiss…


Just like here. This doggo might have been quite the shy lad, but one kiss from its beloved mistress is all that is needed to break those dams holding all that affection. She looks visibly touched by this exchange. So cute!

Not now!

Okay, first of all, before we go stereotyping cats, we need to address something here. This kitty was clearly busy contemplating the nature of existence and where it fits in this crazy world. The last thing it wanted is someone to interrupt those deep thoughts.


So when their human came up for a kiss, we can understand this kitty reacting with a nice, loud meow right back at her. We all can relate to frustration when our reveries get broken by someone. So, cat owners, you should kiss at your own discretion!

How about that?

We have another cat that isn’t helping with those feline stereotypes. This cat looks so grumpy; just loafing around, lost in its own world. It’s telling everyone to leave it alone, without saying a word. Well, its owner didn’t get the memo…


Sometimes cats like affection from their owners, but when they want to be left alone, they’ll let you know. Like this cat did. That is the farthest thing from a kiss on the cheek. You mess with the fluff, you get the teeth.


All dog breeds have their own merits which make them endearing to their owners. But when it comes to corgis, there really is something special about that breed. No wonder the Queen of England is enamored with them. Take this corgi, for instance…


An interaction like this is the perfect example of how cute corgis can be. First, it’s just chilling on the couch, happily lazing around. Then, a spontaneous kiss…Just look at that smile! It’s contagious. No wonder humans find them adorable.

Snuggle snuggle

The cat here looks ready to throw paws around. Man, isn’t it in a grumpy mood. That’s quite the stare down between those two. If the owner isn’t too careful and respectful of the personal space, we can expect fisticuffs quite soon. Be careful now!


We couldn’t have been more wrong about this interaction right here. Instead of dishing out a paw sandwich, the kiss transformed this angry fluff ball into a snuggler. Look how cute it looks, cuddling with its best friend with not a care in the world.

I woof you!

Dachshunds are just the cutest. We know we expressed that we are quite partial toward corgis in a previous slide, but one cannot simply brush past these bundles of unbridled joy and happiness. They are just the cutest, aren’t they?


Well, the owner here seems to attest to our statement with glee. She bestows a very warm smooch on her pupper, which the pupper returns with so much love. This is more than the owner can take. We’re glad she documented this adorable moment.


Some dog breeds get a bad reputation. Bull Terriers, for example, are sometimes identified as vicious dogs with no regard for affection. But that’s simply not true! Like all dogs, they are caring, loving, happy canines with just as much love in their hearts as any other breed.


This doggo proves our point. Just look at this beautiful pupper. It looks like he was smiling before getting affection; then, a kiss, and he looks like he’s in heaven! That smiling face is enough to melt anyone’s heart. How can you hate Bull Terriers?


Labradors are one of the best dog breeds to have as pets. Any Labrador owner would vouch for this. Even if you’re not a dog person, there’s no denying that Labradors are adorable. Just look at this adorable ball of fluff right here, with another ball of fluff in its mouth.


This adorable furbaby was busy chomping on a plush mallard when their human came in for a smooch. Normally, nothing can distract a dog that wants to play, but this spontaneous kiss was too confusing to ignore. “What was that about?” he asks, looking perplexed.


Just look at that dachshund’s pose. Goodness gracious; now that is swag. Whip out your phones, friends, because this is how you to look poise and proper, even if someone is showing off your least flattering angle. What a pro this little pupper is!


These two are vibing so hard; we love it! In the first panel, we see two best friends. The second, a loving smooch. And, finally, a big smooch! Too bad for the human that the kiss back was right on the nose.


“Kiss your pet,” they said! “It would be soo cute,” they said! Well, you guys didn’t harbor grumpy cat’s long-distance cousin in your house; none of you knew what you were talking about. This guy’s grouchy kitty was less than pleased to participate…


Look how stealthy this catto is. It knows that its human is moving in. As he gets closer, the ears fold back, readying himself. It took the kiss like a pro, but could only retaliate with claws and a hiss. Sorry, dude.


Oh, you thought that this was for fur babies only? Nope. The internet shared a challenge, and this guy was more than happy to answer. People have odd pets, so why not an alligator? Right, let’s see how a gator reacts to a kiss…


A kiss on the nose and this gator opened wide with a…smile? We can’t really tell, but at least the human seems unconcerned by the reaction. Don’t worry, people. This was totally safe. This video was filmed by professionals in Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.


Why are Labradors so cute? Labradors have a well-deserved image of being caring and loving dogs! All through their existence, they were bred to cooperate together along with their humans. To execute their work properly, they had to adapt. After all, what better way is there to show companionship than with affection?


Even before the kiss, we can see this loving pooch is eager to see what his human is up to. After a big kiss, the doggo couldn’t help but return the favor. No wonder he’s a therapy dog. Look at how gentle he is.


Big yawn! We feel ya, pup. Though, we have to wonder why he’s so tired. Dogs don’t have chores or a job, nor do they need to cook their meals. They just get to chill and enjoy a cushy life. We’re so jealous.


At least she waited until he was done yawning. That’d be really awkward, wouldn’t it? So, the yawn is complete and it’s time for a big kiss. This dog is yet another lovable pooch that couldn’t help but return the favor.


As we said before, cats are known for their snooty attitude and how they act like kings no matter where they go. Like this cat, that was sitting, looking pretty for the world to see, when their human came over…


We’re starting to see a trend with cats. We especially love this user’s “caption” that she gave the cat. “Excuse me, did I give you permission to come near me with those disgusting lips?” If cats could speak human, we could totally image it saying that.


Rottweilers are almost synonymous with angry guard dogs, but that’s a big old lie. Rotties are just affectionate pups trapped in the body of a big “scary” dog. In fact, they’re not even scary. We have the movies to blame for this negative stereotype.


Just look at how she nuzzles under her owner’s chin. And clearly the human is loving the affection, too. We bet that this Rottweiler doesn’t have a single mean bone in its body. Can Nala be the new representative for Rottweilers? They’re bad reputation is sure to die out quickly.


We’ve seen quite a few popular dog breeds, and we’re here with another one: Golden Retrievers! They’re so fluffy and energetic; it’s impossible to hate these happy fluffballs. So, let’s see how this Golden Retriever reacts to a loving kiss…


It’s cuddle time! This right here is the perfect example of how loving these dogs can be. Well, dogs in general, but Golden Retrievers are known for their energy and affection. And when their human gives them love, our hearts just melt in return!


Let’s continue with another famous breed: Huskies. They’re just as energetic as Golden Retrievers, but they have a different outlet. They were initially bred for thier endurance, so they know how to pace themselves. This doggo has nothing to do, so he just sits around looking poised.


So, how does this magestic dog react to a random show of affection? If we were to guess, we’d think that, like all other dogs so far, this husky would kiss back. But we were wrong. He just continued to sit around like a lazy canine. Maybe he couldn’t feel the kiss through all that fluff.


Alright, here we go with another cat. So far, we’ve seen mostly angry kitties that just want to be left alone to contemplate their existence in peace. But it wouldn’t be an internet challenge if cat owners didn’t participate, too. So, what do you think will happen?


Finally! We have a cuddly kitty giving back some love. He was loafing around, as cats do, when his human came in for a kiss. And, as is polite, the kitty returned the affection with some kisses back. How cute!


Let’s mix it up with an uncommon fur baby. Yes, we had a gator, but there’s nothing furry about them. Chinchillas are an increasingly popular “exotic” pet that animal lovers are taking into their care. They may technically be rodents, but chinchillas are the last thing in anyone’s mind at the mention of rodents.


Just look at that fullball! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a lovable chinchilla. Well, this girl couldn’t help it, so she joined in the TikTok challenge and gave her pet a big kiss. Her fur baby, however, was more confused than upset.


We’re glad that we don’t have a cat like that at home, because we’d spend all day staring at those gorgeous eyes! The pure yellow is mesmerizing and we’re in love with this fluffy feline. And it seems that its owner is, too…


That cat must be just as hypnotized by its human’s eyes because all it could do was stare back at her after the spontaneous show of affection. At least this kitty didn’t bite or meow, because it’s just so fluffy, we bet she spends all day cuddling with it.


Okay, let’s just take a minute to fawn over this adorable kitten! Even if you aren’t a fan of cats, you have to admit that kittens are too adorable for words. There’s just something about baby animals that melts our hearts.


Have you ever seen a more perplexed kitten? If so, let us know because we certainly haven’t. It looks as if it realized its place in the world and the meaning of existence, all from a simple kiss on the head.


Let’s keep it going with fluffy felines that go against the grain. While most cats are haughty and snobby, we found another cat that is the exact opposite. In fact, it could teach men a thing or two about how to treat women, don’t you think?


As per the challenge, this woman gives her pet a big kiss on the head. How does this cat react? With a gentle paw and a kiss in return. Nothing big or dramatic, just a simple show of love for its human.

Thank you

Cats “smile,” but not necessarily in a way that we humans comprehend. They don’t show it on their faces. Rather, cats express their satisfaction by nonverbal cues, rubbing, purring, and bunting, among other things. Keep a keen watch on your kitty’s actions to get a sense of how they feel.


So, what’s the verdict? Is this cat happy? Let’s look at the evidence. First off, no claws or teeth; we’re off to a good start. He ducks away from the kiss, but probably just out of shock or confusion. Certainly not anger because this pretty kitty returns the show of love!


There’s no denying that Siberian Huskies are stunning. We just can’t get enough of them — it’s pretty obvious since this isn’t the first husky on this list. As with the previous husky, this one is sitting at attention, looking majestic.


Is this a behavioral trait of huskies that we’ve never heard of? What are the odds that we found another husky that refuses to share a kiss? Okay, probably pretty high, but we still can’t get over it. Just look at how he glares at his owner as if questioning his loyalty.

Drama Queen

Well, the owner seems a bit offended and more than a little confused. Instead of provoking the intended reaction from the Pomeranian — a kiss back or a cuddle — a kiss on the head just made it flop over.


This is one dramatic doggy. Sure, getting affection from a loved one can be enough to turn your into a puddle, but we don’t mean that literally. Is it playing dead? We honestly can’t think of a valid reason for any pet to act this way.

Back off!!

This cat owner knows what she’s doing. Instead of just leaning in for a kiss, she takes the time to pet her kitty first. And the cat seems to be in the right mood to enjoy affection, so now’s the perfect time for a kiss, right?


Wrong again! Cats only want attention when it’s on their terms. It doesn’t matter if you have their favorite toy or the tastiest treat. They need to be in the mood to receive any gift or sign of affection. At least the woman managed to duck away before getting scratched.


Before we address this dog’s reaction, we need to take a minute to talk about those eyes. This picture is the definition of “puppy dog eyes.” Share this with your non-dog owner friends as an explanation of why dogs get whatever they want.


Is this dog a reincarnated cat? Most of the dogs we’ve seen either kiss and/or nuzzle, or just stare confusedly. But this doggo was not in the mood for some lovin’ and went for the attack. Sure, it was a little nip, but the sentiment is the same.

Pageant worthy

We have another cat with dazzling eyes. We can just get lost in those stunning pools of blue. Fortunately, their owner seems to be able to overcome their hypnotic draw. So, how does this pretty kitty react to a loving kiss?


Confusion, mostly. The cat just took it on the cheek — literally — and let the kiss happen. But, other than that, this cat won’t let any emotion show. Did it enjoy the kiss? Was it angry or bothered? Who can say?


Just look at that absolutely adorable dog. Just one look as the world melts away. All is good and positive when you have a lovable fur baby to spend time with. We’re jealous of this lady for having such a wonderful dog.


This doggo’s reaction to the kiss just proves our point. First, it just stares back, partially in confusion, but with a mix of admiration in there. Then, after a long pause, it’s time for the return. A little kiss on the cheek is all any dog owner could ask for.


If you have a pet with black hair or fur, you know the frustration of trying to take a picture of your fur baby. Our phone cameras are fantastic 99% of the time, but whenever we try to snap a picture of our pets, it’s like they don’t exist.


So, this lady comes in for a kiss, and we need to focus to see where the blanket ends and the dog begins. At first, it seems like there’s a bit of a struggle, but eventually, she gets her kiss in. Sadly, this doggo was not that into it and pushed away in disgust.


Here we have a bit of role reversal. The one initiating this love fest is the dog, not the human. This woman got a cute video of her dog giving her some kisses, and used this as the perfect opportunity to participate in a TikTok trend.


Oddly enough, when it was the human’s turn, this dog couldn’t care less. Well, it couldn’t care less about returning some smooches. It’s still happily cuddled up with its human. We don’t care about getting the perfect video. Having a loving fur baby is all that matters!

Love is all around

This is what being a pet owner is all about. Having lazy days to just sit around and cuttle your pet. There’s no other feeling like it. And, when you have a cat, it’s extra special because we know just how finicky cats can be.


This lady was very polite and asked her kitty if she could give her a smooch. She got the meow of approval and bestowed a kiss on its head. Once again, a meow of approval answered the challenge’s ultimate question: does your pet enjoy this show of affection? Heck yes!

On point

So far, we’ve seen dogs giving mostly positive responses. We feel confident in saying that dogs are more likely to receive shows of compassion with kisses and snuggles right back. Unless you’re a husky…or this dog. How did it react to a kiss on the head?


This dog must secretly be a cat, because he was not in the mood for a kiss. And, rather than backing away or doing nothing — like the huskies — this doggo had to retaliate. Sorry, dude. Better luck next time.

Pay attention!

This woman misunderstood the assignment. The challenge was to kiss your pet. Instead, she took a toothless nibble on her kitty’s paw. So, what do you think the cat’s response was? A little nuzzle or kiss? Perhaps a loud meow?


Sorry lady but you did this to yourself. Your cat clearly didn’t want to become anyone’s snack, and a quick flick of the paw is more than enough of an answer. Maybe try a kiss or pet on the head instead, next time.


For centuries, black cats were associated with evil and bad luck. Supposedly, only witches would keep them as pets, but now we know better. Surely a certain coat color isn’t evil, right? That’s probably what this person thought when he adopted his kitty.


Apparently, the superstitions were ground in reality, if only a little bit. One minute, this majestic cat is minding its own business, and then his human comes up for a kiss on that fluffy cheek. What does the kitty do? It’s chow time!

You’re next

The general consensus is that yes, dogs do love smooches. This guy wanted to confirm this was true for his dogs, too, and went for a big kiss on one dog’s head. No kisses in return, but the doggo wasn’t upset by the interaction…


His other doggo certainly was, though. How dare his human show affection for one dog but not the other. Time to call him back and give a kiss to his second pupper. Just like with human siblings, it’s important to treat your fur babies equally!

Showered with kisses

Another kitten! We’re just melting at the sight of this tiny little thing. Kittens are always showered with affection, both on and off screen. But, the challenge required a video, so this user dutifully took one of her kissing her kitten.


Well, the kitty wasn’t upset, but she wasn’t thrilled either. Or perhaps she’s just too small to know she can whip out those claws and teeth to fight back when she doesn’t like something. Then again, she might just be used to the constant shows of affection.

Now what?

This one gave us whiplash. The woman moves in slowly, giving her cat enough warning that something is coming its way. The patient cat lowers its head, prepared for whatever comes next. Surely its human wouldn’t do anything bad. She didn’t; it was just a kiss!


Given the cat’s initial reaction, we’d expect a pur of appreciation or nuzzle in return. Instead, we got whiplash at this total change in attitude. The cat went for the attack and chose its human’s nose as the target. How rude!

Bisou bisou!

This dog is king of this house, and it knows it. Laying down on a human-sized bed, curled up and relaxed with not a care in the world. We’re so jealous! And so is this human who dared to interrupt this comfortable canine….


It’s all okay because this dog loves the attention. It responded to a kiss with a little quid pro quo, offering some face licks in return. As much as we love these cute and funny reactions, it’s hard to justify interrupting your fur baby’s well-deserved rest.

Smart indeed!

Alright, we’ve started to get a vibe of how cats react. We’ve seen a few happy kitties, but mostly they prefer to paw or bite in response to any unwanted show of affection. We’re braced for another angry cat. Let’s see what happens here…


So cute! No scratching or yelling; just a kiss on the nose. This cat just proves that stereotypes are complete garbage. There may be trends, and statistics and likelihood, but at the end of the day, it just depends on the individual.

So there!

We’re coming to the end of our list, so we need to get in one last cute dog in here. Unlike most o the other dogs on this list, this one here isn’t lazing around. It’s walking about, watching out for any danger and keeping their human safe.


The human says thank you, and the dog does so in return with a lick on the face. Yeah, we know that licks aren’t exactly kisses, but for most pet owners, it’s the same. It’s a sign of affection and gratitude, and we just can’t get enough of it.


People always try to make their pets more and more human. Some even go so far as to dress up their pets or give them approximations of human amenities. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s certainly becoming more of a trend in recent years…


Hold up. This isn’t a human-like pet. This is a human! This guy’s face is the proper reaction to finding out that your partner involved you in a pet-only challenge. Still, the concept is hilarious, and this woman has a stellar sense of humor.