45 Strange Pet Coincidences That Prove We Could Be Living In The Matrix

By Ruby M

The Internet is a beautiful and intriguing place. It allows users worldwide to come together online and discuss virtually anything. As you’re idly scrolling, you can see all sorts of adorable things and conspiracy theories on websites and social media.

This article perfectly combines these two things. One of the most popular arguments claims that we’re all in The Matrix, and there are signs everywhere to prove this if you look hard enough. The animals on this list – and even some cars – all seem to result from a “glitch” in The Matrix.

Get ready for some wholesome content that will warm your heart but also make your mind wonder… are we really here? Or is life simply a simulation?

Some Background

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction film about a computer programmer, Thomas Anderson, later known as Neo, living a mediocre life. He is confronted by Morpheus, the leader of the Resistance, who is fighting a system called the Matrix.

Image courtesy of DR_1337FEET/ Reddit

Neo and other members of the Resistance are fighting against the powerful computers who have enslaved humanity using a simulation to keep them “asleep,” using their bodies as a life source. When there’s a problem in the Matrix, weird things happen, like these two identical-looking dogs sleeping in a similar posture.

The “Glitches” in the Matrix

As a result of the film, the conspiracy that we are all simply living in a simulation has become more and more popular. It has also inspired memes, jokes, and groups dedicated to the film and all that it represents. 

Image courtesy of semiactivesloth/ Reddit

People all over the world have begun sharing “glitches” in the world that emphasize the fact that we are, in fact, living in the Matrix. We can’t be sure whether or not that’s the case, but photos like this definitely make us question life as we know it.

What the Duck?

And now, we take a deep dive into the wild world of social media and matrix fans. These guys post heart-warming, funny, and often creepy “glitches” that they spot during day-to-day life. Some of them have to be seen to be believed.

Image courtesy of raabHim/Reddit

Like this paddling of ducks, for example, who appear as if someone copied and pasted the original two until they had an entire team of ducks. Why on earth anyone would need an army of ducks is beyond us. With that said, aren’t they the cutest ducks ever?

The Triple Threat

This right here is what we call a triple threat. Three identical kitties coming into the Matrix to shut it down as part of some sinister plan. Seeing something like this firsthand must have been thrilling! If you’re not a superstitious person, that is. 

Image courtesy of sergmezing/ Reddit

Seeing as the cats are sitting calmly together in one place, we think it’s safe to assume that they belong to one person. Whoever adopted them probably went to the pet store to get a cat, fell in love with one, and after learning they had two more siblings, couldn’t leave them behind.

If “Living My Best Life” Was A Cat

Just look at these two cuties! Seeing an adorable kitty just sitting, or in this case, lying pretty, is a common sight. After all, what else do cats exist to do if not eating, sleeping, chasing the occasional butterfly, and then sleeping again?

Image courtesy of sloppeejoe/Reddit

However, seeing two who look like carbon copies of each other just napping together definitely hikes up the cuteness factor. Either that, or it might just be the Resistance trying to tell us something. Either way, we wouldn’t mind having this kind of life every once in a while.

Matching Cats

Sometimes, being a cat owner comes with a peculiar set of challenges, like being unable to tell your own cats apart when you have two who look exactly the same. If you look closely, you can see the slight differences in their faces. 

Image courtesy of Costasmk/ Reddit

One has more prominent, fluffier cheeks than the other – but both are equally adorable. Even if they were somehow the result of a simulated reality, they make up for that by making us smile. Maybe a simulation isn’t so bad after all.

A Secret Cat Alliance

It’s actually quite laughable, the number of times on this list alone that cats go missing and then return home with another identical cat. One would almost think that these fur babies are meeting somewhere in secret to arrange these things just to see how humans would react.

Image courtesy of anlyin/Imgur

Matrix enthusiasts would undoubtedly develop an insane theory to explain this phenomenon. Something like cats are being cloned as part of a sinister plan that would see them become the world’s superior species. In the real world, however, we are sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

Two For Two

This looks like an alternate dimension where you have to own a pair of dogs that look exactly the same or none! The fact that these two have dogs that look exactly the same and are walking them together is just crazy!

Image courtesy of supurrnove/ Reddit

We wonder if they knew each other or if this is a coincidence. We are sure it made for a great conversation starter if it was a coincidence. The people around them must have also thought it was amazing, seeing as the photo was captured b someone walking behind them.

The Greyhound Glitch

Whether they’re silly stereotypes or a fact of life, there are many quirks that seem to be specific to certain breeds of dogs. Beagles and Blood Hounds are infamous enemies of the cat, more so than the typical domestic canine.

Image courtesy of verve1994/Reddit

Dachshunds are known to be stubborn and difficult to train, and apparently, this breed, which we think is a Greyhound, is accustomed to sleeping in this strange, dog-yoga-style pose. At least, if this picture is anything to go by.

The Cat Collective

How do you feel about black cats? Do they represent luck or bad news for you? If you fall in neither of the two categories, take a minute to marvel at this charming sight. These guys look as if they are waiting for an important speaker to address them.

Image courtesy of totzalot/Reddit

Their beautiful black fur coats could easily pass for black suits at a cat convention, we’re sure. Either way, we’d undoubtedly get the hibbie jibbies if we stumbled upon such a scene because these kitties are definitely up to something.

Holy Heron!

It looks like these Black-crowned night herons have each made a kingfisher friend. If we had to play “spot the difference” with each pair, the only difference that stands out to us is the shape of the smaller birds’ beaks.

Image courtesy of interstingasfuck/ Reddit

Other than that minor detail, both pairs of birds look almost identical. This is the kind of stuff Matrix fans absolutely live for. For non-believers, however, a picture like this is simply fascinating because beautiful things that seem impossible happen every day.


Well, at least we can tell the difference between these two adorable siblings, who have been “twinning it” since birth. Unlike most of the other twins on this list, it’s easier to tell them apart, thanks to the spots on their white coats.

Image courtesy of 9999monkeys/ Reddit

It is almost as if neither of them wanted to be confused for the other all their lives, hence the tiny yet significant difference. From the looks of it, the one on the left hit the jackpot with spots because we don’t think there’s anything cuter than a random heart-shaped spot!

Dogs; The Natural Antidepressant

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness clearly didn’t have enough to keep a puppy. Though dogs may cost you a few dollars thanks to vet visits, fancy toys, and food, we assure you that it’s all worth it in the end.

Image courtesy of treslittlebirds99/ Reddit

Dogs can bring a smile to even the saddest of souls, which is probably why they are the top pick for people who adopt emotional support animals. Retrievers, especially, are known to be very loyal and affectionate, so the owner of this almost-identical pack has to be one lucky person.

Clones At The Farm

From their faces to their legs, it is almost eerie how clone-like these lambs look. But we also can’t overlook just how cute and floofy they are! Just looking at them on this farm makes you feel like all is right with the world.

Image Credits: JackUIM/ Reddit

The stunning greenery makes us wish we lived in a vast countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As for the little sheep, their similarity almost makes us curious to see where their good looks came from. We bet their mum looks just as cute if not more.

Double Trouble

Here’s another fascinating case of a cat running away and later coming home to find an identical one had replaced him. The fact that this happens so often makes the Matrix theory plausible because it’s insane that this keeps happening.

Image courtesy of Purrtacular/ Facebook

One of these cats, we aren’t sure which one, ran away from home at one point. After he finished whatever adventure prompted him to leave, he came home to find that he’d been replaced! This begs the question, how easy would it be to tell if your cat was actually your cat?

Even More Trouble

Here’s yet another glitch in the Matrix, or perhaps, a world much like Maxis’ The Sims, where everything is a simulation just like the Matrix. This list keeps proving that cases of animals looking identical are more common than you think.

Image courtesy of kattvakt/ Reddit

However, if this was indeed the work of some simulation they did a pretty good job. But if you look closely enough, you’ll be able to pick up slight differences between the pair, like the indistinct markings on their faces and the length of their long white whiskers.

A Shady Spot – or Two!

It looks like the Matrix knows no bounds and will go to whatever length to show its reach. As rare as it is to find two cars that look similar parked next to each other, it does happen from time to time. What doesn’t happen is finding two identical birds standing right below said cars.

Image courtesy of SkikoNow/ Reddit

We wonder if “Agent Smith” required a second vehicle in order to keep track of “Neo,” or if someone just happened to park next to an identical car. If this is not a glitch, it’s definitely something just as fishy.

Great Vantage Point

If you have lived with a cat, you know just how much they love looking out through the windows. The higher the vantage point, the better. This peculiar hobby is great for spying on enemy dogs and unsuspecting birds alike.

Image courtesy of BoognishWeen/ Reddit

That’s exactly what we think these two are doing right now, which gave the photographer who captured this rare moment the chance to do it. Next time your cat does this, you could try going downstairs to see if other kitties are doing the same. You just might see this cuteness up close.

Great Dane With A Unique Ear

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. This dog’s ear looks just like his face! It’s so weird, but depending on how much of a dog person you are, it’s also adorable and hilarious. It’s almost as if he was meant to have a twin, but something went wrong in the womb.

Image courtesy of Embeast/ Reddit

He makes us think of the character “Two-Face” on Batman. The DC supervillain had better prepare because there’s a new two-face in town. Sure, he may not look as scary, but something tells us he can be a badass when he wants to.

Only The Cool Cats Sit Here

Here’s not one, not two, but four black cats playing a round of “copycat.” This is another picture that proves that maybe, just maybe, there is more to being a cat than the obvious sweetness and the ability to sleep all day.

Image courtesy of DD1234567/ Imgur

These ones, for example, look like they planned this particular scene because it’s not every day that you see a group of black cats seated on a series of benches. If they did this for attention, they definitely got it.

Hot Huskies

On a hot summer’s day, your pet Husky might really be feeling the heat. They are, after all, naturally accustomed to cooler climates where it snows frequently. It is on days like these that they might want to cool themselves down.

Image courtesy of poisonouschimp/ Reddit

Lying on cold tiles, for instance, is a quick way for them to try and cool down. This looks like a particularly hot day since these two dogs, who could easily be twins, look like there is nowhere else they would rather be.

Cats And Their Strange Preferences

We often find cats in the strangest of places – on top of the roof, inside boxes and closets that we don’t remember opening, and, more often than not, under the bed – or in this case, half of their bodies under the bed.

Image courtesy of susanlobster/ Reddit

The odd thing about this picture isn’t the place these cats picked to chill at but rather the fact that two seemingly look-alike kitties are both half-under the bed, with their butts and tails sticking out, almost like it was a part of some game.

One Big Blob of Cat

Because of how black their coats are, these two kitties look like they have been merged together into one giant black cat. They look like they could be sharing the same body but with two heads. However, that’s not what’s happening here.

Image courtesy of hbrannock7/ Reddit

We wonder if the owners got a fright the first time they saw them huddled together in the middle of the night. But then again, their owner probably got both of them together because they wanted to be treated to such a scene daily.

A Parade of Seagulls.

We feel like we’re about to watch a live-action version of the Angry Birds movie where this flock of seagulls is waiting for the evil green pigs. Why else would all these birds be lined up in such precise uniformity? We doubt they’re standing waiting for some bread from a nice old man.

Image courtesy of ihateshitcoins2/ Reddit

Unless, of course, there isn’t really a row of birds waiting to be thrown at pigs or tossed some bread crumbs. Could be there is really only one who has been copied and pasted numerous times due to a system error in the simulation.

Cats On Steps

Sometimes cats can do the silliest things, like spring away in terror after seeing a cucumber and mistaking it for a snake or slapping each other like two middle-schoolers in a fight. All in all, we can agree that felines are some of the most hilarious pets you can own.

Image courtesy of _vedantt1/ Reddit

Judging by what we’ve seen so far, cats really enjoy copying each other. It’s even more adorable when they look the same. This time, a bunch of them decided to sleep on the stairs, and even though they don’t look the same, it was still a sight to behold.

A Turtle’s Version Of A Piggyback Ride

If you’ve never seen a turtle playing out in the water, then this is something that will melt your heart. If this picture is anything to go by, it certainly appears that they enjoy basking in the sun and playing silly games in the water.

Image courtesy of anders1318/ Reddit

These ones look like they are rehearsing some moves for a sequence dance. The pose they have adopted here would be a great idea for a statue. Just think of how awesome that would look if it was stationed in some pond.

Creepy Or Cute?

These two cats have us confused. It’s quite a coincidence that identical cats with the same facial expressions decided to stand exactly where they were and look up simultaneously. We know cats are curious by nature and they were probably just looking at a bird but…wow.

Image courtesy of psykideillix/ Reddit

Unless this is yet another glitch in the matrix, we can’t help but speculate about this hilarious situation. Also, kudos to the person who snapped this shot. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can be extremely rewarding.

What Is It About The Stairs?

Just like the cats we saw before, here is another group of pets that seems to be fond of napping on the stairs. With the dogs, however, it’s easy to see why they picked this unconventional location to get some much-needed shut-eye.

Image courtesy of 111ruberducky/ Reddit

Even from a picture, the carpet on the steps looks so soft and warm, which are both ideal attributes for a place to sleep. Another thing that undoubtedly appealed to these canines is the fact that the sun’s rays hit the bottom steps.

The Tree of Goats

This one doesn’t look like a glitch in the Matrix but rather a hilarious tribute to the popular Goat Simulator. This simulation game allows the player to roam the world as a goat. A goat that can jump, fly and even beat some people up. 

Image courtesy of makethemadnesstop/ Reddit

Despite what it sounds like, the game is actually pretty fun, and we feel like the owner of all these goats would agree. As evidenced by this picture, goats can be weird. How did they all climb that frail-looking tree and stay up there long enough for someone to pose for a photo?

Brand Ambassador

Isn’t it a hilarious coincidence when people come across a bag of dog food with a dog on it that looks exactly like their own pet? You almost stop and wonder to yourself, “when did my dog become a model?”

Image courtesy of Captainsboot/ Reddit

In this case, for example, the dog on the bag of dog food looks so similar to the real-life dog sitting right beside it. You also have to appreciate that this little guy sat and posed for this perfect snap. Maybe he is a natural when it comes to modeling too.

Kitty Warhol

This is art. And we are not just saying that because of the paintings in the picture. In this strange instance of life imitating art, we have a black cat captured in a perfect pose that can easily replace the bottom right face in the painting.

Image courtesy of waitwhatup/ Reddit

We are convinced that whoever owns the cat must love his kitty tremendously. Not everyone commissions paintings featuring their pet in pieces reminiscent of the work of Andy Warhol, a leading visual artist in pop culture history.


When you have two or more animals that look the same, whether it is thanks to genetics or glitches in the Matrix, one thing is for sure. You need to learn to tell them apart if that is at all possible. 

Image Courtesy of Lazy-Squish/ Reddit

The owner of these two identical kitties claims to “just know” the difference between them. If you look at their faces long enough, there are some slight differences. We reckon that living with them for a long time makes it easier to spot their distinct features.

On Wednesdays, We Wear Fur

It looks like these kitties have started a club. The club probably has some outrageous requirements like, in order to be accepted, you need to have white fur, and on Wednesdays, you need to have something pink in your outfit. 

Image courtesy of ArtfulPandora/ Reddit

The one closest to the camera looks like she could be their leader. The other cats are staring at her, watching as she struts towards them, and we can only imagine her demands for mice and getting their enemy, the dog, out of the neighborhood.

Too Good To Be True

Somewhere out there in a place that’s heaven on earth, there is a great spot that is far too good for humans. A place where dogs have plenty of space to run around and play all day under the sun. These three seem to have found it.

Image courtesy of kinkadec/ Reddit

Each dog, seemingly an exact replica of the other, looks perfectly content with how their lives turned out. It also really helps that they are the fluffiest dogs we’ve ever seen. We wonder if the owner might have pictures of them as puppies together because that would be the definition of adorable.

Strange Coincidences

Imagine lying in bed after a long day of work with a cup of chamomile tea and a good book next to you, and while scrolling through your feed and hitting “like” on your friends’ posts, you see a photo of a cat. 

Image courtesy of KaiMostaddictive/ Reddit

Not just any cat; you see a photo of a cat that looks exactly like your cat, posing the exact same way yours is at that same moment. Either that’s a funny coincidence to share over dinner, or you’ve spotted a glitch in the matrix and should start running.

Three in the Bed

“Three in the bed and the little one said, “roll over, roll over” is playing on repeat in our heads as our hearts warm looking at this adorable photo of three little identical kitties cuddling together. Who knew a nursery rhyme could come alive so easily?

Image courtesy of dashriproc1/Imgur

It’s an obvious fact that cats love to cuddle. Be it with their favorite humans or other kitties, they are always game. These three little ones may not know it, but we are sure they are high on the list of things that have made you smile today.

Dogs Being Cats

Cats are notorious for leaving their paw prints in the weirdest places. Sure, they are incredibly stealthy but hiding those prints is not something they are good at. For example, it would be completely normal to find a trail of them on your car after you park it somewhere.

Image courtesy of TheEvolvingFool/Reddit

In this picture, however, we have dogs instead of cats, napping on top of a car, which we doubt is a comfortable place to sleep. Not only is it one dog but two that could easily pass for twins! What would be the first thing you’d do if you were the owner of this car?

The Best of Friends

Apparently, this furry canine was so good one year that his humans gifted him a little friend in the form of a kitty that looks like the smaller, feline version of himself. The two walk together, play together, and even share bath time.

Image courtesy of bowstring0924/ Reddit

Stranger friendships have been seen in the animal kingdom. It has become so common these days that there is a whole show about it; Unlikely Animal Friends. Something tells us that these two would be great candidates for an episode.

Hot In Here

As we all know, when a dog feels hot, it pants, often sticking out its tongue in the process. It must be tiring running all over the house, chasing a tennis ball, and so sometimes, they feel like they’re burning after a good game. 

Image courtesy of dirigablemarsupial/ Reddit

What’s odd about this photo isn’t the fact that the dogs are panting but that the two identical dogs are sitting in the same position, both with their tongues out on the same side. They’re probably looking expectantly at their owner, waiting for them to throw the ball as another round begins.

Black Toy Poms

Picture this: You’re on your daily morning walk with your adorable, tiny black Pomeranian when you come across someone else walking their dog. As you walk closer you realize that their pet looks bizarrely like yours. Same breed, same color, same everything.

Image courtesy of WulfySky/Reddit

Judging by the way the two greet each other, there is a possibility that the dogs are long-lost siblings. Or perhaps they are falling in love, the same way that “Pongo” and “Perdita” did in 101 Dalmations. Either way, this looks like a story we’d be invested in.

A Familiar Encounter

Imagine being a cat, minding your own business as you do your morning patrols of the house and you stop to take a look out of the window overlooking the front yard. Suddenly, there is a cat that looks just like you staring back. 

Image courtesy of PrakPrak/Reddit

At first, you think you may have stumbled across a mirror. After all, that would be the most plausible explanation for whatever was happening. However, that’s not the case; perhaps, this could end up being one of those encounters that end up changing lives.

Long-lost Siblings

Here’s another odd situation that makes people question reality. We are sure that the cats pictured here are just as stumped as we are, but they are certainly handling it better than we would. Could these be their secret twins that no one ever told them about?

Image courtesy of a_weepingangel/Reddit

Peculiar moments like this are the reason the glitch in the matrix theory exists. Unfortunately, cats can’t communicate, at least not with humans, so they can’t warn anyone about whatever glitches they find. We wonder what the story is here.

More Seagulls

Either Agent Smith hit the “copy” and “paste” buttons a few times too many and created an entire flock of what looks like seagulls (to all the bird watchers reading this, pardon our lack of bird knowledge), or there just happened to be a whole flock sitting on poles.

Image courtesy of u[deleted]/Reddit

Perhaps this flock of ‘gulls had a long day of stealing bread, flying around, and of course, pecking people passing by. After such an exhausting day, it makes sense that they chose this scenic setting to take a well-deserved rest.

Pouty Pup

The puppy at the back looks like he’s just discovered that his life is a lie. Either that, or he is just being spoiled and has decided not to participate in any of the activities the rest of the pack has scheduled for the day. Like being cute in a photo.

Image courtesy of Chompering/ Reddit

On a serious note, it’s interesting how dogs of a similar breed sometimes look identical when they are all together in one place. We will never get used to it because the world happens to have hundreds of them. Perhaps the Matrix has something to do with it?

Back to the Matrix

Here’s another possible time traveler. Someone online, living within the simulation, adopted a puppy ( the smaller doggo in the photograph), and a few days later, a second larger dog appeared. It looks like he’s the same dog from the future trying to warn his younger version about something. 

Image courtesy of Clear-Relief-1424/ Reddit

Perhaps he was sent on a dangerous mission from beyond the simulation to warn all dogs about the impending doom of the fall of the human race due to the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps this dog will save us all.