45 Vengeful Pets That Prove Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Ekhama O

It’s taken us a while, but humans are finally starting to acknowledge that animals (and even plants) feel emotions. They might not express it in a way that we understand, but they’re there. Well, that’s not entirely true. Our pets have figured out that they need to go above and beyond to make their thoughts known.

We can argue all day whether their vengeful acts (or tantrums) were warranted or not, but one thing’s clear; if you cross an animal, there’s a pretty good chance you might regret it later.

They can be cute and cuddly but deny them a treat or ignore their midnight calls to go potty and you might just get to see the other side of them. Want to know what we’re talking about? Take a look at 45 instances of animals getting revenge on their humans.

Midnight treat

We love our pets to death, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always angels. They can be rather annoying at times, like asking incessantly for toys, attention, or extra food, even if they get an excess of everything we can offer them.

TWITTER via kayleaux

This kitty here was bugging their momma in the early hours of the morning for some treats while she was trying to catch some zzzs. When her momma tried to ignore them, they decided to climb on her bedroom door…where they got stuck and yelled for help.

Hungry kitty don’t care

It can be tiring to have to monitor pets all the time, so we fully understand when owners forget to put everything away before leaving the house. Heck, even leaving things out when going to the next room can be risky.

REDDIT via sufficiently_sp00ked

But, their owners should know they’d face repercussions for their carelessness, just like this owner here. They went out, and the cat got upset they weren’t around to feed her, so she tore open a pack of bagels and took a bite out of each one to get back at them. 

Princess Pamela

Remember at the beginning of this post when we call some of these vengeful acts and others tantrums? Well, that’s because some of us spoil our pets so much that they end up acting out when they don’t get what they want.

REDDIT via chezaraez

Princess Pamela (who’s seriously overweight) got mad at her owner for not feeding her the moment they stepped into the door from work. While some parents get welcomed with cheers and love, this one was greeted with broken glass and unpotted plants.

Look what you made me do

It can be pretty hard to take care of another being, not to mention one of a much different species. Sometimes, you don’t just want to do what they want, and since communication through speech is technically impossible, you have to show them through your actions.

REDDIT via 9thart

This gorgeous black cat wanted to roam freely outdoors, but their owner wasn’t really digging that idea. They locked her inside for a whole day, and when the cat had had enough, he broke through the door to get the fresh air he wanted. 

No photos!

It’s one thing to take care of a tantrum-throwing cat or dog, and it’s another to take care of a parrot. We have even less in common with birds — they’re not even in the same class of animals as we are.

REDDIT Via I_play_codm

Many parrots come with super sharp beaks that are more than capable of ripping through human flesh. This owner was just taking shots of their birdie, and the little guy lunged at them, biting them right after this photo was taken. Hope it didn’t leave a scar.


Many despicable acts our pets carry out against us might not exactly have malicious intentions behind them. They don’t know any better and might just be doing things that seem normal to them, and that’s the exact mindset (we assume) behind this cat’s actions.

TWITTER via gavinfree

We wonder why he would even need to give a grown-up cat a bath. We’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure cats absolutely hate baths because of what it does to their fur. Unless the cat was covered in dirt or grease, this owner deserves it.

Leave woman, come to me

Cats are by far one of the most common animals that are prone to exhibiting some form of attention-seeking behavior. We’ve barely started our list and already we’ve seen quite a few kitties. And, with our friend Whisper here, we have another one.

REDDIT via EUOS_the_cat

This cat nibbles at the poor man’s back whenever he’s having a chat with his wife as what we can only assume is some tactic to turn his attention away from his wife and towards them. Sounds like something a cat would do.

Feed me

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably had your furry companion wake you up sometime at night so you can do them a favor. Whether it’s to let them out so they can go potty or hand them a treat, they’ll ask for whatever they want whenever they want it.

REDDIT via Jtrev16

This naughty feline woke their owner up before dawn just because he was feeling a little hungry. When they refused to get up to feed him (understandably so, we don’t joke around with our sleep either), the little guy made a mess!

Malicious Compliance

Everyone has boundaries (space bubbles, if you will), and there are even some between a pet and their owner. Sometimes our little furry friends might overstep those boundaries and it’s our job to keep them in check, but that doesn’t mean they’ll like it.

REDDIT via katyw99

Here’s a lovely kitty sitting on top of some kitchen appliances (something she’s obviously not supposed to do) all because her owner shooed her away from their work surface. Technically, she complied, although her new location wasn’t exactly ideal either.

Dog on board

We love having our pets follow us around, even if it’s just during some mundane errands, but that doesn’t mean that store owners agree with that decision. Of course, our pets might not understand that it’s not our fault and think that we’re neglecting them, hence they proceed to exact revenge.


We assume this owner wasn’t allowed to take his pet into a store and left the poor pooch in their car. As much as we wouldn’t recommend this, we’d understand if that was the case and sympathize with them for having to clean up the mess.

Dieting gone wrong

Although our pets might not understand it, everything a caring owner does for them is for their own good. Some things they do might come off as a punishment to them, but in reality it’s all so they can be healthy and live comfortable lives.

REDDIT via pickles-and-mayo

This cat is on a diet and we assume he scattered the trash not just to punish his owner but to search for something more to eat. We understand why the cute little guy might be angry; we can also get pretty hangry when we’re on a diet.

Litter bag

Every species has its strengths and weaknesses. Humans, for example, have “advanced” technology and opposable thumbs, which allow us to solve a variety of complicated tasks. From typing on keyboards to opening doors, humans have it all figured out. Pets, on the other hand, simply can’t do some of those things.

REDDIT via 808x

This cat was having some trouble getting to the litter box in their bathroom because the door was shut, so he tore open the litter bag and helped himself to its content. And by “helped himself” we mean pooped. He pooped inside the bag.

One day for the goose, another for the gander

Sometimes, these instances of revenge might not exactly be exacted toward a human. After all, animals are equally capable of upsetting one another and when one who’s been wronged gets their vengeance, you bet your sweet bippy it’ll be one for the ages.

REDDIT via tfisher257

The orange cat atop the box is apparently the victim of the brown cat’s bullying. No wonder when they finally got their chance to do something of equal magnitude, they took their chance. Finally, a vengeful act we can get behind!

This was intentional

As much as we love our pets, we can’t have them around us all the time and take them everywhere with us. It’s not just inconvenient but we just need a break sometimes. This can mean we miss out on some of our duties as parents.

REDDIT via work_constantly

Here’s a cat that understands exactly what we mean. Apparently, their owner went to a bar and came back quite a while later. As revenge for not feeding the cat at their dinner time, they did this. Quite rude, we must say — and we’re talking about the cat.

Bully gets bullied

When you really boil it down, humans aren’t all that different from other animals. For instance, they also have an idea of some form of hierarchy and they prove that in their actions as well as the way they interact with others.

REDDIT via CanuckKippeR

The story behind the picture above is a pretty good illustration of that. The cat harasses the poor dog regularly, so he saw a chance and took his revenge by sitting on her. It’s another instance of animal revenge we can get behind.

Not the bagels again!

Cats are fully equipped to take care of themselves and get whatever their heart desires. Those razor-sharp claws and teeth give them the upper hand against many obstacles. Sometimes the “obstacle” is feeling neglected by their human parent, so they use their built-in weapons to exact revenge.

REDDIT via BrentTse

The furry guy’s probably upset at their owner for something, so they’re throwing a tantrum by taking bites out of a bag of bagels. We wonder why it’s the bagels that always get hit. Is there a conspiracy about cats and bagels we don’t know about?

Notice me

Sometimes our pets act out not just because we might have done something wrong to them, but because they desperately want our attention and we’re giving them none of it. This cat named Whisper (no relation to the previous one) is the perfect example of that.

REDDIT via bittergemini

Whisper apparently likes to go to great lengths to get her owners to notice her. First, she sneaks out. Then, she gets upset when they don’t notice she’s not around. Finally, she’ll then lick the windows and scream. Sounds like she’s a handful!

Bruce the troublemaker

We absolutely love it when people online share the names of their pet and their quirks. It really gives them much more character than a single picture can convey, and more often than not, can help us understand (to some extent) the motivation behind their behavior.

REDDIT via art-ho-vangogh

When we learned this guy’s name was Bruce, it all made sense. We didn’t even need to know that he attacked his automatic feeder when it didn’t give him his meal and went after some bread next, no. It just made sense.

Neat tantrum

In most cases we have seen so far, the animals enacted their vengeance upon their unsuspecting human in a rather messy and destructive way. That’s why it’s nice to see one that, although it’s still an inconvenience, isn’t as troublesome to clean up.

REDDIT via Stinky_Cat_Toes

The black cat meowing (or most likely snarling) above was in the mood for some shenanigans just because breakfast was being delivered a bit later than usual. So, they hopped on the toilet seat and proceeded to unravel the toilet paper. It’s still somewhat “messy,” but it’s easier to clean up.

Feline’s Feelin’ Fussy

Pets seem to love throwing tantrums when they’re not fed on time, and this leaves pet owners in a tricky situation. On one hand, giving them what they want when they want it spoils them, and on the other, refusing them might lead to something like this.

REDDIT via DukeFerdinandMaria

We absolutely love cashews, so it’s a shame this cat targeted a jar of them as the medium to express their anger. Regardless of how cute and pretty this cat is, we can’t help but be a bit upset at them.

Stray dog goes haywire

As much as we love and adore all kinds of furry animals, we’ve gotta admit — strays can be kind of a nuisance. They litter, make all kinds of noises at all hours, and aren’t the nicest animals to approach.


But, that doesn’t mean we have a right to be mean to them and this picture above shows us why. The owner of that super sleek ride made the mistake of kicking the stray in the picture, and he’s taking out his anger on the guy’s car. 

Even the cardboard isn’t safe

There’s no telling what the pets will destroy to get back at us. Sometimes, it’s a valuable object that can be expensive to fix, but other times, it’s so minor that we can just sweep it up and move on with our lives.

REDDIT via Artasdmc

Fortunately, this owner experienced the latter. They left their dog alone for about ten minutes, and the little guy obviously didn’t like that very much. So, they ripped some cardboard boxes apart and littered the pieces to show how they felt.

Not the remote!

At this point, we’re not sure which pet causes more damage: dogs or cats. Cats are definitely more mischievous (we think) but dogs aren’t saints either. They can do some crazy stuff every now and then, like what we have below.

REDDIT via kingdodge1227

A dog was upset their owner didn’t offer them a treat, so they decided to chew on the remote as revenge. We can’t even begin to imagine how annoyed this person must have felt. If we were in that position, we’d deny them treats for a whole year…and maybe give in after a few hours.

Not the TP

As owners, we need to know our animals really well, so we can tend to their needs and coexist peacefully. And, we’re not just talking about their quirks and mannerisms, but we also need to know what ticks them off so we can avoid problems like this.

REDDIT via GreyGhostPhoto

Granted this kitty was being annoying to his owner leaving them with no choice but to lock him up in the bathroom. We still think the owner should have known their cat enough to figure there was a chance something like this might happen.

Some confetti for the kitty party

It’s almost like it’s on purpose, the way some animals know what to target that’ll cause the most damage or at least the biggest mess. Whether it’s a bag of bagels, a car, or their own toys, it’ll all ends up the same: a complete disaster.

REDDIT via Direct_Tower5556

And what we have here is just what we were talking about only this time. But this time, it’s not just one mischievous animal; it’s three of them! We wonder what the human might have done to annoy a whole clan ganging up to make a mess.

And I’ll do it again

Dogs are some of the neediest pets out there. Unlike cats who seem to prefer their own company, dogs crave human care and attention more than human toddlers. If you, as the owner, aren’t around to provide that for them, then you better leave something they can occupy themselves with, otherwise this happens.

REDDIT via twistednwarped

This gorgeous little Great Dane wasn’t given all of her bedtime chew toys before her owner fell asleep, so she went to work on the pillow, using it as a substitute for her playthings. We can’t say we agree with her, but we do understand.

Cheech is a cheeky one

At this point, every pet owner should know better than to ignore their pet when they’re crying out in the dead of the night for some food. There are some major consequences for doing something as harmless as that, and this is further proof.

REDDIT via bonlow87

Cheech likes to knock down books off the shelf whenever he wants to be fed but isn’t getting his meal. As you can clearly see, he has no shame and no regrets for his actions. That placard seems redundant; we don’t need to ask him to know what he wants.

Love Finn

Animals have their way of getting back at us, and although most of the methods we’ve seen in this post so far have been pretty much harmless, there are others that can cause more than a little inconvenience and a few minutes with a broom.

INSTAGRAM via finnegan_the_fantastic

The cunning perpetrator of this act is named Finn, and he knew where to hit to cause the most damage as he could to his mom. When searching for something to nibble on, he chose the debit card. Naughty Finn.

Don’t leave without me

If you leave a pet unattended at home, you better be prepared to clean up the mess they’ve made for you when you return. From what we’ve seen at this point, it’s simply inevitable. Just hope and pray it won’t be too big of a mess to clean.

REDDIT via Simplicityobsessed

This cat doesn’t like it when her owners leave, and she likes taking out that frustration on the plants in their apartment. To accomplish the scene in the picture, she had to jump over counters! Seems like the problem’s deeper than we thought.

Even more remote rage

This should serve as a warning to all owners — keep all small electronic devices away from your pets. You can avoid having to get new ones and them getting hurt by keeping them out of reach in the first place.

INSTAGRAM via dogs.cats.everywhere

This is a classic case of a pet throwing a tantrum while there’s a remote nearby. The criminal behind this is named Busta, and they didn’t take him out for a walk in four days, so he decided to do this. Sorry to say, but we’re on Busta’s side here.

Got the sock

It’s not just our electronic devices; it seems pets also have some weird affinity for our clothing. Take this pooch for example. Sure they look innocent, but they’re just acting cute after enacting their revenge. The bite in the sock shown was 100% their doing.

INSTAGRAM via shelby_the_jackass_and_shadow

We wonder if they’re trying to act innocent, pretending like they didn’t do what they just did, or somber like they’re ashamed of their actions. We’re going to go with the second because they’re just too cute and we want to forgive them.

Cone of Shame

As we mentioned earlier, many of our pets might not perceive what we’re doing as something that’s for their own good. For example, they simply don’t understand some of the restrictions placed on them. So they just act out, behave pettily and get revenge for those things.

REDDIT via plantpredator

This cute little guy was fitted with a cone, but he doesn’t know that it was to keep him healthy and safe. What he does understand is that he was wronged, and he’s standing over his owner’s iPad as punishment for this act.

What goes around comes around

Let’s be honest here; many of the instances of animal revenge we’ve listed above are just cases of pets throwing tantrums. Very few of them have actually been karma at work, and that’s why we made sure to include this picture/story.

REDDIT via Evilelfqueen

The big cat inside the cat tree is actually named Dewey and when he was a little kitten, he would bother all the big kitties. Now, Dewey gets to be bothered by a smaller cat the exact same way he used to bug others. 

Butting heads

Animals can be quite cruel and rude to each other (we’ve already seen a few cases of this), and this is why vengeful acts are not reserved for us humans alone. If one animal crosses another, you best be assured they’re going to seek revenge in anyway they can.

REDDIT via emosonglyric

And what we’ve got above is a good example of that. Cinnamon likes to place his plump little butt on Chester, but this time, Chester thought it would be fun to switch places with him so he can get a taste of just how it feels. Nice one Chester, nice one.

This is what you get

If you’re a pet owner, we don’t need to tell you that leaving your fur baby alone for too long is a bad idea. On the off chance that you’ve been lucky, let some of the entries on this post serve as a warning of what could happen if they get mad.

REDDIT via teabiscuit69

If you can’t drop them off at doggy daycare or a neighbor’s place, don’t be too surprised if you come back home to see your home in disarray, just like the owners of this dog did. They don’t at all look ashamed of their actions, and they might even do this again.

The outdoors

As lazy as cats can seem — sleeping half the day and all — they can also enjoy some active time, and whenever they show signs of wanting to do anything with themselves other than sleep, we should do all in our power to help and support them.


And, if we don’t, we might get snarled and meowed at, just like the parents of Pickles above do. He wanted to go outside, and they wouldn’t let him, so he began throwing temper tantrums when his request was not met.

More toilet paper troubles

Many times, owners get tantrums thrown at them usually because they forgot to do something. Other times, it’s just because their pets want love, affection, and attention but they just aren’t getting any of those. So, what do they do? They act out.

REDDIT via Nikea_and_Moo

Here, a cat went on a rampage, turning the bathroom upside down just because their owner left for just a night. We don’t know what’s up with cats and toilet paper, but it looks like the two have got some serious beef.

Put a cone on me, I spill your drink

We can’t even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it would feel to have a cone attached to our necks. That’s exactly why we can sympathize with the unfortunate animals that have to deal with getting one put on them, especially without warning.


That being said, we can’t exactly excuse their actions just because they have to endure such things. Just because you’re not feeling very comfortable doesn’t give you the right to spill someone’s precious cup of iced coffee. Take it out on the person, not their drink.


If you’re not with your pet and they don’t have anyone to spend the time with, make sure you give them a toy or something to keep them busy. And, pro tip, make sure whatever toy you’re getting can’t be easily destroyed.

REDDIT via LaylaLovesWaylon

This dog was left alone, and as a result of boredom, he proceeded to tear up the stuffed panda bear. Although there’s stuffing littered everywhere, we can’t help but forgive the pooch just because of how cute he looks holding his toy.

Even your shoes aren’t safe

At this point, it would be safer if all pet owners consulted their feathered, scaly, and furry friends right before doing any single thing just so they don’t face the repercussions of an action they didn’t know their pet would not approve of.

REDDIT via timfryzie

For instance, this dog chewed his owner’s flip-flops because they went hunting and didn’t take him along for the activity. As harmless as it might seem to the owner, the dog was clearly not pleased, and all this could have been avoided if they had just asked first.

No regrets

You never know what route your pet is going to take to get their revenge on you. One thing you can be assured of, though, is that there’s a high chance they’re going to leave a mess. And while you can hope for an easy fix, be ready to come home to an absolute disaster.

REDDIT via silis25

Tearing a piece of the sofa apart, ripping it into bits, and littering it all over the living room doesn’t sound too far-fetched, but since the owner took a photo of the incident and shared it online, it’s clear they never expected it to happen to them.

Know your pet

While we believe most of the actions in this post are that of annoyed animals throwing tantrums when they didn’t get what they wanted, there are some of them here that are unusual and signs our furry friends are struggling with one thing or another.

REDDIT via SharkRancher

This dog tore a huge hole through the door when their owner was out late. And while many might assume it’s them acting out, this could be a sign of neglect or separation anxiety. Either way, we hope the pooch is doing much better now.

Total destruction

If you’re going to leave your pet alone, you might as well keep anything and everything breakable (those potted plants), tearable (the bags of bagels), and valuable (the debit card) out of their reach because there’s a pretty good chance they’ll go haywire on it. 

REDDIT via AreYaWell

This parent left their dog alone at home for an hour she proceeded to tear some boxes and mess with a ball, an activity she hasn’t seemed to have stopped even though her owner is right in front of her. What a naughty pooch.

Someone call an exorcist

Things can get tough at times, and we have to scrape all we’ve got to provide for the basics. This can mean we can only afford stuff that we’re not the biggest fans of, just like this owner buying some cheap cat food their feline obviously didn’t like.

REDDIT via allouttaupvotes

This rampaging kitty is getting some payback. Not to be rude, but this is actually a pretty scary sight. We know cats are flexible and have one heck of a grip, but this has got to be going through something that’s out of the ordinary.

No apologies were offered

Imagine coming out of a relaxing shower only to be doused in a bucket of mud immediately after you do. It would suck, right? It might even put you in a bad mood for the rest of the week; so you can imagine how this owner felt.

INSTAGRAM via gloria.kaci

This dog had just come back home from the groomer and decided to make a mess, making themselves look unkempt in the process. Not only that but this was done a day after the housekeeper came! It’s honestly impressive that they did that with just one act of destruction.