Double Trouble: 40+ Pet Owners and Their Furry Doppelgangers

By Aileen D

Spend enough time with someone, and you might end up looking like them. Of course, science debunked this myth. However, we can’t help but think some part of it is true. You need only take one look at these pictures, and you’ll become a believer.

These pets look awfully like their pet owners—you might even think that they came from the same womb. They have the same goofy smiles, frown lines, and even eye color! These pet owners swear that their pets have the same quirks as they do. All the more reason to love these fur balls.

So, if you have a pet, it’s likely that you’re training them to behave the way you do or grooming them to look similar to you. Just make sure to let your furball have his / her say. But, without further ado, let’s look at some pets who have an uncanny resemblance to their owners.


This doggo and her owner can’t stand the bright lights outside. They have got to have a pair of glasses to dim the sun or the flash of cameras as they strut Hollywood Boulevard. But who do you think wore it better?

Image courtesy of xmascarol1 / Reddit

The dog stares straight ahead, refusing to look at his mom, thinking, “of course, I wore it better.” This dog grimaces at the thought that his mom would even think that she could outdo him. “I’m the only reason why she’s even looked at!”


This woman may look beautifully feminine, but there’s no mistaking the resilience and strength of character within. She has a commanding presence and can silence the crowd the minute she walks into a room. Or, it might also have to do with a dog beside her.

Image courtesy of ShebaTurk / Reddit

Her dog doesn’t need a command to know that his owner is in danger. All he has got to do is lurk around his mom, and that ought to scare off any person intruding into his precious human’s affairs. Don’t mess with this duo!

Chocolate Pools

If you have a stare-off with this Redditor, then he will hypnotize you with those striking green eyes. However, underneath the bravado, this hunk of a man is gentle by nature. Just look at him cradling his fur baby. Swoon!

Image courtesy of topherbrophy / Reddit

The guy won’t let just anyone touch his fur child. If you so much as attempt to do so, he will swat your hand away or tensely monitor your every moment, ready to yank his fur child away at the slightest hint of trouble.

Very Bodacious

This guy doesn’t care if people are gawking at him. What matters to him and his pooch is life in this very moment. He takes the time to dress himself up, admiring himself in the mirror, then attending to his fur baby and untangling his doggo’s golden locks.

Image courtesy of topherbrophy / Instagram

Within minutes, they are out of the door and into the limelight. It doesn’t matter if this guy is walking into the grocery store. Every step he takes outside his house is an opportunity for stardom. Treat every step as if you were strutting your stuff on the runway.

Jolly Old Fellow

This guy and his fur dog love going to the park. They love the feel of the warm sun caressing their skin and the cool air rustling through their hair. It also helps that women are drawn to their upbeat attitude and positive energy.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ Reddit

“How about we play fetch, buddy?” The dog chases his tail and then stops to look at his master. He crouches and then springs back up to tell his dad that he’s ready to catch the ball. Within seconds he’s sprinting across the park to retrieve the ball his human has thrown.

Fiery Curls

Some people might prefer straight, long locks against fiery-haired curls. But if you showed them this cute selfie, those people might all reconsider their preferred hairstyle. Look at how this stunning woman and her pretty pooch rock those wavy curls.

Image courtesy of daxandwillow / Reddit

Without even putting much effort, this woman and her dog look photogenic on camera. By the fifth shot, this pooch is struggling to get loose. She’s made for a lifetime of adventure and backyard digging, not being a part-time model.

Golden Locks

Just shy of daybreak, this boy heads towards the barns to make his rounds. Right around the same time, this mother hen rushes out to check whether the eggs she had laid have cracked and if all her chicks are alive and well.

Image courtesy fo jodeanbrannan / Reddit

Guess you can say one takes after the other. Both have golden locks of hair and like to run a tight ship. At around 8 am, everyone has been bathed and fed, and off the twins go careening into the open field.

Shy By Nature

This woman and her cat are both shy by nature. They like to spend their time indoors, cozying up by the hearth or looking out the window, watching the passersby and the birds perching atop tree branches. That’s time well spent.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ Reddit

However, being human, this Redditor is more sociable than her shy-natured cat. Her cat has a tendency to run toward the rooms upstairs to hide from unexpected guests, whereas she would cover for her cat. Once everything is clear, this cat emerges from the shadows.

Double Chin

We used to laugh at the idea that pets look and behave like their owners. But after seeing this image, we can’t help but question our convictions. Both of these two are absolute goofballs and love to take selfies of themselves.

Image courtesy of avojalkasieni / Reddit

We would also say that this cat has a tendency to smile at the camera—just like her owner. After seeing her human flash her dimples, this cat strikes a pose, with its whiskers shaking and its chin protruding out to the sides.

Pretty Entertaining

This dog has a habit of staring at people for way too long. He just finds things so entertaining. His human likes to poke fun at him every once in a while, mimicking the poor fella gawking at the things and animals around him.

Image courtesy of pics of pugs / Twitter

Just what had this dog seen on the ceiling? His dad asked, but the dog wouldn’t budge. His dad followed the dog’s line of sight and his eyes widened at the blank slate of wall before them. This dog really has a peculiar way of viewing things.

Nice Color Combo

This dad found his black hair pretty boring. He wanted to revamp his whole look. While lying on the bed, he saw his pooch strut toward the mirror, oozing with confidence. This human decided to follow suit and get the look for less.

Image courtesy of peeta.pocket / Reddit

He found the whole black and gold combo regal-looking yet masculine. He felt a tinge of envy as his dog was sporting the look without having to dye his fur. He had to frequent the barber’s shop every now and then, but it was worth it to look so good.

Loves the Cold

At first sight of snow, this woman eagerly rushed out onto the lawn. She stuck her tongue out and tried to catch one snowflake just as it fell. Her dog scrambled to get to her side and lap at the cute little gremlins falling from the sky.

Image courtesy of TheDiceler / REddit

This dog was dressed for winter all year round, whereas her human had to wear a fur jacket to temper the cold. But whether it was arctic cold or not, these two loved to take a walk in the park and stare at the people skating by the rink.

You Called?

This furball dislikes being disturbed from his sleep. He plays dead, but his ears twitch the second time this Redditor calls his name. He frowns and slowly opens his eyes to see his own reflection on the iPhone screen in front of him.

Image courtesy of leslie.garcia21 / reddit

Even he couldn’t help but think how devilishly handsome he was. With those stunning blue eyes, this dog admires his reflection as his fur mom takes selfies of them. “Oh please, help yourself,” he growls until he shifts his body to lie more comfortably.

Shy Brunette

This pet owner always had trouble having dogs around the house. She found them too needy. While she was busy typing on her laptop, dogs would bark to get some attention. However, this little kitty had no trouble fitting in.

Image courtesy of bleds22e / Reddit

They were both accustomed to spending time alone. This Redditor would spend hours on end typing away on her laptop while this cat would stare at the birds from the living room window. But they would always find time to spend with each other.

I’ve Had It

This fur mom had come up with an ingenious idea to tell her cat that she loved him. She ordered a onesie online that resembled her little furball. She was so excited to put it on, and she ripped the box apart to fit into this cute onesie.

Image courtesy of Catbell74 / Reddit

What did the cat think? She thought it was absolutely horrendous! She can’t stand the idea of having another feline in the house, much less someone 20 times larger than her. She looks away from the mirror, refusing to give this fur mom any credit.

All Ears

Try as he might, this dog can’t hide his distrust of his fur parent. He edges half of his body past the driver’s seat to get a good look at the road. And just when the car is about to hit the one in front of it, he barks as his dad yanks the wheel.

image courtesy of dr_tingrin / Reddit

Ever since he got this fur dog, this Redditor has had no need for a cup of coffee. He can always rely on this friendly pupper to tell him to tighten his grip on the steering wheel or turn right to keep from missing the corner.

Jolly Good Fellow

Smiling comes easily to this dog. He can take one good whiff of you, and he will be flashing a wide grin. Not to worry; it should only take him a couple of seconds to find out if you two can be friends.

Image courtesy of ensoninoue / Reddit

The same goes for his owner. However, she doesn’t need to smell anyone to know if she can befriend them. With her easygoing attitude, she can get along with anyone she meets. Just look at these two after having introduced themselves to a stranger.

Rainbow Pride

This man’s journey was difficult. He had been shunned, silenced, and spat on. But thanks to his little pup, he always had a loyal follower to keep him company during the worst moments of his life. Here they are sporting their rainbow pride.

Image courtesy of Brutus Watts / Reddit

Okay, his pet might have provided him more than company. In return, this little fur dog demands to be cradled like a kid by his fur dad’s side. This dog detests walking on land as he doesn’t get a good view of all the beautiful people walking the streets.


In a lot of ways, dogs are pretty similar to humans. They have feelings, they have their own unique personalities, and they also dislike having to be kept indoors. When this fur dog was banned from rough play, his fur dad decided to cheer him up.

Image courtesy of googlebiztog / reddit

It should only be one more month until this dog cone is removed. This fur dog had been reassured by his dad. The poor doggo can’t help but wonder how much time a month is in dog years. He looks at his morose dad, who refuses to leave the house with the cone on.

Pray Thee Tell

This Redditor and his dog have made headlines because of their uncanny similarities. Both are fond of art and plush bedding. And both have to be groomed by a professional before they face the camera. They can’t stand to look disheveled on social media.

Image courtesy of li4miom / Reddit

“Okay, that’s enough, dad. My turn!” This Siberian Husky haughtily looks at his fur parent, waiting for him to scooch to the side. “I said… it’s my turn!” He snorts in an attempt to get his fur dad’s attention and then rolls his eyes.

Smiles Awkwardly

These two like to emulate Miley Cyrus. They find that smiling for the camera is too overrated. Instead, they like to stick their tongues out or open their mouths wide to gawk at the camera. You can never mess up with this look.

Image courtesy of The Tash Mahal / Reddit

Or, it might have simply been that this fur mom was driving. She nearly hit a pedestrian. She yanked the wheel sharply to the right, hoping that the brakes work in time before they slammed into another car. And fortunately enough, the breaks worked!

Who’s A Good Boy?

It’s pretty unlikely for a guy to get himself a small dog. Most would prefer a lanky Great Dane or a rugged German Shepherd. Not this guy. He introduced this cute, old fur ball into his life because they’re both good boys.

Image courtesy of calvinator19 / Reddit

This guy looks so nice. You can expect this guy to help you fix up your house or even babysit your dog for you while you’re on vacation. His pooch will be there nuzzling his nose on your legs or showing the neighbor’s dog around the house.

Where Are We Going?

These two can’t stand spending more than an hour indoors. They have to be up and about, stretching their legs or hanging by the side of the river, trying to catch fish. As expected, this fur dad and his fur dog are off to a new adventure.

Image courtesy of cory_babstock / Reddit

Dad looked at his fur dog and suggested that they go on a little road trip. At once, his dog’s ears perked up. He got off his belly and eagerly ran into the kitchen to get his collar and leash, then ran back to dad so they could scram out of the house.

Beautiful Oddity

This Redditor was concerned that people would treat his kid differently. People can’t help but stare at his boy. His child has this physical condition only a few people have. Maybe someone else could help his kid accept the condition.

Image courtesy fo [unknown user] / reddit

Now, people are confused as to which of these beautiful beings they should stare at. Those different colored eyes are so beguiling (and some even find them haunting), but people just can’t help but admire how stunning this duo is.

How May I Help You Today?

You fumble for your wallet and blindly push your cart toward the counter. You transfer the items so that the cashier attendant can put through the items. Then you hear a high-pitched growl tell you, “that’s 20 dollars and 20 cents.”

Image courtesy of [unknown user] / Reddit

Your head whisks to look at the attendant, who smiles at you with a strained smile. “I said, ‘that’s twenty dollars and twenty cents.'” You stare at him stupidly. The attendant looks just like this doggo—down to the pained smile.


This woman loves to tease her cat. Today she decided to tell her cat that she would be adopting a new member to the family. “It’ll be a dog!” Her cat immediately bares its fangs and then shrieks to the heavens, “noooooo!”

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ imgur

The cat bares her claws and then immediately sharpens them against the rug. This furball hears her owner chortling, and that infuriates her further. “Don’t you dare bring a dog into this house. The moment you do, I’ll make a run for it and leave home forever!”


She takes one last look at herself in the mirror to fix her hair. She looks to her right, where her dog is seated. “Are you up for a walk?” The dog slowly stands to his feet and then accompanies mom to the door.

Image courtesy of shadesofneon6 / Reddit

She puts one hand on her knee and then bends. She flicks through her phone to turn the camera on and takes a selfie of the two of them. Because both are so striking, they command a lot of people’s attention as they meander through the city.

Playing Favorites

Without meaning to, this dog has told everyone which family member he loves cozying up to. He frequently sits by this person’s side. Not helping himself, he nudges this person to pat him on the head. Even pets play favorites!

Image courtesy of lesliesturgeon / reddit

It might simply be that granny knows how to take care of those locks. When she bathes this dog, she tends to it carefully, untangling the knots with her hands and then rinsing off any dirty clumps with water. Of course, she has locks of her own!

Gentle By Nature

Don’t let looks deceive you. This guy may be the man around town (and people scurry to the sides to give way for him and his dog), but this guy is a real mush. He can’t keep himself from hugging his dog during nap time!

Image courtesy of [unknown user] / reddit

Of course, his dog loves it just as much as he does. The two can’t sleep without each other. They can sleep through the noisiest of neighbors as long as they have each other. But take them apart, and they’ll toss and turn the rest of the night.

Wontcha Turn It Back On

People don’t question this man. Once he barks an order, people are sure to follow. When he’s not busy, he rewards himself with well-deserved time watching the television. Here he is telling someone to turn it on. Gotta watch a rerun!

Image courtesy of kiana_nicole99 /Reddit

But no one responds to his request. This mafioso sneers. His buddy’s low growl rumbles through the living room, raising the hairs on everyone’s necks. Immediately, the person he gave instructions to scurries to turn the television on. Everyone relaxes as they watch another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Say Arrrr

These two love to go on adventures. They love to find chests filled with gold or raid ships with fair maidens on them. Just today, they had planned to loot some goods on deck. Here they are, bringing the plan to fruition!

Image courtesy of sdw / Reddit

The man puts both hands on his hips and eyes the deck. “We have got a winner here.” He looks at his cat, who keeps an eye on crewmates who might chance upon them. The pirates immediately run to the deck to raid it of valuables.

Uh Oh

This fur dad has got to learn how to be more sensitive to his cat’s needs. He ordered a sweater online, thinking that it would pair well with his cat. But as soon as his cat saw it, the poor fella wanted to scurry away from his fur dad’s embrace.

Image courtesy of ceronamo / Reddit

“Dear me!” His face may have been stoic, but his tail waves frantically. He pulls away from his fur dad, hoping to make an escape, before the latter attempts to make another sweater out of him. “This is my last life left!”

Snooty Aunt

This woman has exquisite taste. She wears designer clothing, buys luxury bags, and tastes the most delectable food. Anytime she attends an event, she can’t help but look down at the poor taste of the people around her. “How tacky.”

Image courtesy of Michelle Miller / Reddit

Of course, snooty aunt Michelle has to bring her dog with her. Her dog raises a brow and then looks at snooty aunt Michelle. “The nerve of these people…” Snooty aunt Michelle cackles. “I know! That person uses an Android phone! So outdated.”

Smartest of the Bunch

Without being told, this dog opens the curtains a minute before the alarm rings. Then he sits patiently, waiting for his fur parent to rise from the bed. He sees her prop herself up and swing her legs over the edge of the bed. “Good morning, buddy!”

Image courtesy of cakewar/ reddit

He receives a pat on the head as his fur mom shuffles toward the bathroom. Then he bites the edge of the comforter to tidy the bed. Who wouldn’t want to adopt this fur baby who is not only easy to look at but is also smart?

Make Way

The crowd parts as these two walk towards the shop. People can’t help but gawk at them. The two look awfully similar. And with the lively fur on this dog, people can’t help but wonder if he’s wearing a wig.

Image courtesy of John paul Hunter / Reddit

This fur mum takes it all in stride. She picks her dog up and then rubs its head. She explains that she adopted the dog from the local shelter, and they have been inseparable since then. These two are #bestiegoals.

Where, Hooman?

This Redditor loves to take photos. It’s his way of documenting what happened during the day. He often has his fur dogs with him in the pictures. Every once in a while, he catches his bud off guard with a selfie.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ Reddit

Notice how this dog was looking beyond the camera lens? He might have been more preoccupied with the bright red button so they could get off the bus or the treat hidden in his fur dad’s hand. “Won’t you give it already?”

Killer Design

These two do everything together—sleeping, eating, and even working out. They take good care of themselves with a strict daily routine, and it shows. They’re each other’s accountability partners. Both are in tip-top shape, with minimalist black clothes and gold necklaces.

Image courtesy of browningisland / reddit

Dad tells his fur dog to pose for the camera. He sees his dog take a couple of seconds to look at him to mimic the edgy look. He applauds his Rotweiller for the job well done, then asks him if he’s down for a treat.

Big Baby

Actress Amanda Seyfried bought a beanie bag as a reward for herself. But lo and behold, someone beat her to it. She had asked this critter to give her a couple of minutes to use it, but it wouldn’t budge. So she had to resort to extraordinary measures.

Image courtesy of mingey / Reddit

She gently nudged her fur dog aside and then mimicked the dog’s position. See what we have here? A big baby! She stares the dog down, but the critter meets her gaze. “Fine, you get the rest of the day, and then I get ten minutes. Deal?”

Night Out with the Boys

You know it’s a long night when you have slept through all ten alarms. These two continue to snore while all their flatmates have been woken up by the ear-piercing alarm. They’re in for a shock as they wake up to find the internet ridden with this photo of them.

Image courtesy of labrador / reddit

It was the only way their flatmates could exact revenge on them. Now, the two refuse to go to sleep, putting stilts under their eyelids so they won’t have to use an alarm. Eventually, the sandman casts his spell, and the two can be heard snoring again.

Aging Gracefully

This woman absolutely detests having her hair dyed. Not only is it pricey, but it is also irritating to the scalp. It makes her completely unrecognizable, and not in a good way. Besides, she looks fabulous with these white locks.

Image courtesy of maddilwagner / Reddit

This doggo thinks so too. She looks up at her fur parent, sniffs the wisps of hair by the side of the woman’s face, and almost mistakes them for her own. She’s told to face the camera, and she feels the gentle grasp of her mom’s hand turn her head.


Despite having been told to cut his mane of hair, he refused to. This dad can’t stand the idea of looking different from his buddy. They had always been known around the neighborhood for being the twins. Remove the glasses, and they’re a mirror image of each other.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ Reddit

This fluff ball tries not to, but he can’t help but feel pleased when people tell him he looks so much like his fur dad. The guy is charismatic and can thaw the icy heart of any stranger. Or it might have to do with him bringing along this fluff ball!

Peachy Bottoms

This dog can’t stand to leave his friend alone. After all, he had been asked by his fur parents to keep watch over his baby brother. Now, this pitbull crawls at a child’s pace to accompany this little infant on his adventures.

Image courtesy of andcopenhagen / reddit

Today, his baby brother decided to climb up a small hill. This dog looked at the grass and thought, “no sweat.” But he couldn’t leave his baby brother alone on his own. If he had to, he would cheer the little human on!

Another Stunner

When people come across these two, they don’t know where to look. Both are naturally stunning with their different colored eyes. And both are completely unaware of their hypnotic effect on other people. Tell them, and they won’t believe it.

Image courtesy of antonynapkins / Reddit

Having different-colored eyes shouldn’t affect your eyesight. It occurs in less than 1% of the population and is even less common in animals. But have your eyesight checked if you acquired this during old age. It could be an early sign of glaucoma.


Even before the dawn of Instagram, this fur dog and his fur parent loved to dress up. Their life motto is “you can never be overdressed to an event or a party.” You have got to look the part once you walk through those doors.

Image courtesy of [unknown user] / Reddit

There are some questionable clothing items we have seen. We can’t tell if they are off to commit another crime with this outfit. But one thing is for sure, if they are going to break into a bank, they will definitely look fab doing it.

Long-legged Lady

We don’t think we have ever seen anything quite like this. It is oddly provocative how the picture was taken and how those legs are crossed. Just so we are on the right page, we’re referring to the furry feline!

Image courtesy of [unknown user] / Imgur

This cat might have just bested the smooth legs of this woman. Then again, cats have always been known to sensuously stealth around with their slow gait. This shouldn’t come as a surprise—it is known as the catwalk, after all.