Miserable Pets Who Realized They Were Actually At The Vet And Not The Park

By Arvyn B

As much as we dread taking our pets to the vet, imagine how much worse it is for our pets! The very building, or the act of checking in, seems to drive animals insane. It could be the feeling of being prodded and poked by the vet that irritates our lovable companions. The overwhelming smells, sounds, and other assaults to the senses might cause such alarm. No one involved loves the experience. But sometimes, our pets’ fear is just too funny. The silly expressions that they get on their faces, or the way they look almost human in their fear of visiting the vets – it’s hilariously adorable! Some of the best pictures of pets who realized that they were going to the vet have been gathered for your viewing pleasure.

Wide-eyed terror

This pupper was not having her best day. We’re not sure what happened at past trips to the vet that could inspire such fear, but if we liken vet experiences to dentist visits, then maybe we don’t have to think too hard.

Source: Boston Terrier (Imgur)

You can almost see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to think of a way out. She has tucked herself as far away as she could from her human’s arms. Hopefully, the owners managed to get her out without much trouble.

You can’t see me!

Any cat owner will know that their furry friends love hiding away in tight spaces. That includes sinks! This one seems to think that she’s invisible because she’s crammed herself in there pretty well. Sadly, we can still see her!

Source: Catriona Twigg (Pinterest)

Funnily enough, this will not be the only “cat in a sink” entry on this list. There must be something about a vet’s office that inspires our feline friends to seek safety in them. Spoiler: none of them are successful.

Sheer Bribery

One of the easiest ways to get your pets to do something is to bribe them with treats. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, or anything else – they almost always respond to a tasty surprise. Not this one, though!

Source: TheDuke71 (Reddit)

This adorable doggy looks like it needs more than just a few treats to come out from under the bench. What a smart pup! We hope he got something extra special from the vet and it made him feel a little better about the whole experience.

Going Full Patrick Bateman

Some animals look adorable when they are worried about their vet visit. Then there are those who look completely terrifying. We’re not sure who is more scared in this situation – the cat or its owner. Either way, it was an experience to remember.

Source: Kim Fer (Pinterest)

Fortunately for the owner, she was parked at the time this photo was taken. We can’t even imagine the chaos that would have been caused if she was actually driving. It’s a pretty clear fact this cat hates the vet.

Pwetty Pwease

The cat above tried to scare its owner from going to the vet. This kitty took a different approach by using its cuteness instead. Those adorable and huge eyes have melted our resolve! The tactic would definitely work on us.

Source: Max (Cute Cats HQ)

This adorable fur baby is backed up in the corner. She probably thinks this will stop the vet from seeing her. Unfortunately, things are never that easy! Still, those wide eyes make it impossible to resist petting her lovely face.

Why the long face?

We can’t stop laughing at this picture. This photograph captured the exact moment that this puppy realized he was going to the vet. And it was not just for a check-up – he had to say bye-bye to having any babies in the future!

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Source: Little Woof Pack (Pinterest)

We have no idea what this corgi was trying to accomplish by putting his nose through the bars. Perhaps he thought he could sneak out through them. It could be he knew how pathetic he looked and thought his human would have mercy.

Are you kidding me?

We have had animals that look scared, pets making bribes, and others that are angry. The worst feeling? Disappointment. That is the expression that this pup is wearing. Once again, his human has tricked him. All that work on the relationship.

Source: Txyellowrose99 (Twitter)

We wonder how the owner managed to make it up to this disapproving doggy. Perhaps they gave him many treats or an extra-long walk in the park. Like the meme says: “My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.”

Hide and Seek

It seems that dogs instinctually dislike vets. This tiny puppy is so small, yet decided to play a game of hide-and-seek to avoid going to the vet! His hiding skills could use a little work, but who would dare to tell that to this fluff ball?

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Source: UKC Northern Breed Group (Facebook)

We don’t know how anyone could refuse this little pup with those huge eyes and cute face. Being a brave doggo and eventually going to the vet deserves all the pets, rewards, and playtime with Mom. He’s such a good boy!

Cat Straitjacket

One way to help any nervous kitty go to the vet is to wrap them up like this – no, seriously! It isn’t a restraint, either. Cats are a lot calmer when they are swaddled up in a thick blanket.

Source: Nancy Tull-Eddy (Pinterest)

It’s also safer for any owners because there is a much lower risk of being scratched by angry kitty claws. Of course, the difficult part is actually getting the cat into the swaddle. We recommend giving your feline lots of tuna!

Take me with you!

Sometimes, we end up treating our lovable companions like they are babies. That includes holding them like one, too! One owner was forced to carry this doggy in his arms to the vet because he refused to go. How sweet!

Source: Crazypaint (Pinterest)

This guy must do a lot of working out to carry an animal this huge in his arms. Although, it’s also possible that he gets all of his strength training just from doing this. Either way, this is dog parenting done right.

A face full of regret

Anyone whose heart doesn’t immediately break after looking at this picture isn’t looking properly. This little one’s face is too much! He clearly regrets every shoe that he’s chewed and every accident on the carpet. He wants to go home.

Source: Leilani Sarmiento (Pinterest)

This cute pup has learned his lesson from all the mistakes he made before. We have a feeling that it wasn’t enough to get him out of this trip to the vet. We wanna tell him it wasn’t his fault! It’s just so he can be healthy and grow up to be big.


Here’s another pet who seems to think that hiding is the best option and only course of action. This kitty is a little too on the bigger size to be successful at it! But like every cat, she tried to fit and sit.

Source: Anthropolegiste (Twitter)

For cats, especially the fluffy ones, it’s very easy to make a mistake in guessing their weight. The best fix for this is to provide cuddles many times a day to keep track. This ensures you know if they need a diet or extra snacks.

Pure. Horror.

Cats are animals that are known for being near impossible to read. You just can’t seem to understand what they are sometimes thinking. Not this kitty, though. There’s no mistaking the sheer fear on his face. Look at those eyes!

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Source: Persiancat (Tumblr)

We doubt that anything near that terrifying actually happened at the vet. Perhaps this is just the way this cat naturally looks. Still, we appreciate that the cat’s owner helped him feel a little less alone and scared by striking the same pose.

Drop it low

This doggy tried to hide underneath the car seat so he wouldn’t have to visit the vet. The look in his eyes says everything. Their uncertainty is clear and practically palpable! If he could speak, he would say, “Please, no.”

Source: Whatthelump (Imgur)

It’s almost a little scary how human this dog looks. Even the way it has a grimace on its face seems like a person. We can see that this hiding spot was any good. Hopefully, the visit wasn’t that bad!

I refuse

There’s also the last resort for pets who don’t want to go – outright refusal. This pup decided to just lie on the street as a way of not visiting the vet. His bigger size meant the owner couldn’t carry him.

35 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Realizing They're Headed To The Vet And Not The  Park
Source: The Organic Companion (Facebook)

He even seems to be showing off his teeth to make the owner leave him alone. He’s a clever boy! This is probably the most successful attempt of avoiding the vet on this list, even if it’s not the cutest.

The penny drops

This cat took a little while to realize it, but now he seems to understand where he is. He’s at the dreaded vet! The look on his face is a mix of surprise, sadness, and shock at being tricked into going.

Source: GiveItLove (Pinterest)

We have no idea how the owners managed to take the cat all the way without him realizing it. Whatever they did, it was certainly clever as this kitty had no idea. We would love to try their technique for ourselves!

Another case of the puppy eyes

The cute doggy in this photo had to get a shot at the clinic. Was the picture was taken before or after the shots? Not sure, but either way, it’s adorable. He’s using his eyes to try and escape the situation.

Source: O-Rex (Imgur)

He has perfected this doggy talent, even if he’s not a puppy anymore. Perhaps the puppy eyes would have worked if it wasn’t such a necessary visit. The pain of being a pet parent centers around these moments. The shot went ahead anyway!

Back off!

We have no idea how this little kitty knew the terror of visiting the vets. She can’t be more than a few weeks old, yet she’s screaming to go home! We can imagine she grew up to be quite bossy.

Source: Diaforetiko.gr

She looks pretty demanding. Anyone with a cat will know how piercing their shrieks can be, so we feel pretty sorry for the owner. At least she decided to stand her ground and fight instead of hiding herself away. We admire that!


Here is another picture of a pet acting like a person. This doggy wanted some help from his human. he wanted to be comforted and was successful in getting the owner to hold his hand! It’s absolutely adorable how childlike this photo looks.

Veterinerden korkan köpekler!
Source: GiveItLove (Pinterest)

He is a brave canine for admitting his fear and asking for some comfort in this way. There is no way that anybody could resist hold his furry little paw. We award this dog 10 out of 10 for his bravery. He accepted his fate without a whimper.

A successful player

We’ve seen quite a few pets who haven’t quite been able to master the art of hide-and-seek. However, this kitty is an expert! Have you managed to spot where she is hiding? Take a closer look, and you will see…

Source: Michael Litherland (Pinterest)

We have to say; this cat did pretty well with hiding herself – at least from this angle! The color and markings on her fur helped her blend in perfectly with the sink. But alas, the vet found her eventually.

I’ll fight you!

Some pets choose a more defensive position at the vet. This feisty feline is a clear example of a fighter. She looks like she’s ready to scrap with anyone who picks her up. She might be cute but look out for those claws!

Source: Viralnova.com

Kitties can be a terror when they are angry or scared. We would suggest backing away from a cat in this position and giving them time to adjust. It’s better to be a little late than deal with feline fury!

Two for One

Taking one pet to the vet is difficult enough. You have to deal with a lot of stress. But taking two of them at the same time?! Utter madness. You can see in this pair’s eyes that they want to leave.

Source: Chatsworth Animal Clinic (Facebook)

We can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it was taking these two to the vet. The whining to go home, the barking, the puppy eyes that throw all of your priorities into question. “Do I really need to get them neutered?”

Crazy Camouflage

In the wild, camouflage is an effective technique for many animals. It can keep them safe from predators, help them hunt their prey, or keep their bodies cool. But using your human’s camouflage jacket to hide from the vet? Not so effective.

Source: sadanduseless.com

All it does is make us laugh out loud! This attempt was never going to work, mostly because the dog is completely the wrong color! He also has his butt sticking out, which isn’t a great way to stay hidden.

Teeny Terror

This one is just indescribably cute. Look at this pup’s tiny body! Those huge eyes seem to be full of sadness. Hopefully, this was just a check-up because we’d hate to think of anything bad happening to this lovable boy.

Source: Slapcation (Pinterest)

Even the vet looks like she can’t handle his cuteness. And we are not surprised! Our official diagnosis for this doggo is a case of puppy eyes and cuteness. We recommend plenty of hugs, treats, and belly rubs. A new toy, too, to ensure a full recovery.

You’re joking!

Try not to laugh at this picture. This doggy was just told that she’s going to the vet and was left gobsmacked – literally! You can almost hear her say “oh my god” at the same time that her jaw drops.

Source: Amberlyn Schultz (Pinterest)

Dogs like this are clever beyond their years. Luckily, trips to the vet usually don’t last too long. A dog as clever as her – or any dog, for that matter – certainly doesn’t deserve any painful memories. She deserves lots of steaks and walks instead!

Hello from the other side

Some pups can’t resist helping each other out, and this little one is a great example of that. It looks like the dog outside the car is trying to comfort the one inside. Probably because they are off to the vet.

Source: Claudia Bionda (Pinterest)

Of course, the trip was probably nowhere near as bad as it seemed to these pups and was likely just routine. There is no way that anyone could willingly separate these two dogs in good conscience. They are just adorable beyond words!

How dare you?!

Here’s another dog, caught in the moment where he was told the truth. He seems to be feeling a mixture of surprise, anger, and devastation at realizing he’s at the vet. He probably was just enjoying the ride, not worried about where they were going.

Source: Chatsworth Animal Clinic (Facebook)

This isn’t a trip to the park, we’re afraid! The one positive is that he got to ride shotgun on the way there. We guess that counts for something! It doesn’t like it will help much, though, as he seems pretty shocked.

Trashcan traveller

If you’re a pet and you’re faced with a terrible situation like going to that-place-that-must-not-be-named, you’ll do anything to get out of it. Apparently, that also includes hiding in a trashcan! This kitty was very desperate to escape.

Source: Central Broward Animal Hospital (Pinterest)

The vet probably pretended to look around for a while, but they likely found this poor cat quickly. We hope that the game of hide-and-seek was worth it! Such a sweet little face, full of so much doubt and suspicion.

They’re evolving!

For this cat, it looks like the fear of the vet was enough to move it along the evolutionary scale. It is sitting like a person! There’s something about going to the vet that brings out the “human” in pets.

Source: calamari_damacy (Reddit)

It looks pretty cute here, but we can imagine it would be a lot scarier if the cat were a little bigger. Imagine seeing it in a dark alleyway! It was a major case of the heebie-jeebies for this kitty.

Lively lizard

We’ve seen many usual pets like cats and dogs – now for something a little more unusual. This user had to take his lizard to the vet. Unfortunately, the lizard got a bit teethy with the doctor and needed securing.

Source: Fireysaje (Reddit)

The result? This hilarious lizard straight-jacket! Although, we can’t tell how successful it was – there’s something in the lizard’s eye that looks like he will start biting again when he is free – still, the owner did well with quick thinking.

Pure gratitude

Of course, some pets are very grateful to their humans for keeping them healthy. At least, that’s what this puppy seems to be saying to this vet. Either that or he fell asleep standing up! We think it’s the former.

Source: 8outof10cats (Imgur)

There is something really moving about seeing this pup show gratitude in this way. He seems to be very thankful to the vet for helping him out—pure love and trust in a photo. We can’t deal with this level of cuteness.

We’re gonna need a bigger sink…

These two kitties had the same idea when they jumped into the sink to hide from the vet. However, they’re both way too big for it to be effective! One of them needs to move if they want to hide.

Source: _flower_ (Reddit)

We feel really bad for the owner who had to deal with this. Imagine choosing which kitty to give to the vet first! It’s pretty funny how they both know the other one is there but choose to ignore it.

Cuteness overload

We really admire a vet’s job, and not just because of all of their hard work. They can also continue working when confronted with adorable faces like this! There is no way that we would have that strength to continue.

Source: Onebat4U (Reddit)

Here is a secret vet tip. Sometimes, vets will schedule an “emergency consultation” with an extra cute puppy to cheer themselves up during a bad day. We can see why – this little guy is the dictionary definition of adorable.

The three musketeers

They say there is strength in numbers. That’s certainly what these guinea pigs thought as they huddled together for protection at the dark and scary – well, bright and well-lit – vet’s office. We think the middle one missed the memo about which direction to face, though.

Source: Freakazoid182 (Reddit)

That must be one stinky viewpoint! Even so, huddling together like this probably kept all of these fluffballs feeling comfortable and safe. It certainly gave us a chuckle! We imagine the two hidden faces have the same expression as the guy in the middle.

That feeling of exhaustion

For some doggies, the stress of the vet is too much. What do they do? Well, fall asleep, of course! That is exactly what Nala, the golden retriever, did when she was being weighed at the vet. A fine solution, if you ask us.

Source: Coltsfanca (Imgur)

All new smells and sounds were too overwhelming for Nala, and she passed out – right on the scales! Seeing how adorable she looks, there’s no way anyone could be too mad at this. 3Three whole pounds of golden cuteness!

Half a pound of adorableness

The user who posted this picture is a vet who had to weigh this tiny little pup. Apparently, this is the face that the doggo made when the user told him that he weighed less than a pound! After all his hard work at the food bowl, too…

Source: Kodasoda (Reddit)

We do have one question, though. Why didn’t the vet just say that he was a pound?! We can’t bear to look at the sadness in this little guy’s eyes. It looks like he took the weight information very personally.

If the name fits

The name of this kitty at the vet is pretty suited – Wolfgang. Why? Because he looks like a gang of wolves all tied up together! The expression on his face suggests that he’s pretty proud of that fact, too.

Source: Reverieric (Reddit)

At least this kitty was not too upset about being at the vet. We say kitty – but judging by his size, he could easily be a fluffy grey tiger. The funniest part is the cat’s full name. You’re looking at Wolfgang Ameowdeus Meowzart!

We are not amused

With the lack of amusement on this tiny kitten’s face, it could easily be called Marvin (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). It’s crazy to think how something so small could have an expression so displeased. Apparently, he was like this during the entire visit!

Source: _ledonny (Reddit)

Something about his expression screams, “you just wait till we get home, human.” We are sure that he was not too amused with his owners for taking him to the vet—the cure for this kitty: lots of toys and naptime.

You can run…

But you certainly can’t hide! This kitty refuses to accept where she is and has instead decided to tuck herself away in a drawer. Unfortunately, she chose a drawer that was just full of stuff, and she couldn’t wriggle herself inside.

Source: Deleted User (Reddit)

We would like to imagine that this cat successfully hid away, closed the drawer, and was never spotted by the vet. It is pretty obvious where this went. Is there ever a point in an animal’s life where they realize the vet isn’t half bad?

I’m next…

This could easily be a still from a horror movie. Just look at the sheer fear on this guy’s face! We don’t know what scared him so bad, but we have a feeling we know exactly what the dreaded thing is.

Source: Deleted User (Reddit)

It is also not clear why the photograph was taken through a cardboard box. Perhaps it is a hidden camera designed to catch kitties gone bad. This terrified cat seems to fit the bill for sure. More likely, it is what his cat mom brought him in, and he tore it apart to break free.

Ninja cat

Okay, we have to applaud this guy’s hiding skills. He’s a real expert at this. It actually took us a few attempts before we managed to find him. If you’re having difficulties, look in the corner of the room… yep, there he is!

Source: Cheezburger (Reddit)

This cat did very well with this game of hide-and-seek. His black fur matches perfectly with the wallpaper. Of course, he won the game, but in doing so only postponed the inevitable. The checkup happened, despite those wicked disappearing skills.


This cat took the term “facepalm” a little too literally. She smacked it straight into the vet’s desk! Either that or she thought it was a good way to turn invisible. “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me.”

Source: Hotstuv (Pinterest)

Smacking your head on the counter like this is only going to guarantee this kitty a sore head. We hope that it didn’t hurt too bad. This is one of those “only my cat” moments. We’d be proud if we were this cat’s fur parent.

Sly side-eye

Getting side-eyed by a human is embarrassing enough. But getting it done by your pet?! We don’t think we would be able to cope. This dog let his owners know exactly how he felt when he realized where they were.

Source: Rlk13 (Reddit)

This dog looks like he knows a lot – perhaps a little too much. We wonder what happened next. Maybe the little boy managed to get away, or maybe he told his owners exactly what he thought about the trip.

Watch your back…

This cat doesn’t seem to be scared at all. Not even angry or annoyed. Instead, it looks like he’s plotting the death of his owner because of where they took him. There’s something in his eyes that looks like revenge…

Source: Kcufuoytoga (Reddit)

As any cat owner will know, the moment your kitty gives you this look means that it’s all over. You have lost. Whatever he is demanding, you better give into your feline! You don’t know the damage he’s capable of.


Like the kitty above, this dog is not sad or upset – just disappointed. It looks like he was rudely awakened from a luscious nap and suddenly realized where he was. Instead of being annoyed about it, he’s just let down.

Source: Mashable.com

Honestly? This is probably the worst feeling. We never want to make our pets feel like this! If we were the owner, we would promise lots of hugs, scratches, and kisses to make things better for our adorable pup. Please forgive us!