45 Precious Pet Possums That Would Inspire Anyone To Adopt One

By Apoorva P

There are many pets we encounter during our lifetime, and unless you’re like those on this list, you might immediately think of cats, dogs, birds, and fish. No matter what kind of animal it is, your heart just melts when you look at them. And it hits even harder when the pet is a rescue! There is nothing comparable to the joy you feel when you see an animal being rescued from bad conditions, and it goes on to live the best life anyone could ever imagine. Whether it’s a dog, cat, a bird, or even a possum, people can find compassion in their hearts to save these animals and give them a better life. Take a look at these cute little guys from the Instagram page @itsmesesame enjoying life to the fullest!

Snuggly Baby

You cannot deny the cuteness of an animal after just having a bath all wrapped up in a towel. There is something so massively adorable about the situation that we’re sure no one could resist smiling and giggling at the sight.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Look at this little possum all snuggly and warm. With just one ear poking out, this picture has reached an amazing level of snugness that we wish we were a part of. Just by looking at it, everyone goes, “awwwww.”

Oh, Hello!

Do you think only dogs can make those puppy eyes that make you want to give them everything you own? Then think again because this is one power that is commonly shared among dogs, cats, and even possums. Just look!

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Like this little dude hanging out on a tree, making those hard-to-ignore and ever-captivating faces, there is no chance for us to resist this beauty. Even the hard-hearted would have a tough time controlling their urge to boop its nose.

This Is Me?

Mocking someone is not usually met with appreciation. Not even with pets. Though cats and dogs have shown tolerance to a level of mocking, possums might have a long way to go. But it is amazing to know how quickly they learned to understand human behavior and our quirky ways.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Possums might have acknowledged the behavior, but they are not happy about it, like this guy, who’s having a hard time accepting its own golden statue. The sheer astonishment on his face is so clear that it’s funny. You can also see a hint of disapproval in his look.

Ride Or Die

A few lucky ones on the planet find a “ride or die” friend for themselves. Whatever you do, you will always have that person to do it with you. They will never leave you, so you feel secure you will never be alone.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

We might think it’s unusual to find that in a possum. But this guy found an adventure buddy for himself in his pet possum. You can see the commitment to fun and camaraderie in the little guy that he is willing to share with his human!

Together Forever

When you want to spend your life with someone, you just know. Because the right person will make you so happy that you cannot imagine your life without them, and if they feel the same way about you, then it is just pure love!

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

A couple of humans fell in love with a couple of possums, and they decided to spend their lives together. This is like a modern-day fairytale, if you ask us. Or it could even be one of the life goals everyone should have. 


All the pet parents can agree that they love to take their pets on all their adventures. Whether it’s a park, convenience store, or anywhere you could think of, we do love to have our little friends tag along. The places where pets are not allowed are the least of our favorite places.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

But that does not stop some people who manage to sneak in their furry friends. Like this dude who took his possum with him without anyone noticing. His pet is also enjoying the company of his human in his cozy little hiding place. 

Emotional Meeting

Did you think only humans are capable of experiencing complex emotions? You could not be farther from the truth. Animals can also feel emotions as intensely as we do. They also get happy, sad, angry, or scared, just like us!

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

And just like us, they also get emotional when they see their loved ones. You can feel the emotional vibe of this picture just by looking at it. Two possums hugging each other, teary-eyed, gives you the impression that they are meeting after a long time.

Just Aww-dorable

It is just heartwarming to see babies playing around with their parents and being super cute. Whether it’s a puppy or a kitten, or a human baby, these little ones are just a bundle of charm and make everyone fall in love with them.

Image courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Even possum babies are so adorable when you see them playing with one of their parents. The sweet mama possum tries to get some sleep while the baby is playfully climbing all over her. If this doesn’t tug a heartstring, then we don’t know what will.

Oh, So Tiny

Have you ever seen a baby that is barely a few minutes old? They are so tiny, we think we can fit them in our hands. Even puppies and kittens, when just born, are so minuscule that we wonder how they grow up to become their bigger versions.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

The situation is the same with a possum baby. You can clearly see how little they are – you can actually fit them in the palm of your hand. And those eyes filled with wonder at the world are just too hard to ignore!

Smile, Please

We have recently become obsessed with taking pictures and putting them on the internet. When there were fewer cameras, it was a luxury to have your picture taken back in the day. But even from that time and till now, there is one thing that has not changed.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

It is smiling in the pictures. We always smile when we see someone point a camera in our direction. We also seemed to have passed this behavior to our pets. This teeny weeny possum, all wrapped up in a piece of cloth, has managed to put a smile on his face, and ours as well. 

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep is essential to all living beings on earth. After a hard day of being alive, we all need to rest and rejuvenate ourselves for what the next day will bring. It is the core necessity of surviving and definitely one we all love.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This little possum also had his much-needed break and slept off the day’s adventures like an adorable dork. Anyone could clearly see that he really deserved his rest after a busy day of playing around and living with his human. 

New York, Baby!

Everybody wants to visit the Big Apple once in their lifetime. Such is the attraction of New York that pulls people from thousands of miles away. The people, the streets, the vibe, and everything from New York screams, “You want to be here!” and we certainly agree!

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This little possum is having the time of his life roaming on the streets of New York. When you have your favorite human chilling with you in the coolest city on the planet, what more could you need? We never thought we would say this, but we’re a little jealous of the possum.

Glorious Character

Various animals have been personified on the big screen in countless movies. Few great classics that come to mind are The Lion King and The Jungle Book. The animals were showcased as such lovable characters that stayed with you even after the movie ended. 

Image Courtesy Of itsmesesame / Instagram

With such cute possums around, one might wonder why hasn’t anybody thought of a possum movie character? This possum has certainly given it thought and decided to audition for a movie. The stance exudes the style he wants his character to have.

Possum Plushies

When it comes to playing with toys, everyone becomes a child. Age ceases to exist when you find your favorite toys to play with. It could be a GI Joe action figure, a Barbie doll, or a simple teddy bear; if the toy is right, you forget everything else.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

If you just look at this picture of a possum playing with possum plushies, you will understand what we mean. It doesn’t have just one, but it plays with two plushies and has a ball. If anyone is the most relaxed in the world, it’s this guy!

Hide and Seek

You play several games with your friends and even with your pets. You can go on walks, hikes, and run with them. You can think of doing any activity you like, and you will find that the fun is doubled when you do it with your pet.

Image Courtesy Of itsmesesame / Instagram

Like this human was playing hide and seek with its possum. It found a brilliant place to hide – the backpack of his human! After searching for a long time, the human found his beloved pet, and they went home happily.

Not Much Space

You might think that possums require a lot of space to live. But that is not the case. We believe that possums are one of the most low-maintenance pets. They do not require separate space, like a dog house or cat tree, or even their own beds to sleep in.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

You can easily carry them on yourself, and they can make a home for themself on you, like inside your pockets, in the folds of your clothing, or even in the sleeves. They can find unique places to rest in and make themselves comfortable.

A Love So Great

We all know that there is no greater love than the love a parent has for their child. Among all the living beings, that is one thing that ties us all together. From the tiniest of creatures to the largest of beasts, this emotion is the one that brings out everyone’s compassionate side.

Image Courtesy Of itsmesesame / Instagram

Therefore, when we see this picture of a mama and baby possum, all of us can relate to it. This is one feeling that all of us have felt no matter who we are or where we come from. The warmth of the mother’s embrace enveloping the baby as if protecting it. Pure beauty!

Emotional Much?

Talking about the wonders of nature and the love of children is making this article a tad bit emotional. Yeah, we know it! We cannot help but turn into a puddle of mush when we see such cute pictures of tiny pets!

Image Courtesy Of itsmesesame / Instagram

So guys, take out your handkerchiefs one more time because this time we have a winner. It is a newborn possum holding the finger of a human with its entire body! It is just so amazing that a creature as little as this one can hold on so tight. 

Possums Assemble

Everyone does their own thing throughout the day and is usually minding their own business. The same is with pets. They can be clingy at times, but they are often chilling in their zones, without getting in anybody’s way, completely at peace. 

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

So even if you call them, they might just ignore you and continue doing their thing. But there is one thing that can make them forget everything and give you attention, it’s treats. Have some of their treats in hand, and their whole world will revolve around you.  

Playtime Is Happy Time

You can spend your time doing absolutely nothing and watch your pets play or sleep or do anything they like without getting bored. All of their shenanigans seem perfect to the pet parents. They are the true apple of their eyes. 

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Because what could be more rewarding or entertaining than watching your little ones play, just like this pair of cuties? We can’t imagine anything better than watching them happily playing and entertaining us with their little tricks. Such simple and adorable creatures!

Now You See Me

Going on vacation is such a stress buster. You can go on long walks, roam around the city, go on picnics, basically do anything that your heart desires. But if you have pets, you might have to think twice because we have a hard time leaving our pets behind.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

That’s where possums have an advantage over other pets. You can smuggle them with you anywhere you go. Like this tiny one, very sneakily, got inside his human’s backpack and came all the way out into the woods with him. Such a cheeky little creature!

Never Leave You Alone

With some, you form bonds so deep that you wonder where they have been all your life. Everything else becomes meaningless, and you only focus on them. You want to spend all your time with them and want them to do the same.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

If you think we are describing the effects of love, then you are completely right. Love like this baby possum feels for his human. Clutching the human’s thumb with all he’s got, you can clearly see that he is the possessive one.

Peaceful World

There are very few things that bring us true peace. We see many things that excite us, move us, anger us or even make us feel happy, but only certain things make us feel at peace. And that is one purpose of life, to find peace.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

So when you see this picture, consider your purpose fulfilled. Because you have found what peace looks like. Mother and baby possums sleeping quietly in their box is the ultimate definition of peace. After seeing this, we could die without any regrets.

Small Hands

Have you ever seen the hands and legs of a possum? They are like a miniature version of very chubby human hands with long nails. Those nails help them perform their important possum duties and really are just super cute.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Even if a human baby would look weird with long fingernails, we find it very adorable on a possum. They even have tiny toe beans on their legs which is heart-melting. So much cuteness is packed in these creatures, we can’t understand how they are seen as scary!

Possum King

We have already given some serious thought to creating a movie character based on possums. We think it would make a great movie, kind of in the lines of The Lion King. We could just make it just like that one.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram 

We even found someone who could play the role of Simba! This guy! He is the perfect possum counterpart for the lead in such a movie. We can already hear the drums and music for the scene where he is revealed – just perfect!

So Scared!

All of us agree that Home Alone was one of the best kid movies ever made, right? The adventures of Kevin are one of the few things we can watch again and again. And who can forget his classic expression when he puts on the aftershave?

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Though we are not sure what this possum might have understood when watching the movie or how he might have watched it in the first place, he sure got the vibe right. No one can miss the uncanny resemblance to Kevin when he makes that face.

Going Places

If you are one of those who love to make plans for going on vacations and exploring new places, then this is for you. You can make all the plans you want, zero in on as many locations as you like, but if you think you’d be leaving your possum behind, think again. 

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This guy is so cool that he gets to go to all these amazing places with his humans. To the snow-capped mountains, sunny beaches, serene lakes – you name it, and this toy of a creature can go there and have a great time.

Proud Baby

There are many things in life we find difficult to do. Everything is hard for us when we are born, like keeping our eyes open, eating, standing, walking, etc. But as we do them over and over, we finally get them right. 

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

So you can understand the proud smile on this possum’s face after he had his first hunting session. He did what he had been seeing adults do for a long time, and he got it right after so many failed attempts. The smile on his face is just the one he deserves!

Sibling Behaviour

Those of us who have siblings can totally relate to this one. Whether it’s a younger sibling or older, we sometimes struggle to get along with them. Anything they do, even if it has nothing to do with us, has the potential to provoke us.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Possums have the same experiences with their siblings. You can see how one is annoyed by the mere presence of his little sibling being so close to him. It is as if he is telling the human to take his little brother away from him!

Possum See, Possum Do

Regarding sibling behavior, the little ones always look up to the older ones to learn things from them. By watching adults and older siblings around them, they realize how to behave and be a good possum when they grow up. 

Image courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

That is why they are always copying what their elders do around them, just like this dude here. He is learning to stand up just like his father is doing. He will surely grow up to walk in the footsteps of his father. 

Conqueror Of The World

It feels like such an accomplishment when you finish something on which you had been stuck for a while. Just like us being stuck while writing this article because all we could do was keep looking at these adorable pictures of possums!

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

We did feel a lot better when this was done! So we understand how this little fellow must be feeling after conquering the Panda toy. The look full of excitement and happiness is pretty universal, and anyone could understand how he feels.

A Little Help, Please

Being such tiny things as they are, it is challenging to keep an eye on your pet possum all the time. When you think things are under control and you have them in your sight, they can easily disappear and get into trouble just like that.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Sometimes they do something so stupid and funny that you can’t help but laugh. They might get stuck somewhere and find it hard to get out, just like this fellow here trying to get out of the cage. But that face is enough to make anyone rescue him.

A Ball Of Fun

With pets, your life becomes a lot of fun, even with tiny little possums. You can do so much together, and they can bring a lot of joy to your monotonous days. Life becomes a great party when you have a pet to share it with.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This possum has no idea how much he means to his human. He might fit like a small ball in his palm, but the little packet contains a large amount of love. Some things are so pure in this world that you have just to admire them. 

Do You Really Mean It?

Animals are so loving and accepting of us humans that they might put many of us to shame. When they enter our lives, they think of us as one of them or think of themselves as one of us. If they understood they are adopted, they would really lose their minds.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Because they would not understand. Besides, they are part of the family, of course! Everyone knows pets have equal standing in a home. We know we would love to add this adorable addition to our households. And seriously, who wouldn’t?

A Fruit Bowl

After writing about so many possums in this article, we still haven’t figured out a decent way to write headings that represent the photo’s essence. When you write “a fruit bowl” and “a possum in a fruit bowl,” they paint completely different pictures in your mind, don’t they?

Image courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

When you describe this photo of a little possum in a fruit bowl bed, it does not do justice to the cuteness captured in this moment. The little strawberry, kiwi, and banana, along with the little guy, are just too darn cute.

Skills On Display

Some moments that we capture of our pets are so amazingly hilarious that we can spin countless different stories, and they would all be equally hilarious. The timing of these moments is so perfect, we must congratulate the photographer for his skills.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

But before that, we should pause and look at the glorious picture at hand. Is he planning an escape, or is he afraid of falling? We think it’s the latter because he is anxiously looking down, making this picture ten times funnier.

How May I Help You?

With some additional accessories, you can transform the look of your pet within seconds. Like a dog with a blingy collar looks quite different than one without one. You can even put glasses on your pets to make them look stylish.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Like a collar on a possum would contribute in many ways to make him look friendly and harmless. This one looks like a branch manager of a zoo asking people if he can be of any service to them. That’s a good boy!

Travel Business Class

Living the life of our dreams might still be a dream for many of us, but those who are already living their best lives never miss a chance to flaunt it. Because what would even be the point of having it all if you cannot rub in the faces of your haters?

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This possum sure knows how to turn heads. All black and a crochet possum chain hanger is just the amount of style we would want to display when on the go. He could even start a possum fashion blog and give others a run for their money.

Little Spoon

We know that humans love to cuddle. But our pets love cuddling even more than we do. And even nap times. Free from the worldly obligations of making money and having jobs, our pets can take a nap anytime they want.

Image courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

And while at it, if they have someone to cuddle with, it is just the icing on the cake. Taking naps and cuddling at will is just the life we aspire to have. Wouldn’t we give anything to be relaxing with this possum right now?

Enough Drama

Arguments and disagreements are part of life. We cannot avoid them or run from them. They creep up on us anytime they want and destroy the little peace we have created in a moment. But everyday drama is a whole other thing.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This is the normal day-to-day drama in the life of a couple. One is always shouting, and the other one is always done with everything. Exactly summed up in this picture is the truth of relationships. There, we have warned you. 

Overweight? Really?

What do you think would happen if you told your pet possum that he was overweight? He would look at you with the same expressions this guy is giving us. And no one would blame him either. Just leave him be!

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

Anyone who thinks that a possum as little as him could be overweight is simply out of their minds. The guy can fit in the smallest glass bowl. Does that seem overweight to you? Definitely not! We hope they’re weighing him so they know how much more to feed him!

You Go, I Go

Our pets can become so heartbroken when we leave them even for a second. If you go out to run some errands, your pet thinks you have abandoned them. Not all of them, of course, but some are so clingy, they cannot bear the thought of being separated from their human.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

When you pack your bags, you can find them hovering around you, trying to stop you. Some might even pack themselves along with your luggage so that they can be with you, just like this smarty has placed himself in his human’s bag.

Curious Button

With our technologically advancing times, our pets seem to have taken a sudden interest in new developments as well. Since they see us mostly spending our time on devices like phones, laptops, or tablets, they are very curious to know what these things are.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

When you point your phone camera to click a picture of your pet, their first reaction would be similar to the reaction of this possum. He is very interested in knowing what the human is doing; he just stares at the phone with wide eyes.

Cozy Cocoon

If you had formed a warm little spot for yourself where blankets on your bed or couch surround you, would you ever want to get up from that spot? No, right? Such comfort is very rarely found, and if found, should not be let go.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This small guy understands that concept because he has found his cozy spot. He would never ever want to leave his position of comfort. You can see how relaxed he is in his wrapped-up clothes. So adorable and so content!

Tongues Out

Many times we have seen people sticking their tongues out while posing for pictures. It has become so common that people only think of sticking out their tongues or wink when asked to pose. And some people throw in a classic peace sign.

Image Courtesy of itsmesesame / Instagram

This possum has intelligently picked up this particular habit. Seeing his human selfie fanatics, he has also decided to mimic them when someone takes a camera to click a picture of him. Way to go, man! You look great!