Pregnancy Besties Destined To Find Each Other

By Anthony K

Lauren Manners is always enthusiastic about fostering animals. As she was pregnant and about to give birth to her daughter, Kylie, she thought it was wise to take a break for some time.

Image courtesy of The Dodo

She is well experienced in rehabilitating and fostering animals, but she knew how involving animal rehabilitation and fostering is. Thus, she decided to break from all that involved animals as she approached the end of her pregnancy. This would help her concentrate on her pregnancy and well-being and have time to take care of her baby after delivery.

She had a firm resolve in her decision, but not until she came across Dove.

Just the same morning, Lauren had decided not to foster animals for some time to concentrate on her pregnancy. As they were driving home after breakfast with her husband, they abruptly noticed a wounded cat in an empty parking space; Lauren immediately told her husband to stop the car so that they can find out what had ensued to the cat. It was then that she noticed that this poor cat was pregnant and wounded.

Image courtesy of The Dodo

Lauren says right from when they saw the cat. She knew that it must have been wounded and because they were both heavily pregnant, she felt attached to her. To catch the cat, Lauren had to use some food leftovers they had to attract her. She then wrapped the cat in her jacket and took her to the vet for a checkup.

After the vet checkup, Lauren and her husband took the cat to their home. After learning that the cat had been a stray cat for most of her life, they adopted her and named her Dove. The two became great friends who spent the last weeks of their pregnancies together.