Pricey Pooches: 40+ Canines That Cost A Fortune

By Farah J

The bond between dogs and humans has endured for eons—more than 20 thousand years, in fact. Countless generations before us have loved dogs and considered them family members.

Dogs and humans have always been the best man-and-animal duo. Sure, all animals have a special place in our hearts, and nothing can replace our love for them, but when it comes to the perfect loyal teammate, well, dogs take the trophy!

However, depending on their breed, dogs can be pretty expensive. Whether they are purebreds or hybrids, some dog breeds could empty your wallet—though we all know that dogs are worth every single penny. We have collected a list of dog breeds that might just break the bank. So, without further ado, let’s scroll through some of the priciest dog breeds in the world.

Rothbury’s lamb

When you see it, you know why the Bedlington Terrier is nicknamed Rothbury’s lamb. Laugh all you want at its docile and meek little face, but this Northeastern England dog breed is quite smart and has a range of innate skills. That explains why it costs up to eighteen hundred dollars.

Image Source: Curstlin / ig

From being a powerful swimmer to a great hunter, the Bedlington Terrier does it all. When it originated in Northumberland, UK, it was known for its keen sense of smell and exceptional hunting skills. Later, it also started showing up with its human partners in dog shows!

Czechoslovakian Hybrid

This silvery/yellow-grey furry wolfdog is a hybrid of a wolf and a guard dog. With the physical similarity of a wolf and the personality of a dog, this big, cuddly, people-friendly wolfdog is quite rare. No wonder it is expensive. One of these would cost you up to fifteen hundred dollars!

Image Source: Julina_and_pack / ig

Although it is primarily found in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it can also be found in other countries, including Italy and a few states in the US. This gorgeous hybrid is a protector of his human family. They are playful, friendly, courageous, and quite fearless. Truly one of a kind!

Chow Chow

Chow chow, or Songshi Quan in Chinese (translated as a puffy lion), is an all-purpose dog. Hunting, working, protecting, guarding, you name it; Chow Chow can do everything. Above that, this Chinese dog breed is muscular, super adorable, and fluffy too!

Image Source: Furryfrank_ / ig

No wonder it can cost up to three thousand dollars. There is another fact about this dorky little floof: Chow Chows do not have a good reputation when it comes to socialization and training. Under all that cute facade, this puffy lion is quite aggressive and not very smart!

Tibetan Mastiff

The Mastiff’s origin story goes way back to the BC era. This huge, fluffy dog breed was bred in the mountainous regions of China, Tibet, Nepal, and India. The Himalayas are the major regions where these giant dogs are found, and they are very rare in other parts of the world.

Image Source: Tibetan Paradise – Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Due to its massive size and furry coat, this dog books its spot in the top ten most expensive dog breeds in the world with a price tag of up to five thousand dollars. It’s strong-willed and protective of its family, its family’s cattle, and farms and defends them against the mountain lions and tigers!

New Guinea Singing Dog

Related to the Australian Dingo dog breed, the Singing Dog originated in the Highlands of New Guinea. You can tell by its name, of course. Also, this dog got its name from the way it “sings.” Its howls resemble that of humpback whales, like yodels in waves.

Image Source: Jabcecc / ig

Their cost ranges from two to five thousand dollars. Why? Firstly, because of their singing howls, and secondly, because of their rarity in this world. They first appeared in 1957 and haven’t grown in number much. They hunt solo but fight in packs!

St. Bernard

Famous for the heroic tales of rescuing humans since they were bred in the 17th century, St. Bernard dogs are truly gentle giants. Their soft, innocent looks may fool you, but these doggos are fearless. They cost up to two thousand dollars.

Image Source: Saint.winry / ig

This Italian-Swiss breed was originally a rescue dog; its large body and daring nature were of great advantage when it came to pulling humans out of giant piles of snow. This kids-loving softie still manages to capture hearts wherever it goes!

Cane Corso

This fearless beast rode alongside the Roman soldiers in battles to defend its human partners, as well as track and protect during hunting season. Bred in Southern Italy (ancient Rome), these strong-headed dogs have also been used in police forces.

Image Source: Reggiecanecorso / ig

Costing up to fifteen hundred dollars, the Cane Corso is like a gentle, sweet-tempered beast. It is not usually kept as a domestic pet dog due to its energetic and vigilant nature. It can get bored very easily within the boundary of a house and gets quite aggressive when bored.

Portuguese Water Dog

As you can guess from the name, this dog breed is a very good swimmer. It was bred in Portugal; therefore, its name in Portuguese translates to “dog of the water.” Fun fact: a Water Dog was kept in the White House for almost ten years!

Image Source: Zizotheportie / ig

This dog breed has a very cuddly and friendly nature. However, you have to train them early on in their lives; otherwise, due to their sassy and impulsive nature, they get a bit violent if you try to control them! Its price ranges above three thousand dollars.

Black Belgian Malinois

This is one of the most elegant dog breeds we have ever seen. The Black Belgian Malinois stands proudly and has an air of quiet confidence about it. And for a good reason. This dog is not only beautiful but it is also known to be very skilled at sniffing out bombs and drugs.

Image Source: ViralBe/YouTube

Before you rush to get one, keep in mind that they are incredibly pricey. The price for one of these starts at around one thousand dollars but can be up to ten thousand dollars! As clever and stunning as these pups are, we would say they are worth the exorbitant price.

Caucasian Mountain Dog

Bred in Georgia as a working dog, the Soviets created a cross between several shepherd dog breeds from Azerbaijan and Georgia before they made a perfect Caucasian Shepherd Dog. This may be a reason why this huge dog doesn’t cost any less than two thousand dollars!

Image Source: Caucasian_shepherd_europe / ig

Also known as the Nagazi, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, or Caucasian Ovcharka, this giant dog is capable of killing a wolf all by itself! It may not seem like it, but its fearless, protective nature can become quite scary. It doesn’t back down until the danger is over.

Pharoah’s Hound

There are several “hounds” in dog breeds. This breed is called Pharoah’s Hound because it originated in Egypt and used to accompany Egyptian Pharaohs when they were hunting gazelles and rabbits. Due to their relation to nobility, their prices rank above sixty-five hundred dollars.

Image Source: Zaphir_thepharaohhound / ig

Later, this breed moved to Malta and even became their national dog! It is also named “the blushing dog” because of its distinctive coat color. The Hound is highly intelligent and trainable, but it does not socialize very well with smaller animals.


Bred in the Dominion of Newfoundland, Canada, this sizeable fluffy dog breed is known for its long, bearing coat and huge body frame. It is also known by its nickname, “Moscow Water Dog.” Costing you up to two thousand dollars, this breed of dog is worth a million bucks!

Image Source: Chernaya.mafia / ig

Suppose you are looking for a gigantic fluffy pet that is cuddly as well as friendly, easygoing, compassionate, loyal, and can act like a weighted blanket when you require emotional support. In that case, the Moscow Water Dog should be your top choice!


Let us clear up the confusion first: this Swiss dog breed, called the Landseer, very closely resembles Newfoundlands, which are also nicknamed Landseers. Very confusing, we know. However, this Swiss Landseer has longer legs and a shorter but more squarish jaw than Newfoundlands. 

Image Source: Twixcintiepayamamba / ig

In addition, the Landseer is from the Mastiff family, which raises their costs to fifteen hundred dollars. This beautiful dog has an incredible black and white furry coat suitable for cold temperatures. These loyal and affectionate working dogs are an absolute gem!


Akitas’ true origin is the northern areas of Japan, but now American Akitas are giving us a show too. Nothing is remarkably different between the two varieties except for their breeding origins. In the US, Akitas may cost you around forty-five hundred dollars!

Image Source: Ciruzz_akitainu / ig

This big, fluffy dog is a guarding dog. Because of their muscular build, attentive nature, and strength, Akitas are known to kill a big bear or boar. They can even hunt a big deer on their own! Simultaneously, they are super friendly and protective of their humans!

Golden Retriever

The fifth most famous and wanted dog breed in the world is Golden Retriever. This gloriously beautiful dog originated in Scotland and can cost up to twenty-two hundred dollars. Initially, it was trained to “retrieve” the hunted birds in its mouth without damaging them—thus, the name.

Image Source: Nicothegoldenretriever / ig

Goldens are not only loved for their majestic golden or cream-colored fluffy coat but also for their super friendly and loyal nature. They are energetic and playful and are easily trained, whether you play fetch with them or take them to hunts!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

This Canadian dog breed, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Toller for short, is small but highly energetic. They closely resemble Golden Retrievers but can easily be distinguished by their small size and a big white furry patch on their chests.

Image Source: The.pawsome.league / ig

Tollers are gundogs. That means they are used for hunting. Their small size works as an advantage to them: they run faster, plus they are incredible (natural) swimmers! Well, natural swimmers always cost a lot; the price ranges from two thousand to twenty-two hundred dollars.

Double Doodle

This fluffy dog breed may be a small one, but it certainly takes more attention and time than any other. We love the results of a cross between a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle—and also a hybrid of Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Poodle!

Image Source: Leiasdoodlelife / ig

This North American Retriever can cost up to nineteen hundred to two thousand dollars. These Double Doodles, aka. Golden Labradoodles are quirky, sociable, friendly, active, and attention-seekers. Leave your laziness behind if this floof is going to be your family member!

Bernese Mountain Dog

It is assumed that Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred by Romans, who moved them to Switzerland after that. However, that has not been confirmed since most of the history suggests the breeding and origin of Bernese dogs occurred in the high alps of Switzerland.

Image Source: Maddie.thebernesebear / ig

Bernese Mountain Dogs have adapted to Switzerland’s low temperature and mountainous areas. This energetic and devoted breed works as a herding or guarding/watchdog. These dogs are pretty rare and expensive, too; a Bernese Mountain Dog costs around fourteen hundred dollars.

Little Lion Dog/Lowchen

Little lion dogs or Lowchen are French dogs that are anything but sporty. Lowchen dogs are royal dogs that were initially bred back at the start of the 15 century. Lowchen dogs are lapped in luxury and eliteness and are priced at up to five thousand dollars!

Image Source: Willowcreek_n_wildbriar_kennel / ig

Bred as a royal court dog, this miniature dog is quite intelligent, happy, and playful—not to mention it has a cute, fluffy mane. Lowchen dogs used to be very rare – only found in elite-class homes in France and Germany – but now their numbers are increasing.

Kerry Blue Terrier

As you can tell by the name, the Kerry Blue Terrier is known for its distinctive slate blue or blackish blue thick, curly, furry coat. In case you did not know, curly fur is a distinguishing feature of the terrier breed.

Image Source: Teddydale / ig

It was originally a hunting dog that hunted badgers and rabbits that troubled the cattle or ruined their food supply. However, this high-spirited Terrier became a working dog, herding or guarding the farm cattle. One of these adorable pups will cost you about fifteen hundred dollars.

Norfolk Terrier

Among other terriers, the Norfolk Terrier is most closely related to the Norwich Terrier. The Norfolk Terrier was also bred in Britain like the others. You should not get fooled by its cuddly teddy bear appearance; this dog breed is quite brave and resolute.

Image Source: / ig

The Norfolk Terrier is one of the top five most confident and fearless terriers. That is why they can cost up to six and a half thousand dollars. They are kept as domestic pets in the UK, but they require extra attention, or they can get bitey!

Neapolitan Mastiff

You may have heard of this enormous, saggy-faced dog breed by its nickname Mastino. Bred in Rome, this dog breed has been the protector of its human family, their farm, or their property ever since it came into being. Well, that explains the exorbitant price of five thousand dollars!

Image Source: [unknown source]/

Mastino dogs are the kind of dogs who look innocent and sweet but also look aggressive and violent at the same time! It’s probably because of their huge build and guarding nature. However, if appropriately socialized and given lots of activities, this sweet, loyal dog partner is irreplaceable! 

King Spaniel

Say hello to Mr. Fluffy Ears! King Spaniel is also known as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Originating from the UK, this fluffy purebred can cost up to a thousand dollars! Well, this fun-loving, human-friendly little beast is undoubtedly worth it.

Image Source: Hazel_thecavalier / ig

Some may confuse the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the English Toy Spaniel because of their wavy, fluffy fur and big ears. However, if you look closely, King Spaniels are smaller. They are also more attention-seeking and friendlier than the latter. This breed is far from lazy.

Dogo Argentino

This Argentine doggo was bred by a person named Martinez, who wanted a fearless, protective dog during hunting games. Dogo Argentino was everything he asked for: bold, big, courageous, and protective of its human partner! No wonder they cost up to five thousand dollars.

Image Source: Rambo_thedogo / ig

This dog breed is mostly found with white fur and is capable of hunting boars all by itself due to its huge, athletic build. Mind you, it is not a family, domestic dog. It is more of a one-human sole-companion kind of dog.


This Egyptian breed has an ancestral line of Sighthounds. Their name derives from their hunting strategy, which is based primarily on sight rather than smell or sound, like other dogs. Salukis are slim and graceful in their stature and have incredible hunting capabilities. 

Image Source: Salomi_saluki / ig

Their exceptional personality ranks them among the top fifty most expensive dog breeds. They cost up to five thousand dollars. Also, Salukis were one of the first domestic dog breeds. Even though they are quiet and reserved, they are pretty fast runners. So, be ready to have a morning run every day!

Berger Picards

This rare French dog breed has a distinctive feature that makes them stand out from the rest: its pointed, erect ears that are almost five inches tall. Their fawn and whitish fur, lively and assertive personality, and sweet disposition are their most adored characteristics.

Image Source: Marcellaimmers / ig

They are very rare, even though the breeders are trying to increase their numbers and save them from possible extinction. This endangerment explains their high price of three thousand dollars. In case you didn’t know, WWI and II were why this breed almost became extinct!

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu has a rather unfortunate history (and present): this beautiful and highly intelligent dog was bred in Shikoku, Japan, majorly for dog fighting shows. These shows still happen to this day, which is why this Japanese breed is banned in several countries.

Image Source: Kejtty / ig

From its history, you can tell that this dog is strong-headed and fearless but also quite sensitive. It needs proper training from the start if you want to prevent your twenty-two hundred dollar dog from being controlled by its aggressive and dominant nature.

Canary Mastiff

Canary Mastiff is also called Perro de Presa Canario in the native language of its origin area. This herding dog was bred in the Canary Islands and is pretty rare across the globe. Therefore, it is quite expensive, costing up to three thousand dollars. 

Image Source: / ig

Initially, it was a herding dog, but later it became a hunting and fighting dog because of its athletic abilities, muscular structure, fast speed, and alert nature. However, ever since the aggressive streak ran out in its descendants, Canary Mastiff dogs have become guarding dogs.


Rottweilers are known as military dogs who serve their country alongside their human partners. However, they didn’t originally start as that—they were working dogs who used to manage the local farms and cattle, pull carts, and drive cattle to the market. 

Image Source: Withwillyy / ig

Their alert and courageous nature was the golden star that led them to the police and the military. This is why Rotties are pretty expensive; prices range from two to three thousand dollars. Their pleasantness and loyalty make them the perfect dog partner for humans!

Swedish Vallhund

The Vallhund is also known as the “Swedish Cow Dog” in the native Swedish language. As the name suggests, this relative of the Corgi breed was originally a herding dog, and it did a pretty good job at it, too—far better than Corgis would!

Image Source: Vattenroy / ig

The Swedish Vallhund is easy to distinguish with its short legs and muscular body. This dog also has innate management skills, thus, the high price of three thousand dollars! This intelligent dog nips at the cattle’s heels while herding them—a smart trick to avoid getting hooves in its face!

Basset Hound

One of the few recognized Basset breeds, this French-bred Basset Hound has an incredible similarity with the huge Bloodhounds. The only major difference between Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds is the length of their legs: Basset Hounds’ legs are quite short.

Image Source: Bassetbasil / ig

Despite their stumpy legs, Basset Hounds are known for their marvelous tracking skills, which explains the costly price of two thousand dollars. This dog breed has strong sniffing abilities, and being closer to the ground is just the cherry on top!

Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier, bred in England, is the smallest among all the terriers. It reaches a maximum height of fifteen inches and weighs around eighteen pounds. If you want a little black or wheat-colored, fluffy dog, you can get this one for two thousand dollars.

Image Source: Avy_tan / ig

It may be small, but don’t let this shortie fool you. It’s a dog with a vast range of skills. It is capable of guarding the sheep and cattle against foxes and other predators—it can hunt them down for you too. Its enthusiastic and playful nature is a bonus!


This handsome boy with a broad, massive jaw, muscular body frame, wrinkly facial skin, and a pushed-in nose was first bred in England in the 1600s. Initially, they were used as bait for bulls in bullfight arenas. This barbaric trend was banned soon after.

Image Source: Mickeymickersons / ig

English bulldogs are very wilful and hyperactive dogs. Therefore, it gets a little hard to train them as pets. Their fun-loving and adventurous personality is something that is not always found in other dogs. That makes them one of a kind and raises their costs to two thousand dollars!

Black Russian Terrier

Don’t be fooled by the name “Terrier”; this terrier dog is not like other terriers out there. This huge, curly-haired Russian Terrier wears a shiny, thick, black coat and can stand up to 30 inches tall. It can weigh up to 150 pounds, which is more than other terriers.

Image Source: Fikatrii_ / ig

Back then, Russians needed a vigilant and loyal military dog that could survive below-zero temperatures when needed. The Black Terrier breed still works as a police and military dog in those regions, hence, the high price of two thousand dollars. 

Doberman Pinscher

The German Doberman Pinscher is one of the most loyal and intelligent dog breeds. This beautiful dog is medium-large sized with a smart, upright body frame, alert and piercing eyes, and a very distinctive shiny black coat with a few patches of rust on it.

Image Source: Kona.the.dobie / ig

Pinschers can easily be ranked in the top three most incredible guard dogs. These graceful yet attentive dogs were bred solely to guard, so they are natural at it. Therefore, their prices are not anything lower than twenty-five thousand dollars.

Great Dane

Hey, Scooby-Doo lovers, this one’s for you. If you ever wondered why Scooby-Doo was so big, you should know that it wasn’t an animation. Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane! This German dog breed is one of the largest dog breeds and can reach above three and a half feet!

Image Source: Pickle_the_great_dane / ig

Another amazing fact that you must have already figured out is that they are super loyal and protective beasts. Great Danes may be quite reserved around strangers, but these two-thousand-dollar dogs are super friendly and sociable once they get to know you!

Irish Wolfhound

If there is one comparable opponent to the Great Dane, it’s the Wolfhound bred in Ireland. Irish Wolfhounds are enormous beasts with thick, curly fur, which is usually off-white or simply light-colored. When standing up, their height easily exceeds three feet.

Image Source: Harrietandwilson / ig

These sighthounds were originally bred for war because of their alert nature and strong sight; however, this has calmed down a bit since WWII. Irish Wolfhounds are quite strong-willed and vigilant; hence, they are priced up to eighteen hundred dollars.

French Bulldog

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between a French Bulldog and an English Bulldog is by noticing the shape of their ears. The French ones are bat-like, upright, and pointed, and their mouth is also smaller and less muscular than the English Bulldog.

Image Source: Zoe_and_maddox / ig

Other than that, this cross between Parisian Ratters and Toy Bulldog resulted in a very affectionate but sleepy French bulldog. So, if you are looking for a dog who doesn’t need as much exercise and activities as others do, this twenty-three hundred-dollar dog is for you!

Olde English Bulldogge

The name itself suggests that this dog breed is another variation of bulldogs. Olde English Bulldogges are different from regular English Bulldogs. Oldes are taller and bigger in build, more muscular, have tall, pointed ears, and can also be used as guard dogs!

Image Source: Austin_bulldog_rescue / ig

A little fun fact: despite the presence of the word “Olde” in its name, this dog breed is less than a decade old! These loyal and friendly beings are one of the most loved variations of Bulldogs, even though they are pretty expensive at thirty-three hundred dollars!

Miniature Bull Terrier

With ancestral links to Bulldogs and Dalmatians and relations to the extinct English White Terrier, this small terrier dog breed (called Miniature Bull Terrier) is quite famous and respected in several parts of England and in other countries in Europe. 

Image Source: Pixie_the_minibull / ig

Miniature Bull Terriers are named after their slim and small size and their egg-shaped face—which looks like a Bulldog. It is a very playful and cheeky dog breed and is extremely loyal and protective of its human family. Their courageous nature means they cost up to sixteen hundred dollars.

Old English Sheepdog

If you are looking for a shaggy-haired, loyal, bubbly, and lively dog, the Old English Sheepdog is the one for you. Its name comes from its furry white and gray coat. This breed originated in Old England several centuries ago. 

Image Source: Therealmrmugs / ig

The Old English Sheepdog looks more like a sheep or a bear than a dog—its shaggy, long hair is drooped all over its face! It was originally a herding dog that took the cattle to the market. This loyal and hardworking doggo costs thirteen hundred dollars.


These rich white (or sometimes cream-colored) furry beasts look so cuddly, sociable, and friendly because they look like they are smiling all the time. And they are friendly, too, but also pretty stubborn. They can get quite aggressive if not given enough attention!

Image Source: Sakurasamoyed / ig

Descendants of the dog breed, Laika, this dog was first seen with Samoyedic people. Thus, the name. Their thick, white coats and their smiley face fit their playful, cuddly nature perfectly! Well, that raises its price to eight thousand dollars.

Yorkshire Terrier

Such a little dog with such a huge personality! This terrier breed is the most petite and the sixth most famous Terrier (and all dog breeds) worldwide. The Yorkshire Terrier, bred in Yorkshire, England, is also known as a Yorkie.

Image Source: Ten_chan_yorkie.1017 / ig

We have established that a small dog holds more confidence and enthusiasm than a bigger one. Yorkies are playful, quite contentious, and pretty hard to train. These bold little fluffy beasties may be small, but they can cost up to fifteen hundred dollars!

Peruvian Hairless

Bred in Peru before the Incan dynasty, this hairless yet gorgeous dog breed is pretty easy to distinguish from other dog breeds. The Peruvian Hairless is small in size with a lean and slim figure and a few strands of hair sitting at the top of their head. They are adorable!

Image Source: Kerothepio / ig

This Peruvian breed of dog is still found commonly in Peru and is given the same importance as it was in Incan times. This is most likely the reason the Peruvian Hairless costs around three thousand dollars! This lively and affectionate little creature is simply mystical.

Dogue de Bordeaux 

One of the easiest features that distinguish this Mastiff breed from others is its squished, wrinkly face with a gigantic body. It is also known as a French Mastiff, as its origins are based in France. So, of course, its name would make the list of the most expensive dog breeds.

Image Source: Eastwood_the_dogue / ig

Even though it is one of the oldest dog breeds on earth, it is still as common as it should be. Therefore, its price tag is in the range of twenty-nine hundred to three thousand dollars! You can tell that this fawn-colored protective giant is sharp, intelligent, and loyal. 

Bouvier des Flandres

While Americans opt for German Shepherds as guards and police dogs, Europeans prefer the Bouvier. The Belgian herding dog is used in their police forces because of its excellent management and heavy-duty skills. Therefore, they can cost up to two thousand dollars!

Image Source: Petitezaza_bouvier / ig

Before they joined the police, the Bouviers used to guard and herd the cattle and pull carts. They can also be kept as pets as this non-aggressive breed is loyal to their human families. Make sure they are getting a lot of exercise, as this is a very active dog breed.