45 Times Cats “Helped” Their Humans Finish Puzzles

By Ruby M

So you’ve spent hours on your 1000+ piece puzzle, and you’re really proud of it, but your cat has decided to join in on the fun and “help” you complete your lengthy project. You remember upon purchasing the puzzle that somewhere at the back of your mind, you thought about the havoc your cat may cause, but decided against those negative thoughts and went ahead with your puzzle anyway. You might have tried to keep your cat away from the puzzle, and the stray pieces, but alas, cats are drawn to puzzles like a moth to a flame, and you and your puzzle had no hope against the “assistance” of your cat. But fear not, human, you are not alone. Here are 45 slides of cats just like yours “helping” humans, just like you.

Rainbow Warrior

Here we have a classic example of why it’s important to find a place of solitude to do your puzzle. Cats love their little spots, and if that spot happens to be the coffee table occupied by a puzzle, you bet your cat’s socks they will knock it over.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ englishtree

So the next time you decide to do a puzzle, try hiding it a little better. Perhaps in a lockable room or on a table that your cat doesn’t tend to enjoy sitting on unless you want your nearly completed project pushed to the floor by your “helpful” feline friend.


Nice try, human! But this kitty is too smart for you. He even figured out how to get to your precious puzzle by finding his way underneath your thin plastic sheet, the same way he finds his way under your blanket to your toes at night.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ selkietales

Clearly, this homeowner had some cat-related mishaps before and tried to outsmart his kitty cat, but cats are known for being able to squeeze themselves into the strangest of places, so the plastic sheet was nothing! Next time, try taping it down. Or give up.


This ginger kitty’s cheeky facial expression, coupled with the puzzle piece stuffed in its mouth, is definitely the cat’s way of showing his owners that he has absolutely zero concern for the time and effort they’ve spent on their puzzle.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/ packetful_of_monty

The poor owners probably couldn’t use the piece after their feline friend finished with it, and if they could, it probably looked a little bit wonky. Maybe this was their cat’s way of saying, “you should have bought me more treats!”

All Fall Down

This kitty definitely tried its best to help its owner by destroying what looks like a coffee table and everything on it, including their 1000 piece puzzle. But the kitty’s face is painted with a “Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t do it” expression.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ Chesnut

We know cats are pretty much capable of anything that doesn’t require opposable thumbs. Still, we’re not quite sure how this cat managed to literally break the table, causing all of the contents on top to come tumbling down. Perhaps it was a collapsable table?

Nap Cat

There’s nothing quite like the love of your furry companion snuggling up next to you. At the same time, you type away at your computer or casually read a book, and just like how cats tend to sit on top of your work, this kitty decided to help out by snuggling up inside the puzzle box.

Image Courtesy of: Pinterest/ Puzzle Laughs

It might be more difficult for the owners to find the pieces they need for their puzzle now that their cat friend is sleeping on top of them, but at least this kitty cat hasn’t pulled apart the completed parts of the puzzle!

Thinking “Out of the Box”

“Well, if we can’t do our puzzle on the table, then we’re going to have to do it on the cat!” This is what these kitty owners decided after their cat decided to sit in the puzzle box. We know how much cats love boxes!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ totallynotrobots

Our favorite part about this picture is that this cat seems quite content getting all of its owner’s attention, even if it means becoming the new “table” for their puzzle pieces to be placed on! We wonder how soon after this photo was taken, the cat got up.

It Wasn’t Me

Here’s another classic example of a “helpful” kitty managing to destroy a puzzle that looks like it was almost complete before it tumbled to the floor. We really don’t know how these cats manage to get the tables to fall, but apparently, it’s a common occurrence!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ moniquet29

This cat’s wide-eyed look of shock might be its way of saying, “it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!” but any cat owner would know that this mess was definitely the work of this little grey kitty. Would you stay mad at that face, though?

What You Lookin’ At?

Well, at least this little feline helper’s mishap led to the nearly complete 1500 piece puzzle falling to the ground in pretty much one piece. A far better result than some of the other little mishaps on this list.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ UGiveMeAHadron

The only issue now will be for the poor human to find a way to get the puzzle safely back onto the board so the puzzle can be placed safely onto a higher surface, or they’re going to have to complete it on the floor!

Bath Time

Anywhere is the perfect place for bath time when you’re a cat! Mom’s desk, piled high with her important folders? Yip! Perfect. Dad’s newspaper? Purrfect! The little human’s puzzle that they have spent days working on? This is the best yet!

Image Courtesy of: Give It Love/ Mosi_the_kitty

On the plus side, cats are usually light enough to pick up and move out of the way. But be on the lookout because if your feline friend really wants to be somewhere, they’ll keep on coming back!

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Cats

This kitty looks less like she’s trying to help and more like she either wants a fabulous photo shoot of her, or she really wants her owners to stop what they’re doing and give her some belly rubs. The latter is the most likely.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ pcangelnow

Maybe she saw that the puzzle her humans were doing was of other cats, and she either got a little bit jealous or maybe she wanted to become a part of the picture, seeing as she is a kitty as well?

My Spot

Something to know about cats is they have a special spot that they make for themselves, and those are usually the places where they like to sit. This trouble-maker clearly liked having a spot on the dining room table, and this puzzle was in the way!

Image Courtesy of: adoptmemeow.tumblr.com

Either that or this kitty thought it would be helpful to push the puzzle to the floor. Maybe it thought it was helping its owners clean up? Either way, it was clearly a hard job to push over that puzzle!

Bed Time

The cat has spoken! This kitty has decided that by sitting on top of the loose puzzle pieces, he tells his owners that puzzle time is over, and it is now time for his human to get ready for bed! 

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ Slothkitty

Bedtime usually means it’s also cuddling time for your feline friend, so they should be thankful. He was making sure they didn’t stay up all night working on the puzzle! Otherwise, they would have missed out on all the cuddles! “You’re welcome, human!”

Too Much Catnip?

This kitty cat clearly spent a little too much time in the catnip bushes the day this picture was taken because he’s decided that this puzzle is now to be sat on top of, played with, and even eaten! 

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/ kibeth-the-walker

Well, this may have been frustrating for the human trying to work on this puzzle, but at least the cat seemed to have a good time! At least this made for a great viral pic, even if puzzle time was disturbed!

It’s Mine Now

This kitty may have started out wanting to help her human with their puzzle, but instead, she grew rather fond of the puzzle pieces and decided to call them her own. Being the mother cat to all the tiny pieces, she’s got to be a little protective. 

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ sidewayseleven

Her expression says, “stay away! These puzzle-piece babies are mine now!” We wonder how long it took for her to push her new “babies” – and probably the lamp as well – to the floor after the human captured this moment!

Monch – Take Two

It looks as if this little furry friend is trying to take a bite out of this puzzle but instead is slowly pushing it over the edge! This human decided to take a photo of it instead of saving their puzzle, and we are in it for the giggles!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ zipson1

At least this puzzle looks as if it had been completed before the owner’s cat decided it was snack-on-a-puzzle time. Or perhaps he really is helping – helping them to take the puzzle apart, that is! Plus, there is still another puzzle safely sitting on the table (for now).

I Would Like to Order One Attention Please

This fluff ball was feeling left out, so she decided to become a part of the household activities by pretending to be a puzzle piece. Or, more likely, she wanted some undivided attention. Well, she got it, did she not?

Image Courtesy of: Pinterest/ Chefkoch

Her wide-eyed expression looks like she is very gently asking her owners to please give her some love. We are sure they obliged, especially considering that they were temporarily blocked from further puzzle-related activities. What else could they do?

My Turn

Now, this is one for the books. This kitty is sitting just like a person would at the table, attempting to paw at the pieces to help their human finish their puzzle that seems to take up so much of their time!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/ sherbear022

Maybe the kitty thought if he helped his owners finish their project faster, they would have more time for playtime and belly rubs! We hope that that mischievous little paw didn’t wind up tossing the whole puzzle off the table!

I Sits Where I Pleases

This kitty clearly doesn’t give a cat’s tail if his owner is frustrated with this seating arrangement or not. He has found himself a comfortable place to sit, and that place is right on top of his owner’s incomplete puzzle. 

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ Goldseo

Maybe her kitty cat wasn’t trying to get in the way as we assume. Perhaps he thought that by sitting on the puzzle, he’d be helping his mommy complete it! Although, we think the first option is far more likely.

Fame – But with Cats

Okay, so we’re pretty sure that this little rascal was not trying to help at all, but instead, he went through the trouble to lay his ginger body across his owner’s puzzle so that he could star in his very own photoshoot.

Image Courtesy of: qulix.com

Maybe he sneaked onto the web when his owners were out shopping and discovered that there were hundreds of kitties sitting on puzzles and their photos had gone viral. Perhaps he wanted to be famous too! This is probably our favorite on the list!

But I’m Cute So You Can’t Stay Mad

Here’s another puzzle mishap. This furry friend decided that her mommy’s puzzle that took her hours to complete would be the perfect thing to destroy today, but upon being caught, the kitty decided that the best way to stay out of trouble would be to act cute.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ Acacia Harvey

We’re pretty confident that Mom couldn’t stay mad for too long, considering how sweet and innocent her furbaby looks in this photo. With a face like that, who could stay mad? We get the feeling this feline gets away with a lot.

I Can Do You a Help!

This fur child wanted to try his paw at puzzles. And look at his face, concentrating with all his might as he paws away at the stray puzzle pieces, trying to show his owners which piece to use next!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ Goodmorninworld9report

From this picture, it even looks as if the cat is trying to be as gentle as possible with each piece, which is totally different from the other kitties in this list. This kitty seems to be a little less mischievous than the rest, but looks can be deceiving. For all we know, he pushed pieces to the floor right after this photo was taken.

Not Impressed

We have a rather forlorn-looking kitty over here who is sitting, very humanlike, on her owner’s puzzle pieces. She looks as if she is trying to tell them something, and whatever it is, she is not impressed or happy.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ cpl1992

Sometimes cats sit like this after being interrupted mid-bath. Perhaps that’s what her sour-puss (excuse the pun) expression is all about! The poor thing just wanted to take her puzzle bath in piece! Ha, we are not apologizing for that pun.

This Is My Seat

Judging by all of the cat toys on the floor, this is one very spoiled kitty cat. It’s really no surprise that this little one threw a tantrum when his owners got a new toy and didn’t invite him to come and play too!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ DvcrUK

And look at that placid face. It’s like he’s blatantly looking his human in the eye and saying, “What are you looking at? This is my seat.” We feel sorry for the poor person who had to clean up this mess!

I Ordered the Chicken Pellets

Look at this princess sitting on her throne, very casually looking at their owner. This was definitely the result of an unwanted supper tantrum. Kitty wasn’t happy with her fish-flavored pellets. So she tossed aside her owner’s stupid precious puzzle.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ Newly Different

If this wasn’t the result of an unhappy kitty meal, then perhaps this naughty scamp had a moment (as cats tend to do), and that moment resulted in the sheer and utter destruction of this puzzle. All those wasted hours!

More Naps

Like humans love teddies, this cat loves his precious puzzle piece. It all began when his owner searched for the last piece, only to find this little kitty cat snuggled up to it on the couch, and he hasn’t parted with it since.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ aChristianObama

Although it must have been frustrating not being able to complete their long puzzle journey, this tabby’s owner couldn’t bear to sadden the cat by taking away his new favorite toy. So the puzzle piece remained in the paws of the cat.

Breakdance? Breakdance.

This nutty ball of fluff decided that it was time to breakdance, and what better place to bust some groovy feline moves than right on top of the puzzle that your owner is trying to work on? It’s the best dance floor!

Image Courtesy of: imgur/ bunner24

Trick question! All cats know that there is no better place to break into some dance moves than anywhere that disrupt your human’s day. And on this particular day, that place is right on the table where the puzzle is.

It Looks Better This Way

Once complete and proudly sitting atop the coffee table, a puzzle did not quite suit this little feline companion as he clearly believes that the grey side is prettier and more comfortable to take a nap on. Can we argue?

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ deltapus

So you’re very welcome, human; your cat has completed a DIY redecorating spree in your living room, and all it cost you was your thousand-piece puzzle! We sure hope you tip him well. Perhaps some caviar is in order?

Innocent Until Proven Meowlty

This kitty looks innocent at first. Too innocent. His big orb-like eyes watching your every move, your every puzzle piece, looking as if he wants to help, but he’s actually waiting for you to leave the room long enough for him to make his move.

Image Courtesy of: Cats on Catnip/ SusieQ6shoote

And then, when you least expect it, probably when you’re about to use the one piece you’ve spent hours trying to find, he’ll launch himself right at you, breaking your concentration and very likely your puzzle! Better luck next time!

Stop, In the Name of the Paw!

This human is using his hands to play with bits of cardboard instead of using them to give belly rubs, clean the litter box, and open cans of delicious tuna, and this furry feline is having none of it! 

Image Courtesy of: Youtube / The Adventures of Toothless and Fury

The cat has been angered by the lack of attention from his human, and is using his paw to stop these puzzling (we’re full of puns today) shenanigans before they get out of hand, or in this case, paw!

Puzzle Piece For Starters?

Mr. Kitty is very graciously helping his human out by tasting each puzzle piece to make sure they are safe for human consumption. And apparently, no one bothered to tell him that they aren’t actually meant to be eaten.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/ pixelrecceshenzi

Regardless, Mr. Kitty tried each piece and rated the puzzle as follows… Taste: one out of five; the texture was surprisingly rated three out of five; and quantity was rated a five out of five. Overall, the puzzle was deemed safe, but Mr. Kitty isn’t quite sure why such a strange cuisine exists when there are plenty of pellets in the pantry.

I Prefer Pixar

Apparently, this cat is not a very big fan of Disney. We think it could be that he has a bone or two to pick with the mouse. But all he said when asked about it was that he preferred Pixar to regular old Disney.

Image Courtesy of: Twitter/ @RhondaBetz

Unfortunately for this kitty’s owner, the puzzle was a picture of a Disney theme park, and mouse or no mouse, it simply had to go. Perhaps the cat felt that the puzzle clashed with the rest of the house? We’ll never know.

Puzzle Bed

What we really want to know is, were the puzzle pieces there before, or did this fluffy beast push them all to the floor so that she could create a makeshift puzzle bed and nest herself on top of them?

Image Courtesy of: Reddit / LeiMar89

Whether the pieces were on the ground before or not, they are hers now, and her facial expression is just daring her human to try and move her. We don’t want to be around for that pawful scratch!

Taste Test

Another taste test is going on here, but this time Mr. Kitty is nestled in the puzzle box as he tries his puzzle pieces. Each piece must be carefully licked and bitten to test whether or not it is safe for human use. 

Image Courtesy of: Reddit / Thonsai

Mr. Kitty decided that he likes the taste of this puzzle better than the last and has rated it two out of five. Apparently, it is not fishy enough, and he claims that the puzzle is “undercooked.” But, it has deemed it appropriate for humans nonetheless.

If I Fits, I Sits

If you own a cat or know anything about cats, one thing that all of them have in common is their love for cardboard boxes. Buy them a new cat tree, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to take a nap in the box it came in instead.

Image Courtesy of: imgur/ Dewdropthekittensuperhero

This cat decided that the perfect place for a nice long nap would be the puzzle box. He even stretched his legs mid-nap; that’s when you know a box is really comfortable. And, he kept his human company without destroying the puzzle. We’d call that a win-win!

More Taste Tests

Apparently, puzzle tasting has become popular amongst cats worldwide since Mr. Kitty rated his puzzle online. Now all cats are doing it. Of course, they only do it for their love of their humans, not for any selfish reasons.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit / my_life_with_dogs

This cat, in particular likes, to chew on the puzzle pieces, tasting them thoroughly, and then spits them out and goes for a fresh piece. We’re starting to wonder if there’s something in these puzzles that cats like the taste of?

Her Favorite Pastime

Kora the Kitty Cat likes long walks in the garden, tasty catnip-based snacks, and of course, very courteously waits for her owner to complete their puzzle before taking it apart one puzzle piece at a time. She is royally patient.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ Kora The Cat

She must have had a blast when her owner was home all day during the lockdown, likely putting together more puzzles than usual, giving her lots more to destroy! Oh, to be a cat! What a life that must be.

Paws Up

This kitty cat was caught red-handed (or should we say, red-pawed?) when his owners caught on camera him trying to steal a piece or two of their puzzle. And his little pawprints were all over the scene of the crime!

Image Courtesy of: Thecatwhowrites

Now, we can’t see the cat’s face in this picture, but we can imagine it as being wide-eyed and full of denial. He probably even meowed to his owners that it wasn’t him who ate the last puzzle, he swears!

The Purrfect Sunbed

Another perfect bed for another furry feline, and this one is big enough for the kitty to stretch its whole body. But for some reason, the cat’s owners are not very impressed with this new sunbed. We can’t imagine the issue!

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ happygirl1033

The cat is probably lying there on its new bed, wondering if its humans want a turn on it because they keep trying to move the kitty instead of giving belly tickles and kisses. It’s rather irritating if you ask the cat!

Box Bed

Here’s another example of a cat loving its new spot in a cardboard box. We aren’t sure what exactly it is about boxes, particularly the cardboard kind, that cats find so appealing, but we sure do know they love them!

Image Courtesy of: Pinterest

Maybe puzzles smell the same as a cardboard box because they are also made of board, and that’s why cats are so drawn to puzzles? We will never know until someone learns how to speak cat. Please, someone, unravel the mystery!

Another Day, Another Box

Cat’s Log: Day 561 of my Captivity. Another day, another box to sit in. Watching as my humans connect little pieces of cardboard to form a picture. I find it rather odd that they can spend so much time with these things without ever trying to eat them.

Image Courtesy of: Pinterest/ giveitlove

This kitty seems to be looking at these puzzle pieces as if he’s never seen something quite as strange. Perhaps, when his humans venture out for the day, he will try one of those odd little treats and join Mr. Kitty in rating the taste.

Up to Something

The way that this cat has been photographed with its paw up as if it is planning on some attack on the puzzle it is sitting on is definitely more than a little bit suspicious. This little rascal was very much up to something before getting caught in the act.

Image Courtesy of: Pinterest

We think that the cat was about to either take a bite or two out of one of the pieces or throw them off of the table and onto the floor before lounging across the table and taking a well-deserved catnap.

I Want To Try!

This cat really wants to help her owners complete their strange activity by joining in on the fun and pawing at the puzzle until her humans decide that they are done and would rather spend their time giving her all the love.

Image Courtesy of: Dailytimes247

Or, perhaps she really does enjoy participating in the family fun and games and believes that it is her turn to try and find the next missing piece of the puzzle. Either way, it looks like this kitty cat sure is having a ball!

Guard Cat

This cat takes pride in his position in his human’s home as the guard cat of all things puzzle. That’s why, when his humans leave the table, he is quick to take his spot on top of it to protect his human’s toy from any nearby enemies.

Image Courtesy of: Eatliver

There could be a sinister mouse waiting in the shadows, ready to grab a puzzle piece and run away, leaving the puzzle forever doomed to be incomplete! Now we can’t have that, can we? These humans are fortunate to have such a brave guard cat.

Take That, Evil Puzzle

This little kitty decided that enough was enough! This evil puzzle was taking away all of her human time that should have been spent on giving her cuddles and attention. The puzzle clearly had to go, so she got rid of it.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ Snowball Samoa

Now that the evil forces of the 2,000 piece puzzle have been destroyed, little kitty can continue enjoying life as being the center of attention. That is, until the humans pick everything up and start again. Then little kitty will need to become a hero once more!

Little Angel

Now, this really is a helpful feline friend. He’s taking a nice long nap in (of course) the puzzle box, staying close enough to give his human company but keeping out of the way of the puzzle being worked on.

Image Courtesy of: pikabu.ru

A puzzle left unattended when there is a cat is usually begging for destruction. For all we know, this cat is dreaming of all the havoc he is going to wreak upon the puzzle once he wakes from his kitty cat slumber. But for now, human, your puzzle is safe.