45 Raccoon Memes That Are Treasures, Not Trash

By Arvyn B

It goes without saying that raccoons are not everybody’s favorite animals. They seem to be attracted to the most stinky things outside our house (i.e., garbage cans) and, as such, many people consider them vermin. But there are plenty of others, like us, who are delighted by these creatures, fondly calling them “trash pandas.” The internet can’t get enough of these trash bandits. Perhaps it’s the way they scamper around, use their hands like humans, or wash their food, earning them the name “wash-bear” in German. So it’s no surprise that someone made an Instagram account dedicated to sharing adorable and hilarious memes of raccoons. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites that are sure to have you laughing!

All images in this article are courtesy of Nocturnaltrashposts on Instagram


Right off the bat, we have a raccoon we agree with! Cringing is something that is completely natural for us all, but that doesn’t make it feel any less comfortable. So we think that everybody should take the advice here and embrace it!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

After all, what is cringe, if not just a sign that we are worried about not conforming? We should all celebrate our differences and take joy in the fact that there are unusual things about us. This meme goes pretty deep!

My Life, My Choice

Don’t you just hate it when you want to do something, but your friend or family member advises you that it’s not the right choice? Well, the next time that happens to you, try showing them this meme and see their reaction.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

We can guarantee that they’ll laugh at it — and maybe let you off the hook to make the silly decisions, too! We could totally imagine Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy saying this, perhaps even making it his life’s motto.

Keep Swimming

This next one might be a little too relatable for some people. There is no easy way to get prepared for the day ahead of you, but the one thing that we can recommend doing is getting a schedule organized.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

This helps you keep your thoughts on track and your workload somewhat manageable. That way, you can avoid feeling like this raccoon and actually feel ready for the day. A boost of energy from a hot cup of coffee always helps, too!

Poor Panda

We bet you have never seen a trash panda cry before — well, there’s a first time for everything! There’s a good reason why this raccoon is in tears, and we’d be lying if we said we’ve never felt this way before.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Feeling like you are annoying other people is truly the worst! Just remember that there are a ton of people that feel the same way as you, so it can’t really be you. Keep being yourself and don’t let your anxieties get you down!

Yeehaw vs. Hawyee

Our next entry is part of another meme format, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. If you couldn’t work it out, “hawyee” is meant to sound like “how are you.” But we’re pretty sure nobody’s ever said that to a raccoon.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Perhaps we should start doing it! Another thing we love about this meme is the raccoon’s cowboy hat because it doesn’t look like it was photoshopped on. What a cute little gentleman this guy is — he’s very far from being a “trash panda.”

Too Truthful

This next extry requires some warning: existential crisis may occur. If it happens to you, then we apologize for that. Not a single person, alive or dead, has ever asked to be born, which is a pretty freaky fact to hear for the first time.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

We think that you should take that as motivation in life. You never asked to be born, so you should go out there and make the most that you can of your life. That way, you can be thankful for being born instead!

Problematic Panda

For all their cuteness, you shouldn’t forget that raccoons can be real troublemakers, too. Just look at the expression on this one’s face if you don’t believe us — it’s definitely up to some mischief! We all have a friend like this one…

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

…no matter what you tell them, they always end up causing chaos and being the center of [troublesome] attention. Perhaps you should send them this meme to make them rethink any schemes they may be cooking up. Nobody likes to be friends with a troublemaker.

One Man’s Trash…

Linking in with the post above, if you consider yourself to be “trash,” don’t worry about it. After all, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The goal is to find that other person who thinks you’re amazing. You can do it!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

We also love how adorable this trash panda looks sitting in the garbage can. Who knew they could be so darn cute?! Whoever called this raccoon “trash” is completely heartless because he is nothing of the sort. He is our treasure!

Too Much

With the state of the world at the moment, sometimes it really feels like there’s just too much going on. We wish there were a way to slow things down and have some peace to gather our thoughts and just be.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

It seems that these things are even affecting the raccoon — look at that expression in his eyes! Just remember that bad times are not forever, and we will be over the hill soon enough. Keep on powering through, and you’ll be there.


So far, we have seen many raccoons looking pretty cute — now it’s time to remind you of their real nature. This trash panda might look cute in a dress, but he’s ready to face off with the person who dressed them up!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Getting a bite from a raccoon can be pretty dangerous, so you should always go to a doctor to get it checked out. And remember that biting is something reserved for animals, not people — use your words, not your teeth!

Calm Down

One of the worst feelings during an argument is not the fight itself; it’s when someone tells us to “calm down.” Those two words always have the opposite effect and make us feel twice as angry instead. Stop saying this!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Clearly, this raccoon feels the same way as us, so you should take this as a note to never say “calm down” ever again. You never know which trash panda might be listening or how you will make the other person feel.

Blanky Mode

Now it’s time to jump back to our pictures of cute raccoons. We just love how adorable this one looks, and the phrase “blanky mode” matches its cuteness as well! It must’ve been difficult wrapping him up in it, though…

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

“Blanky mode” is the only way that we’re going to talk about going to sleep from now on. We hope that this little fella had a peaceful night’s rest. Remember to get at least 7 hours for a nice long rest.

Trash Taste

Here we have another hilariously relatable post for you! Many of us have questions about why some of our loved ones end up being so terrible. Well, wonder no longer — this raccoon has the answer for you. Check it out!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

If you find yourself surrounded by bad people, you should take a long, hard look at yourself, as this is usually a reflection of your own personality. We’re not saying that you are trash, but it’s worth asking yourself anyway.

World Domination

There are all kinds of people in the world. For better or worse, there are some that want power. Of course, it’s not always sinister. Having a role that allows you to change the world for the better by ending hunger or reducing pollution is something we can get behind.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Of course, “with great power comes great responsibility,” so you should always be careful with your position. You could end up making some pretty serious mistakes that you are sure to regret. This raccoon doesn’t seem too worried about that.


This meme has been on the internet for a while, but there’s something slightly different about seeing a raccoon “say” it instead. Let this be a lesson to celebrate your flaws instead of hating them — it’s a great way to live!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

We also want to say how much we love those sunglasses on this raccoon. Never before have we seen an animal look so stylish, so we doubt that there is anything dysfunctional about this gorgeous little fella. He’s pretty amazing!

Ignoring It

We have to put our hands up and admit that, sometimes, we are guilty of doing this — even though it can be pretty mean! Sometimes, there are those lectures that are so boring, you don’t want to pay attention to them.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

That’s not a good way to be, and we are deeply sorry to anyone we’ve chosen not to listen to. At the same time, they should try to be a little less boring so that we don’t feel the need to ignore them!

Forgetful Friend

This next meme is perfect for when you don’t make a shopping list. No matter how hard you try, you always end up forgetting at least one or two things that you really need to get. It can be super frustrating!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

The best part of this meme has to be the spelling mistake on “forgot.” We don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it really helps to make the raccoon appear like a child. It looks a lot angrier than a human child, though!

Live, Laugh, Love

Now it’s time for another existential crisis, thanks to this deep-thinking raccoon. Whenever we have to face something particularly challenging, we find ourselves asking a similar question to him. It’s important to remember that suffering is not going to last forever.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

You never know when the good times are coming, and you should certainly be grateful when they do arrive. And don’t overlook the little things that life has to give. On another note, the word art font of this meme really makes it so perfect.

So True

You might think that this meme is stupid, but, to us, it’s so obvious that it’s hilarious! We wonder what other great insights this raccoon has for us —– perhaps something about it being hot when it is hot outside.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Only a true poet could put words together as beautifully as this raccoon did and still seem pretty darn hilarious at the same time. But with all that fur, we doubt that the raccoon would feel the cold the same way we do.


As we get older, one thing remains true — we feel ourselves getting more tired more easily. Perhaps it is because our workloads are increasing, or perhaps because our bodies are getting weaker. Whatever the reason, we’d like it to stop, please!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

The best solution for this feeling of tiredness is to make sure to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet. Still, we’d love for tiredness to be normalized because it feels like so many of us feel this same way.

Live Fast, Die Young

Have you ever heard the phrase “live fast, die young”? Many use this as an answer to why they did silly or stupid things when they were young. Well, it appears that raccoons follow a completely different motto, and we’re not surprised…

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Honestly, this is a message that we can get behind. Sure — eating healthy is always a good thing, but you should not forget to have fun and “eat trash” sometimes. After all, you only live once, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Vicious Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day can feel pretty lonely, even more so if you have friends in relationships who are all making plans. You can think of Valentine’s Day as this raccoon does, and call being single as saving money…

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

But that doesn’t mean that you’re unlovable! You just haven’t found your significant other yet. But, until then, you can save a ton of money by not buying expensive gifts or restaurant trips on February 14th. Spend the money on chocolates for yourself.

Double the Pain

The COVID pandemic may only have started a couple of years ago, but it feels like its effects are going to last a lifetime. We feel exactly like this meme — drained both physically and mentally. This whole pandemic really took a toll on us.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

If you’re feeling this way too, then you should make sure to give yourself some “me time.” Do the things that you normally enjoy doing and give yourself space to have fun. There’s no point in being serious all the time.

Louder and Louder

Here’s another meme that’s been going around for a while. As a kid, screaming is one of the ways that you show your emotions, but we sometimes feel like doing the same thing as adults. There’s too much going on!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Screaming can sometimes be a good way to let out your feelings, although we would recommend trying to find the source of your problems first. There is always a solution to things, and you will find it eventually, so keep on trying.

Tragic Clown

With this next meme, we have a raccoon with a rather different approach to things. It brings some people great relief to know that their struggles happen for a reason, even something as small as losing your keys in your purse. Have you ever wondered what that reason might be?

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Well, according to this meme, it’s because we are the “most tragic of clowns” — ouch! It seems like a pretty funny meme at first glance, but we’re a little surprised at how deep this one hits us. It feels personal.

Nice Guy

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a reaction meme that says, “don’t care, didn’t ask, plus I hate you,” which people usually use when someone says something they dislike. This trash panda feels the exact opposite way, and we wish more people were like him!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

You should always try to care about others and make sure that they are feeling good, as this is the only way to bring true happiness to them. Keep reminding your loved ones how much you love them and how they make you happy.

The Future

Thinking about the future can be pretty scary for all of us since none of us truly know what is going to happen. That uncertainty chills many people to the bone, but you know what? It’s okay not to know.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

We should all take a page out of this raccoon’s book and accept that we don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s part of the beauty of the future — it’s so uncertain! So, let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Annoying Apologies

We’ve already mentioned before how bad it feels to annoy other people. Honestly, the best thing that you can do is apologize to your loved ones and say you’ll do better in the future. Even if it’s not true, they’re sure to appreciate the little white lie.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

They should be grateful that you apologized for being annoying and understood how your behavior affects others. That shows a lot of self-awareness and actually works to stop you from being so annoying to others. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone!

A Little Gift

If you’re ever in an argument with a friend or family member, then you should try to remember this meme — we think it could really help you out. No matter how heated things get, peace is always the best choice.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Give yourself and the other person some time to calm down and sort your headspace out. Life is so short that arguing with those closest to you is simply not worth it. Aiming for peace is all the best that we can do.

Serotonin Deficiency

In this big, bad, scary world that we live in, it’s very easy to feel weighed down by all the negativity. It’s important to remember that we are the source of our own happiness, and we can get a boost through a special neurotransmitter…

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

This is called “serotonin” and is released by our brains. This raccoon is sorely lacking some of this chemical, and we can totally relate to that feeling! When we’re feeling down, sometimes a boost from a loved one is exactly the pick-me-up we need!

No More Situations

We feel so sorry for this trash panda — it seems like the weight of the world is constantly on his shoulders! Feeling at your limit is also known as “burnout,” and it’s pretty common for people to feel this way.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

As this meme suggests, you should try to take yourself out of certain situations when you feel stretched thin. We wonder what made this raccoon feel like this — perhaps he, too, has some urgent work deadlines to meet. You can do it, little guy!

Cringe Acceptance

As we’ve already mentioned, the best way to start being happy is to begin with yourself. Accept all parts of yourself, from the positives to the cringe-worthy aspects. You will soon become a much freer person than when you first started out.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

We’re not sure what could make a raccoon feel so cringe, though. Maybe it’s because he realised that eating trash is quite a sickening thing to do. But hey — that’s part of his nature, and we don’t blame him for it.

Happily Delusional

If life is getting you down too much, then perhaps you should follow the guidance of this trash panda and simply live in a delusion. Feeling stressed about your workload? Just pretend it doesn’t exist! Worried about paying bills? Ignore them!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Obviously, we’re just joking, but you should know that there is nothing wrong with living in a little bit of a fantasy. A dash of delusion can help you get through a tough day, so there’s no harm in trying it every once in a while.

Small Problems

If you’re a particularly sensitive person, then you’ll know that even the smallest problems can feel absolutely massive. Even something as little as missing lunch can turn your day completely upside-down. However, there is a solution to feeling this way…

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

And that is to think about the bigger picture. Imagine yourself in a year’s time — will this tiny problem still affect you then? If you don’t think it will, then there’s no point in worrying about it now. It’s insignificant.

Relaxation Rules

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, give yourself time to relax. Even before you start your day, try to take a few minutes to relax and wake yourself up slowly. There’s no need to exist so early in the day.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

It’s better to gather your thoughts and worry about the right here, right now, instead of the day ahead of you. Celebrating those short “in-between” times is important if you want to become a happier person. Existence is totally overrated!

No More Thoughts

Of course, you could always try following this raccoon’s advice and wish for no more thoughts unless they are positive — or if they’re food-related! Naturally, negative thoughts have their place in life and are as equally valuable as positive thoughts.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Negative thoughts shouldn’t dominate your life, but it’s important not to shut these feelings out. Whatever reaction you’re having to something, it’s normal to feel angry or upset. Let the emotions out so that you can let the happiness in.

Words of Advice

You might think that raccoons are dirty creatures because they eat trash, but it’s for this simple reason that they are great. Raccoons and other animals that root around in our trash help keep the cycle of nature going. They happily eat our food waste instead of letting it rot in a landfill.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

So, to all the trash pandas out there — thank you! Let this guy help you out with this advice and remind you that “can’t” shouldn’t exist in your vocabulary. You can do whatever you put your mind to if you try hard enough.

See You, Society

If the worst comes to worst, you could always copy this guy’s example and become a lone ranger. It sounds like such a sweet life — nobody else to bother you; just you and the animals on the ranch. Such bliss!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

However, there’s a lot more to it than that. Being a lone ranger is a tough job, not only because of the physical work that you have to put into it. There’s also the constant desire for human companionship you’ll need to get over.

It’s FINE!

“Fine” has to be one of those words that means the exact opposite of its dictionary definition. Whenever someone says, “everything is fine,” you just know that things are far from being that way — they’re likely to be pretty hectic, disorganized, or just bad.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

The worst thing is when someone keeps asking you if you’re okay because then you feel like screaming “I’M FINE” to them — just like the trash panda in the back of the meme. Strap on a smile and remember things will get better.

Mischievous Mommy

This one is another popular meme with a new format. Obviously, we do not support cyber-bullying in any form. Still, we are curious about who this raccoon is cyber-bullying. Perhaps a fox or another enemy is the victim this time.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Our favourite part of this meme is the Word Art and the AOL message system on the screen — that is certainly a throwback! It makes us feel so old that there are people out there who will not recognise this screen…

Too Full

After a long day of work, this meme pretty much sums up our entire feelings. There are just so many things to think about all the time that it feels like our minds are completely saturated. We want to make it stop!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

If you ever catch yourself feeling this way, take some time to completely separate yourself from your responsibilities. You can try listening to calming music and meditating or even just kick back with a good book to sort out your headspace.

No Thoughts

We’ve all been here before, where you feel like switching off your brain to stop the thoughts from running. Yet even when you do, it feels like they keep coming, quick and unabated. What on earth can we do to stop it?!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to stop yourself from thinking and giving yourself an “empty head.” In fact, it’s pretty much impossible because your brain is always running — even when you are fast asleep. Instead of forcing your mind to be quiet, try relaxing instead.

Simple Existence

With all of that being said, one of the greatest ways to improve yourself is to remember that you don’t (and can’t) know everything. Accepting the fact that human intelligence is limited is one path to being happier with yourself.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

It helps you to put to rest those thoughts that keep you up at night, as well as the terrifying nature of the future. Human beings are really very stupid, and it takes a genius to work out this fact. Just try existing!

I Forgot

It’s part of human nature to forget things, and this can be pretty frustrating at times. However, being forgetful can also be somewhat of a blessing, too, since you can forget about the bad times and put them behind you.

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

There will have been plenty of terrible things in your life that you have absolutely no recollection of, and that is good. So remember that forgetting is beneficial to you, and keep thinking positively. You can make it through the day!

An Easy Fix

Our final meme is one that we hope will fill you with joy. Overthinking comes naturally to us all, but it can be such a killer. There’s work, bills, relationships, food, the world…so many things to worry about with so little time to take care of it all!

Nocturnaltrashposts (Instagram)

If you find yourself feeling this way, then you should copy this trash panda and simply not think at all. That way, you won’t ever feel tired out from all those thoughts! Meditation and mindfulness are some of the best practices to achieve this.