Animals That Are Winning At Posing For Pictures And Make Us Want To Up Our Game

By Arvyn B

Snapchat was first released in 2011, and it was almost instantly a major hit with teenagers. The main thing that separates it from other social media applications is that the messages and images you send disappear after a short time. Five hundred thirty million people have used it in the US alone! However, it is not all about selfies and silly photos. Sometimes, people take pics of the most adorable animals around – and they are not just your standard dog and cat pics. Here we have a list of 45 of the best animal snapchats we have seen – we have everything from snakes to goats. You will probably find yourself surprised at some of the entries here because they are pretty amazing photographs!

Chilling Rat

Our first entry for this list is quite an unusual pet. Rats make pretty good animal friends. They’re much cleaner than many people believe and are affectionate as well as intelligent. These adorable rodents love living with other rats and form strong communal bonds.

Image courtesy of Happyperson (Reddit)

If anything, it looks like this rat is living a life of luxury, and we’re totally jealous. We would love to sit back, watch a movie, and eat some yummy popcorn right now! Did anyone notice he’s watching Ratatouille on the screen?

Giraffe Selfie

Here is a slightly more exotic animal – a giraffe! Of course, you will not find this as a pet in anyone’s house. Instead, a wild animal like this can only be found in a zoo, but it’s still super cute.

Image courtesy of YukiChan800 (Imgur)

Just check out that cute smile on its face; it’s infectious! We have no idea what made this giraffe feel so happy, but we would certainly love to know. It looks so darn adorable and proves that all baby animals are cute.


Some scientists have said that there are likely about seven other people in the world that look exactly like you, which is a pretty surprising fact. But how many animal doppelgangers are out there? More interestingly, what about humans that have aminal twins?

Image courtesy of HoboMoo (Reddit)

We would be so shocked if we ever stumbled on our animal lookalike as this guy did. It should come as no surprise that he could not resist taking a photo with his sloth brother. They really do look related and seem super comfortable around each other.

Desperate Raccoon

We have all seen those posts before of people with their clingy pets who just cannot seem to let them go. Usually, these lovable pets are cats and dogs with serious neediness problems. But raccoons can be desperate for attention, too!

Image courtesy of Minty_Moose (Reddit)

Just look at how he is clinging onto his owner’s leg! Apparently, he does this every time the person comes home, which is such a cute way to show his affection. Hugs are always welcome, especially after a long day.


Thank goodness this user was not baking cupcakes, as this could have turned out to be quite a disaster! We are grateful, though, that the hedgehog’s mom thought to take this photo. This kind of joke simply never gets old!

Image courtesy of PineappleCat (Imgur)

Just imagine having so many of these children running around! Of course, it does help that these animals are super cute – and that they are so small that they can fit into a baking tray. We hope everyone keeps an eye out for them.

Diverse Dragons

This one surprised us quite a bit since we had no idea that bearded dragons came in so many different colors, like brown, red, orange, and even white. However, we have to say – they are all different shades of beautiful!

Image courtesy of GregPower (Facebook)

We knew we were right about lizards being precious and adorable. It has got us wondering if there are any strange shades out there, like blue. Or perhaps there is a rainbow variety, too (besides cameleons and their color-changing abilities), we mean)? It would be so cool!

Two Horses

There are usually two kinds of people in life – those who are serious and those who fall on the goofier end of the spectrum. We know which of these camps we fall into! But did you know that animals fall into one of these two categories too?

Image courtesy of Medavis6 (Reddit)

Of course, you did! Animals have as much personality as we do. Take these two horses, for instance. It does not take a genius to determine which of these is the serious one and the goofy horse. We bet these two are also best friends.

Open Door

So far, we have seen quite a few animals that live on land. But there are just as many cute creatures in the oceans and seas, too. During high tide, this seal rode the waves to this person’s back door.

Image courtesy of Cruztec (Reddit)

He got so scared that he ended up coming inside the user’s house! Honestly, we would not even be mad because he looks like the friendly, sociable type. Imagine if it became their pet – the cuteness would be too much!

Nosy Feeder

Most animals tend to be pretty scared of people, but if you live in the city, you know it is a completely different story in the concrete jungle. Especially in a place as busy as New York – the animals are brave!

Image courtesy of JakenBits (Reddit)

For instance, this squirrel came right up onto the user’s shoulder and started pestering him for food – so typical! We can almost even hear it asking for some nuts in a cute little voice. Talk about one confident animal.

Best friends

Some people see cows as big dogs. Looking at the picture below, it is not too hard to see why they do that – this cow is so fluffy and sweet. It is sleeping on the photographer’s legs, just like a puppy.

Image courtesy of Infinity (Reddit)

If you check out the surroundings of the picture, it looks like it could be heaven, but it is just a field. Having such friendly animals around you really seems to be such bliss – we are so happy for these two besties.

Hamster Church

Here are some more animals that seem to have learned a few things from humans. Instead of personality traits, these hamsters have adopted something a little more advanced – religion! It looks like the hamster is preaching to his flock.

Image courtesy of BPA (Facebook)

We have no idea what he could be saying to the members of this hamster church. Perhaps he is warning them about cats or teaching them to be thankful to their owners. Either way, we bet it is important stuff!


There are also some animals that just appear to walk through life perpetually confused, like this duck. He wandered into a group of flamingos and got a little lost when looking at them. Can you spot the little guy in the flock?

Image courtesy of Beccapizza (Reddit)

Yep, you guessed it – he is the one that is slap-bang in the middle of them all. He appears to be trying his hardest to look like a flamingo, but he is definitely not fooling us. But maybe they have made him an honorary part of the group.

Just Chilling

So far, it seems that pets of all types have a pretty relaxed life, and for many of them, it consists of just taking it easy. We cannot blame them – we would totally do the same if we could!

Image courtesy of Bodymindisoneword (Reddit)

He looks so content, just lying on the fence like that. The craziest fact of all is that he does not seem to be afraid whatsoever of the people that live there. In fact, he gets along with them quite well.

Owl vs. Banana

If you have a cat, then we reckon that you will have tried the “cucumber trick” with them at some point. This involves putting a cucumber next to them and seeing them flip out because they think it’s a snake or something.

Image courtesy of Kingfumilhouse (Reddit)

However, cats are clearly not the only animals afraid of random types of produce. This owl, for example, looks like she is ready to fight or fly because the user showed her a banana. We wonder what she thinks it is.

Traffic Jam

Don’t you just hate it when you are on your way to work, and you get stuck in a huge traffic jam? You are so worried that you will be late and make your boss angry – then you pull up to this!

Image courtesy of zisslefish (Reddit)

Now, imagine that instead of being in stand-still traffic, it is a zoo. And instead of being a bunch of cars, it is just one big giraffe. This doesn’t sound like a nightmare – it sounds like a dream instead!

Annoyed Gecko

Of course, there are also times when we annoy our animals, and they decide to show how angry they are. If you have a dog or cat, they might start leaving little “treats” on the floor or bed for you to find and clean up.

Image courtesy of ArkadiusBear (Reddit)

However, if you have a gecko, it is a completely different story. This one decided to give its owner the middle finger instead! It must have felt angry, but at least it said what it needed to say to the owner’s face.

Knock Knock

Hearing a knock on your door late at night can be a pretty frightening thing since you have absolutely no idea who it could be – or what! This user was in for a pretty sweet surprise when this happened.

Image courtesy of Jamholes (Reddit)

Instead of being something terrifying, it was just a little duck who seemed to be a bit lost! Perhaps it wanted to come inside from the cold, or perhaps it knew food was on the way and wanted to partake.

Fake Love

One of the difficult things about having a pet is that you do not want your little animal to get lonely and sad while you are out – so what can you do to keep it occupied? Well, you could always try getting a toy.

Image courtesy of Vininnarella (Reddit)

Maybe even one that looks exactly like the animal itself, like this user did with much success. This bearded dragon is completely in love with his toy. It does not matter that his little buddy is fake – the love is real!

Free Him

If you have a bird feeder at home, you know all too well some of the struggles of trying to keep certain “unwanted guests” from eating all the food. Of course, we mean squirrels, who always gorge themselves on the seeds.

Image courtesy of ThisisStatus (Reddit)

However, this user had a completely different kind of problem with their “squirrel-proof” bird feeder. Somehow, the little guy was smart enough to crawl inside and get stuck! We hope that he is free of this cage soon enough.

Challenging Croc

There are a whole bunch of challenges floating around at the moment and, sometimes, it feels like there might be a new one every single day. Take the Cheerio challenge, for example, where people put cereal on their heads.

Image courtesy of Yourcatsonfire (Reddit)

We think everyone should give up on this one, as it is pretty clear that there is a winner – this cute little baby croc! Most people think that crocodiles are scary animals, but we just think this is adorable.

The Long Game

Looking at the next bird on our list, it certainly looks dressed to impress. Check out that gorgeous hat and pose that it is doing! We are sure that this is the fanciest feathered friend we have ever seen ’round these parts.

Image courtesy of fruit17 (Reddit)

Of course, it took the user a very long time to build up trust with the bird so they could capture this gorgeous photo. We strongly do not recommend that you try putting hats on any wild animals that you see until you guys are good buds.

Like a Movie

Almost all of us have seen the Disney movie Bambi at one point in our lives. If you have not, add it to your list. The type of deer is instantly recognizable. This one could easily be a twin of our favorite fictional fawn.

Image courtesy of LudovicoSpecs (Reddit)

We would not be surprised if this is where Walt Disney got his inspiration for the film, as this little friend is just too precious. Just look at those tiny little legs and head. He can visit us any time.

Amazing Apple

Sometimes, it really does feel like animals try to communicate with humans, even though we have no way of truly knowing. The picture below is a terrific example of this, as the deer appears to be talking to us, and the message is clear.

Image courtesy of Jonue (Reddit)

It should not be too difficult to work out what this deer is likely saying. It is extremely grateful for the apple that the user has gifted it, and the deer thinks the apple is extremely delicious. Have you ever seen greater joy?

Super cool

It is a fact – we have all tried wearing sunglasses to look cool. There is just something about shades that makes us feel like our awesome meters go off the charts. We think that nobody can beat this little guy, though. He’s the coolest!

Image courtesy of sentimental_goat (Reddit)

Nobody can ever look more impressive than this goat, so we think that anyone who wants to try should just give up now. He seems pretty impressed at being able to see the sky. This kid is totally the GOAT!

Baby One

Sometimes, it can be pretty easy to forget that huge animals also start life on the smaller side. Take this little ostrich, for starters. They end up being absolutely humongous animals, but they do not hatch from their eggs fully grown.

Image courtesy of Phippsyd (Reddit)

When they are young, these animals are about the same size as a chicken! However, they make little hissing noises when they are babies, which makes them slightly less cuddly than this picture leads us to think. Still love him, though.

No More

So far, we have seen some animals that appear to be pretty happy, but it is important to remember that they can have their sad moments, too. This lizard seems quite down, and all we want in this life is to see him in a happier mood.

Image courtesy of ShaeLen Deines (Pinterest)

We are not too sure what could have made him feel this way, but we sincerely hope it was nothing too serious. We can totally relate to this feeling, though – it appears it is not limited to our species.

Fluffy Fox

Honestly, we would not be surprised to see this fox on the cover of a fashion magazine because it is that fabulous. That gorgeous shade of white, the stunning look in its eyes… it looks as comfortable in front of the camera as a professional model!

Image courtesy of BesLol (Reddit)

It should come as no surprise that some people try taming animals like foxes and the like and making them into pets. Of course, we do not recommend doing this yourself, as it doesn’t always turn out for the best.

Toy Story

If you’ve seen Toy Story, then you will probably remember Woody’s famous catchphrase “there’s a snake in my boot,” which was one of the sayings the doll would recite when you pulled his string. We could not think of a better caption for this photo!

Image courtesy of Pncatthdsco (Reddit)

However, we have to admit that this snake does look pretty fetching in that boot. It helps to bring out its eyes! We just hope that the Barbie that let the slithery friend borrow her boot doesn’t expect it back anytime soon.


One of the truly great pleasures in life is going to the park and feeding the animals, whether it is the squirrels or the birds. This old lady came up with a very entertaining and creative way to do this.

Image courtesy of Aceman23 (Imgur)

She uses a marionette to do it! It is a great way to stop the squirrels from being scared. We love this idea and are quite impressed that she came up with it. The squirrel looks perfectly calm and comfortable.

Yummy Meal

There are some animals out there that will eat almost anything, like pigs. They can devour whatever you put in their trough. It appears that squirrels do this, too, and the one below is a prime example – it is eating a slice of pizza!

Image courtesy of Dsvenjolly (Reddit)

Honestly, this should not be that surprising, as it proves that even squirrels cannot resist the delicious smell and taste of pepperoni pizza. It is just too good! We hope the squirrel enjoyed every bite of this yummy meal.

Little Snacks

This user went for a walk in the forest to take some great photos, but nothing could have prepared them for what they saw. Namely, this tiny antelope that came up to them for food! What would you do if this face appeared before you?

Image courtesy of Sudden_potato (Reddit)

There is just no way that anyone could resist an animal as cute as this one, and we bet they promptly handed over as many snacks as they had. Whatever this baby wanted, we would be sure to give it to them. It is so pretty!

Hamster Boo-Boo

Nobody enjoys taking their pets to the vets, and you can bet that they do not like it either. It can be quite a scary experience for both. We wish that every trip was as successful as this one was.

Image courtesy of AOkhtenberg (Reddit)

This hamster broke his tiny arm, so the vet decided to wrap it up so it could heal properly, giving us this amazing photograph. The question is – where do they get casts as small as this one?! It must be hard to make!

Furry Friend

We can understand people who say that they prefer animals to humans. After all, there are no people alive that are as cute as this furry fellow. If you didn’t know the name, it is called a quokka. How perfect!

Image courtesy of Baggs22 (Reddit)

However, we think the name could be altered – to a “cute-ka” instead. Just look at those eyes and that big smiling face! We would be over the moon if this animal became our friend. What a treasure that moment must have been.

Unusual Friends

Some best friend pairs are made up of the most unlikely creatures. Take this goat and pig, for example. They are the closest of friends and never leave the other alone. We all hope for a friend this dedicated.

Image courtesy of Infinity (Reddit)

That even includes when they are sleeping, so it can be a struggle to find a bed big enough to fit both of them in it. Luckily, they managed to do all the searching themselves and found the planter their fur mom just put together!

Pretty Bird

With so many different colors in the animal kingdom, it can be difficult trying to choose a favorite one. This little bird has a huge range of them in its feathers, and it almost looks like a feathery little watermelon!

Image courtesy of Gallowboob (Reddit)

We really hope that the owners let the bird know how beautiful it is and that they show it with compliments every single day. We also wonder what kind of sound it makes. It is one stunning creature, that is for sure!

Smiles All Round

It goes without saying that hugging an animal makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside, but did you ever stop to think about how the animal feels? Well, it seems that they very often enjoy being hugged as well!

Image courtesy of FrompyWompy (Reddit)

This lamb just could not act cool as it hugged the woman, and it even had a huge smile on its face while it happened. This makes us want to cuddle all of the lambs. It must be a feeling of comfort like no other.

Yum yum

It is pretty crazy that, even though they have no idea what a camera is, some animals can look absolutely stunning in photographs. Just look at this little rabbit, who is licking a window. It is so photogenic! So beautiful!

Image courtesy of Auggernaut88 (Reddit)

That “mlem” caption is surely the sound the rabbit is making as it gently licks the window. We are not sure why it is doing this, but we have to say that it is very adorable, and we don’t care about the reason.

Birthday Cake

Here is another thing that animals have no clue about – birthdays! Humans love to celebrate them, but we highly doubt that animals actually give this much thought. That did not stop this groundhog, though, who couldn’t wait to start partying.

Image courtesy of Nmads14 (Reddit)

It even managed to get a delicious birthday cake out of it! Judging by the expression on its face, we can tell that it is enjoying that sugar rush. We just hope that the resulting crash was not too rough!


No matter which type of pet you have at home, you can be pretty much guaranteed that it will find its way into some weird places. This goat, for example, somehow got stuck inside of the trash can. Poor thing!

Image courtesy of Spreiss (Reddit)

Luckily, it was not hurt, and the user managed to rescue the goat soon after, with no injuries. However, it must have been pretty shaken up, so we hope it got some treats to cheer it up a bit afterward!

Poor Customer

Now, it is time for another animal that acts like a human being. For this one, the user’s mom had a bird feeder outside, which she had to take down due to sneaky, clever rodents arriving and eating it all.

Image courtesy of Tremillow (Reddit)

One of these “unwanted guests” wanted to make sure that the mom knew how annoyed it was about the food being taken away. It began peering through the window, hoping that they would notice how frustrated it was and bring it a meal.

Heat Me Up

It goes without saying that baby chicks are just absolutely adorable, from their tiny bodies to the little sounds that they make. But we have a feeling that you have never seen chicks quite as cute as these guys before!

Image courtesy of zalilkhan (Reddit)

These chicks were feeling the chill, so they decided to all huddle together against a coffee mug to try and keep warm. It is such an adorable sight to see that we are not surprised the owner took a photo!

Off we go!

Owls have always been quite a popular animal. Still, they definitely took on a new type of fame after the release of the Harry Potter books and movies. Everyone wanted an owl to send them a letter to go to Hogwarts!

Image courtesy of Griffintruong8r (Reddit)

It appears that this is exactly what this owl has done, who was sitting on the window ledge of this user’s apartment. We can only imagine how happy this made the person feel to receive their Hogwarts letter from such a cute delivery bird!


Some animals just appear to be overly interested in the lives of humans, like this deer. It wanted to know what the photographer’s wife was doing, so it followed her all the way home. Maybe it liked her vibes? Or wanted to play with the puppy too?

Image courtesy of thedorkening (Reddit)

From the way it is peering through the door, it seems like it wants to be asked for an invitation inside! If it were us, there is no way that we would be able to refuse this not-so-little guy entry.

In High Spirits

Here we have even more proof that humans and animals can sometimes think alike. We have all tried lifting a baby animal in the air (especially our cats – don’t lie; we’ve all done it) to reenact the famous scene from The Lion King.

Image courtesy of sladeslade (Imgur)

It brings us so much joy, but apparently, animals love doing it as well. Just look at the look on the baby goat’s face – it is feeling nothing but absolute bliss at being lifted so high into the sky!

Little One

Our last entry on this list might be a little on the larger side, but that does not stop it from being very cute. In its smile, you can just see that it loves being treated like the queen it is!

Image courtesy of girlposts (Twitter)

We totally agree with the caption, too – there have been so many times that our thighs “do the thing” when we sit down. Of course, we have never before looked as cute as this bird does in the user’s hand.