45 Animal Snapchats That Remind Us Cats And Dogs Aren’t The Only Pets Worth Photographing

By Victoria M

This article was originally published on funcatz

Whether you are obsessed with animals or fear them, these candid photos will make you appreciate all of nature’s creatures. Just like us, pets (both those purposefully and accidentally adopted) have their own quirky personalities, and they provide us endless entertainment along with companionship. When we’re down and need attention, or just want a good laugh, they are there to fulfill that role. Over 90 million families own a pet in the US alone, and we can imagine most of them are cats or dogs, or both. But we wanted to give a shoutout to the other animals who have made their way into our hearts. These pictures will make you laugh and remind you that there are other creatures who can make amazing and adorable (and sometimes ridiculous and sassy) life companions.

My best friend, Bessie

This lovely cow has the heart and politeness of a human. Its absolute trust and love for the person is very clear in this photo and it makes our hearts swell like the Grinch’s at the end of the film.

Image courtesy of infinity/Reddit

The cow’s coat is beautiful in the dappled sunlight. This is a moment of bliss that only a fortunate few are awarded. We knew we liked cows before, but the beauty of this animal just makes us want to cuddle it more. 

The Real GOAT

This goat has real swag. We could try for hours and never get a snap as good as this. Those shades, the pose – it is all so on point, we have to call this little the guy the real GOAT. You know, Greatest Of All Time. 

Image courtesy of sentimental_goat/Reddit

The caption is relatable to every. We have all had moments of bonding with our pets, and sometimes we feel like we know what is going on in their minds. This happy goat owner knows exactly how cool this kid is.

Besties Forever

The first question is, why do they look so smug? They’re having the time of their lives. We all know that goats and pigs alike will eat almost anything, so we wonder how their owner felt about them hanging out in the planter.

Image courtesy of lnfinity/Reddit

But how in the world could anyone say no to those two adorable, innocent faces? If it were us, we’d relinquish our planter – and anything else for that matter – to see that baby pig smile like that every single day.

Baby Chicks Need Some Love

You have to imagine how cold and scary the world must seem to newborn animals (well, and humans too). They were snug and warm in their shells and then all of a sudden – poof. They are pushed out into the wide world. 

Image courtesy of zalilkhan / Reddit

The owner was very sympathetic to the tiny babies, and let them warm themselves on his mug of tea. These are the kinds of people that keep the earth turning. This tiny act of kindness made these chicks feel safe and secure.

Praise Thy Hamster

The song “Take Me To Church” doesn’t describe this photo enough. The hamsters’ little friends are watching attentively. Either it’s a meeting to go over the group’s participation or a Bible study sesh that just got too emotional. This heart-felt hamster let it all out. 

Image courtesy of BPA/Facebook

We need to attend this church or meeting right away. With his arms wide open, he is inviting us into a journey and speech he wants everyone to hear, and we are all for it. Ready to be blessed and healed by his words. 

Little Fruity Bird

This bird has the most beautiful feathers ever to be seen. Whether you think it’s a walking watermelon or strawberry, the colors are perfectly crafted. His little eyes look up at you and you can tell he knows how beautiful he is.

Image courtesy of Gallowboob/Reddit

We all needed to see this bird and bask in its beauty. This funny caption with the perfectly captured bird makes for a beautiful moment. We will cherish this photo and wish to be as beautiful as this little creature is. 

Owling to Hogwarts

Harry Potter. That movie had us all wanting to buy an owl and teach it to fetch our mail. A creative way to get people to become obsessed with owls and the world of magic. This little owl seems pleased to do his duty as a witch’s assistant.

Image courtesy of griffintruong8r/Reddit

He has been waiting for his day to come, to be one of the pets of Hogwarts. The smile on his face knowing his first mail order is on the way is infectious. We should all be this happy to do what we love. Hopefully, he will let us know how his trip to the wizarding world went.

Pups Day Off

This dog is living our day off dream. Only enough of his is sticking out to be able to reach the snacks.. There is nothing better than feeling than sitting at home doing the bare minimum. We can almost see a smile on his little face.

Image courtesy of happyperson / Reddit

This rat has a better setup than half of us. He gets the best of both worlds; call him Hannah Montana. Or Miley; you decide. We can’t move on without pointing out he’s watching Ratatouille. Can we say he made the best of the moment? The answer is yes.

Lil’ Baby

Listen, before seeing this babay, we found ostriches a bit intimidating. But its face looks serene and sweet, and we have changed our minds. He will one day be a big boi, but he will be with this human’s and will make the best pet they could ask for.

Image courtesy of phippsyd/Reddit

We see that he loves the feeling of the fluffy carpet on his little feet. Because we had never had one of our own, we were very curious about the sounds it makes. Do they quack like ducks? To Google we went. Turns out, they boom and hiss. Interesting.

Confused Duck

Honestly, this duck is too cute to even laugh at. he is trying so hard to blend in with the group. He has the perfect amount of leg lift and head tilt to keep his identity a secret. This must be day thirty and no one has noticed.

Image courtesy of beccapizza/Reddit

No worries, duck; we will keep your secret, but we can’t help but laugh at the confusion this duck is going through. And the flamingos pay no attention to the “outsider.” They’re chill with it. It’s already part of the gang

Pure Bliss

This little guy looks happy as a clam, and boy, do we feel the joy radiating from this photo. He played his cards well, and it paid off with a huge hug. Most of us are suckers for sheep, especially lambs, and this woman is no exception.

Image courtesy of FrompyWompy/Reddit

Though this probably took place at a petting zoo, and we could easily find the ned of the story, we like to imagine this lamb was adopted by the lady and they are living happily ever after on a farm somewhere.

Do you have time to talk, sir?

We are all disappointed that we didn’t get the invite. Community matters, people, we should all be involved. Some of us need to take more initiative like this buck, who went straight to his new neighbors to say hello.

Image courtesy of thedorkening/Reddit

Honestly, we should be super curious about this conversation and why they elected a deer as the head of the neighborhood welcoming committee. Jokes aside, what is going on here? It seems like he has something super important to say; we want to be a fly on the wall for this.

Baby Giraffe Cuteness

Here we have a reminder why we loved going to the zoo as kids. Heck, we still love it, and a huge reason is because of the giraffes. The second we saw this babay, we started smiling and we honestly have not stopped.

Image courtesy of YukiChan800/Imgur

Is this what they call love at first sight? Our hearts and stomachs are all aflutter. We would do anything for this little one. Maybe it is time for a career change. Is it possible to work as a zookeeper but only hang out with the baby giraffes?

Laid Up

This raccoon is so cute and ready to start the festive season off right. By lounging on the railing and watching its human do human things. He is perfectly laid out with his arms propped up, laying in a classy pose.

Image courtesy of Bodymindisoneword/Reddit

He is watching something the way your significant other watches you while you sleep. He knows he has the best spot in the yard and has been in that spot before. We all deserve the attention this raccoon is giving that best friend.

Slither My Life Away

This lizard is going through it. Isn’t sure if it should last another day or stay in this position until the end of time. The body is battling the mind about whether they should move and if life deserves more chances. 

Image courtesy of ShaeLen Deines/Pinterest

We have all been there; let’s laugh at the way we can relate to this moment. Sliding off your bed in that final dramatic moment of the “Its Over” phase is top tier. This little guy deserves to know he’s not alone. 

Ready to Rumble

This looks like the beginning of every round of Street Fighter. How dare you threaten him with like that; he can smell the disrespect from there. The person who took the picture was probably just as surprised as his owl.

Image courtesy of kungfumilhouse / Reddit

Who knew these two were arch enemies? Maybe it is just this particular owl. It could similar to the phenomenon where cats freak out over cucumbers. Whatever the reason, this bird looks ready to fly the coop or start a fight.

Prettier than You

Well, we knew it was true. We’d seen it before. Some animals are simply more photogenic than we could ever hope to be. They don’t even have to try! they just have to exist! Did this cutie spend three hours on makeup? Nope.

Image courtesy of Auggernaut88/Reddit

We are overjoyed that someone captured this precious moment of a bunny licking a window. We know, when we say it like that it sounds lame, but just look at it! We would guess he knows exactly how cute he is.

Higher, Mom!

With any pets, you can expect to keep your home full of love, joy, and excitement. They make us feel whole and needed. Playing with them can make a terrible, no good, very bad day into an amazing, perfect, sunshine-filled one.

Image courtesy of sladeslade/Imgur

Goats will have fun playing with anything, and eat anything. And one thing that makes kids on the top of our “if we ever had a farm, these are the animals we want” list is their expressions. This guy looks ecstatic!

Hooman Alert

Can’t tell if this one has us laughing because of the hilarious caption or staring in bewilderment because it looks like a giraffe lives in this person’s backyard. But imagine for a second that you had to explain to your boss why you were late (again).

Image courtesy of zisslefish/Reddit

When we see a beautiful animal, we feel a bond or instant love for it. Sometimes we even feel like we can communicate with them the instant we meet, and know what they’re saying. And this giraffe is saying, “I ain’t moving. Go around.”

Fur On Point

Here we go again with creatures looking more beautiful than we did at our weddings. Sometimes, nature proves to us that she can do it better, and does. The honey-colored eyes and pure white fur – just wow! This is a perfect shot.

Image courtesy of BesLoL/Reddit

We do wish foxes made better pets, but they truly belong in the wild. But look at how majestic this creature is when sitting in the grass and leaves. It was perfectly content and probably sleeping before the photo op began.

Thank for the snack

If ever there was an animal version of a sweet-toothed toddler, here it is. The face he is making looks to us that he is saying, “you gave store-bought cupcakes to Barbara for her birthday? I expected more of all of you. And yes, I’ll take a second.”

Image courtesy of nmads14/Reddit

His claws are covered in the frosting, but we are too busy obsessing over his boop-able pink nose. If we had a lunch buddy, we would also share our food with him. He does look like a critic, but it takes all types.

Irritated To The Max

This gecko has a major attitude and has no issue turning his back and expressing himself. The legs may be sprawled apart and holding on with the last bit of muscle, but the finger means business. Finger in the sky, standing up high, this gecko will not back down.

Image courtesy of ArkadiusBear/Reddit

We wonder what this owner did to upset their pet. Regardless, this gecko is not having, feeling, or seeing it. We should all take a stand and support our fellow gecko in his moment of self-realization. He is not happy, and we are living for the photo. What a mood.

Chubby Yet Cute

This little bird is so cute. It’s thick and loving its life. Our eyes go directly to the slight smile its beak is making. Then you get to the caption, and the laughter begins. We can all relate to the thighs expanding when you sit down.

Image courtesy of girlposts/Twitter

The moment you sit, you take up the whole seat without realizing. The bird is all happiness, and loves its body. All sizes matter, even when it comes to pets. This is the face of self-love, and we should all follow its footsteps – or wingbeats.

Long-lost brother

We are screaming for this man who found his long-lost brother while adventuring in the Amazon. They both look so satisfied and so perfectly right posing together that no one could deny the kinship between them. The sloth looks victorious.

Image courtesy of HoboMoo/Reddit

He must have been searching for his bro for a long time. Sloths travel slow, so good thing his human sibling can travel a little faster and was able to speed up the family reunion by a few decades. It probably took the sloth half a day to climb up for this photo. Worth it!

New Found Bird

A hummingbird we have all seen. Owls, maybe. We’ve definitely heard them. And sure, we’ve definitely seen some ducks in our time but not on our doorstep at dinnertime. We probably would have invited him in and offered him the crusts.

Image courtesy of jamholes/Reddit

If we would have to guess, this duck was looking for some food and even brought along a leaf as his contribution to the pizza everyone was waiting for. Or, it could be he was hoping for – wait for it – cheese and quackers!

Red Bottoms

I’m sure they would prefer the leather boots, but these red-bottom boots will do. We’re sure this person was super shocked to see this snake rocking these shoes. Not something we see every day when we get ready to leave.

Image courtesy of pncatthdsco/Tumblr

Poor snake just wanted to feel pretty and wear something nice. The eye contact this snake is giving us is a warning. A warning of attack if you try to remove this fabulous shoe from its tale. At this point, he can keep it; looks better on him. 

True Love

The moment you meet the one, true love of your life, you vow to never let them go. You go all Leo and Kate on the Titanic, flying through the breeze without a care in the world. It’s just beautiful.

Image courtesy of Vininnarella/Reddit

And even better than a movie is the love between this bearded dragon and its toy. Have you ever seen a more blissful expression on a lizard? On anything or anyone? We thought not. Move over, Allie and Noah, Jack and Rose, these are our new romance goals.

Feeding The Baby

This lady has pure dedication, and we are standing in the back impressed with her work. This replica she made or had made is too perfect for words. And the squirrels are loving her for it while we laugh with delight. 

Image courtesy of Aceman23/Imgur

You would never have to fear feeding them and getting attacked, though with the distance between the squirrel and the person, we assume safety was already out the door. At that point, she could just put a leash on it and take the thing home. 

Love Me

This raccoon is clinging to this human like toddlers do. He is desperate for attention, and we think he deserves it and should receive it without delay. His little smile shows the lengths he will go for his beloved human.

Image courtesy of Minty_Moose/Reddit

No matter the animal, they wait for you to come home as if they are counting each and every second. Funny way to capture this idea, but it’s adorable to see the connection this raccoon has built with this person.

Let Me Out

Whoever decided it was a great idea to invent a squirrel-proof bird feeder did not know much about the tenacity of this animal. They will go to any lengths necessary for their food, as would we all. And bird seed is just too tempting.

Image courtesy of ThisisStatus/Reddit

But the whole useless invention thing aside, this guy is now stuck in there. Know squirrel ingenuity, it won’t last long, and he’ll be free soon, but it almost looks like he is asking the person behind the camera for a little help.

Best Meal

This squirrel is a whole mood and living the life we all want. Eating a whole pizza alone; how can that go wrong? This is hands down the best meal he has had all day, and we all know that feeling.

Image courtesy of dsvenjolly/Reddit

His decision to eat it right there instead of taking it back with him shows how angry he is, and that he has no intention of sharing. Pizza isn’t meant for sharing; it is intended for eating it all in one sitting, and he is doing it right. 

New Mom

Motherhood isn’t all it was cracked up to be for this hedgehog. Imagine having seven babies at once! The one consolation is that they are the cutest things. You might be wondering what the recipe might be, and we think we know.

Image courtesy of PineappleCat/Imgur

For hedgehog muffins, all you need is one cup of adorable, seven portions of sharp cuteness, and as many dashes of aww as you want. Look at the one on the bottom right – now he is a good muffin.

Best life

When your boyfriend is super into those internet challenges that you’re just over it. Until he decides to participate in this one. The Cheerio challenge has been well-documented, but we are here to tell you we have found a winner.

Image courtesy of Yourcatsonfire/Reddit

The caption is perfect for this moment. But not only was the challenge accepted, it was won without contest. His smiling face brings us so much joy it should be illegal. This cutie is so obviously very proud of himself.

Hey there!

This little duiker wanted to share its snacks with our photographer while they were hanging out in the forest. We would be thrilled to bits if a baby antelope came up to us for any reason. She melts our hearts!

Image courtesy of sudden_potato/Reddit

Moments like this help us remember that even when things are tough, at least somewhere out there, cute animals are roaming about living their best lives and eating their snacks with a joy and relish that is inspiring to us all.

Good Boy

The definition of the saying “Good Boy” finally has some factual evidence. This kid does not care about our silly human research, though, and will continue whatever shenanigans its little heart desires to get into. He got himself into quite the predicament here.

Image courtesy of spreiss/Reddit

We can’t see the expression on his face, but if we could, we imagine it would be one of fierce determination. Or perhaps panic. But we like to think that this little guy is the feistiest of them all and regrets nothing.

Shades Of Beards

We love the diversity in this photo. The dragons are all lined up and showing off their beautiful beards of different shades and sizes. The red one is looking over to make sure he is in the frame. And you can see each stereotype of a friend group in this photo.

Image courtesy of Greg Power/Facebook

We must discuss how cute they are. Whether you like them or not, they are unique and beautiful creatures. How this man was able to balance all four, get them to sit still, and take a picture is beyond us. We can’t even get four drunk friends to sit still. 

Howdy Human

This little bird is ready for his line dancing class later. He has us hating on his hat and his perfect pose. We’d better watch out; he may just out dance us. The fact that his human was able to get the hat on is impressive.

Image courtesy of fruit17/Reddit

Trust was built between the bird and the owner to make this happen. We would not try this with a random bird on the street. Please don’t try to put a hat on a seagull later; we know that won’t turn out well. 

They Fixed it

This little hamster paid no mind to his injury. His human made sure it was checked out and fixed up before he could say, “ouch.” We will say he looks a little sad. It’s probably he probably can’t scamper around the way he would like.

Image courtesy of AOkhtenberg/Reddit

This cute creature looks like he is waiting patiently for his leg to get back into tip-top shape. We bet he misses the happy and carefree days of running in his wheel. Praying for a quick recovery for him and his little foot. 

Let me in

Many of us had probably never once considered how nosy and curious groundhogs could be. We wonder if this guy is related to the Gordon Ramsey we met earlier eating a cupcake. This one looks like he is on a mission.

Image courtesy of tremillow/Reddit

A mission to get in the house, that is. His face is definitely disgruntled. All we can say is, get that bird feeder refilled fast, or else. Or else what, you ask? Well, would you really want to find out? Just feed the poor fellow.

Which One Are You?

There are always two types of horses (or people). We are living for this photo and the expressions of these majestic animals. The one who shoved his face between the bars to make sure he makes it into the photo and the other not caring about anything.

Image courtesy of medavis6/Reddit

Which horse are you? The wide eyes and “I’m ready for my closeup!” expression had us laughing a little too hard. The resting “I don’t care” face is equally relatable. These two horses give us the two prototypes for these kinds of candid captures.

Bambi, Is That You?

We would not even laugh at this picture, except that it seems like the person is standing on something to stay far away from the deer. This little guy seems lost but is ready to start a new life at this person’s home.

Image courtesy of LudovicoSpecs/Reddit

A new life with his human friends. He knew he smelled something cooking and had to see if the party was an open invite. We are letting him in with no questions asked. You’ll find us hand-feeding this little guy at the next cookout. 

New Friend

We have proof that cats and dogs are not the best pets. That is not to say they don’t also deserve love. We’re just saying that their position is now tied. We’ve seen so many adorable animals that we are seriously thinking it’s time to get a farm.

Image courtesy of baggs22/Reddit

This person is so excited about her new friend, an adorable quokka. We can all tell how much this guy loves being in the spotlight. And if we are not mistaken, it looks like the photographer might have offered this guy something in return for his perfect pose.

Just Here For Safety

This little guy was trying to protect himself from the tide and ended up in a house he’s never seen before. He didn’t seem to mind; his focus was on watching the tide so he could get back to his water life.

Image courtesy of cruztec/Reddit

Propped up on the seat, he didn’t mean any trouble, and how could we judge him. The person seems unfazed by the sight and captures this picture as if it was their child eating breakfast. But we are so happy we got to see the results; it’s adorable at the least. 

Real Happiness

This buck is here to show his exuberance for life and all it has to offer us. He wants to tell us of this wonderful gift he was given by his human friend, the most delicious and glorious apple.

Image courtesy of Jonue/Reddit

Even though another juicy apple is there in the wings for him, he is focused on the moment. he has been practicing mindfulness and might have just found nirvana. Happiness simply oozes out of this photo, and we are smiling so much it hurts.

New York Feeders

New York Squirrels are ruthless and will go to any length for a meal. This little guy is looking for leftovers, and this man is just trying to enjoy his lunch. Don’t worry, sir, your trash will not go to waste here.

Image courtesy of JakenBits/Reddit

The squirrel is patient but ready for the food to the point of demanding. His little devious smile tells us all we need to know. He smells something good, and he will get a nibble if it’s the last thing he does.