Cats Can Be Jerks, But Some Make Being Devious An Artform

By Bruna L

Cats. Is there really anything more we can say about them? They are fluffy, cute and while many people perceive them as selfish and cold animals, if you have ever spent some time with one of them, you know that’s just not always the case. Cats can be as affectionate and loyal as dogs, and the bonds created between pet and owner are just as strong. It’s no surprise, then, that cats are the second most popular pets in the United States, surpassed only by dogs. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t matter how adorable or friendly they are; they’re still going to be little jerks. After all, they love messing with us as much as we love messing with them. Curse their smart brains!

Technically not breaking the rules

If you want to have a good experience living with your pet, it’s necessary to establish some basic ground rules. No matter how much you love your furry little friend, sometimes you just can’t let it wander around, messing everything everywhere.

Photo courtesy of

Now, rules may work if your pet is reasonable, but the cat above clearly isn’t! Yes, he is not on the counter anymore, but we are sure that’s not what the owner wanted either. Technically correct may be the best kind of correct, but that doesn’t make this cat any less of a jerk!

Messy roommate

Cats are known for being clean animals – They tend to dislike dirty places and can spend up to 50% of their waking time grooming themselves. Sometimes, though, they can be pretty messy, and the cat below is a great example of that.

Photo courtesy of

Just look at all that trash! He doesn’t even try to look sheepish or innocent. He may have tipped the trashcan over, and he knows it, but the look in his eyes seems to blame his owner for all that mess!

The cutest squatter

Some of the things said about cats are true. There is no denying that. They can be moody and incredibly jealous pets, especially if you have another furry son or daughter around. The poor rabbit below certainly knows that now!

The cat above may look stuck, but apparently, they are just fine – Take a look at the note the owner left on the door! Just another curious cat, except this one, likes to watch the neighborhood from an unconventional spot. What a weird little fella!

Photo courtesy of

How can anyone not melt at the sight of such a cute scene? The grumpy cat asserting his territory, the adorable rabbit seemingly asking for help. It’s just too much! We really don’t blame the owner for taking pictures before going to the rescue!

No mountain is high enough

There is absolutely nothing a cat won’t do to test its curiosity, no matter how far away or how high up the object of desire is. That, combined with a need to claim other people’s stuff as their own, can make cats very annoying pets to have around on certain occasions.

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Imagine putting a cake so high up – On top of a vending machine of all places! – just so your cat can’t reach it, only to find said cat comfortably sitting on the very cake you were trying to protect! And the worst part is: The little jerk doesn’t even look guilty about it!

Oh, no!

Because of the pandemic, it became extremely common for people to work and study from home. In a way, it can be beneficial, as you save time and money not commuting to work every day, and you don’t have to worry about formal wear.

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One unexpected downside, though, is that your pet can end up making themselves comfortable in your work or study area. Too comfortable, some may say. Just look at the picture above! Mooning the whole class, really? Please, just don’t!

Key thief

Have you ever lost something in your house, only for it to never be found again? Maybe you think ghosts stole it, or maybe it fell into a black hole and was sucked into another dimension. Well, guess what? Your cat could have been the culprit all along!

Photo courtesy of

The cat above is guilty of stealing someone’s keys and doesn’t show the slightest bit of remorse about it! In fact, he looks furious about being caught red-handed! We just hope there is no kitty jail out there, or this little guy would be headed to lock- up.

Puzzling cat

There is nothing more frustrating than investing multiple hours solving puzzles or playing board games only to discover one of the pieces is missing. If you have a cat, you better pay attention to all the little bits; otherwise, they can mysteriously vanish!

Photo courtesy of

While the picture above is adorable, we can only wonder about the amount of stress the owner has gone through to find the missing puzzle piece. As we have stated before, cats love being little thieves if you let them, and that proves our point!

No music for you!

Every cat owner knows just how much cats love chewing stuff they’re not supposed to. The number of cell phone chargers, computer cables, and headphones destroyed by our fuzzy overlords is ridiculously high! It’s no surprise, then, to see the situation pictured below.

Photo courtesy

At least the smugness displayed by the little kitty is funny and kind of adorable! It’s as if they know exactly what they did and are actually proud of doing it. Only cats can be complete jerks and still makes us laugh!

The most uncomfortable place

Cats love resting in the most unexpected places, balancing on top of railings, fences, clotheslines; nowhere is safe when it comes to a cat’s nap time. Sometimes, though, the place is so unexpected people get concerned about the poor cat’s health or safety.

Photo courtesy of

The cat above may look stuck, but apparently, they are just fine – Take a look at the note the owner left on the door! Just another curious cat, except this one, likes to watch the neighborhood from an unconventional spot. What a weird little fella!

HGTV better watch out!

We all know cats don’t like dirty or messy places, but did you know sometimes they even judge your taste in decoration? Just look at the kitty below; you can clearly see he has pretty strong opinions about the pictures displayed on the wall!

Photo courtesy of mikenmar

Of course, we are joking, but at least this kitty had the decency of looking startled when caught. Still, imagine how terrible life would be if cats did have opinions and could express them easily! We would never hear the end of it!

The ER

The cat below may look pretty typical – he has a cute little nose, beautiful fur, long whiskers… everything you can expect to find on your average cat.  What you don’t know about him, though, is that he was recently rushed to the vet for an emergency consult.

Photo courtesy of jess_talah_atticus

You may be wondering what happened, but the reason behind this visit will undoubtedly bring on a laughing fit! According to his owners, he was making a huge fuss, so they took him to the clinic. However, thankfully, the cat wasn’t dying of some terrible disease; it was just constipated! That’s right! Hours of waiting, thousands of dollars on examinations, and the cat just needed to poop after eating something he shouldn’t have caused him to get a bit blocked up!

Chef’s salad

Now, when we said cats enjoy sleeping in the most unexpected places, we really meant it! If you are a cat owner and take a look at the picture below, you know exactly why this precious baby decided to sleep there!

Photo courtesy of /Burritoworld

It is true cats don’t like vegetables; theoretically, this one shouldn’t ever be interested in the salad, but we believe what caught his interest wasn’t the food at all! Cats love their boxes, and the salad container was the perfect size for him to nap in!

Watch where you step

Climacophobia is the fear of going up or down the stairs and can be quite bad if left untreated. It limits the places you can visit, forcing you to always look for the nearest elevator. Imagine not being able to take the stairs, what a hassle!

Photo courtesy of ST86X

It’s a rare phobia, but if you do have it, maybe the cat above can help! There’s nothing this cat loves more than sleeping on the steps of that staircase. Who wouldn’t want to climb up to witness this cute scene? Just watch where you step, or you may end up taking a bad fall!

When not even the shower is safe

There’s nothing better after a long day of work than just to relax and take a nice shower in peace. The feeling of letting your problems melt away by the hot water is always appreciated. Well, if you are the owner of these two cats, then maybe relaxing isn’t for you!

Photo courtesy of kenlayne

Cats can be both curious and extremely territorial creatures. Mix that with an owner hiding away somewhere they usually may not have access to, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster! Cats have no concept of privacy, after all!

Your own Gordon Ramsay

It’s not uncommon for cats to be picky eaters. Some like dry food, some like wet food, and some don’t like cat food at all! It can be quite hard to find the perfect balance for their diets, especially if you have more than one cat around your house.

Photo courtesy of /TheLoxFox

That said, they are not supposed to care about what we eat, but apparently, the jerk above missed the memo. What did he do to make his owner aware of his dislike for rice? That’s right; he turned the rice bowl into his litter box! Ewww!

It’s fine, everything is fine

Cats are great hunters – Did you know they share 95% of their DNA with their big cousins from the forest, the majestic tiger? That’s right! Of course, house cats hardly have to hunt anymore – With the wide selection of wet and dry food we have today, why would they?

Photo courtesy of / meister2a

That’s why the image above is so intriguing. Why would a cat need a knife, and why does he look so startled? Hopefully, it has nothing to do with the scolding he got from his owner earlier that day, right kitty? Right?

Another cute thief

If you have cats, you should know by now to never, ever leave your food unattended. It doesn’t matter if your pet is hungry or not; it will steal your dinner in a blink of an eye, leaving you hungry and frustrated.

Photo courtesy of /bbykaa

The cat above did just that and almost got away with it! Fortunately for the owner, she soon realized what was happening and put an end to it the only way cats will understand: By picking him up and staring him down!

Just wants to play

What cat doesn’t love playing with things they are not supposed to? Empty food packets, plastic bottles, even toilet paper! They may love clean places, but they don’t really mind making a mess if they’re having fun! Anything, even trash, can become their favorite toys!

Photo courtesy of skank__hunt

That’s why the cat above was so angry when his owner hid all the toilet paper. How was he supposed to shred it and spread it all over the house now? Of course, being the curious little jerks they are, it didn’t take long for him to find his hidden treasure: cat 1, owner 0.

Banned from the library

Cats don’t know how to read. At least, that’s what most of us think. Max is the exception, though – Apparently, he loves reading so much the library employees had to put up a sign warning people not to let him in.

Photo courtesy of cool_cat_max_and_gracie

To be fair to the employees and knowing cats as we do, Max is probably less interested in exercising his imagination and more interested in playing with the books until there’s nothing but shredded paper everywhere. In which case, we stand with the sign!

The freeloader

If you want your pet cat to live a long and healthy life, one of the best things you can do is to put screens on your doors and windows. Despite popular belief, cats don’t need to roam free to be happy. As long as you have toys and scratching posts around, you should be fine!

Photo courtesy of

But if your cat is an escape artist, there’s still a solution to make sure he doesn’t run away forever! Do as the owner above did and buy your cat a collar tag with your cell phone written on it! Your pet will never get lost again!

Plants vs cats

When we think about all the things cats hate, the list can be rather long. If we’re talking just about other animals, there are birds, dogs, snakes, even other cats! But have you ever wondered what a housecat’s biggest enemy is?

Photo courtesy of Funkofairy

That’s right – Plants! Plants are versatile decorative items that can bring color, life and make a room feel less empty while not taking much space. For some reason, cats hate them, though so, if you have a cat and are thinking of redecorating using plants, you may want to think again!

Aloe you vera much

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they only need meat in their diet to survive. Why, then, do cats sometimes like to chew on grass or other plants? Well, turns out they really enjoy the fibrous texture of some shrubbery out there.

Photo courtesy of /titas_goji

The cat above is the perfect example of that. While the owner was worried about some possible pest they didn’t know about, the true criminal behind the Aloe Vera’s sad state was the house pet! Unfortunately, Aloe Vera can be toxic for cats and can make them rather ill, Best keep your Aloe far away from your naughty feline.

BBQ buster

We have said time and time again that cats are renowned thieves. They are fast and sneaky enough to grab whatever they want and leave unnoticed, and that’s almost what happened in the picture below, except the cat got caught red-handed!

Photo courtesy of /Cats_Rulez

It was probably the perfect day for a BBQ: The sun shining, the pool refreshing, and the meat roasting when, out of the blue, the cat stole a whole sausage straight from the grill! No food is safe when cats are around!

The kitty that chose violence

We know cats can be huge jerks if they want to. Some may steal your food and destroy your property, but none has gone as far as the cat mentioned below. Apparently, eating plants and using the kitchen utensils as litter boxes wasn’t enough!

Photo courtesy of

If there really was a “jerk” award out there, we all know who it would be awarded to! And if your cat wants to be nominated, let him know it’s not enough to hide inside the car or scratch your furniture – he has to, at least, blow up your house!

I want attention NOW!

Cats may pretend not to, but they actually love the attention we give them. Heaven forbid you choose to ignore them when they want to be petted! They will literally jump on you and demand to be scratched behind the ears until they are satisfied.

Photo courtesy of iamllamma

So, it’s not really a surprise when they turn against household items when those things receive more attention than them, especially our cell phones and computers! When a cat starts behaving like that, there’s not much you can do but stop everything and shower them with love!

It’s my car now, human!

Having a pet as sneaky as a cat can be fun if you really enjoy hide and seek, but sometimes this superpower our furry friends have can become a real headache! Just look at the picture below; apparently, the cat sneaked inside the car, and the owners didn’t even notice!

Photo courtesy of / GuyYeti

The worst part is: The little jerk locked himself inside the car! That’s right, the moment the owners left the vehicle, the cat came out of hiding and locked every single door! Imagine the headache it was to unlock the car and bring the kitty home!

Wet standoff

There is nothing cats hate more than water, we all know that. Armed with this knowledge, the very creative pet owner below found the perfect solution for his cat thievery: a water gun! That’s right! How have we not thought of that before?

Photo courtesy of eternal_starfish

Now that’s what we call creative thinking! It’s definitely a great solution for a problem that’s been plaguing humanity for a long time, and we just hope the mess created by all the water squirted everywhere is worth eating in peace!

Hiding in plain sight

For some reason, cats love playing inside plastic bags. Maybe it’s the noise these bags make when they jump on them; perhaps it is the crumbs of food that sometimes can be found inside. All we know is that the cat below surely loves his little plastic bag house!

Photo courtesy of /kingonxhe

It even comes with dinner included, just look at all the bread! We are certain the owner was less than amused, though. At least it’s a nice memory of the little kitty doing what it does best: claiming everything in the house as his own!

Smart boy

Did you know cats are very smart animals? They have a great memory and know when you talk to them, even if they choose to ignore you. So, being smart and feeling left out after a baby was born, the cat below found the perfect way to get his humans’ attention.

Photo courtesy of _cingraham

He discovered that waking up the baby is the perfect way to wake up the adults too. Now he will get all the snacks and attention he deserves! Yay for the smart cat, but we pity this family – they won’t have a moment of peace anymore!

Territorial neighbor

Who doesn’t love being left alone? Cats definitely do, and that’s why they don’t really like having too many brothers and sisters around. They can be highly territorial and won’t think twice before letting the world know just how unhappy they are.

Photo courtesy of snoee

That’s precisely what happened in the scene depicted above. The house cat was just chilling at home when the neighbor’s cat suddenly dropped by to let him know just how discontent he felt about having to live next to another cat.

Wrong spot

While cats love getting all the attention in the world, some of them don’t really like getting petted. Even if your cat loves being scratched, there are some places that are just off-limits, and they will let you know when you cross the line!

Photo courtesy of davidjschloss

Sometimes they will simply walk away, sometimes they will give you little bites, but if you keep insisting on touching that particular place, they can become pretty violent! Take a look at the victim above; that’s what happens when you don’t listen to your pet. Ouch!

No social media for you!

To have a good life, we need to find balance in everything we do, from studying to working to socializing. Cats are not very different- they just don’t have as many obligations as us. When it comes to social media, though, well, that’s a different story.

Photo courtesy of /keopidor

Cats are one of the most loved and searched for animals online. Millions and millions of people, scrolling down just to ‘like’ them. But did you know cats also love to ‘like’ people too? Just look at the picture above, and you’ll find proof.

Caught in the act

Young kittens love playing with pretty much anything they can put their cute little paws on. If their owner is not careful, they will end up with a complete mess all over their house, and that’s why establishing limits is so important when it comes to cats.

Photo courtesy of /Miqui

Sometimes cats don’t listen, though, especially if they are too young. The kitty above knows toilet paper is off-limits but does he care? Of course not! The result is obviously a messy bathroom. At least the owner got an adorable picture out of it!

Attention-seeking much?

If you ever considered ignoring your cat for whatever reason, you may want to think again. Despite what some people may think, cats can be very sentimental and get quite attached to their owners! If your cat is like that, the last thing you want to do is ignore it!

Photo courtesy of Alexandru84

They can get pretty creative in their search for attention, and if you ignore them too much, they will become annoyed and seek revenge! The cat above, for example, won’t let his human have lunch unless they give him some love! What a jerk- and wasted sandwich!

No concept of privacy

Animals don’t really care about silly human concepts such as bedtime or needing to have personal space and alone time. If your pet wants to be with you, it wants to be with you no matter what time it is or what you’re currently doing!

Photo courtesy of pantiesUpinabunch

Someone who never had a cat desperately scratching the bathroom door to be let inside certainly doesn’t own anything about feline behavior! These curious creatures want to know what you’re doing at all times, and it doesn’t matter if you are busy or not!

Brave or clueless?

Another concept cats aren’t really aware of is the concept of danger. At least, the way we understand danger. They may know what animals are a threat to them and what trees are too tall, but when it comes to man-made things, well, it can get complicated.

Photo courtesy of tinselpandora

Some cats have no problem running in front of cars. Like the cat above, others don’t really process just how dangerous it is to walk on thin rails 7 floors above ground. It’s up to us to protect these clueless little babies!

Shame on you!

Remember what we said about cats being sneaky? They love using this power for evil! Just look at the cat and the sign below, and you’ll understand exactly what we mean! Maybe she was bored, or maybe she wanted to mess with her ‘dad.’

Photo courtesy of makenzie71

Imagine the surprise of driving for hours, only to hear your cat meowing somewhere inside your car! The only solution, of course, is to bring her back home as soon as possible and guilt-trip her into never trying to do that again with an adorable picture for social media!

Cats do hate puzzles

Okay, who left this puzzle unattended? Cats cannot be left alone with anything for more than two seconds. Otherwise, the results can be disastrous, especially if you’ve been giving it your complete attention for the past hour instead of the cat.

Photo courtesy of

The puzzle above is proof of that. A jigsaw puzzle with a thousand pieces like the one above can take 5 to 30 hours to put together! The kitty is lucky to be this cute because this situation surely is infuriating!

Just a little bite

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on cat food, if you buy the most expensive one or the cheapest – Your cat will never be fully satisfied! They will always want what they cannot have, and it doesn’t matter if it’s good for them or not!

Photo courtesy of sufficiently_sp00ked

That’s exactly what happened above. This cat can have his delicious food anytime, but the moment he found a bag of bread forgotten somewhere, he went straight to work on it. Now, teeny tiny bite marks can be found in every single bun!

The worst skincare routine

We all love having glowing, healthy skin, and the easiest way to achieve that is through a consistent beauty routine. Skincare not only helps us look good, but it also protects the largest organ of our body – our skin.

Photo courtesy of tango_anzai

It’s no surprise, then, that the cat above wanted to start his own routine. Unfortunately for his owner, cats don’t really know how to read instructions, so what he ended up doing was rolling around in some mud and leaves and hoping for the best!

Our pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes out there. You can get this deliciousness delivered to your front door pretty much anywhere in the world. But do you know who else loves pizza? If you guessed cats, you are 100% correct!

Photo courtesy of JordanUhl

Who could resist the smell of a tasty pizza straight out of the oven? Certainly not this cat! Hopefully, the owner was aware of what was going on and prevented any sneak attacks from happening, otherwise, dinner was definitely ruined!

Dirty bean water

For coffee lovers, coffee is not only a hot beverage for cold mornings but actually an essential part of life! Besides helping you to wake up and function like a normal human being in the mornings, it can also bring people together!

Photo courtesy of ExtensiveNegligence

Imagine, then, the anger and disgust the owner of this mug felt when he found his furry friend dipping his tail in the coffee! The cat is not fazed by what he is doing, almost like he doesn’t have a single care in the world, and is ruining his humans morning routine on purpose! What a jerk.

That’s too far!

Imagine spending good money on a new laptop only to have it destroyed by your furry roommate! That’s exactly what happened in the picture below. The kitty was so desperate for attention that he bit right through the screen of the laptop!

Photo courtesy of bengalguy

And do you know what makes it even worse? He doesn’t even care! Look at his face; he’s the angry one here! Hopefully, it wasn’t so expensive to repair or replace the thing, but either way, we are very thankful we are not the owner of this jerk-cat!

Cuddly friend

If you are a cat owner, you know how hard it is to travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or pleasure; having any pet in general changes the dynamics of things. You either have to find a pet hotel or find someone to babysit for you.

Photo courtesy of annotyn

The owner of the cat above had to travel and left him with a friend. When the cat started meowing nonstop, said friend got worried and messaged the owner. It turns out the cat wasn’t hungry or thirsty, all he needed was some cuddles! How darling!

Dinner for you!

By now, we are all aware cats are great predators. They love sneaking around and pouncing on whatever catches their fancy. Sometimes it’s their toys, sometimes it’s our food, sometimes it’s a real, living, and breathing mouse! Which they end up killing, of course.

Photo courtesy of annotyn

As it happens, sometimes they don’t hunt to feed themselves but to feed or please us. There isn’t a consensus on why they do that, but either way, what really matters is only one thing: There is a dead mouse inside your shoes! Ahhh!