Woman Dumps Cheating Boyfriend In An Empowering Move

By Aileen D

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Relationship experts tell us our life shouldn’t revolve around romantic connections. You have got to invest in your career, your family, and your friends so that if your romantic relationship fails, you have these other support systems in place.

If it does happen, sure, your worldview will change. Your heart will shatter into pieces, and a bad heartbreak can ruin your sense of trust for years to come. But with a secure sense of self, you can start rebuilding your vision of future relationships.

So we applaud this young woman who had chosen her birthday (of all events) as the time to break up with her boyfriend. We would even say that she had purposefully surrounded herself with loved ones so someone could hold her accountable for executing the plan.

Welcome to

Houston, the most populous city in Texas, is a city of contradictions. It has a diverse city life despite it having poor public transit systems in place. And every foodie will enjoy a trip to Houston but won’t be able to try everything because of the frequent tropical storms.

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But all of that pales in comparison to what this 21-year-old woman did. It was something a lot of Texans would have wished they had done themselves. But, until such an opportunity arose, they were more than content with this piece of entertainment.

Life For A Young Adult

Was there a name for this woman that caught the internet’s attention? Yep. Tiana Perea had always been popular at school for being talented at swimming, dancing, and singing. She was a member of almost every club at school and had lots of friends.

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She had also been in a relationship with a man of her age at school for over two years now. Tiana thought her life was perfect. But little did she know that her trust in her man would be tested.

Treated Like a Princess

Tiana Perea could have had her pick of men, but she chose her then-boyfriend because they had both been romantics. He was very persistent, and eventually, that stubbornness paid off the moment she agreed that they would exclusively date each other.

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They were near inseparable during the first year of dating. He would always drive her home after school and pick her up on date nights. She was so proud to introduce him to friends and family, and they all approved of the guy.

The Knight

The chemistry between them was undeniable. She usually matched his vibe, though she would also exceed it. He had never met a woman like that before, so naturally, he was smitten. There weren’t enough hours in the day for this young Romeo.

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He would pick her up after school, roses in hand and arms wide open for a warm hug. He would listen intently to all her stories, and although he wasn’t as chatty as she was, his attention was solely focused on her.

My Girl

His friends kept teasing him for always being on his phone. He would run a hand through his hair and flash a smile saying, “well, you know how she is.” And then they would resume the conversation about another topic.

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It was easy to see that he was crazy about her. He would message her before dinner, or squeeze in a couple of minutes after gym practice just to ask her how she was doing. Essentially, it wasn’t a red flag that he was constantly on his phone.

On Your Phone

To be fair, she was almost always on her phone, too. She had to take a picture of her OOTD, what food she was eating, and update the world on what was going on in her life. The world was her audience, and she was the muse.

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You could expect the same even when they were together. They would take selfies of themselves or of the fun things that they would do. But, little by little, Tiana noticed that her boyfriend’s attention had been amiss. Call it a woman’s intuition.

Something’s Off

He would still text his friends that he was with his girl. It was like he enjoyed being on the phone more than being with her. She didn’t want to pry, but every time she stated this observation, he would shrug it off as something unimportant.

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The guys… you know. The fellas just sent me something.” Tiana’s boyfriend would put his phone away and then ask her how her day was going. That would get her mind off the issue until she noticed that he was doing it again.

Going Undercover

She knew him well by now — if she started a fight then he would retreat further. So, she did a little digging of her own. Soon, she found out that he had been cheating on her with another woman. She couldn’t believe he was even capable of doing it.

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She couldn’t reconcile the image of him she had in her mind — the romantic who had pursued her quite persistently wasn’t compatible with this guy who was shamelessly flirting with another woman. “Was he lying all along,” she exclaimed to her friends.

Reality Calls

Eventually, reality sunk in and she brought herself to the pained conclusion that he was doing it for over half a year now — at the same time she had noticed he was growing more distant. The disbelief was soon replaced by utter repulsion.

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How dare he? Her eyes flashed with anger. Her friends egged her on. Eventually, they came up with a plan to confront the guy and rightfully put him in his place. But the final say had to come from Tiana. “You sure about this?”

The Comedy

She decided to share the bittersweet news with her friends and family, and they were there to support her. They went along with the little plot that she had planned. Everyone was supposed to play a part, and she was the main antagonist of this little skit.

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Of course, you might say that she was the heroine, but she was more than willing to play the bad guy to exact justice and get back at her boyfriend. And she chose the riskiest setting: her 21st birthday party!

Preparations Underway

It didn’t take her long to figure out what she was going to do. She just wanted to show her boyfriend for who he really was. But other than that, all the birthday preparations proceeded just as she had always wanted them.

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She had her nails and hair done. She chose an outfit that would accentuate all her curves. She had the cake individualized to fit the theme, and the cards were individualized with glitter and glam. An outsider looking in would not have suspected a thing.

Love Y’all

Tiana could always count on her family to be there for her. They had even been among the first to arrive at the party and help out with the food and drinks. Conversations that did not concern Tiana’s boyfriend were laced with laughter and excitement.

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How was her year in college? What plans did she have for her internship, and where was she going to apply? Everyone was fascinated by Tiana’s life and they just had to get satiate their curiosity by asking her, “what’s up?”

Come Over

But underneath the excitement and the giddiness of becoming a year wiser, Tiana couldn’t wait for the cherry on top. She was keen on having her boyfriend at the party, and she lured him in by messaging him sweet texts.

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They had met up outside of her house. He had given her a bouquet of roses and kissed her on the cheek. It took Tiana every ounce of restraint to keep from cringing at his kiss. She forced a smile, and they went inside.

Opening Score

Tiana hoped that the lights were dim enough to keep him from noticing what she had planned. He held her hand, and she led him inside. She couldn’t deal with a second longer, so she broke from his grasp and proceeded to greet the other guests, as was customary of a host.

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This hadn’t been the first time Tiana’s boyfriend had spent time with the family — almost everyone knew him. And those who didn’t had definitely gotten word about how he had been cheating on Tiana with another gal. Until she said the word, they all played along.

In session

It would have only been natural for this birthday girl to want photos and videos taken of her. She wanted to look back at this memorable moment in her life. So everyone around her took out their phones and started recording.

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That was the cue. Sure, everything up to this moment had been planned, but the laughter, the conversations, the warm atmosphere, and the well-wishes were sincere. It was just everyone’s treatment of Tiana’s boyfriend that was feigned. Now that he arrived, the curtains were drawn, and it was time to begin.

Happy Birthday

Everyone started singing for the birthday girl. Guests either had a drink, a phone, or both in hand. Tiana felt sheer gratitude for everyone who had attended, including her boyfriend. After all, it was going to be the last celebration they had together.

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Tiana breathed everything in, and looked at every camera she could lay her eyes on. She raised a glass to toast and then smiled at everyone. Finally, the cake was set before her. Everyone couldn’t wait to dig in…but first, the drama!

A Little More

Tiana’s boyfriend sat himself down by the arm of the couch. Tiana watched from the corner of her eye. “Yeah, make yourself comfortable because you’re going to need it with this little play we have for you. *cue opening score*

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Her boyfriend stood up to go mingle with a couple of people by the table. She looked at him sharply; everyone could feel the tension building. Someone shouted Happy birthday, T and they all cheered Tiana on. “Can’t quit now, Tiana! Just a bit more,” she thought to herself.

Enjoy Yourself

Someone asked, “do we drink to that?” It was a timely question given that Tiana was holding a slice of lemon in her hand. In the background, you could hear her boyfriend’s sincere laughter. He really was enjoying himself. He raised a shot glass.

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Everyone counted to three and imbibed their drinks all at once. The camera swung to Tiana who cringed at the strong taste. So far, so good, birthday girl. Now was the moment of truth. She steeled herself and her warm voice cut through the awkward silence.

Thank You

She addressed the room, thanking them all for coming. On the surface, she was thanking them for showing up to her birthday party, but really, she was grateful they were there to support her as she made this tough call.

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Ignorant as ever, Tiana’s boyfriend nodded in agreement. He was all smiles, even as the camera swung to face him. Tiana now addressed her boyfriend, Santos, thanking him in particular for making her realize that she deserved better. His smile froze as he puzzled over what Tiana could’ve meant.

Got Proof

Tiana pressed on. She faced her boyfriend with a smile on her face and without so much as breaking a sweat, she laid it out for him. In front of her loved ones, Tiana confronted Santos about his other girl, Denice.

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One camera broke away from the stunned man to face one of Tiana’s friends. His knowing look said, “homie deserves it,” though he had to look away to keep his growing grin from showing too much. Then, the camera swung back to Tiana…


She was on a roll, telling Santos that she, and everyone at the party, knew about the video chats and frequent texts. She had the screencaps to prove it! In fact, he had sent both his girlfriend and his secret lover the same pictures.

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Santos cut in, though he didn’t have anything decent to say. All he could muster was a “that’s bad,” to which Tiana gave a sarcastic “yeah.” Santos felt chastised, but the show wasn’t over yet. Tiana delivered the sucker punch while he was still reeling from the shock.

Timely Handover

She told him flat-out that they were done and cussed at the cheater, telling him to leave. Tiana’s brother slyly crept in from the back and handed Tiana’s boyfriend his duffel bag. Someone seconded the motion, and everyone cheered on the exit.

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Tiana’s ex-boyfriend sluggishly grabbed the bag’s handles. He refused to make further eye contact with anyone in the group. He hung his head down in shame and then shuffled a couple of steps away from Tiana. But she wasn’t done with the guillotine just yet.

Let Yourself Out

She pointed at another guy in the crowd and gave him a stern warning that if he knew, he should also make a hasty retreat. The guy tried to lose the heat by denying he knew anything. Meanwhile, Tiana’s boyfriend looked at her one last time to see if she would change her mind.

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At this point, no one was sure who was next. But Tiana stopped there. She noticed that her ex-boyfriend stopped mid-way out the door to look at her and Tiana made sure to repeat her demand that he get the heck out. How is it even possible for the guy to have misheard?

Fine, Then

The guy Tiana had accused tried to deflect the heat. He put his hands up and explained that he hadn’t known. After hearing that, Tiana calmly told him he could stay. The guy would just have to witness Tiana’s boyfriend getting booted from the house.

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Meanwhile, Tiana’s boyfriend forced a smile. He understood that there was no getting out of the situation and then headed toward the door. This time his movements were fluid, and he had every intention of getting out of there fast.

You Go Girl

Tiana stayed by the side of the couch until she heard the front door slam. Now, everyone could take a deep breath and rid themselves of the tension that had been building up. Someone howled in support of the brave act Tiana had just done.

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Everyone joined in on the cheer and raised their hands. It sure helps to have friends who have the same values as you do, and who can back you up when you’re facing a particularly difficult time in your life.


Tiana smiled as she finally realized that it was all done and dealt with. She was finally free of the drama, the overthinking, and the victim-blaming. She got a load of compliments stating that what she did was straight-up cold.

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We’re sure Tiana deserves more credit than choosing to break up with her boyfriend. After all, just how many can calmly deliver a message with a genuine smile, without raising a hand to hurt or inflict harm on a cheating partner?

We Done?

A friend approached Tiana who seemed to experience a flurry of emotions. They were all reeling from what had just happened. She was winding down emotionally, but some of her friends might not have been done with the drama because they asked…

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Is he still there?” They headed to the windows to check if Tiana’s ex had really left. One thing was for sure, with this Twitter video having gone viral, Tiana’s next beau would really have to seriously consider whether cheating is worth it.


Within hours of the birthday celebration, the video of the confrontation was uploaded online. There was a mix of reactions from the Twitterverse. But one thing was for sure, Tiana Perea was a bad boss babe who wasn’t going to tolerate any misgivings.

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There were many who were quick to criticize Tiana for having publicly humiliated her boyfriend. Worse, there was little need to post the video online. After all, you could see her ex’s face during the confrontation. Was that really the right thing to do?

Focusing On

People were quick to dismiss the naysayers. They’re focusing on the wrong thing! Why would people even cheat in the first place? For sure, Tiana had gained the respect of so many women who had been cheated on, and possibly even deterred scandalous men who were considering it.

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Despite the applause Tiana had gotten, we would hardly think that she was all smiles after everyone had left the party. Even after doing the right thing, breaking up with someone you once loved must have hurt. We would have been a wreck.

Here’s to Another One

Worse, choosing to do it on your birthday, a time of celebration, could ruin your feelings of association with other birthdays. That is why we commend Tiana for having done the right thing. That woman has got a lot of restraint!

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And with December nearing the corner, we’re wishing Tiana Perea a happy birthday! We know you got your wish that last time, but we are hoping that you had gotten a partner who deserves the boss bae that you are!