Pictures That Remind Us Cats Rule The Internet For Good Reason

By Abigail T

This article was originally published on FunCatz

Out of all the animals to exist in the internet age, cats definitely rule the World Wide Web. Dogs and guinea pigs don’t stand a chance against their feline friends. When remembering the early days of YouTube, before becoming an influencer was a glamorous thing, before the term “YouTuber” even existed, the video platform was mostly home to cat videos. Or at least, that’s what we were watching. While these creatures are known to be dramatic divas and can be strange at times, there’s no denying their hold on us. Many social media accounts are dedicated to cats, but we’re taking a deep dive into @cat_virus.exe today. Its bio simply reads, “Cat art museum,” and indeed it is. Dedicated to posting hilarious photos of cats and kittens, this account is sure to cheer you up when you need a good laugh.

All images courtesy of @ cat_virus.exe on Instagram.

Wrong bushes

Some cats find entertainment hiding in bushes. Even those that live indoors appreciate a good shrubbery in the backyard. But what happens when you bring a cat to a grocery store? Well, they might still look for a bush in the produce department.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This cat did find a bush. But unfortunately it was the wrong kind. In fact, it wasn’t a bush at all. It was just a row of veggies. Well, the lettuce might be covered in cat hair now, but you would have to wash it anyway.

Prim and proper

Cats may be known for their selfish and self-centered personalities, as well as being devious. But funny enough, they can also act like prim and proper princesses. Just look at this kitty sitting on its behind like Shirley Temple or something.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

She looks like a lady waiting on the porch for her suitor to arrive so they can go on their date. She does look a little annoyed; maybe her date is late. But she’s still waiting for him to show.

I want pizza

The cartoon cat Garfield successfully created the stereotype that cats like lasagna. But what if it’s actually another Italian dish that our feline friends are obsessed with? This next photo shows that maybe all any cat wants is some pizza.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This cat is so desperate for a slice that he put his paws through the hole in the pizza box! Well, his humans might as well just give those two slices to him now. Who else is gonna eat those slices now?

Multipurpose mask

As it turns out, masks don’t only protect you from unwanted viruses and diseases. They also double as a cat hammock in the car. Okay, maybe it’s not suitable for grown cats, but kittens will definitely fit. Just look at how this fur parent did it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This little kitten looks so peaceful sleeping in its cozy personal spot. If a generic surgical mask can hold it up in mid-air, it must weigh next to nothing. We just can’t stop staring at this. Its little face is just too much!

It wasn’t me

Cat owners will know that they can be destructive. Any soft surface isn’t safe from their claws. Sofas, pillows, bedcovers, knitted blankets — these will all fall under the dominion of the cat in the house.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This cat doesn’t show signs of remorse. Clearly, it had a temper tantrum and started clawing the living daylight out of this office chair. But it’s sitting there like, “It wasn’t me, and what are you gonna do about it if it was?”

Hide and seek

Have you ever been thrown into a panic in the middle of the day because you can’t find your cat? You call out its name, put food out in its usual food bowl, but it’s still nowhere to be found?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Maybe your cat is just playing hide and seek with you. Try going back to your bedroom and giving the dresser a nudge. This is probably what you’ll find — your little feline playing games with you, enjoying watching you freak out.


The best thing about Halloween is that you get to dress up as your favorite character. The best thing about Halloween as a pet owner is that you get to dress up your pet as well. That’s when you know you’ve reached peak spook season.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

The Sorting Hat just declared that this little kitten would be in Gryffindor! The baby doesn’t look too thrilled. In fact, it seems like it wanted to be in any other house – maybe Slytherin. But alas, its fate has been decided.

Rudolph the red-nosed cat-deer

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Santa’s sleigh were pulled by animals other than reindeer? What if cats were the ones pulling the sleigh? Santa would need more than eight of these furry things for sure.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This cat is already preparing for the role. He is going to sign up for the draft next Christmas. He is even going all method with it, putting on a red nose. Run, Run, Rudolph. Someone’s coming for your throne!

A vewy meowy Christmas

You know those Christmas present unboxing videos where a little kid who really wanted a kitten or a puppy cries in delight as the animal jumps out of the box? Well, this family attempted to do the same thing with their cat.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This wrapping is less than inconspicuous. It’s so obvious that they may as well have just presented the cat to the new owner with just the bow on its head. Everything else is unnecessary, but maybe they just wanted to dress their feline friend up for the holiday.


Sure, your cat can have their designated food and water bowl. But that’s not going to stop them from looking for water sources elsewhere. The kitchen sink, the puddles outside after it rains, the toilet bowl, and the bathtub. They are all fair game.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Oh, little cat. You can sit there with your mouth over the faucet for as long as you want. Nothing’s going to come out unless your human turns the water on for you. You don’t have to suffer. There’s plenty of water in your bowl.

The regular commuter

The regular commuter on the bus or subway is usually mildly annoyed. They typically have a bag or backpack with them, and they’re almost always listening to music and are in a hurry. This next cat fits the description to a T.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

It looks annoyed that it has to travel around in a backpack on the subway. It has music playing in its ears, but it does not look happy about it. We wonder what this little guy is jamming out to.

Caught red-pawed

Just like children, pets often do things they’re not supposed to. They jump over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. They tear holes through your couch. They disappear for days on end. They go through your fridge and eat your sausages.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This little guy got caught red-handed, or rather red-pawed, biting straight into a sausage from the fridge. He looks terrified and also quite triumphant. He knows he is in trouble now, but it was worth it. What’s his human going to impose as a consequence?

Clingy kittens

Everyone says that if you find a stray cat, don’t give it food or it will follow you home. Unless, of course, you plan on keeping the cat. Kittens tend to cling to the people who make their lives easier.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

These little babies are no exception. Look how they’re both holding on for dear life to this guy’s shoes. They know they’re going to find a safe and food-filled home if they go with this gentle giant. They look like they’re pretty intent on staying.

Cat photoshoot

It’s not often that you get a decent picture of your pet smiling for the camera. They’re always running around or lying unattractively with their limbs spread. So it’s a nice moment when your pet does as they’re told and poses well.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

These two are having too much fun. They’re just chilling, having their photo session, and being all-around cutie patooties. That cat is so photogenic. It was pretty much born for the spotlight. Get it on the next cover of Vogue!

Certified smol bean

Kittens are unbelievably tiny. They weigh next to nothing, and are so fragile. But in case you still don’t believe just how small they are, here’s a kitchen scale that confirms it. It couldn’t even register the little cat’s weight!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This little kitten is a certified smol bean. The scale doesn’t even note a specific weight. We’re pretty sure it’s not even picking up that there’s anything on it except for the bowl. But rest assured, in due time this kitten is gonna be one big guy.

I’ve had enough

Sometimes owners get annoyed with their pets. Other times it’s the other way around. While we get tired of having to feed the cat and clean up after the cat, the cat gets tired of us cuddling it and petting its head all the time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Just look at this cat’s face. He’s had enough of everything. He’s probably thinking, “Is this human gonna stop touching my head, or am I gonna have to break out the claws?” What do you think happened the minute after this photo was taken?

Work from home friend

We don’t know how people would have survived lockdown without their favorite furry friend. They have kept everyone sane over the past two years, and they deserve a little rest now and then. Even if it means using our desk as their bed.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This cat looks really cozy all snuggled up with its blanket and pillow in front of its favorite human. It is the perfect work-from-home friend and a welcome distraction when meetings and projects become a little too much to handle.


Pets are like children. If you have two of them, you need to give them both an equal amount of attention, love, and affection. Otherwise, the other might feel a bit left out and even act out because of jealousy.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Pain is written all over that other cat’s face. All he wants is to get some love from Dad, like his sibling. But alas, his human is currently occupied. What’s a cat gotta do to get a little TLC around here?

Peak laziness

Cats are known for being lazy and generally sleepy (except at 3 am). You don’t need to take your cat out for walks. They’re quite happy just curling up in a ball on the couch. Apparently, they even consider eating to be too much of a hassle sometimes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This guy could have just jumped off the couch and reached his food bowl. But nope. He tried as hard as possible to get to that bowl without exerting himself. We’re willing to bet he fell flat on his face not long after this shot.

Patiently waiting

Here is yet another proof that lasagna isn’t a cat’s most sought-after meal. It’s pizza! Remember the cat that had its paw on a slice of pizza in the box? Well, this one would have probably done the same thing.

Post image
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

He’s patiently waiting for the pizza to finish cooking. Didn’t anybody ever tell him that a watched pot never boils, and by default a watched pizza never finishes cooking? Patience, young grasshopper. You’ll get your meat and cheese fix soon.

Mufasa and Scar

Do you remember the tragic scene in the 1994 animated Disney classic The Lion King, where Scar pushes his brother off a cliff with the iconic line, “Long live the king”? We’re guessing that’s the scene these cats were trying to remake.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

How are we sure that these cats aren’t actually actors? They have the scene down pat. The orange tabby looking down with a sneer, apathetic to the death about to ensue. The other cat is hanging on for dear life with the proper drama.

Dumpling cheeks

Does anyone else ever get the urge to pinch their cat’s cheeks? We know there’s realistically nothing there, and they are mostly just fur. It is not like chubby baby cheeks. But we still feel the urge to squish them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This person probably wanted to do the same thing, but they had it even better because they had chopsticks on hand. This cat is definitely not amused. But it’s not his fault that his cheeks look like perfect little dumplings!


What started as an innocent trip to the toilet turned into a rescue mission for the person who took this photo. All they wanted was to go to the bathroom, but they couldn’t get past the door without potentially letting the cats out.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

But look at the way this cat is pleading. It’s practically begging for this person to let him out. And based on the sign, there are others in that room that are also dying to get out. What do you do when the happiness of these felines depends on you?

Solar power

With this photo, the world will know that supercats exist. They’re cats with incredible superpowers, like the ability to control the elements in nature with the flick of a paw. Here’s one of those supercats in action. He’s just casually creating a fireball. No big.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

This cat has the ability to harness solar power and create ultimate destruction. Don’t mess around with supercats; they will not hesitate to end you if you ever cross them. Word of advice — give them your computer keyboard as a throne, and you’ll be safe.

What brings you here today?

Somebody put fake hands on a cat’s paws, and now we’re haunted forever. Imagine walking into a room for a therapy session and finding this cat on the desk, looking at you with this soul-searching gaze that makes you squirm.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

“Welcome, Human. Please sit,” he says, so you slowly lower yourself into the chair. “What brings you here today?” he asks as the corner of his lips curls upwards a tiny bit. We’d probably feel both disturbed and secretly delighted.

Give me attention

Pets will not hesitate to demand attention from their humans, especially if they’re feeling neglected. They will do this in different ways. Barking or meowing, getting all up in your space, even biting you. They each have their special way of communicating.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Just look at how aggressively this cat is biting its human’s foot. “Pay attention to me! I’m right here! Stop watching TV! And why do you have some other cat on your socks instead of me?!” Time to print t-shirts and get mugs made with your cat’s picture, bro.

Hidden in plain sight

Hey, has anyone seen our kitten? We just brought her home a few days ago. She’s pretty tiny, and we’ve lost her in the house a couple of times already. We think she might be in the kitchen, but we’re not seeing anything.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Oh, whoops! There she is right by the fridge. She is such a smol bean we could barely see her! It is like she’s hidden in plain sight. It doesn’t help that she’s the same color as the kitchen.

Too big

If the previous cat was tiny, this next cat is too big. In fact, he’s so big that he couldn’t fit through the cat door anymore. But he sure did try. And, well, it didn’t go as well as he hoped it would.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

For so long, this guy has been in denial about just how much he weighed. But after the cat door incident, we’re pretty sure he’s convinced he has to start trying to lose weight. Otherwise, he’s gonna have that door frame around his middle forever.

I just wanted a drink

Remember when we said cats will drink from anywhere? The toilet bowl seems to be one of their favorite places for hydration, and this little kitten just got caught in the act. But he looks like he knows he’s in trouble.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

The look in his eyes is like Puss in Boots from the Shrek franchise. He’s practically begging his owner not to flush him down the toilet for what he did. “Please, all I wanted was a drink!” Oh, please, have mercy on this little guy!

Bunny ears

We can’t wrap our heads around this next photo. We know anomalies exist, but nothing can prepare us for the way this cat looks. We’re not sure what’s wrong with him, but he has really tiny ears. They’re like teeny tiny bunny ears.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Bunny ears are supposed to be much larger! But we can see the evidence of what his humans have done to him. We are pretty sure this cat is aware of what happened. He does look pretty annoyed about those rubber bands.


Animals often get annoyed, and when they do, they will make sure they are not inconvenienced for much longer. This furball seems to have had enough of the vacuuming around the house, so he took matters into his own paws.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

…or rather his own teeth. There is to be no more hoovering or vacuuming of any kind. The noise simply drives this guy mad. He shall do everything in his power to shut the hubbub off. Including endangering his own safety by tugging on a cable.

New tea

This cat looks like she’s just come across a new piece of hot gossip. POV: you’re reading the group chat, and someone just spilled some tea. The look of shock and bewilderment, with just a hint of cheekiness, says it all.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone know whether this is actually a cat or a dog? From this angle, it looks like it can be both. It looks like a mix of a chihuahua and a hairless cat, and we’re just not sure who to trust anymore.

Cheese bandit

Perhaps the reason why the cats we’ve seen on this list love pizza so much is that it contains so much cheese. Perhaps the thing cats really love is really cheese. All kinds — cheddar, gruyere, brie, blue cheese, etc.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Just look at this orange tabby cat casually going in for another piece of cheese from his human’s charcuterie board. His look is challenging. “Don’t you dare tell me I’m not allowed to have cheese? I’m gonna have a piece. What are you gonna do about it?” Nothing.

Cat fight

Having pets is like having children. You have to feed them, clean up after them, make sure they’re healthy. You also have to deal with their mess, attitudes, and petty fights. We don’t know how people who have both pets and kids handle the drama.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

These two were probably fighting over who gets to sleep in the cardboard box tonight, even though there is a perfectly good cat tower in the corner of the room. When this happens, the owner doesn’t sleep. Siblings are the worst, amiright?

Just chillin’

Have you ever lost your cat and then found them in the darnedest places? Like under the bed, or in one of your drawers, or in the toilet bowl. Have you ever lost your cat and found them in the fridge? We probably all have.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

It was probably a summer day, and it was way too hot outside for anyone to handle. So this cat did the best thing he could do — climb into the refrigerator when no one was looking. He just wanted to cool down a bit.


So this is what cats get up to when they disappear in the night! They visit their neighborhood friends to make sure they are not lonely. And we thought they got into gang fights and chased around street rats.

r/pics - One man's trash is another man's treasure
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

What a wholesome image of a cat and a discarded teddy bear conversing. “Hi, Cat, good to see you again. How has your day been?” asks the bear. “Not much going on, just had some pizza and went straight to see you.”


When we first saw this photo, we honestly thought the grey cat was just bundled up in a really fuzzy beige blanket. But after further inspection, it’s not a blanket at all. It’s another cat! Can you see its head at the bottom there?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

We’re not sure if the larger cat is squishing the smaller cat or keeping it safe. But judging by the fact that they’re both sound asleep, they’re just snuggling. Nothing better than falling asleep in the embrace of someone you love.

All balled up

Pet parents, appreciate the time you have with your pets when they’re still pups and kittens. They grow up so fast, and you’ll end up wishing that you could get all that precious time back. Like the time they fit into their pellet bowl.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

How adorable is this? Two kittens curled up in a ball, asleep inside their own food bowl without a care in the world. We’re getting cuteness aggression just from looking at this photo! Don’t grow up too fast, precious babies!

Made my mark

We can’t deny the lasting mark our pets leave in our hearts, even after they’re gone. We also can’t deny the more temporary marks they leave all around our home. Like the scratch on the wall, the hole in the couch, the skidmarks on the floor…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

…and the paw print on the heart-shaped cookie we were going to bake. This cat is practically begging the camera to please bake that cookie. Nobody else would be able to eat it, so you could give it to the cat.

Vengeful cat

Never mess with a cat. They are vengeful creatures and will find a way to exact their revenge. Don’t believe us? Just look at the anger in this cat’s eyes. The balled-up fist. The sharp glare. “I’ll make you pay,” he seems to say.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat_virus.exe

Somebody hold this cat back because it looks like he is about to unleash all of his anger on the offender. Whoever managed to upset him is going to get a taste of their own medicine. What happened, Mr. Cat?

Such a gentleman

In the human world, you are considered a gentleman if you’re polite and do things like open doors for the women in your life, help them carry bags, or pull out chairs for them. Basically, doing anything that eases the life of a lady will earn you this title.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@TranslatedCats

But how about in the cat world? They don’t have car doors and obviously don’t need chairs, so they can’t use the same merits. Well, it seems that covering her bum when a meddlesome human decides to snap a photo is it, ladies and gents! Also, don’t forget the glare!