Fur-ny Feline Monikers: 40 Hilarious Cat Names That Left Us In Stitches

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on funcatz

People always seem to come up with the weirdest names for their children and sometimes even their pets. We think they do this not only because they want unique names but also to shock others with the names they come up with. This has become so common that there is even a Twitter thread for unusual names that put smiles on people’s faces and confuse them at the same time.

Want to know the funny feline names you need to keep in mind when naming a new cat? We have it all here, from a cat named Chicken to a female kitty named David. We do want to remind you, though, that even if it might be okay for pets to have strange names, we don’t think it’s appropriate to call your child Fuzzbutticus! For today, though, we’re focusing on kitties, so let’s get started!

#1 A name as long as a royal title

If this cat could talk, it would probably complain because it has a name that could rival that of any royal, Gregory Alan Michael Landis. How would you enjoy having to write that on your paper at school? We know it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience. 

Image courtesy of wandajean60/Twitter

If we brought a new cat home, we wouldn’t ask everyone what they’d like to name the cat because, evidently, that’s when problems start. Especially if everyone can’t agree on a suitable name. Thank heavens cats don’t need to spell!

#2 This cat’s owner must love dessert so much

Judging from this feline’s name, its fur parents are people who have a sweet tooth. Honestly, it doesn’t get any more obvious than Maple Sugar Muffin! We are not fans of too many sweets, but we’ll let it go in this case.

Image courtesy of MaladineJessa/Twitter

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a cat with a name like that? We just hope the kitty is as sweet as its name and not temperamental because that would be disappointing and hilariously ironic. In our heads, it also has an affectionate and independent personality! 

#3 This cat’s name could scare intruders

Dracula is one of the most recognizable names in literature and film, so it’s known by most people. That said, being named ‘Dracula’ is not the best thing in the world because it inspires horror and fear. But then again, that was probably the point!

Image courtesy of M1Rioja/Twitter

While the name may not be the best when it comes to making friends, it is advantageous when you are trying to scare off meddlesome intruders. Plus, as you can see, this kitty lives up to its name. It bared its fangs for the camera, showing just how frightful it can be.

#4 We don’t see any chicken here

Chicken nuggets may be one of the most popular things on the menu at McDonald’s, but it doesn’t mean you should name your pet after them. Unfortunately, this lady didn’t get that memo and went on to call her kitty Chicken Nugget.

Image courtesy of tapdancer3450/Twitter

That name is guaranteed to get some laughs at the groomers and the veterinarian’s office. Imagine calling the vet to set up an appointment for Chicken Nugget. If we were on the other side of that call, we’re certain we’d be instantly hit by an intense craving for chicken.

#5 A cat deserving of its name

If there’s a cat that deserves its name, it’s this one, Captain Puff Puff. That name is absolutely purrfect for him, and we are ready to argue with anyone who disagrees. He looks pretty dashing posing for the camera, don’t you think?

Image courtesy of patriciaoak/Twitter

From the photo, you can also tell that Captain Puff Puff has a non-negotiable need for space that should always be respected and will be affectionate only when he wants to. He also looks like a cat who isn’t afraid to throw down when someone crosses him.

#6 Miss Lucille is surprised

What was happening when this photo was taken? Miss Lucille Beansprout, yeap that’s the name of the cat in the picture, looks surprised in an unpleasant way. Did someone tell her there wouldn’t be any treats for the remainder of the day?

Image courtesy of kylaginelleluck/Twitter

She may have a birth certificate to prove her weird yet adorable name, but we really want to find out what happened on this day. Perhaps someone told her the hike was going to last for hours and not a few minutes as she was led to believe!

#7 A royal cat

This may not be the distinguished British shorthair or a Bengal cat, but this fellow has quite the expensive-sounding name. Something that will make you think it belongs to a duke or other member of the nobility. Allow us to introduce to you Lord Phloufen Mullins. 

Image courtesy of libisumbrae/Twitter

Yeap, that’s the cat’s real name, and if you don’t think that’s absurdly fancy, we don’t know what is. We imagine that Lord Phloufen Mullins is a cat that loves expensive salmon and tuna, as well as climbing towers that cost hundreds of dollars instead of regular cat trees!

#8 Someone who loves snacking

If you want to be a cat parent, you better be ready to buy lots of cat treats such as chicken and tuna crunch, especially if your cat is named Snapjacks! This lady’s feline was already named that when she adopted him, and she decided to stick with it.

Image courtesy of SteezyATL/Twitter

Perhaps he was given that name because he loved snacking every now and then. Just look at him, staring intently at the treats on the table. He doesn’t look very pleased. Maybe he’s bummed that his snack is almost done, and he’s still hungry.

#9 This cat must have such expensive taste

We believe that anyone named Duchess, be it human, feline, or any other sort of animal, must have expensive taste. So we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this kitty only eats the most expensive brand of cat food and treats.

Image courtesy of dre_berries/Twitter

Judging by the look of things, Duchess’ parents have more than enough funds to get her whatever she wants. Toys, treats, food, you name it, she will get nothing but the best. And isn’t that how things should be when you get a pet?

#10 We wouldn’t want to write down this cat’s name

If this cat ever went to a vet, we are sure that the person at the reception would hate writing down her name. It’s so long that you might as well be writing a novel similar to War and Peace!

Image courtesy of imogenscone/Twitter

Thankfully today, apps require clients themselves to key in their pet’s name so nobody has to go through the agony of writing such a super long name. Looks like these cats had the fortune (or misfortune?) of being adopted by fans of fantasy films!

#11 Cat, dog, dog, cat

This woman must have been a huge fan of one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows in the 2000s, Cat Dog. Why else would she have named her dog Cat and her cat Dog? Or she was joking around, and the names stuck, so she just decided to go with them.

Image courtesy of D3v1lCat/Twitter

We can only feel sorry for the people who have to deal with this confusion at the clinic or even just at home. Sometimes, the way someone names their pet can reveal a lot about them. For example, we’re certain this lady is someone who isn’t afraid of pushing boundaries and coloring outside the lines.

#12 Potato Potahto

Unlike tomatoes, there are no questions if potatoes are vegetables or fruits because, botanically speaking, they belong to the former category. Same with Baby Sweet Potato Boots here; there is no doubt that she is a cat thanks to the unique name.

Image courtesy of McCockyMcCree/Twitter

This little spud may not look like much, but we can bet she is a sack of energy, as all cats are. Most felines have minds that are always on, and they just love their playtime, so if you’re thinking of getting one, ensure they have lots of tie and space to play.

#13 This cat just got promoted

Some names sound better in another language, and to prove that point, we have a cat named Jeff that just got promoted to a lofty post of sorts. It’s easy to understand why the vet tech is easily Jeff’s favorite. 

Image courtesy of guerrillagoth/Twitter

But we doubt this would work if your cat is named Potato because potato in Spanish is not nearly as awesome as ‘El Jefe!’ This is why you need to think carefully before naming your cat. You wouldn’t want IT to hate you throughout its life.

#14 A variation of a famous band’s name

REO Speedwagon was an American rock band from Champaign, Illinois, that was best known for their hits Can’t Fight This Feeling and Keep On Loving You. They may not be as visible today as they were decades ago, but they still have devoted fans.

Image courtesy of VaughanFilms/Twitter

One of those fans must be this kitty’s owner because why else would it be named Oreo Speedwagon? The ‘Oreo’ variation definitely comes from its colors which resemble those of the cookie. We just hope the cat love’s the band’s music too!

#15 The King of Rock and Roll

The King of Rock and Roll might have died decades ago, but his popularity has made countless children and pets be named after him, and this cat is one of them. If you give your cat such a name, you need to be prepared for a myriad of Elvis jokes.

Image courtesy of chartersny/Twitter

Gotta love funny front service staff! But we wouldn’t expect anything less from anyone who comes across Elvis the Cat. This cutie deserves nothing but the best Elvis jokes, and for sure, his fur parents expect nothing less. So, we say, bring it on!

#16 Kitty lives for an eternity

At the rate these fur parents are going, everyone around them, not just the vet, is going to think that Kitty here is going to live for eternity! How do you forget to update your vet that what they are looking at is no longer the same cat?

Image courtesy of sproudfoot/Twitter

We can only imagine what these people were thinking. Perhaps they thought it would be a good running gag to get people confused and surprised at the same time. At this rate, Kitty is going to live longer than Count Dracula himself!

#17 Sir Billy is here

Naming your cat is something that shouldn’t be done as an afterthought. After all, you will be calling it until the day it goes over the rainbow bridge. Though some people take the whole process very seriously, others add a little humor, and we think those are the best ones!

Image courtesy of AussieGal999/Twitter

We love how this fur parent took into consideration the cat’s appearance and experiences when they named him. Sir Billy Bobtail might have lost part of his tail, but he got one heck of a name for it. Something like a badge of honor.

#18 What’s Houdini got to do with Pickles?

First finding fame as the King of Handcuffs, Harry Houdini went on to become synonymous with the art of escaping tight bonds and situations. This cat might not be getting out of a locked trunk anytime soon, but his owners still think the world of him.

Image courtesy of ARevelsStocks/Twitter

We don’t know about Pickles, though, because we are pretty sure it was never mentioned that Houdini loved pickles. That said, we think it’s extremely hilarious that the veterinary staff thought to call his mom Mrs. Pickles! You really can’t blame her.

#19 The cat with the longest name

White Chocolate Mousse Mouse Mocha Munchkin Moon Pie, or Mr. Munch for short, doesn’t look too happy about this photo being taken. We totally get it, though. We also hate it when people try to take photos of us when we don’t look our best. It’s simply criminal!

Image courtesy of d_poppyseeds/Twitter

Maybe the reason he looked this way was that he was 17 then, which is pretty old. Cats are just like us; they get wrinkled and tired when they get old. He might have crossed over the bridge to his other furry friends, but he will be remembered fondly. He, and his extra long name.

#20 That damn cat

We can never forget the show Courage, the Cowardly Dog, because of the term ‘stupid dog’ which was coined by “Eustace.” This family’s man of the house must have felt the same way “Eustace” felt towards “Courage” because his favorite catchphrase around the feline was ‘damn cat.’

Image courtesy of auntnatalie/Twitter

This cat is fortunate because the rest of the family members came to its rescue and started calling it DC, a shorter and better-sounding name than ‘Damn Cat.’ No one would have guessed the true meaning of DC were it not for this confession!

#21 Daddy Jeff and Baby Jeff

Is it mostly women who christen their pets? Or do the husbands, boyfriends, and partners have a say in the naming process? We’re asking these questions because we’ve mostly seen women on this list so far. Plus, we don’t think men would name their cats ‘Baby.’

Image courtesy of BrittanyMeansIt/Twitter

We think that this woman was probably secretly furious with her husband when she named their cat. She must have thought it would be extremely funny to watch him tell people his name, followed by their cat’s name. Seriously though, we think this is strangely adorable!

#22 Boobs is looking at you

Most people name their pets sensibly, like after a beloved family member who has passed away, their favorite food or dessert, a beloved icon, or their favorite place. However, some give their pets names just to get a few laughs, like this poor little guy here, who was named Boobs!

Image courtesy of harriekd/Twitter

It might be funny the first few times, but eventually, you’ll probably get tired of people asking you why you gave your pet such a long and funny name. We’re curious to know if she was drunk when she named her cat or if she was just bored.

#23 A kitty with discerning taste

Hopefully, King Paul Falafel’s favorite homeowners have deep pockets because this kitty certainly has discerning taste, and if he continues insisting on his preferred food, their monthly budget is going to have a huge dent. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on cat food.

Image courtesy of JellyheadNelly/Twitter

King here is one spoiled cat, and they’re gonna get in trouble if they continue to indulge his whims. What is he going to ask for next time? Some caviar or expensive wine? He needs to learn to love, or at least like other kinds of food.

#24 Is this cat related to Diana Ross?

This cat could either be related to the great Diana Ross or has parents who love Greek mythology and have a great sense of humor. Oedipus happens to be the mythical king of Thebes and is one of Greek mythology’s numerous tragic heroes.

Image courtesy of leoneross/Twitter

However, this particular Oedipus doesn’t look tragic, and we are sure he gets all the love, care, and treats he could ever want from his human. We can tell from their sense of humor that they are great pet parents.

#25 Being told multiple times that you got your cat’s gender wrong

It must be hilarious to this cat’s family how many times they have been told that they got her gender wrong. At some point, acting surprised starts to feel tiring, so we’re guessing they just roll with the punches each time it happens.

Image courtesy of charlooottee_/Twitter

Sometimes people decide to call females male names; just take Blake Lively and her little girl named James as an example. It can be hard to determine the gender of your cat on your own, especially if you’ve never owned one, so we’re certain Brian isn’t the only female cat with a boy’s name.

#26 A hamster that’s a cat

We are against naming a cat, Dog, and we are also against naming a dog Cat. So it follows that we are against naming a cat Hamster. Why? Because it’s going to cause confusion when you call the vet for an appointment.

Image courtesy of TateGutzmerson/Twitter

They might actually think you are bringing a hamster instead of a feline, and you’ll need to spend a few extra minutes explaining the situation to them. But if you like spending time on the phone explaining, it’s your call.

#27 This kitty came up with the theory of evolution

Compared to other cat names on this list, this kitty is actually lucky because he has a normal-sounding name and a short one too. He’s a cutie who should be thankful that his parents weren’t smoking something when they named him!

Image courtesy of wicked_sim/Twitter

Or is there something we’re not getting about his name? Should we be concerned that he is named Darwin? Maybe there’s a more famous Darwin out there known for being naughty. Since we’re not sure, we’ll stick to assuming he was named after Charles Darwin.

#28 A teddy bear and a professor

Some people never take themselves too seriously, and we think these cats’ fur parents are THOSE people. Why else would they name their furry friends Teddy Bear Face and Professor Patches? Granted, Teddy Bear Face is an adorable name, but still.

Image courtesy of moconnmaine/Twitter

Professor Patches doesn’t look scholarly, and Teddy Bear Face doesn’t look like a teddy bear, but who are we to judge, right? Perhaps we’ll just go with the flow, too, and name our kitty Brandy, Brandy on the rocks. What do you think?

#29 When you have parents who are Star Wars fans

“Darth Vader” may be one of the most recognizable names in the Star Wars franchise, but there are other characters that have quite a following, too, and one of them is “Darth Revan.” The Sith Lord is a former veteran Jedi knight.

Image courtesy of TheDangoPilot/Twitter

This cat’s name undoubtedly gets a similar reaction from Star Wars fans every time. For example, the pharmacist knew a thing or two about the iconic franchise and happily went along with the joke when his parents were getting his meds.

#30 Mister Daisy doesn’t look pleased with his name

When naming a pet, it’s of the utmost importance to be 100% sure about the pet’s gender before assigning it a name, or else you’re going to end up with a pet that has a displeased look on its face every time you call it!

Image courtesy of LouLouNCowboy/Twitter

This is Mister Daisy, and according to his pet parents, they have no plans of changing his name. Frankly, we wouldn’t either if we were them. Just looking at his face after calling his name would make us happy, and that’s a look we’d want to see every day.

#31 A mouthful of a name

This cat’s name is not only a mouthful; it is something of a tongue twister too. Guess we just have to be thankful to his parents for giving him a much shorter and easier-to-pronounce nickname. That said, we do think his name is a little old-fashioned.

Image courtesy of ftmwillgraham/Twitter

We know a few famous fictional and real people named Barnabus or its other variation Barnabas. People who hear this cat’s name are going to think it’s either a character in a book or a practicing lawyer when they first hear it. Well, here’s to hoping he can win some cases!

#32 The squirrel and cat combination

What do you name a kitty that looks like a cat but has a squirrel’s tail? These parents let their toddler do the honors, and the cat ended up being called Coco, short for Coconut Squirrel. That is certainly a unique name that only toddlers can think of.

Image courtesy of AuthorClaireG/Twitter

According to this, Coco has a squirrel-like tail, which we can’t unsee now that we’ve pictured it in our heads! All she needs now is a string of pearls to complete her little black dress look, and she’ll be ready to go out with the neighborhood playboy. But we doubt her parents would let her.

#33 Here comes the goblin!

Goblins are described as small, monstrous, and grotesque creatures that are prominent in European folklore. The next feline on our list goes by many names, and Goblin is one of them. Thankfully he doesn’t have the appearance of those scary-looking creatures.

Image courtesy of punishedmother/Twitter

Though he goes by several other names, we love Bibimbap the most because we are huge fans of Korean food. Man, a bowl of bibimbap right now would be perfect! We wonder if Goblin likes other kinds of Korean food like japchae.

#34 This chicken doesn’t have wings

Chicken may not be able to fly, but they have wings. However, this one doesn’t have any. Meet Chicken the Cat, and as you can guess, there’s always confusion when he visits the vet because people there expect to see an avian, not a feline.

Image courtesy of awkward_19/Twitter

Ask anyone who’s ever worked in a vet clinic, and they will tell you that they have come across many cases like this. Others would be surprised by this, but to them, it’s pretty standard to meet a cat named Chicken.

#35 Agent Timber is one serious cat

How do you think of a cat name and arrive at Agent Timber Whiskers? Experts say that you shouldn’t rush into naming pets so as not to overcomplicate the process. Some also say not to get too funny, but who are other people to tell you how to name your cat, right?

Image courtesy of rae_nee/Twitter

Our advice is that you should follow your heart and not mind other people. Yes, you can listen to their opinions, but you don’t have to agree with everything they say. That’s probably what Timber Whiskers’ owners thought when they named him. 

#36 Another cat with a mistaken gender

It seems that it’s quite common for people to be mistaken about their cats’ genders. Here’s a female cat mistakenly named David. Granted, there are a lot more masculine names than David, so it could have been worse. If you were in their shoes, would you change David’s name?

Image courtesy of MeKatedavy/Twitter

It’s advisable to choose an androgynous name if you’re not yet sure of your kitty’s gender. This will save you the trouble of having to add Mister, Miss, Lady, or Lord to their name. Campbell and Easton are two wonderful examples.

#37 Quite the interesting names they have

The most common names for twins are Maddison and Mason, Emma and Ryan, Emily, and Evan, and Abigail and Alexander. But these people didn’t want common names for their cats, who happened to be brothers. Why be regular when you can be unique, right?

Image courtesy of BrDFox1/Twitter

Guess they were going after the shock factor and the flabbergasted look on people’s faces because anyone is going to be surprised to hear of two brothers named God and Satan. Makes for an interesting introduction in the veterinarian’s office, don’t you think?

#38 Dora the Explorer has some competition

Speaking of weird names, this kitty certainly has one. Explorer Kitty is here and will surely give “Dora” some competition. We don’t see a backpack anywhere, though! Did EEEK! carelessly forget it somewhere while he was busy exploring the backyard?

Image courtesy of ALCWritesOn/Twitter

His formal name, Fuzzbutticus Maximus, is on a whole different level, and we doubt anyone would call him that unless they were very angry (scary childhood memories)! Hopefully, when this chonky cat hears his full name being called out, it’s not because he tore through all the toilet paper.

#39 This cat owner has some sense of humor

Based on this list, pet owners with a healthy sense of humor seem to come up with the most unusual and hilarious names. On the other hand, those who have too much time on their hands seem to overthink a lot of things.

Image courtesy of alexhart/Twitter

Imagine spending time thinking if your cat, named Cat Stevens, might mistake the word ‘banshee’ for dog. Was she high? We just don’t have that kind of luxury because most of the time, we’re busy earning a living, trying to have some semblance of a social life, and doing housework.

#40 The Lord is here

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a cat with an unusual name is going to leave a lasting impression on people and perhaps even give them a good start to their day with a few laughs. That’s exactly the kind of cat Lord Tubbington is.

Image courtesy of roxxyroxxyroxxy/Twitter

Here he is, sleeping and looking as comfortable as can be. For a cat that’s turning 18, he looks quite great! 18 cat years is about 88 human years, so you can only imagine how you would look at 88. We can only wish to be as flexible and cool as him.