40+ Pet Groomers That Need To Find A New Profession

By Aileen D

This article was originally published on funcatz

Ever wondered why dogs love to run in mud after giving them a bath, or why cats prefer that they lick themselves clean? Easy. They know how best to take care of themselves. Just like you, cats want to portray themselves in the best light, and dogs would prefer being coated in their musky scent. Bathe them, and they are bound to stand out. That’s the last thing they want, especially if they are hiding themselves from predators, or in this case, the groomer.

A trip to the groomer’s “salon” should be an enjoyable experience that our furry friends look forward to. However, some owners have shared what their beloved pets look like at the hands of amateurs with a shaver. Now we understand why our dogs and cats prefer their own “grooming” methods.

You Said Trim

Melanie Eilers trusts that her groomer can get the job done. She dropped off her Golden Collie, expecting to pick him up after a few hours, looking as cute as ever. After all, he just needed a trim. The haircut couldn’t be that different, right?

Source: melanie_eilers/Twitter

She can’t understand what had gotten into her groomer. Before, her Golden Collie seemed to be a golden ball of fur, but now he was nearly buck naked. What do you think the groomer said? Did they defend this as a trim, or admit to the mistake?

Needs More Shaving

You wouldn’t want to be at the wrath of your pet’s groomer. Like this man, who clearly had some regrets. When he came to pick up his pet, he was met with this. The receptionist placed the leash in his hand and sent him off without a word.

Source: daft-punker/Reddit

We don’t know about this guy, but it seems like this dog needs a little more shaving. Or at least to have the hair dyed back to normal. All this dog wants to do is go home and hide until his natural fur color grows back.

By A Pro

There is a reason why small dogs must be groomed regularly. Their body can’t handle the massive weight of uncut fur. It also allows them to become accustomed to being held or touched. But after seeing this picture, we wouldn’t want anyone touching this poor old dog.

Source: hercules_the_Mini_schnauzer/IG

Herkul’s fur mom couldn’t understand how a pro managed to botch up a haircut like this. He even managed to give this dog some bangs. If anything, that only made his head appear larger than his body. This fur mom swore never to come back to the place, even if that meant passing up on discounts.

The Hunter Becomes Hunted

With its sturdy build and pointed ears, this Alaskan Malamute commands the respect of dogs around the block. No one would mess with him. He was the only one with a well-furred plumed tail who could carry a load of humans with the pack. But there was one other reason why he inspired the awe of canines within the neighborhood.

Source: diabolina_zwyczajna/IG

How did he manage to carry that much weight on him?” They licked their mouths and then looked at each other. Their tails wagged. “Just how? The leader of the pack answered, “every day, carrying that fur is basically gym day for him. Just how do you think he’s trained to carry a person or two with his pack?

Got a New Rug

Kelsie Dupre just bought a new addition to her house. She felt like she needed to add some zest to her living room, and in no time, her groomer finished the job for her. But instead of being thankful, Kelsie couldn’t help but yell. After all, her groomer had no business turning her dog into a rug.

Source: KelsieDupre/Twitter

Whereas before her pooch was a neat tangle of golden curls, now it looked dull and disheveled. Worse, Kelsie couldn’t run her hand across its fluff of ringlets, otherwise, she might end up pulling a patch of fur off her dog. Even guests have tripped over her dog claiming they “didn’t see him there.”

Looking Like A Prawn

Gimli the griff keeps on falling asleep on his visits to the groomer. “It just takes too long,” he licks his snout. Then he quickly shuts his mouth as the groomer enters the room. “Okay, let’s do this!” He throws us a wink before falling to sleep.

Source: gimlithegriff/IG

Falling asleep was a mistake. If he hadn’t taken that nap then he would have seen his groomer taking inspiration from prawns. He looked desperately at his fur mom, but she was busy taking her phone out of her bag and then taking pictures of him. “You’re not helping,” he turns to the groomer, “and you… you’re fired!

Fresh Outta Jail

Which do you choose: PetSmart or PetCo? Destiny Wells prefers the former, as they take pride in their various products, services, and solutions for furballs of all ages. They help bring pets and pet owners closer to each other. Oddly, after availing one grooming session for her furball, this pet owner felt estranged from her dog.

Source: DestinyLynn19_ / Twitter

She couldn’t recognize her dog, Gandalf. As he barked excitedly at her, Destiny walked slower towards him, squinting to see if this was the same dog she had left at the grooming station. It looked like her dog had escaped prison, just as he would try to do during the next trip to the grooming salon.

Let the Professionals Handle It

This bad boi puts up a fuss at the groomers. He often howls and scratches at the employees, begging to be let loose from their grasp. Today, the groomers had had enough of this furball’s cries. They called up his mom in hopes that she could do something to calm him.

Source: indianabonesjr/IG

But nooo. Instead of calming this husky, mom chose to do the grooming herself. In 10 minutes tops, she shows everyone her work. Everyone was very careful not to say anything rude. But the picture speaks for itself. Next time, let the professionals handle the dirty work!

The Only Exception

Don’t you hate it when your dog runs outside on a rainy day and plays in a pool of mud? They come home caked in filth, begging to run around indoors. Cleaning them up takes up so much time, and you can’t go to the groomers every time. So, this Twitter user’s mom came up with a brilliant solution…

Source: DelayniJohnson/Twitter

Her mom decided to have their dog’s feet shaved so that they wouldn’t get dirty every time it strolled out of the house. The groomer tried to dissuade them from the plan. But the customer wouldn’t hear any of it. Now, she can’t bear to look at her dog at all.

Swinging Away

Tarzan the dog gets his monthly grooming five blocks away. There’s no need to rush since he and his mom can walk to the pet salon. On this particular day, Tarzan and his mom had encountered a lot of unfortunate events which almost caused them to skip the appointment altogether. It might have been a sign.

Source: i4get2remember/IG

Sure, Tarzan feels light on his feet, but he clumsily stumbles to the kitchen. He isn’t accustomed to losing the fur. Neither can he wear a dog collar comfortably — the leather chafes against his skin. We guess they’ll be skipping daily walks to the park, and the grooming salon, for a couple of weeks.

Barely Passing

One of the things most pet owners complain about is the fact that they can hardly recognize their pets after grooming. For the most part, they have gotten accustomed to their pets’ look after getting a trim, but this is an entirely different makeover. This Instagrammer claims she thought she had gotten the wrong dog.

Source: chew_the_pom/IG

To be fair, her dog looks a great deal cuter. But the image she had of her furball in her mind and the one consuming the bowl of dog treats are entirely different. This Instagrammer is seriously considering whether she and her furball will go back to the grooming salon ever again.

Plotting World Domination

If dog owners thought that their pooches were difficult, then you could say it’s worse for cat owners. This Redditor had taken his cat to the grooming salon, and now he seems to have put the world in danger. When he ran his hand against the length of this furball’s back, this cat looked at him with pure malevolence.

Source: Exoticwombat/Reddit

Is it just us or does it seem like this cat is plotting world domination? We can’t help but feel a cold shiver run down our spine. There’s little way of making amends with cats, especially one giving us such a death glare. You can see him counting down the seconds until his plan comes to fruition.


Redditor elise_b knows how to pull off a prank and set everyone laughing. Today, she had felt the need to make fun of her cat. When giving last-minute instructions, she told the groomer, “surprise me.” He surely did. She hadn’t even gone inside the salon when she had burst out laughing at the sight of her cat.

Source: ELISE_B/Reddit

Her cat is naturally sulky. But today, it had even gotten sulkier at its long mane being cut and piling on the salon floor. To make matters worse, wouldn’t be able to clean herself after this haircut. After all, that thick mane of fur around her neck is keeping her from reaching her tummy.

Where It Matters

Just like hair, you can accentuate a pet’s features by shaving or trimming fur. This groomer thought this cat’s best features were its eyes and its slinky tail. So he shed off its fur and then left the rest on those parts. When presenting the final look to the client, he instructed the latter not to laugh.

Source: mmmel/Reddit

But just like the groomer, Redditor mmmel failed. She burst out in a fit of convulsion as she saw her cat walk toward her. Her cat felt very different, too. She was smooth along the length of her body but fluffy and furry on her head and tail. Would you ever consider accentuating your pet’s best features?

Aging in Reverse

Instead of making this dog look worse, having his fur trimmed made him look young. We don’t know what magic his groomer performed but he looks fresh as a pup as the day this Redditor adopted him. If all pets looked like this after a trim, we would probably book our dog an appointment, too!

Source: CaligulasPeri/Reddit

Would you look at that? He even moved as quickly as he did when he was a pup. The next thing we’ll hope to see is him chasing squirrels off the property. Occasionally you’ll see him spending the day napping, but when he’s overtaken by energy, you can bet he will be running around the house.

What Lies Underneath

Corgis are a special breed. They’re fairly easy to get along with. They’re lively and agile despite their small stature, and their bodies make for a huggable loaf of bread. They’re the perfect cuddle dogs! And just when we thought corgis couldn’t get any cuter, we were proven wrong.

Source: dhdhk/Reddit

If anything, losing its fur only showed off its naturally bouncy body. And we couldn’t resist reaching out to it for a cuddle. It wrestled away from us but rested on our lap. We were more than happy to just let it sit there and we would pet the back of their neck from time to time.

Can’t Look Away

Let us warn you; you might feel your eyes burn for a couple of minutes once you see the picture below. And you might feel a gush of air coming from your throat as your stomach quivers in laughter. If you’re willing to take risks, then go on then. Take a look!

Source: GoMooGo/Reddit

Reddit user GoMooGo thought of getting her pet cat groomed. After all, her little furball deserved it. This furball hadn’t knocked down any figurines or plates from countertops. But what is it about this ‘do that makes it look like a punishment? It almost looks like that GoMooGo needs to buy her cat a bra.

Why’d You Do This?

This cat has nothing but love for her fur mom. Unlike other cats, you will only see her sharpening her nails on the scratching post. You will see every ceramic and glassware intact, and every other animal in the household unscathed. She isn’t one to cause her fur mom a migraine — at least, not until now.

Source: sparkles.teacup.persian/IG

She looks ashamedly at her mom, “why’d you do this? What did I do to deserve this?” Her mom can’t keep a straight face. It was supposed to be a treat, to save her the trouble of grooming herself, but instead, the groomer had nearly rid this feline of her luxurious fur. We actually feel bad for her.

Inspector Terrier

This bad boi has just landed himself a job. He is tasked to monitor the traffic in certain areas and issue tickets to disobedient drivers. He will patrol areas around town, respond to calls and make arrests, all while making sure to uphold the law. He felt like he had to get himself a haircut to suit the uniform.

Source: dog-admin/Reddit

And the groomer did not disappoint. Now, he looks every bit as terrifying as the Yorkshire Terrier that he is. His beady eyes monitor everything. His long mustache hides his every reaction that might give away his innermost thoughts. And his lean body is quick to respond to every call he might receive. Meet Inspector Terrier!

Lost A Pound

Many netizens were concerned when Instagram user neveralonemama posted this picture of her dog online. At first glance, it almost looks like a regular picture of a pet dog, but on closer look, you will see an oddity in his leg. Many asked, “was this done for a good reason?

Source: neveralonemama/IG

Many wanted to give this dog parent the benefit of the doubt. After all, her pet might have needed to undergo surgery or they might have needed to do a more thorough inspection of the leg. Many pet owners claim that their pets change behavior once their fur is shaved, so they’re just as concerned for this Airedale Terrier.

What’s Up?

Every man must have considered growing a goatee at one point in their life. It’s the perfect status symbol for those who want an easy compromise between a full beard and a mustache. Only a handful of men can rock it. And fortunately enough, this young lad was one of them.

Source: reconchrist/Reddit

What’s up, man?” His goatee quivers with every syllable. You continue to look at him, disbelief written across your face. “Do you have a problem with me?” He takes a paw forward and then bares his teeth. It only makes him look less menacing. And just like that, you reach to cradle this cute bad boi in your arms.

Grow Into It

Change takes some getting used to. The same holds true for fur balls who had recently gotten a trim. Some grow into it quickly, whereas others, like this Siberian Husky, take weeks to get used to an unshaven build. It can be tough for Huskies to deal with the cold without their fur.

Source: davidmeyrowitz/Reddit

Fortunately enough, the room has got a functional HVAC system. The only con is that this dog will have to stay indoors until he grows out his fur. Even if his fur mom invited him for a walk, he refused to step foot outside of the house. No way is he letting anyone see him like that.

Straight Cut

Horses aren’t spared from needing grooming. Many owners claim that, instead of trimming a horse, it’s better to use a pulling comb to thin out the mane. Others, like this Redditor, have a field day proving people wrong. He wanted to rid his horse of its layered mane, so he did a straight cut.

Source: IAmTheMasterB4U/Reddit

It might have been easier for this horse to view the field, but it confused everyone around him. “Just what in heavens is that?” The owner claims, “it’s a horse!” Others are quick to say, “Yeah we know it’s a horse, but why does it look like that?”

Staying Alive

It may not look like it, but this dog is a fluff of energy. Despite his old age, he’s still excited about daily walks. He runs frantically around the park and he makes sure to greet every guest coming to the house. His pet owner thought to give him a makeover that would suit his personality.

Source: Kaessa/Reddit

And they got what they wished for. The groomer thought it was best to leave fur just around his paws, his head, and his tail. Then he bleached them a bright pink so that they would end up looking like pom poms. Would you ever consider having your cheerleader of a dog look like this?

Can’t Stay Still

Twitter user Darby Pumphrey would often hear the groomer complain about how difficult his dog had been during the monthly groom. He thought he would do better than his groomer if he gave his dog a shave. He might even save a couple hundred bucks doing it himself. So he did.

Source: darbypumphrey/Twitter

But it didn’t matter if he was doing the grooming. His dog wouldn’t stay still upon seeing clumps of fur falling all around him. After 10 minutes, he threw a towel and gave up. He decided he would be bringing the dog to the groomer’s, first thing tomorrow, especially now that he looked like this.

Protecting the Pack

Just like wolves, dogs in this family hunt as a pack. When traveling, the youngest or the weakest one would lead the line while the leader stayed at the very back. It didn’t matter if it took them long to travel to the park, so long as everyone was safe on their way there.

Source: duck_the_doodle/IG

And just to make everyone know who the leader of the pack was, Instagrammer duck_the_doodle decided to get the lead dog a trim. He thought a mohawk would be fitting, especially since this dog is a fierce warrior. When this dog showed his new look to the others, everyone barked and howled to be given the same.

What’s In Style?

You will never see Oscar the dog wearing shabby-looking pants. He’s always dressed for the occasion, not a single tuft fur out of place. His mom takes Oscar’s appointments with the groomer very seriously, otherwise he will throw a fit. Just today, he had chosen a new pair of pants.

Source: Oscars_Grouch/Reddit

And being the fashionista that he is, he just had to show them off to everyone around the block. This fashion avant-garde drew the awe and barks of other dogs. He simply kept at his walk and then went back home. But if it were us, these pair of pants would run the groomer out of business.

Fresh Out of Highschool

We know college admission tests are hard, but so is screening the applicants. We have to make quick judgments about who will make the cut. There’s the need to verify applications and certifications. Quick calls are made to college deans and reference persons. And then, we also conduct interviews.

Source: jessicaopgenorth/IG

So, it says here that you were captain of the cheerleading squad for two years? That seems like a feat. Tell us, how did you manage to handle that and get straight As?” The cheerleader nervously licked her lips. “Well, I was raised to work like a dog. That’s how I managed to succeed the way that I did.”

Because You’re Worth It

You only have 10 seconds to catch your viewers’ attention and another 10 seconds to help them decide whether they want your product. But thanks to this marketing strategy, L’Oreal’s phones have been ringing off the hook with customers placing orders about their new hair care product.

Source: Inazumaryoku/Reddit

This is how you get rid of frizzy hair. In only an hour, this groomer gave this dog a cold water rinse, conditioned that frizzy coat, detangled his fur, and then blow-dried it into that luxurious mane. Lastly, he put on a serum to ensure that this pup’s fur would stay vibrant.

Pretty Woman

This poodle had a tough life growing up. She wasn’t accustomed to the simple necessities given after being adopted. In fact, she was often judged for her appearance. Once, after visiting a salon, she asked how much their services would cost. The attendants told her, “it wouldn’t fit you,” and was told it would be very expensive.

Source: brysonthetoypoodle/IG

She sought the services of another salon. After this successful makeover, she intentionally came back to the first salon. Unlike the first time, they were very attentive to her needs now that she was “dressed like a customer.” She was ready to be pampered as her hair dried in the big blow-drier.

At Your Beck and Call

It isn’t any secret that dogs are loyal to their owners. We’re not perfect, but our fur babies are eager to wait by the door to greet us with warmth and affection all the same. Similarly, Reddit user lilaleche entrusted her dog’s grooming to this salon owner’s hands. Despite that blunder, this dog remained loyal to her.

Source: lunarlilache/Reddit

“I will watch over you and your family day and night. Call my name. I will be at your beck and call.” This Husky stood still waiting for a command from their human but he could hear none. She couldn’t speak. What had they done to her poor pup?

Looks Like Pudding

Before, this cat believed it was the boss of the house. It would walk by, nose upturned, acknowledging no one, not even her fur mom. She would conduct pawful experiments involving newly bought kitchenware. So her fur mom decided to teach her a lesson. It was one she would never forget.

Source: mebeim/Reddit

Just like us, cats know how to be shamed. Ever since getting this haircut, she wouldn’t step a paw out of the yard to meet with her friends. Now, she would frequently rub her body against her fur mom’s ankle and scramble to her lap for a cuddle or two.

Whatchu Wearin’

These two cats have been pals since forever! They can’t leave each others’ side, not even on trips to the grooming salon. When one got a new look, so did the other. That’s how they knew how ridiculous they looked without looking in a mirror.

Source: imaginaryerika/IG

Both leapt from the counter and then looked at the other. “What in the world are you wearing?” One pawed the other’s legs. “Are those boots? And out-of-season?” The other couldn’t answer but gave a shriek. “Oh, wait until mom hears of this!” They made a mad dash towards their fur mom who, unknown to them, requested the makeover.

Keep ‘Em Long

This fur parent had been seeing cute pictures of other pets online, before and after a decent grooming. So he decided to give his fur baby one too. He booked an appointment online and then brought his pet with him. He patiently waited for 30 minutes, but felt a wave of anger upon seeing this.

Source: REALBURTIIS/Twitter

Now, Twitter user Emperor Kuzco knows better than to request that his dog get a trim. Given that he couldn’t do anything about the situation, he laughed it off. Deep inside, he was seething with blind fury. “Count your days petsmart. This groom session will be the end of you.

Never Saw This Side Of Him Before

Redditor Pyrate Hooker raised this kitten he had adopted from the shelter. He thought he had learned everything there was to know about his cat, until the latter got a trim. Pyrate Hooker had never seen this side of his feline buddy before, and he’s secretly happy that his cat looks this way.

Source: PyrateHooker/Reddit

It didn’t matter what his cat did, Pyrate Hooker would burst out laughing every time he looked at his furball. “What have you got there, partner? Freshly- caught fish? Gimme some. Now.” Pyrate Hooker doesn’t have it in him to resist this furball’s requests. Can you?

Straight Out of A Magazine

We don’t know about you, but this furball is giving Eva Longoria a run for her money. This hairstyle almost looks like a page out of a magazine. And it’s no small feat. It had taken the groomer over two hours to create this pixie bob for this unsuspecting furball.

Source: HopHeadRed34/Reddit

His fur mom doesn’t intend to give him a bath for over a week. Otherwise, she just might ruin that beautiful bob of hair. And as far as she knows, her fur ball would prefer not being bathed. After all, dogs love to hide themselves in their own scent.

Hello Stranger!

We can’t seem to shake this image out of our heads. We all have the same image in mind of a Siberian Husky. A dignified ball of fluff, covered in black and white fur, with blue or black eyes. Certainly no fringes around the legs or tails. But what is it about this picture that screams horse instead?

Source: SonaSierra19/Reddit

Hello, stranger!” We do a double-take, our mouths wide open. We scan the whole length of the dog and try to make out what animal is before us. It barks. “I said, hello!” It brings its head down to the bed, while its tail is up in the air. “What? Cat got your tongue?

A Slender Neck

What is it about cats that make them so elegant? Is it because they’re light on their feet? Or perhaps how they often walk with their noses upturned and their tails in the air. Their tails aren’t that expressive, unlike dogs, which gives them an air of mystery. Or might it be because of their slender necks?

Source: Tasha Malek/Facebook

There’s no unseeing that. Despite its fluid movements, we can’t bring ourselves to look at this cat the same way — as an elegant being. So if there is any advice we could give Facebook user Tasha Malek, it would be to keep this cat’s fur long. Having this picture circulating online is causing us pain.

Request Granted

Think of your pet’s groomer as a genie. He will grant you three wishes so you have to be as specific as possible to ensure that your pet gets the best care it can get. When Reddit user amycleonard told the groomer to cut the paw fur “shorter this time,” he succeeded in giving her this.

Source: amycleonard/Reddit

He might have taken the request literally that he had shaved all the fur from this dog’s paws. He even went the extra mile and shaved half of this dog’s coat. Expecting that he would get a tip, he scowled at his client who complained about the cut. “Well, lady, you asked for it!

Wrong Head

Even amongst dogs, there are personality quirks that could set them out from the rest of the pack. The same holds true for personal care. Dogs have little say in their grooming so fur parents have to be sensitive to their needs. Redditor Couch_Licker noticed that his dog would scratch himself frequently so he asked the groomer for a shave.

Source: Couch_Licker/Reddit

And the groomer didn’t disappoint. He decided to shave this Husky’s coat, save for the head. When taken home, this dog wouldn’t look at his fur dad. “Don’t look at me.” He stares out the window, but feels his fur dad looking at him. “I said, don’t look at me!” He howls.

Wise Beyond His Years

This doggo has been getting a bad hair day. For one, he and his fur mom came late to the grooming salon. They had to wait for nearly all of the dogs to be trimmed and groomed. And the groomer didn’t have the patience to consider whether this haircut would look good on him.

Source: Twisted_NaeNae/Reddit

We hadn’t known it was possible that dogs age faster with the wrong haircut. And just like humans, dogs are pretty sensitive to how they are treated after they are groomed. If they are given more attention, they are more carefree and energetic. But if they are laughed at and ridiculed, they will mope around the house all day.

What Did You Say, Bob?

Having the right haircut is only next to having the right accessories. It’s one of the few ways you can deal with a bad haircut. This fur mom considered putting a headband on her furbaby or giving him a gold necklace to wear. In the end, she thought the chain looked better on him.

Source: dannygally/Reddit

What’s up dawg?” She would tease this doggo. And, every now and then, this Lab would look at her and pout, “what do you want? Make it quick. I’m watching a movie.” He wouldn’t give her more than a second, then he would direct his attention at the TV.

All Wound Up

If it weren’t for the fact that this was someone else’s pet, we would actually compliment this groomer’s masterpiece. This trim almost looks like an optical illusion. See for yourself. This dog looks like it has been wound up slinky toy. And just like the latter, it can perform a number of tricks.

Source: mazu74/Reddit

Ever since the trim, Reddit user mazu74 has been calling his furball Slinky. As if on cue, this doggo would actually look at him. “Here, Slinky,” he slides the bowl of treats towards him. “You’ve been a good boy at the salon. I thought you might like some refreshments.” Then he rubs his hand along the dog’s back.

Blown Out of Proportion

When picturing a grooming salon, we imagine a pristine room with a white table and neatly organized instruments on a nearby cart. But that’s not always true. After a grooming session, it can look downright messy with all of the fur and clumps strewn on the floor.

Source: [unknown user]/imgur

Just after a couple of minutes of grooming, this cat looks like it had survived the aftermath of a bomb explosion. Its fur lined the walls, the floors, and even the whole length of the groomer’s arm. Nobody said that grooming was an untidy business.

Things You Shouldn’t DIY

There should be a list of things you shouldn’t DIY. On top of them is a haircut. We can’t remember the number of friends who had regretted they picked up a pair of scissors. There is no way you can rid yourself of horrible bangs. Just take it from this furball who’ll be taking an indefinite leave from the park.

Source: thegreatesk/Reddit

Mom sure knows how to botch an experiment into epic proportions. We are hoping that she had learned her lesson. Leave it to the professionals, Redditor Greatesk. Your dog will thank you for it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning off all that shaven fur from the floor.