Fur Families: 40+ Adorable Pups With Their Proud Mamas

By Jana

This article was originally published on funcatz

Becoming a mother is one of the most special times of someone’s life. Giving birth to another living, breathing being must be blissful. Who’s to say that dog mommies don’t feel the same level of pride as humans do?

We stumbled upon this niche of dog pictures, which include dog mothers with their puppies. All of them have ecstatic, prideful expressions on their faces, and we couldn’t help but “aww” at how sweet these images are.

We wanted to compile 45 images of proud dog mamas and share them with you. Get ready for the explosion of cuteness. If you are interested and want a quick dose of dopamine, then just take a look at these adorable pups! We are certain you are going to love it!


Of course, we had to start with the one and only Golden Retriever. This dog breed is gorgeous, kind, and gentle—no wonder the dad of the litter is as invested as the mom. The dad is so excited as he enters the picture frame.

Image Courtesy of Imgur / hazzamadazzla

Keep calm and be fluffy! We believe these dogs live by that rule. They are, for one, calm and also quite obviously fluffy. Mommy looks tired but so happy and content at the same time. Dad is a dad: excited and lost.

Four Little Babies

Beagles are very playful dogs. They are loud but loyal and energetic. They will surely fill their owner’s hearts with love and dedication. Looking at this beagle momma, realizing she is looking at her babies, will melt the iciest of hearts.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / Lindsenn

Reddit has treasures like these on every corner. They look like little dog-loafs. What’s interesting is that they are all so different from one another. They are just different shades of cute. Actually, the one on the far right looks like a little cow baby with those spots.

Beaming With Pride

Border Collies are considered to be the most intelligent dog breed ever. They are smart, yet kind and not aggressive. They are loyal, hard-working, and full of happy energy. This mom is one of the happiest of them all; look at her!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / aussiesdoingthings

There are nine baby puppies in that picture. Let that sink in. This strong girl has nine babies to take care of and help grow. You go, momma! To make matters worse, there is only one girl in the litter. This is gonna be a doozy.

Foster Dog And Golden Mix Gave Birth To Baby Cows

Okay, well, the title is a bit misleading. They are obviously not baby cows, but they do look like ones. These people shared an image of their dog that gave birth to some puppies that looked nothing like her at all.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / katendy

According to her expression, this is not what she was expecting. But, nonetheless, the little ones are still super adorable! She is going to be an amazing dog mother, and they will grow up to be her special little pup-children.

101 Dalmatians

Why is it that Dalmatians have so many puppies at once?! It’s crazy. No wonder they chose Dalmatians for the Disney animated movie with 101 puppies. Mommy looks super proud, as she should! She just did something amazing. Cuddos to her!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / ledasg

We just hope Cruella doesn’t see this post and decides to go after the cute little ones. Momma will have to have all paws on deck in order to pull this one off. We hope daddy is somewhere nearby and willing to participate.

German Shepherd’s Little Shepherds

This dog mom looks so exhausted yet calm and deeply content with her life at the moment. She has three little menaces to take care of, yet, she manages to find happiness in the little things. And her pups are very little.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / Yucked

Good thing they are fenced in and can’t go out wandering about and making a mess. It’s also good for the mom to get some rest and escape the nuisance and the teething little monsters wanting to feed on her milk.

Rowena With Her Babies Roz, Harvey, Pru & Brina

We love a cute little family. There is nothing more beautiful than that! This picture gave us the fix we were craving. Rowena is a French bulldog, and she has four babies she is super proud of. Their names are Roz, Harvey, Pru, and Brina.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / bluewonderfrenchies

They are super adorable in their matching outfits. Despite the many health issues this breed is susceptible to, a lot of people are still breeding them and continuing on with it. We do not support that, despite them being super cute and irresistible.

Guinea Piggies

Some baby animals resemble other animals more than the ones they really are. For example, these puppies right here look more like guinea pigs than canines. Who would have guessed these little guys descended from wolves all those years ago…

Image Courtesy of Imgur / iamonlyallowed63lettersformyusername

We are particular fans of the one in the middle, with its little wiggly butt in the air and pink hind paws. It’s so cute. Truly, though, they do not look like dogs at all. They are just one week old, though. Let’s give them some time.


According to the person who posted this picture, this specific litter was not expected. It was a surprise to them and to the mom! Despite the fact that no one was expecting this, one fact stays true: they are stinkin’ cute!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / Sexualchocolate42

Corgis are most popular for their wiggly, fluffy bottoms, their adorable, long ears, and funnily short legs. We are certain that Corgi lovers everywhere will adore this image. The mom tilts her head as if she is asking: “What? You didn’t expect this?!”

I Protecc

She protecc, she attacc. That meme was all over the internet quite a long time ago. Yet, that is what came to mind looking at this lovely picture. It is, again, a Goldie mom protecting her baby. Except it’s not a tiny baby anymore.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / MadeMeSmile

It seems as if she is comforting her baby on his first day in the office as a police dog. It seems to be complaining about something, perhaps how other puppers treated him. Mommy is invested, and everyone knows moms give the best advice.

Pit Bull’s Little Bulls

This proud momma looks like she is asking: “Could you take them off my paws for a while?” We would gladly volunteer and be babysitters for them! They look like little, cuddly plushies. Don’t even get us started on the ROLLSSSS!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / Dangerous_Upstairs

Look at their puppy collars! So adorable. Dog mommy seems really excited that they are asleep. “Finally, time for some me time!” Go wild, momma. It’s your time to shine. We will guard them while you take a little nap yourself.

Double Boop

There is nothing better than an adorable little doggo nose. However, we present to you a double dose of doggo noses! We just want to give them a little “boop.” In our opinion, Dachshunds are one of the most adorable dog breeds.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / daninger4995

This mom is so devoted and in love with her baby; you can really tell! The little one is peacefully sleeping while the mom’s waking eye protects it. It is so heart-warming. No one can resist giving them a boop each. For the baby, one soft, slow boop will do.

Tired Momma

If moms are one thing, that is tired. Sure, they are loving, caring, protective, nurturing, etc. But what connects all moms is their level of fatigue when they have young kids, toddlers, or babies. Motherhood can be a tiring thing.

Image Courtesy Reddit / xxtinaak

This one fell asleep so quickly that she didn’t even realize her nose was bent on the side of a trash bin. What they are doing in the trash bin in the first place is unknown. We just hope they have a place to stay and a warm bed to sleep in.

Three Little Piglets

These puppers don’t even look real. They are too cute and fluffy to be real. Mommy looks happy to be there, and the picture is adorable. We hope they framed it and put it on the wall. The moment is worthy of being remembered forever.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / sugarwestie

Westies are an adorable breed. They have white, soft fur and black noses and toe beans. They look so carefree while sleeping on their human’s legs. Mommy is kind of asking herself: “why won’t they wake up and play with me?” So wholesome!


This mommy looks like she is about to take a selfie with her little cubs. They are all in cute positions, posing, ready to capture the moment. What we love most about this picture are their bellies and wet noses.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / giselas45044808

There is an expression that describes when puppies all sleep like this, together and on top of each other: it’s a puppy puddle. We love that saying so much! Mom looks so proud and gentle; what a happy (not so little) little family.

Whole Labrador Sampler Pack

Reddit gave us a gift again! This time, we are sharing an endearing picture of a Labrador momma and her little babies. However, it seemed like she couldn’t decide which color baby to have, so she had them in all Labrador colors.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / DisgruntledPlebian

It looks like the printer ran out of ink all of a sudden, so some puppies are like momma, black, whereas others are brown and creamy/golden. We love the little detail in the color of their necklaces. The necklaces are all different and special—just like the little babies!

Beautiful Family

We like how, when you look at a dog family, you can almost always say with certainty who is mommy and who is daddy dog. We think that’s adorable. This time, we chose a Rott family to share with you.

Image Courtesy of Imgur / jeffhext

They look so proud of their two babies. We assume one of them is a girl and one of them is a boy since their collars are pink and blue. It is almost possible to imagine them going to their little puppy school and coming back home for their puppy lunch. Adorbs!

The Queen Mother

This photo went viral online when it first showed up. It was so unbelievable that everyone thought it must be photoshopped or faked. However, it is not. We’ve found it on Reddit, of course, and it features one of our favorite dog breeds, the Corgis.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / Yeet69lasagna

This momma had a litter of 15 puppies at once. It’s almost impossible, but she made it! It looks like a display in a museum. You’d find this artwork in the super, most adorable section. We just hope this is what heaven looks like.

Here are The Good Boys ‘n’ Girls

German Shepherds are one of the most well-known dog breeds. They are loyal, protective, and very intelligent. This makes them the perfect breed to be used by police forces everywhere. This momma is super proud of her good little puppers!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / RockGamingReal

What we love most about this photo is how puppies’ ears are just flopping on the side of their heads. It’s adorable. They look like they can’t wait for this picture to be taken, so they can go back to their usual shenanigans.

French Word For Bread: Pain

Don’t get us wrong, Frenchies are super cute, kind, and so nice. However, this picture shows two dog parents that were not ready for their lives to change as much as they did. Babies do that to you and your marriage.

Image Courtesy of Imgur / BlackBox8995

Seems like both of them are having second thoughts right now. The one on the left is thinking: “I am already exhausted,” and the one on the right is thinking: “The food bill alone is going to bankrupt us!” It’s hilarious!

Little Wolf Pups

Huskies are one of the prettiest dog breeds out there. Their eyes are piercing-blue, and their fur is gray, white, silver, black, and thick. In fact, their bodies, heads, and ears resemble that of a wolf. Overall, they are perfection!

Image Courtesy of Imgur / Imsopunny

All the puppers individually are so entertaining to look at. Mommy looks beautiful; that is a given. But the puppies are either silly, sleepy, or exhausted, depending on which one you focus on. Look at their mischievous eyebrows and eyes! OMG!


When we take a second look at this photo, we can’t figure out if the puppy momma is smiling or growling at the person with the camera. Does she want to say: “Hi, welcome, good to see ya, these are my babies,” or, “back off.”

Image Courtesy of Imgur / red9309

Good thing we are all hiding behind a screen, so we can be safe while guessing what the momma might do next. Her babies are cute as heck! They can’t be more than one week old, though. Be careful; if momma says no, it’s a no!

Mini Me

Some kids are mini copies of their parents. In the animal kingdom, genes rule everything, so it makes it easier to recognize a parent and a baby. This time, there is a Rottweiler once more, with its one and only puppy.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / TeisTom

It’s as if the big woofer is teaching the small woofer how to look at humans in a judgmental way. “This is how you do it, my boy.” Just look at the gigantic paws on the little one. This picture will surely send some people to the hospital due to cuteness overload.


Dogs are just like us; they love to relax, enjoy their pastime, be social and have fun. They are also usually really inquisitive and rational. In addition, they too, enjoy sunbathing and getting a tan, apparently. We just hope they have sunscreen on.

Image Courtesy of imgur.com

A Hammock full of huskies is exactly what we need and want for our birthdays. It’s all we ask for, and it’s all we will ever need. Momma is protecting them and watching their every move. Smart girl. The puppies are mostly zonked out.


Parents are usually super happy and excited to be pregnant and have babies and a family. Some react by crying tears of joy, others are speechless, and then there are those that are just ecstatic. They seem like they’ll explode from happiness.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / joshborup

This beautiful, gorgeous, fluffy momma just had her nine pretty babies. No wonder she is so excited. She is blond, mesmerizing, and has some freakishly-long legs. She is basically a model. We are not surprised her little pups are as gorgeous as she is.

Little Puppy Sardines

We’ve already seen quite a few Corgis here, and we can vouch that once they have offspring, they have a lot! This picture is one of the cutest so far, so once we saw it, we could not resist but to share.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / stengebt

These little babies look like sardines in a tin can. They are fully zonked out, but the mommy is present, awake, and shining with pride and happiness. One commenter wrote: “Like mother, like Son and daughter, and son, and daughter, and…”

Weird-Looking Tentacles

Optical illusions are fun and interesting to look at and try to figure out. It is like exercise for the brain and wakes up the curious, childlike side of adulthood. We wanted to share an unintentional optical illusion we found.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / zainraza12

This is Golden the Dogtopus. We love that name. Truly, though, it looks like it has tentacles instead of puppies fighting for milk. There are so many, as well. We are torn between 9 and 99. If someone manages to count them, let us know.

Puppy Pool

There is nothing quite as cute as a dog having babies and calling you over to see them and admire them. These owners found their dog lying in a kiddie pool with its puppies, looking up at them with a smile across its face.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / goaskalice3

What we find interesting is that there is only one puppy getting fed, whereas the others are just in the other corner, chilling, relaxing, and sleeping. The one eating has zero chill in its body. It’s the fight for survival, dude.

Hey Kids, Look Up!

This momma over here is beaming! She just had her babies recently, yet she is still smiling, energetic, and happy to be there. She loves capturing memories with her little ones. The babies are so sleepy, though. What made them so tired? Having fun and being cute?!

Image Courtesy of Facebook / anapaulagrillophotographer

Tell us why this dog looks like a meerkat a little bit. It’s so hilarious. That mommy is so proud and excited to share her babies with the world; it’s endearing to watch. What an absolute icon. Five is the perfect number.


One of our favorite pictures so far is up next. This is the first Pomeranian that we’ve seen while researching this topic, and it is a frontrunner for being the doggo with the best attitude. Not only that, but it has a selfie with the nurse.

Image Courtesy of Facebook / marina.brito.39

She seems so content; look at that third collage picture! She is cuddling her two special babies. In the last one, she is winking: that’s how it’s done, kids! She is so cute. We hope she and her babies are healthy and thriving.

This is How You Do It!

Animals teach their offspring useful skills. Cats teach their babies how to hunt and groom themselves, and dogs, well… Dogs teach their babies how to be the cutest puppies ever, so they can convince their humans to give them infinite tummy scratches and treats. Smart.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / dog_appledore

Who could resist this pose? The legs, the butts, the paws, and the mittens…it is enough to make anyone go through the cuteness overload. This pose is sure to make the humans go berserk in a good way. So adorable!

It’s All Me, Human! Can You Believe It?!

People can never get enough of fluff. That’s why we aren’t stopping yet. We are back with the Frenchies since they seem to be one of the most adored dog breeds and proudest mothers. This mother is licking her lips in satisfaction.

Image Courtesy of Imgur / papemaker

We have to say, the mom looks a little bit like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, and we are living for it! The little ones look so curious and engrossed in something. They might lick you to death if you take one step closer.

Feeding Time

One thing that humans and puppies both love is feeding time. Food is life. Doggos love it! People love it, too. We all get so excited and make satisfied noises while we chow down. However, puppy food noises are perhaps the most adorable noises known to mankind.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / cincinnatichili

Border Collies are floofs! They have the smarts, they have the energy, and they have the cuteness! Some say they are the most difficult breed but the most rewarding one as well. This mommy looks so happy, and we hope that their owner took care of her and her offspring well!

Finally, Some Peace

Feeding time might be the only time this Labrador mommy catches a break. Having one Labrador is hard enough, let alone having a Labrador puppy or multiple puppies even! They are extremely playful and energetic, and they need constant stimulation.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / all_u_need_is_luv

Mommy looks super content with the peace, quiet, and order that dinnertime creates within her litter. They all look like healthy, big, and strong puppers! There are some tail wags happening there; it is apparent. Good thing everyone enjoys this. It’s a win-win.

Absolutely Blissful

Do you know how sometimes someone’s happiness resembles mania? Well, we have a good example of that in the dog realm. We found this picture and immediately thought: that dog needs to calm down, or it will have a heart attack.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / figuringout25

This is their dad, Ravioli, and this was his first time seeing his babies. He is absolutely ecstatic! We hope the puppies’ names are also pasta-related, like Macaroni, Tortellini, Lasagna, or something like that. That would be one perfect family!

It’s a Puppy Crib!

Although we covered a lot of proud dog parents and their puppers, we’ve never seen a puppy crib so far. This is a first! To make matters even more adorable, it’s full of little, sleepy Beagle babies! Their momma is watching over them peacefully.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / beagles_lovelife

Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable, but it’s also lined with pee pads in case they have an accident! We love how the owners were extra careful and thoughtful. That is sure to make the new mom less anxious.

Why So Cuddly?!

Some animals just look so super soft and comfy that it is tough to stop yourself from cuddling them to death. Well, cute aggression is a thing, ya know. These dogs look so fluffy, but the mom doesn’t look very inviting.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / vladgrinch

Bernese Mountain Dogs are freakin’ gorgeous. They have beautiful coats, and when they are puppies, their brown eyebrows make them look extra evil when the truth is they are just gentle giants. We will take all of them, thank you!

Sweet Pittie Mom

Everything about this picture is artistic. From the love a mother has for her little babies to the babies’ ignorance about the world and their simple desires. A desire for food, comfort, and mommy. It is absolutely beautiful to see.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / FrankRizzo55

If you look at each puppy individually, you can see that they all have little budding personalities. Our favorite is the one with a bright red collar. Look at its nose and paw! They look like they are glowing. We hope his name is Rudolf.


Are two puppies born in the same litter considered twins, as they are in the human world? If yes, it means that dogs are giving birth to triplets, quadruplets, and sometimes even nonuplets frequently! What a concept! This is blowing our minds.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / YoungCasanovaaa

This beautiful girlie got away with only a set of twins. They look adorable, well taken care of, completely peaceful, and zonked out in dreamland. Mommy looks at peace, too. She must be really happy to take care of them.

Sibling Rivalry

The thing about sibling rivalry is that it bothers the parents much more than the kids. They have to watch their babies fighting with each other for dominance, love, anything really! However, it usually becomes better with time. Thank goodness.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / commonvanilla

These three little puppies are at that age when they rival for their momma’s love, attention, and approval. This rivalry usually only includes two opposing sides, as is the case in this picture. The one on the left is as clueless as can be. Adorbs.

Inexplicable Love

This is the dog’s first time being a momma, and according to this picture, she is nothing but loving, nurturing, calm, and kind. Look at the way she is sleeping with her one baby while the other one is escaping the frame, slowly but surely…

Image Courtesy of Reddit / MemeCrit

The way their jaws fit like a puzzle is absolutely mesmerizing. It resembles yin and yang, as well. This is a great representation of the beauty of motherhood. Mothers give so much of themselves, but they receive so much love in return.

“A Henlo Mom, These Is My Pupps, See”

The title is how we imagine dogs speaking English. This wonderful mommy wants to share her babies with the owner. She looks so calm, collected, and serious about the whole ordeal. At the end of the day, the owner is meeting its grandbabies.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / QQueenie

Her name is Emmy Lou, and she surprised her owner one day with ten little ones. Good luck, both of you. You’ll need it. And please, for goodness sake, next time you take a picture, put a focus on the puppers as well!

11 At Once!

Whoever said it’s impossible to have so many babies at once hasn’t met this wonderful lady! She had a litter of eleven puppies, and she is proud of it! Who wouldn’t be?! Owners, get ready; your house will soon become a very crazy household.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / 1Apart

We don’t even know how they were able to take this picture, considering these are little, naughty newborns that can’t see and scream all the time. Kudos to the momma for being as calm and collected as she is. Good girl!

Isn’t It Beautiful, Hooman?!

This dog we purposefully left to show towards the end. Its expression made us feel a lot of different emotions, and we couldn’t help but laugh. This dog’s momma looks so human-like and aware of what just happened. It’s unreal.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / etymologynerd

She looks excited, proud, inquisitive, and ready to raise it and take care of it. She must trust her hooman so much to let them touch the baby and lift it this high up. Be careful, and put the puppy back as soon as possible.

Family Portrait

This one had to be the last one. It’s super wholesome, and it feels complete. We have the doggo babies, there is a momma doggo, but there are also two owners—very proud owners. So much floofness in one picture. It’s unbearable.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / Quiraily1

The guy really said: “give me all the puppies.” The girl could easily hold at least one more, but he was persistent. The squish, the fur, the fluff, it’s all too cute to handle. This is a standard family photo that everyone would frame in their living room. Gorgeous!