45 Well-Behaved Traveling Pets That Prove Humans Are The Real Animals

By Aakash M

Getting to travel and explore the world is truly one of the best joys in life. We can’t think of anything more exciting than boarding a plane, enjoying the view of the sky from your seat, and realizing that you’ll be embarking on an amazing adventure.

But, as fun as it all sounds, it’s equally important to remember and follow the rules of traveling. This is not just for your sake, but for the health and safety of other passengers, too. Seeing people get scolded for doing atrocious things on planes, trains, and automobiles can be a bit amusing because they brought it on themselves.

On the contrary, this list isn’t about uncivilized humans! It’s about the civilized animals who follow all the rules and are the best travel partners. They’re actually better than many of the humans sitting near them. Take a look at these images shared by the netizens of the world. 

Penguins on a plane

Watching a penguin is one of the last things we’d imagine happening. These aquatic birds are famously flightless, although they have unique biology that makes up for it. But apparently, they can still get up in the air. They just need a little help.


Just like us, even this pilot couldn’t contain his excitement upon seeing a penguin on his plane. We certainly don’t blame him because anybody would get astonished at that sight! Though this does make us what circumstances led to this hilarious snapshot.

“Hold My Hand”

It seems like this cute dog cannot ride the subway without a little moral support. He’s a respectful dog who follows the law, and he’s also a dog who’s full of sweetness and affection. The hand-holding part is so wholesome.


We do understand that the dog could be scared to travel in a moving vehicle full of unknown humans, so holding hands with his owner could be a comforting move that would make him feel safe. The word “heartwarming” is an understatement for this image!

NYC’s own

Speaking of heartwarming moments, here’s another four-legged friend that melts our hearts. Meet Alma, who was recently adopted from a shelter. This image was clicked while she was on the way to her home with her new family right after she was adopted. So cute!


Alma must be a really happy and lucky dog. She looks as if she’s really touched by all of the love she’s getting. It’s Alma’s first time riding the subway in New York City, the city. New York is where dreams come true, which was exactly the case for Alma.

A hero

We have a little warning. Seeing this dog’s face could get you teary-eyed because this image is certainly one of the most wholesome ones on the list. Meet Echo. Echo is a SAR dog who traveled 13 hours back home with his human. He took three flights!


A search-and-rescue (SAR) dog is trained to find missing people during natural or man-made disasters. SAR dogs have been of huge help, finding people in water, snow, and even in collapsed buildings. Echo is certainly a hero, and we couldn’t be more proud!

In complete peace

Amidst a crowd full of people binging movies, conversing loudly, reading, and doing all sorts of things, there’s a cat that decides to ignore all that (and forgoes the typical cat things) and just get some rest. It doesn’t care about the fact that it’s flying in the sky.


We love how unbothered this cat seems to be, and if anybody wants to have a peaceful time, we think that’s the level of carelessness (we mean that in a good way) they need to reach. It’s just simply lying in the arms of its owner. There’s nothing better than cuddling with your human!

Mirror reflection

When you take a look at this image, doesn’t it feel as if you’re looking at a mirror? This image of a dog with its owner, where both of them are sleeping, is priceless. These guys were probably tired from the trip, and they fell asleep during their journey.


The only difference is how they chose to fall asleep. We guess that some positions are just uncomfortable for pets. Not everyone can get proper rest on public transportation, but we hope that isn’t the case with this twinning duo.

Special treatment

This image of a gentle giant with its owner was shared by a Redditor not long after they got off the plane. They found this big girl sitting on her own seat on the plane and had to take a pic. She was certainly the star of the flight.


This well-behaved doggo deserved a free upgrade to first class. She could stretch out, lay on her back, and ask for belly rubs for hours. From this picture, though, it looks like she’s having a good time and is trying to converse with her human.

Train ride

Subways have quite the reputation — and not in a good way. They’re crowded, stuffy, and full of people misbehaving and fighting for seats, even when there are none empty. But that’s not the case for this doggo. It’s enjoying its time on the train.


It’s not even sitting on the seat, but it’s not worrying about that, unlike people who are usually pretty stressed and tired on subways. This dog is in a relaxed mood, as it is enjoying napping on its owner’s back, living its best life.

A duck

This list isn’t just about cats and dogs. As you noticed with the penguin, we have done our part to make sure other pets are represented on this list. Apparently, ducks are also pretty civilized creatures when it comes to traveling around the city. Take a look at this duck.


It’s enjoying the train. This duck is pretty obedient at following its owner, and we love how it’s standing right by her, looking like it’s ready to leave the metro in a very civilized manner. Somebody needs to give this duck a medal for behaving so well.

Good boy

We understand that remaining quiet and following all the rules and regulations on a plane could get tough. But that is never the problem for the OG good boys like this cute dog. There’s no effort involved in this case.


This dog just sits around as quietly as possible. On top of that, he even smiles at the passengers around him. That’s what you call a good boy. People usually have to worry about their dogs on the plane because they can get noisy, but not this one.

An unexpected animal

Here’s another animal you’d never expect to find on public transportation — a pig! Regardless of stereotypes, pigs make amazing pets because they are easy to train, just like rats and dogs. There’s also an added advantage. Apparently, these guys are pretty friendly while flying on planes!


This pig doesn’t seem to have a problem at all while traveling. Instead, it seems to be having an amazing time. We can only think of how fun it would be to have this cute pig as your cuddle buddy during the flight.

Meet Sig

If we say that this photo didn’t melt our hearts, we’d be lying. Take a look at this handsome good boy. His name is Sig, and he’s a diabetic alert dog. Much to our surprise, this image was taken during Sig’s first time flying on a plane.


We’re surprised because he’s such a good boy. Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADs) are dogs that are trained to detect certain compounds emitted from a diabetic person since their blood sugar levels can swing to dangerous extremes. Sig is doing a really amazing job here, and we can’t be more proud.

Curiosity and admiration

Cats are full of curiosity and peculiarity, which is a good reason why they’ll probably enjoy trips on flights and other means of human transport. Take a look at this curious cat in this image. It is on the move to explore the world.


Although it’s getting all curious during the adventure, it’s still behaving in a calm and civilized manner, and it’s also not bothering other people on the flight. From now on, humans should just give their window seats up to a cat instead of fighting over it.

A commuting llama

Let’s take a look at another unexpected animal from the list. This time, it’s a llama. Llamas are social animals, as they are often found in herds. But be careful not to confuse them for an alpaca or you might just get some spit on your face.


They are known for their soft wool, which would probably make them cozy traveling companions. One can only imagine the surprise passengers felt upon seeing a traveling llama. It’s on the go and seems to be enjoying the ride. Also, it certainly loves being the center of attention!

On duty

Seeing obedient and well-behaved dogs is always a wonderful sight, but this dog takes it to the next level. He’s on patrol as he always reminds humans to follow the rules while traveling. We’re usually the ones teaching dogs, but this time, it’s their turn.


Take a look at this adorable pooch snooping on a nearby passenger. It looks like teachers when they catch us using our phones during class. That, or it’s a flight attendant in training, and is ready to scold this person for using his phone off airplane mode.


Look, if humans can get bored during a flight, pets can get equally bored as well, if not more. So, that pretty much explains the behavior of this cute dog that seems to be snooping on all the other passengers on the plane.


This cutie is sure to entertain any bored passengers. Even if they can’t get up to pet it, just the sight is amusing enough. We love how it’s seated and behaving in a civilized way. So, maybe it’s not being rude and eavesdropping; it’s just being friendly!


For those who didn’t know, Athena is one of Greek mythology’s most prominent goddesses. She is renowned for her high wisdom and courage, which could also be the reason why this dog is named after her! She’s a really brave dog.


She maintains her composure throughout the train ride, although it’s her first time on it! She does seem a little scared, but it’s amazing how she’s carrying herself so well during this time. Athena surely deserves all the attention and the treats.

Pepper’s story

This image is endearing, and it also has a story that’s honestly one in a million. This person shared that his wife is a flight attendant who had volunteered to transport animals to shelters, placing a priority on life. That’s amazing to hear!


So on the day this image was clicked, the visitor on the flight was this beautiful cat named Pepper. Although animals can’t directly talk with us in human, we’re sure that Pepper must have communicated his gratitude to the kind humans in some way or the other!

Brave bunny

This bunny is one bold animal. We think that the B in the bunny here stands for brave. The person who shared this image also shared the fact that this bunny just wouldn’t stop staring at them while they were traveling!


That’s a really cute bunny, so no matter how long it looks at you, you surely wouldn’t be bothered by it! This bunny was clearly not scared of showing people how cute it is! Irrespective of all the attention, it was at its best behavior throughout the trip.

Request granted

The person who clicked this image had a special request on the flight that night. Could you guess what it was? It’s basically what any of us would ask for if we were in their place. It was to be able to sit next to this dog during the flight!


We can also tell that this good boy loves being the center of attention and that people are literally swapping seats to be able to sit next to him! He does like being appreciated by humans, which is quite visible from that wide smile.

Playtime on planetime

We love these animals for always maintaining their best behavior and having a civilized demeanor en route. But we honestly can’t blame them if they feel like hopping and playing around. After all, they’re energetic creatures who love interacting with humans!


This image shows the ideal example of a dog that is in a playful mood but is still well-behaved. The person who shared this image also shared how this cute dog was playing footsie during the flight. He’s a good boy, so he does deserve some playtime!

Where’s the dog?

Here’s a little game for you called spot the doggo. There’s only one challenge for you, which is to spot the doggo on this train — obviously. It’s gonna be tough! Or maybe not, because it’s quite a big dog. Like the humans on this train, it’s commuting as well….


…probably to the park. We love how it looks like it has always been riding on trains, and we also can’t get over how excited it looks! That smile does steal hearts. If there’s somebody that deserves a window seat, it is surely this sweet and huge fluffball.

The staring game

Did you think we were done with rabbits on this list? Nope, we’ve got another traveling bunny here for you. This is now two out of two bunnies that love staring at people and are happy to see the paparazzi.


Judging from this image, it feels as if this bunny just wants to get out of the bag and hop over to the photographer. But, being the obedient and civilized pet citizen that it is, this bunny chooses to stay calm and admire the rest of the world from where it is positioned.

Traveling in Rome

New York is notorious for people bringing odd animals on the train, but there are plenty of other cities that have strange passengers. This image was clicked on the metro in Rome. Unsurprisingly, it went viral on social media for a while.


What’s great is that even the other people on the metro seem to have fallen in love with the unexpected but amazing presence of this cute pig! We also love how this pet pig is inside a stroller as if it were a small human baby! Pets are indeed family.

Enjoying the ride

According to various animal studies, dogs are really sensitive to the directions a human is looking at and also to the status of a human’s attention, which implies that a dog’s behavior might change depending on what a human is doing.


In this case, this man has quite a calm and composed mindset. Therefore, that’s also the state of his dog. Also, we think that if this dog were in a restless mindset, things would be really difficult for other passengers. He’s such a good boy for behaving in such a civilized manner!

An unexpected friend

Train rides are quite tiring for people for a variety of reasons. For example, it’s likely that you’re traveling to work, or you’re returning home from an exhausting trip. Either way, we certainly think that your stress levels will drop down when you see this image.


Nobody would’ve imagined that they could meet such a kindhearted, trustworthy, and handsome friend on an exhausting train ride. But, there it is! This image tells us that life works in its own mysterious ways, so always watch out for surprises!

Mannerisms on point

This little dog is one of the most well-mannered pups we have ever seen. He’s the perfect example of the epitome of elegance. That body language and puppy dog eyes are so polite! It just wants to sit beside its owner.


If humans misbehave even a little on this subway, they’d most probably end up feeling ashamed of their actions when they see how well-mannered this dog is. This dog is an inspiration for all of us to be on our best behavior while traveling!

A raven

Throughout history, ravens have been an important part of fictional stories. They have a reputation for being magical creatures, and while these are fictional tales, there is some truth to that. They’re more intelligent than humans give them credit for.


That might be why this pretty bird is sitting patiently on its owner’s knee. It knows better than to go around, cawing at people and pooping on their heads. Don’t let the goth exterior frighten you. Just look at how well-behaved the pair is!

A well-behaved pony

It’s certainly an absolute delight to see this pony on a plane. We’re sure nobody was expecting to find such an animal on the plane, but we also know that the passengers must have been surprised. Though, maybe if they’d met a penguin on board, they’d be more mentally prepared for such suprises…


We also love how the pony’s outfit is so fashionable. If you can’t tell, it’s wearing a stylish pink sweater under the safety harness. The passengers were mesmerized by the beauty of this pony, and so were the pilots and flight attendants!

Nap time

This dog has certainly taken train rides to the next level. Many humans often feel stressed, dizzy, and tired during their train rides. But, that’s definitely not the case for this dog, and you can see him sleeping peacefully throughout the ride.


If there’s one word to describe the mood in which this pooch is in, we’d say chill. This dog is stress-free since he’s not afraid to unwind and be totally himself on the train. He doesn’t care who’s around or what other people think about him. 

Divine kitty

This little cat is divine. The image was circulated on the Internet by a netizen who shared an amazing fact about it! She said that this cat had a whole seat to itself for an entire three-hour ride, and the cat also didn’t misbehave!


Not only did the cat behave, but it was also really friendly and obedient throughout the entire train ride. By judging from this photo, we surely have no doubts about that fact, because it’s quite visible that this kitty is simply admiring everything else on the train!

Niko’s story

Meet Niko. This dog has a heartwarming victory story that you all should definitely know about. This cutie was used to living at a dog shelter for years. That was until one day, when a good human being decided to adopt him and introduce him to his family.


Fast forward to today, Niko sees more of the world than we do, and he’s very fortunate for that. Niko is also lucky enough to ride on a private plane! We, for one, couldn’t be happier for Niko because he, like all the other dogs, deserves all the good things life has to offer!

Also from NYC

Take a look at this New Yorker. This adorable doggo is surely one of the most fashionable creatures in all of New York City, and you don’t need us to vouch for that because her style does that! She is a whole fashion statement in herself!


That bandana suits her well. Even though she’s taking up multiple seats, we doubt anyone would complain. How could you scold anyone for being so cute and well-behaved? Then again, we are surprised that there isn’t a crowd eager to pet her. What’s wrong with you New Yorkers?

Keeping up with the trends

Until now, we have seen many fashionable creatures, from cats and ponies. Well, this time, let’s take a look at a dog with an amazing fashion sense. If you check this dog out here, it loves its accessories, especially sunglasses.


The sunglasses make the dog look really cool. Also, you should consider the fact that this dog is cramped up in a crowded train, yet remains calm and collected. Despite that, it has managed to be the center of attention. That’s something only this dog can do!

A break from work

We can never get over all the amazing rescue dogs we have on our list. These cuties deserve all the love, appreciation, and treats for their patience, hard work, and help. This image is of a rescue dog that’s heading to its new home.


A netizen shared this photo on social media, conveying that this dog had already been traveling for a while. In that case, we think it’s a really good thing that this dog finally got a seat and some well-deserved sleep during the journey.

Space cat

Cats are known for behaving in a distinctly strange manner. They’re all not the same, and their behavior often makes people wonder what’s going on in their lives and minds. This image shows how mysterious cats are, and you never know if this cat could actually be an astronaut heading to space!


On a serious note, it actually feels really good seeing this kitty behave properly on a train. The cutest part is that it is resting inside a bag that makes it look like a spaceship. It could be on a train for now, but if it ever heads to outer space, we shouldn’t be surprised.

The best smile

Have you ever heard those stories about people building the best friendships and relationships of their lives because of accidentally meeting people on a flight? Even if you did, you must not have heard about a human and a dog befriending each other on a flight.


If we’re being honest here, we don’t think that anybody could ever resist the charming smile that this pooch is wearing. Everybody would be happy to be friends with this cute dog. People would even wish for the flight to be longer, just so they could bond with him more!

The protector

This dog is what you call a gentleman. Not only does this distinguished and well-behaved creature have stylish clothes and footwear that prove that point, but it’s also about his respectful and civilized demeanor during the train ride. He looks like he’s responsible for everybody’s safety on the train.


Although the train was crowded, if we were on it, we’d never even feel the slightest bit of stress or fear. That’s because we would know that we have a protective gentleman of a dog who’s looking after all of us!

“On my best behavior”

We can say with complete certainty that this is exactly the kind of surprise every commuter would love to see. This image was shared on social media, alongside the story of this dog that’s under the seat of a passenger on this train.


We have seen so many photos of dogs traveling, and it makes us say that it feels like almost every traveling dog is a really friendly one. These guys are also always on their best behavior! No wonder everybody likes befriending them!


This ferry is full of dogs that are civilized, polite, and well-behaved, just like this big boy in this image. The word “friendly” would be an understatement for this dog because you can see how he’s shaking hands with the human being he just met! 


It certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise if we got to know that this good boy made a lot of friends on his ferry trip! He has a lovable personality and an approachable aura, which makes him more than perfect for it! He’s a man’s best buddy.

A calm state of mind

The moment we had a look at this image of a dog sleeping in such profound peacefulness and quiet, we only had one wish, which is that no outside noise disturbs its nap time. The dog looks so relaxed that even looking at it makes us feel calm.


Various passengers also shared how difficult it is for them to fall asleep on planes, which is common because of all the worries associated with flying. But, this dog doesn’t seem to care about a thing because it can relax and rest peacefully no matter how chaotic the surroundings are!

Suit up

We have seen so many well-behaved dogs on this list, yet we can’t seem to get enough of them! On that note, here’s another distinguished gentleman. Meet Bentley. Bentley’s human is the one who shared this beautiful image on the Internet.


The human in the image is not Bentley’s owner! Instead, Bentley took the pleasure of introducing himself to the captain of the plane on their flight back home, and you can see the beautiful moment! We love how Bentley is all dressed up in a suit and tie!

Good girl

Long flights often end up being really tiring for people. They literally drain the energy out of them. So, it’s only fair if we say that our pets experience the same thing as well. But, this pretty dog gave company to this human, and instead of a tiring experience, it was an amazing one!


The human also shared this image on social media and told other netizens how the human spent five hours with this lovely bull terrier on the flight. She was pleasant and well-behaved throughout the entire flight, as you can see! What a stress reliever.

Meet Desmond

Cats are experts at finding the weirdest ways to become the most entertaining animal in the room. It’s what makes them special! This time, meet Desmond, who seems to have caught the attention of all the passengers on this plane!


If there’s one thing we’re sure about, it is that this cat feels really comfortable. Cats would never stop with their weirdness, even if they’re stuck on a plane for hours on end. Humans would complain but this cat doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Dog in a bag

We already love this duo. The pooch and its human are inseparable. The human shared a story of their travel where they were told that the only way the dog would be allowed on the train would be if the dog stayed in a bag with the feet not touching the ground.


Honestly, that would’ve been quite the condition for the duo, but they managed, as you can see! The dog remained a good girl and was on her best behavior throughout the trip. She doesn’t seem concerned nor is she complaining.