Dads That Said No Way To Pets And Ended Up Falling In Love

By Doreen R

Many of us were fortunate to live in homes where dogs and cats were a given. But there’s a large percentage of families where pets are considered a huge responsibility, or maybe allergies were a deterrent in adopting a furry forever friend. Some of us might even recall when we were younger, begging our parents for a cat or dog, and one parent or both flat out refused. And then there are some families where just mom or dad are against the idea of opening up their homes to a four-legged, attention-seeking creature, but the majority rules, and before they knew what hit them, they were living with a furry four-legged bundle of fur in their abode.  That’s exactly why we’re here today. We’re going to look at families where specifically the dad was firm about not wanting anything to do with a dog or a cat, ended up not only having one but within a short time, fell in love with their new housemate, and can’t ever imagine life without their BFF. Many can relate to being hesitant about taking the leap into becoming a pet lover and owner. What’s really great to witness is a parent who is totally against getting a pet and kicks and screams in protest, only to see how in a short time, they not only soften up but fall head over heels in love with the addition to the family.

Tabby the Cat

Please meet Dan. Dan dislikes cats, Dan never wanted to have a cat, Dan wasn’t interested in owning a cat. But Dan’s wife and kids found Tabby in an abandoned building not far from the kids’ school. They realized the cat needed to be rescued; Dan wasn’t interested but eventually relented, especially because they said it would only be a few days. Yeah, we heard that one before.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

Dan opened his home and heart to this cat, which has since been named Tabby. He fell in love instantly and couldn’t stop raving about how affectionate, friendly, and sweet little Tabby actually was. Tabby must’ve sensed Dan’s reluctance and decided to give him lots of TLC, guaranteeing her a warm and loving home for many years to come.  It’s done the trick because Dan’s now a happy cat lover and can’t get enough quality time with his loving feline.

This Dad Caved Pretty Quickly

While this pic shows the love between man and feline, these two weren’t always feeling the love. This dad wasn’t excited about coming home after work one day to find this fat ginger ball of fluff traipsing around his space.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

The kids knew that no matter how much they begged for a cat, dad wasn’t giving in, so they decided to go ahead and adopt this chubby kitty anyway. They figured dad would soften up, and luckily they were right. Within hours, dad gave in, but within days the cat and head of the house were inseparable. From this pic, it’s hard to imagine that dad wasn’t all in from the start.

No Way He Wasn’t Taking this Pup Home

This snap was taken the same day that dad said he wasn’t interested in adopting a dog. After some nudging from the wife and kids, dad was persuaded to check out the animal shelter, just to look. But once he got a gander at this pup’s face, he was a goner.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

For dad, there was no turning back, he had to have that adorable black Labrador and he had it have him now. Looks that little pup found himself in a loving forever home and accommodating humans that he could live with. Kudos to dad for adopting as opposed to buying. And let’s give a shout out to the puppy for turning a hesitant potential owner into a loving and caring caregiver.

Lola Loves Playing Dress-Up with Dad

This father was looking forward to having grandkids, but not so much into having a dog. But when his daughter up and got married, the empty nest vibe settled into the house, and mom decided she needed a little something to keep her busy. Dad wasn’t keen on getting a dog but didn’t fight his wife on it.

image courtesy of pleasecreatemyacc/reddit

This soft bundle was adopted and quickly became the source of joy everyone was looking forward to having in the house. While dad’s daughter still hasn’t made any baby announcements, he is having a ball playing dress-up with Lola and has laid off pushing for a grandkid. This turned into a win-win all around.

This Canine Sits for Portraits

This dad wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of the family pushing for a dog, but to keep things running smoothly, he gave in. This dad is also a budding artist, and it didn’t take much for him to see the potential in having a new subject to focus on. This calm and accommodating canine doesn’t complain about sitting still for portraits.

image courtesy of princejoopie/reddit

Dad, who was ambivalent about having a pet, now can’t stop raving about his new best friend. From these stories, it almost seems as if the pets know how to please even the most reluctant human and go about winning their undying love. This is something that only pet owners can attest to, but we’re starting to see a pattern.

Smokey Will Only Eat Dad’s Food

Mark was totally against having a cat join the family and swore to the family he would take no part in helping if they went against his wishes. Well, they went against his wishes, brought Smokey home, and we’re pretty sure you know how dad’s threat panned out.

image courtesy of roobeekeane/reddit

Not only did Mark take an immediate liking to Tabby, but he also began crushing on this beautiful gray feline and ended up taking on most of the responsibilities himself. He’s so in tune with Smokey that the cat will only eat food if prepared by his daddy. Smart kitty.

I Get It, You Love Me, Now Let Me Go!

Snookums, yes, that’s right, Snookums, wasn’t welcome at first, believe it or not. Snookums’ human was adamant about not wanting any type of pet, but this cat wasted no time in getting the head grouch to change his tune. Within a matter of days, this man was going gaga ver Snookums.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

This human fell so in love with the family’s new addition that he can’t stop from trying to squish Snookums with hugs and cuddles at every opportunity. For an unwanted cat, this feline quickly became the family toy, and dad just can’t get enough one on one time with his favorite kitty.

This Guy Said No to One Cat, Now He’s Got Four?

This is John, and he wasn’t really wasn’t interested in getting a cat but didn’t put up too much of a fight when his significant other insisted. But somehow, from saying yes to one cat, he ended up with four. How does that even happen? Well, it so happens that the first cat, while initially not wanted, ended up becoming a loved member of the family, so another feline was soon added to the bunch. That too seemed to go over without too much of a fight.

image courtesy of OllyPolly/reddit

John seemed okay with two kitties, but John’s wife was testing the waters and came home one day with yet another cat. John figured two or three, no big deal. The cats were all settled and enjoying their surroundings when John’s wife found another cat that caught her fancy. They’re now the proud owners of four furry felines, and John seems to have adjusted just fine. It’s finding one on one time with each kitty that’s the issue, but John seems to have adjusted to the situation. For a guy who didn’t want anything to do with cats to this photo just illustrates the positive effect furry pets have on us.

Steve is Relishing His Retirement

Steve and Donna were looking forward to their retirement and had a lot of plans. They had adapted to their empty nest and were making plans to spend more time together and trying new activities. A dog wasn’t in the plan, but Donna laid eyes on this adorable pup at the local shelter and adopted this adorable little bundle of joy without even checking with Steve.

image courtesy of ikebrofloski/reddit

Steve wasn’t too keen on opening his heart to this furry little joy, but soon enough, his defenses were down, and Buddy won his love and attention. The couple is loving their new post-retirement routine, including three daily walks and lots of playtime with Buddy. Good going, Donna on not letting someone else get that adorable pup.

Jake is Loving his Furry Couch Potato

Jake is a hardworking guy who loves relaxing and unwinding by watching videos online. He wasn’t looking forward to having his life disrupted by a pet, but his girlfriend had other ideas. When she showed up with this gorgeous gray and black furball, Jake, at first, wasn’t having it. But he quickly gave in, duh.

image courtesy of SmyleGuy/reddit

Within days the two were inseparable, and Gracie soon became a YouTube lover as well. She is regularly seen lounging on Jake’s lap, enjoying whatever catches her human’s fancy on the screen. Jake is so considerate of Gracie; he even searches for videos she might appreciate as well. From the look on both their faces, they are definitely in sync with each other.

Whatever Milo Wants, Milo Gets

When Eric came home and found himself face to face with Milo, he wasn’t thrilled. He wasn’t looking to get a dog or any pet for that matter, but the family’s desire for a dog won out. Eric, at first, wasn’t eager to get on board, but Milo didn’t waste any time laying on the charm, and before long, Eric was his BFF.

image courtesy of EricSaysHey/reddit

The two bonded so well that Eric will do nearly anything to please his buddy, Milo. When the temps got hot this last summer, Eric wasted no time in making sure Milo had a cool pool to splash in. Dragging that plastic pool home wasn’t an easy feat, but as long as it pleased Milo it was totally worth the effort.

Grumpy Gramps is a Real Softie at Heart

The recent lockdown has been hard on many; no one’s disputing that. Many elderly folks found themselves staying home for extended periods without getting the chance to see their loved ones. One such elderly gentleman, Fred, was having a hard time and desperately missing the family dinners with his kids and grandkids. Fred was turning into a cantankerous grandpa, and the family knew what needed to be done.

image courtesy of EricSaysHey/reddit

To help out with the long periods at home, the kids and grandkids surprised grandpa Fred with this furry little companion. At first, Fred wasn’t excited about having this cat around, but it took just a few hours for that grumpy gramps to crack a smile. And within days, the two were so enthralled with one another; there was no turning back. Safe to say that even when the lockdown is over, this kitty has found her forever home.

Gaston’s Now a True Member of the Family

At first, Gaston’s arrival wasn’t a joyous event. The man of this household wasn’t looking to open his heart or home to a pet of any kind. However, the lady of the manor had other plans and made Gaston’s presence a fact of life. As is the case in most instances, once a pet enters the picture, all bets are off.

image courtesy of ikebrofloski/reddit

It didn’t take long before this unwelcome pooch became a true member of the family. These humans went out of their way to make Gaston welcome and feel right at home. He even has his own bed, and the headboard bears his name. We love the nightstand and light too. This dog definitely can sleep peacefully knowing he’s found his forever home.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Don was never crazy about Baily, or so he thought. Baily was the family pet, Don usually referred to him as ‘the dog,’ and wasn’t shy about complaining about Baily or the mess the pooch made around the house. But when the kids moved out and Baily moved with them, then it hit Don how much ‘the dog’ really meant to him.

image courtesy of ikebrofloski/reddit

After 8 months of not seeing Baily or even inquiring about him, the kids visited dad, and Baily, of course, came along for the visit. This picture shows the true love that Baily and Don share. After months of separation, when the two laid eyes on each other, there was no denying they were making up for lost time. Needless to say, Don now regularly dogsits and calls to check on Baily.

Benny Underestimated Binx’s Charms

Benny wasn’t looking forward to having a cat, a dog, or even a hamster join the family. But Benny’s wife knew better. One day she came home with Binx, and Benny turned his nose at the striped bundle of fluff. But Binx knew how to win over Benny.  Smart kitty that she is found the perfect opportunity to gain Benny’s affection.

image courtesy of lily_r_g/reddit

Benny loves to relax after work each evening with a book, and Binx jumped at the opportunity to bond. She hopped up ever so gently on Benny’s lap, and with some soft purring for maximum effect, she found her human was immune to her charms. It didn’t take long before this scene became their nightly routine. We admire Binx’s talent at winning over Benny.

Allergic to Cats? Hate Fur? No Problem.

Lucas swears up and down he’s allergic to cats and detests animal fur. Lucas’s partner Guy knew that bringing a cat into their home wasn’t going to be easy. After doing some research, Guy found that Sphynx cats were hypoallergenic and free of fur. Now the task of getting Lucas onboard was at hand.

image courtesy of literallyironic11/reddit

Deciding against bringing up the issue of adopting a cat with Lucas, figuring he’d protest, Guy simply came home with Prince. Lucas did try to put up a fight, but not too hard, obviously. Within days this was what Guy walked in on one evening. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words.

This Dog’s Banned From the Bed, Not!

Meet Nick and Ollie. Nick didn’t want Ollie or any dog for that matter, but Nick’s wife did, so he relented. But Nick had a few rules about getting a dog, and one of them was that it wasn’t allowed on the bed. Yeah, okay. To Nick’s friends and extended family, he gives off the impression of someone who doesn’t like dogs.

image courtesy of literallyironic11/reddit

But Nick’s wife couldn’t resist taking this snap of dog and human in their daily morning ritual. She was also quick to post on social media for all to see. Mr. Tough Guy is like most dog owners, just a sensitive soul, who can’t be consistent with his pooch. Nick lost his tough-guy rep the moment this pic started garnering likes and laughing emoticons.

Queen of the Castle

Trixie knows she’s got a good set up and isn’t afraid to let the world in on it. The set up on the floor, near the bed, was supposed to be for Trixie, but she wasn’t having it. She put up with the less preferable sleeping arrangements for all of a few days, just after she arrived.

image courtesy of meoconu/reddit

Once she had her human wrapped around her little paw, she showed him what she thought about sleeping on the floor. While it looks like the bed can easily accomdate another human or two, Trixie prefers sleeping alone. She seems pretty comfy and doesn’t look like she’s going to share that soft bed anytime soon.

Another Grumpy Grandad is Reformed

This guy was totally against a cat in the house and made his feelings known. He told his wife after a few days he still wasn’t feeling it and wasn’t appreciating the furniture getting scratched. Nor was he digging this kitty’s meowing and calls for attention.

image courtesy of TotalShekels/reddit

What exactly happened to change his mind? We’re not sure. All we do know is that on day 5 or 6, neither feline nor human could fall asleep unless they were cuddled together. All we do know for sure is that cats and dogs have a way of winning over even the most stubborn human. It’s such a joy to watch this formerly grouchy 79-year-old turn into a sappy cat lover that can’t get enough of his furry companion.

Gilligan Lives for Weekend Sails with His Skipper

When the kids moved out to start their lives, they were worried about their dad Stan. Stan loved weekends on the boat with the kids. He wasn’t sure about a dog replacing the kids, but the kids insisted. It didn’t take long before weekends on the boat with the kids were replaced with one on one time with Gilligan, his trusty companion.

image courtesy of pinche_whey/reddit

The name Gilligan started at first as a joke but quickly seemed appropriate. Gilligan is a worthy and loyal sailing buddy, and he’s always eager to assist Stan when out for a weekend sail. The two get along so well together and are totally in tune with the other. We get all warm and fuzzy just looking at these two enjoying the fresh sea air.

Meet Milo the Sous Chef

Most people aren’t eager to start off with a puppy for a number of valid reasons. They need to be house trained, they chew up nearly everything in sight, and the list goes on. Rob’s no different; he wasn’t interested in bringing in a young puppy that needed to be watched 24/7.

image courtesy of llaisney/reddit

But from the looks of this heartwarming pic, Rob seems to have given in to Milo and rather quickly. Not only did his heart melt at the sight of this adorable young pup, but the parent gene kicked in on the spot. Rob and Milo are now inseparable, and it’s beyond adorable. This little guy seems comfortable in his role of sous chef, and we’re oohing and awing at the sight of them.

Yeah, Percy’s Staying Put

Okay, so here are the details on this duo. This dad wasn’t into having pets in the house. No matter how much the kids begged, he wasn’t having it. So when the kids moved out, they got their own pets, and everyone lived happily ever after, or did they? One day one of the kids needed a cat sitter, and they turned to dad to help out. At first, he wasn’t feeling it but gave in, thinking it was only for the weekend.

image courtesy of DragonpaladinAlaine/Reddit

The cat and human bonded over that one weekend, and when Percy’s human came back to take her home, neither Percy nor gramps were feeling the need to separate. The father, never imagining he’d fall head over heels in love with the fluffy feline, and couldn’t bear to part with his new companion. We’re not sure if a custody battle began, but from the looks of this pic, both cat and human seem pretty well bonded.

Just What the Doctor Prescribed

This is Jack, who is recovering from heart surgery. Jack was going through a rough time, health-wise, and according to his doctors, he needed to decompress big time. They suggested diet, exercise, and finding a way to destress. Jack’s family figured no time like the present to introduce this little bundle of love to the family.

image courtesy of DreamersEyesOpen/reddit

It’s a known fact that dogs and pets, in general, are good for one’s overall health. They have a calming effect on most people. From the look of this image, the doctors were spot on in suggesting Jack relax and refocus. This little puppy showed up just in time. He was perfect in helping Jack recuperate after surgery, and from the looks of it, both human and canine seem pretty zen.

Fine, Ok, Let’s Get a Dog, But a Small One!!

Ryan wasn’t loving the idea of sharing his home with a dog, but his wife was pushing and pushing hard. Ryan finally gave in but stated he was only willing to open his heart and home to a small dog. Um, okay, but Ryan’s wife already had her eye on this slightly largish dog.

image courtesy of mischkazelenyy/reddit

After getting over the shock of his wife adopting a dog the size of a small horse, it looks like Ryan has had a change of heart. Within minutes Ryan and Murphy were crushing on each other, or maybe only Ryan was feeling the love. From the looks of this snap, Ryan seems fine with Murphy and his girth and doesn’t want to let him out of his sight.

Two Cool Cats

These cats seem to be digging the impromptu jam session happening. We can’t judge the music, but we do know that this aspiring rocker wasn’t jumping at the idea of having one cat, let alone two, join the act. But his groupies, aka family, had decided the family was in desperate need of some more audience members for dad’s music nights.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

From what we can gather, dad’s not the greatest on the guitar, but these kitties know where their next meal is coming from and learned to cater to the wannabe rock star. They understand that by listening and purring in tune they are guaranteed a warm bed and meal for the long haul.

Yes, She Can Stay

This reluctant cat owner eventually got used to having a cat roaming around the house. But he wasn’t loving it that every time he sat down, Bently felt the need to hop on his lap for a cuddle, or was he? Sure he moaned and groaned about the cat and how much he disliked the hair all over the place. But this image shows another story altogether.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

Everyone tiptoed around this guy, fearing Bently’s days were numbered until one of the kids snapped this pic. The love on this dad’s face assured them the Bently had nothing to worry about. This moment perfectly illustrates the magical powers cats and dogs have over the human race. We are digging this pic.   

A Kitty-Cam? Seriously?

Okay, so this piece is all about humans who weren’t looking to become pet owners or lovers; we get that. But this human, who has since changed his stance on cats, has taken it a step further. Kenny, who fell in love with Harley from the moment she entered his home, wanted to make sure she was well cared for.

image courtesy of missburr/reddit

Not taking pet duties lightly, he installed a makeshift cat cam so he could make sure she was sleeping through the night. The monitor and camera give Kenny peace of mind when she’s not wandering around the house, and we’re loving the concern Kenny’s showing Harley. Yeah, it’s a bit odd, but we’re not judging, yeah, we are, but not too harshly. 

Coco Rides Shotgun

Mark wasn’t happy when his girlfriend adopted Coco, but they were both goners once the two laid eyes on each other. Mark has a job requiring many hours on the road, and Coco is the perfect companion for long road trips in the car. From the looks on both their faces, they seem pretty well suited to each other.

image courtesy of K19081985/reddit

Coco seems to be loving the beautiful day, open windows, and comfortable position in Mark’s loving arms. This image says tons about man’s best friend. We’re confident that images like these turn even the coldest individual into a puddle of mush, and it’s understandable.

Shhh…Don’t Wake the Dog

This image is common in so many homes with dogs. What’s unusual about this particular picture is that this owner was seriously against having a dog in the house. From the pattern we’re seeing, it’s impossible not to gush over a loving canine that just wants to please you.

image courtesy of doesamulletmakeaman/reddit

This dog has found the perfect resting spot for his afternoon nap. From the looks on the human’s face, he wants to get up but dreads disturbing his BFF. We’re figuring that even if pop woke up this lovely lab, the pooch forgave him and waited patiently for his napping bud to return to his awaiting couch.

Turtles Can Also Be Man’s Best Friend

Yeah, we know this piece is primarily focusing on dogs and cats, but this snap warmed our hearts, and we had to include it. Believe it or not, turtles can also be great pets. They don’t require as much care and attention as canines and felines, but they can also show affection.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

This turtle lover felt the need to show his shelled friend other turtles on his iPad. We’re not sure if it’s for training purposes or if he’s trying to decide if pancakes are on the menu tonight, but from the looks of it, they’re both enthralled by what’s on the screen.

Daisy’s All About the Hugs

When Steve’s wife showed up with this big mixed lab, he wasn’t feeling the love. The adopted pooch was named Daisy and knew she had her work cut out for her. She decided she needed to win Steve over and didn’t waste any time showing the ‘man of the house’ she would earn her keep.

image courtesy of milleepthesheep/reddit

Daisy quickly learned that killing with kindness was the route to go. She knew that by loyally following Steve all over e place, he’d eventually cave. And, boy did he cave. This snap was caught late one night when both Steve and Daisy were sure everyone was tucked away for the night. The love between these two is evident to one and all and we’re feeling the love.

This Feline Isn’t Into Spooning

So Rob wasn’t looking forward to having to share his home with this long-haired cat, but the other humans in the house voted to keep Nala and were sure Rob would adjust, eventually.  Well, Rob adjusted, and Nala appears to have become his napping buddy.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

Nala’s all about the catnaps but less about the cuddling in bed and prefers her own space. But smart kitty that she is, she gets that if she wants to keep that catnip coming along with her comfy surroundings, she’s going to have to ‘play nice.’ Let’s be honest; she doesn’t look like she’s suffering too much.

Sadie’s Settling In

When Sadie appeared in Archie’s life, he wasn’t looking to open his heart or home to a dog. But once he got a look at those eyes, he was smitten, and now there’s nothing Archie won’t do for Sadie. This adorable mix mutt loves spending time with her owner in his den while he’s working.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

Archie loves having Sadie close by and wanted her to have her own spot in his man-cave. Only true dog lovers understand the lengths we’ll go to in order to please our BFF. Archie wasted no time carving out this resting spot for Sadie, who seems right at home. We love the look on her face as she poses for this snap.

These Two Didn’t Get the Memo That They’re Enemies

Sure we’ve seen dogs chasing cats, but maybe that’s not what nature truly intended. This guy is a formerly reluctant pet owner that wasn’t looking forward to sharing his abode with any sort of a pet, let alone a cat and a dog simultaneously.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

But once he saw how well they got along, he relaxed and started to enjoy their presence. From the looks of it, they both seem in sync with each other and their shared ‘pet’ which walks on two legs. The two realize they have a good thing and aren’t looking to make waves. It’s smooth sailing for these two.

Okay, Gizmo Can Stay

Mel came home to find this ginger kitty named Gizmo. Mel’s wife and kids swore up and down that it was just a fostering situation, and they were waiting for the shelter to find Gizmo a forever home. Mel agreed to the cat staying a week max, but the rest of the family knew it would take only a day or two to win Mel over.

image courtesy of pinche_whey/reddit

They were right, and Mel and Gizmo are basically inseparable at this point. Gizmo liked her surroundings and wasn’t looking forward to trying out other owners, so she knew she had to get Mel to soften up. Napping on his shoulder seemed like a good way to bond with her human. The one-week trial turned into a permanent situation, and all seem happy with the results.

Garfield Knows How to Play Nice

Garfield knows how to earn his keep, even if that means he sometimes needs to humor the humans.  Garfield’s human wasn’t all that jazzed when he returned home from work one evening and found out that the family adopted this little guy. But the cat knew to win the big guy’s affection; he’d have to swallow his pride.

image courtesy of emmawiiwiiwii/reddit

Within days Garfield became the family toy, and his dad seems to love playing non-stop with him. This image proves just that. Check out the less than thrilled look on this Garfield’s face, who’s just waiting for the weekend to be over. He knows how to play the game and keep his human entertained. He’s just waiting for his ‘dad’ to head back to work, so he can find a quiet spot to nap.

Together Through Thick and Thin

Considering Guy wasn’t excited about getting a pet, this look shows that this furry canine won his human over big time. This image shows Guy, who’s feeling under the weather, at the vet with his two-legged pet, and we’re all for the love.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

Once Guy got used to having a pooch, he fell in love hard, as most humans do. The moment he saw signs that his loyal bud wasn’t feeling great, he rushed him to the vet. He made sure to comfort his friend and keep him calm during the visit. These two are definitely on the same wave-length.  Thankfully the canine is on the mend and back to following Guy all over the place.

Pumpkin Loves Quality Time with Gramps

This grandfather needs a lot of coaxing when it comes to cat-sitting. Pumpkin belongs to his daughter, who lives on her own. Pumpkin’s human needed to leave town for work, and she asked dad to cat-sit. It took a bit of persuading, actually more than a bit. This guy is a dog person and isn’t fond of cats at all.

image courtesy of aggressivepassion/Reddit

It looks like he’s a reformed cat-hater, based on this image. When Pumpkin’s human called to get an update, she was sent this picture in real-time. Obviously, Pumpkin knows her way around men, and from the looks of it, she’s got gramps wrapped around her sharp little claw.


Meet Allen; Allen claims to hate cats. Meet Cosmo, the wife and kids brought this little guy home, against Allen’s wishes. From what we know, Allen would rather not have a cat and complains non stop about scratched up furniture and stray hair all over the place.

image courtesy of emmawiiwiiwii/reddit

This snap was taken while Allen and Cosmo thought they had the place to themselves. The wife and kids were out for the day but returned earlier than planned. They snapped this pic before the two realized they weren’t alone. Allen now admits he’s good with Cosmo. Allen has never complained again about Cosmo. Gotta love a happy ending.

Mighty Kimba Has a Forever Home

Timothy treasured his lazy weekends and dabbled in woodworking during his free time. When his partner showed up with Kimba, who was adopted from the shelter, he wasn’t looking forward to the responsibilities or headache that comes with owning a dog.

image courtesy of yagirlyarelli/twitter

That’s how most humans react when they’re not the ones choosing to adopt a pet. As we’re witnessing in this article, we’re seeing how even the most stubborn of people turn to mush when a furry new addition disrupts their lives. Timothy’s next project turned into a labor of love, and from the smile on Kimba’s face, he loves his forever home.

Dusty Loves His Bachelor Pad

Dusty is a  long-haired dog that sheds most of the year. His human, Nick, wasn’t keen on having a dog at all, and the addition of hair all over the place wasn’t sitting well with him either. But the loveable pooch has a great personality, loves showering the family with love, so Nick gave in and decided to adjust.

image courtesy of grapefruitmaven/reddit

Nick quickly set out to create a home away from home for Dusty. We love the thought and attention to detail in this dog-house that perfectly matches the larger family home. When the weather allows, Dusty enjoys his little apt. and outdoor vibe, but if it’s too cold or rains, Nick rushes to bring Dusty indoors. Talk about a dog’s life.

Spooning with Roxy and Rick

Rick wasn’t eager to open his home or heart to a dog, let alone a large, slobbering pitbull mix. But Rick’s family were relentless; they promised they’d do everything and be totally responsible. Rick wasn’t buying it and stood strong for a good while, but eventually, he was outvoted, and Roxy entered his life.

image courtesy of xOscarOReport/reddit

It didn’t take long for Rick and Roxy to bond. It’s almost as if these amazing creatures know that they have to win the love of a less than thrilled human. They seem to be experts at earning the love and praise of even the most stubborn individual, but Roxy refused to give up. These two love sharing the couch on weekends for afternoon naps. From the looks of it, Roxy’s comfort is of utmost importance to Nick. Love this!

This Cat Loves Her Daily Outing

Check out Larry and his kitty Sunny. We already know that Larry didn’t want a pet, but you already know that he quickly caved and fell in love with his furry roommate from the gist of this piece. What tugged at our heartstrings is just how hard Larry fell for Sunny.

image courtesy of missburr/reddit

Sure he could let Sunny out on her own to wander the neighborhood, but he came up with a better idea. Larry decided he wanted to enjoy some one on one time with Sunny and didn’t think twice about pushing a baby-carriage with Sunny onboard. Sure the neighbors had comments, and the two saw a few eye rolls and giggles, but they don’t seem to care. We don’t mind either and enjoyed choosing this image for the article.

Over My Dead Body We’re Getting a Cat!

Yup, those harsh words were uttered by this guy; that’s right, this guy had a full-on tantrum when his live-in girlfriend showed up with Winnie. Yes, yes, this guy in the picture with the large carpet-covered jungle gym said no way to having a cat. So what happened?

image courtesy of kariiann/reddit

It’s simple, the same that happens with most self-proclaimed animal haters, once they’re forced to share some space with a furry one, they eventually soften up. This guy was so enamored with Winnie that within days he was at the pet shop spending a small fortune on anything and everything he could find to please little Winnie. From the looks on Winnie’s face, she’s examining her human’s handy work and seems delighted with the results.

Juno and Jason Are Twinning

Jason wasn’t feeling that a dog was missing from his life, but his family felt they knew better. Jason took a look at Juno, rolled his eyes, and an ‘eh, whatever’ was uttered.  Juno settled in quickly, but Jason wasn’t yet feeling the love. But the holidays were quickly approaching, and the family had an idea.

image courtesy of EuqirnehBR97/reddit

It was a tradition that Jason and his family celebrated the holidays together, and they were even known to wear ugly Christmas sweaters together. But this year, the kids decided to get Juno in on the fun and got father and pooch matching pajamas. One Jason saw Juno enter the room, on Christmas morning, in his new outfit he fell for the dog and fell hard. From then on, there has been no separating the two.