This Clinic Makes Visiting The Vet Something To Look Forward To With Their Funny Signs

By Aakash M

Having a pet is a fantastic experience, but do you know the scary part of having an animal? It is taking the pet to the vet. Like many of us, they are also afraid of visiting doctors. They cannot express their feelings with words as we do. But, the Carroll County Veterinary Clinic in Westminster, Maryland, USA, came up with a way to make the vet experience more enjoyable, at least for us. The clinic started putting up funny signs outside of its office. In no time, people started noticing. The clinic also updates its Instagram page every week with new witty signs. Now, we know that pets can read, but their owners can, right? In fact, many people appreciate these signs because they make their trip to the vet a more light-hearted one. So, here are some of their most hilarious signs!

All images are courtesy of the Carroll County Veterinary Clinic’s Instagram page.

The first cry 

It’s often said that the early bird gets the worm. By looking at the sign, we can say that it seems like somebody at the clinic has a problem with a particular bird, and would prefer that it had its internal clock reset.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Now, we aren’t sure whether only one rooster is responsible for the provocations, or is it that the person is simply jealous because roosters get to scream in the morning. Whatever the inspiration that sparked this thought might have been, we agree.

Sleep above everything

Looking at the background, we can say that seasonal depression isn’t the culprit. But, it seems like the person who displayed this sign didn’t get enough sleep. That, or maybe the person had an encounter with a grumpy pet. We’ve all been there.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Irrespective of what happened, the sign speaks the truth. Waking somebody from the middle of a nap isn’t cool. Instead, letting them sleep should be the proper thing to do. It’s also a twist on the saying, “If you love someone, let them go.” 

Not a bad omen

We don’t know how that happened, but black cats have developed quite a bad reputation. When a black kitty crosses your path, it means bad things are about to happen to you. Well, that’s what many cultures say. We know that’s not the case, though.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Furthermore, we are pleased that this clinic is trying to fight against superstition and making things clear about black cats. It’s true. These feisty animals like to do their own thing. When one crosses your path, it’s just minding its own business.

The good and the bad

2020 was a pretty tough year for almost everyone, and we have all talked about it endlessly. We’re all over it. But we can never forget there is some good in this world that comes in the form of fluffy four-legged best friends.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Our pets are always there to make things easy for you! Every pet owner knows that their fur baby is the best of themselves. Practically speaking, cuddling with your dog is among the fastest ways to achieve a quick serotonin boost.

Runners and non-runners

There’s an ancient theory (and also an ancient meme) about the types of people in the world. According to that, there are only two. Some put cereal before the milk, and some do the opposite of that. We’ve seen and heard many reiterations.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We believe that the same thing goes with running. There are only two types here – those who are fans of running and those who hate it the most. We want to tell you we belong to the former group, but we actually prefer getting the extra sleep.

Cat world part 1

We believe that almost everybody has been in this kind of debate. Everybody weighs in the advantages and the disadvantages of getting a pet. Since you’re the reader, we assume that you’re a human, and you know how it goes!

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We don’t have anything against robots, but we prefer our pets to have personalities and flaws. Cats are simple. They don’t like to be told to do something. They have their own rules and do what they want to do.

Cat world part 2

Continuing the previous point, cats do whatever they want to do, and they always get their way. What’s crazy is that cat-owners are always in awe of their shenanigans. Therefore, there are, again, two types of people in this world. There are dog people, and then there are cat people.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Talking about cat people, they’ll do anything to defend their fur babies. They can be challenging to train, so if you don’t like how unpredictable they get, maybe, cats aren’t the best pet for you. They’re independent and pretty aloof much of the time.

Such is life

Aging has its pros and cons, just like almost every other thing in this world. A person loses a lot but also gains a lot as they age. It looks like this employee from the clinic is feeling quite nostalgic, and we understand the feeling.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

As annoying as it is, metabolism slows down with time, and it can make life difficult. So, once you’re old, a few walks or a few runs on the treadmill won’t do much to help burn your late-night snacking calories.

This vs. that

Here is another debate on the types of people in the world. We can’t agree more on the fact that this clinic does provide for hilarious content. In this one, we are comparing dogs and diamonds. One is our ultimate companion, and the other is an expensive rock.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

What do you think? Who is the winner in this battle? Obviously, dogs are the winners, hands down. Also, no offense to diamonds, but we would toss them all in the ocean Titanic-style if we were forced to choose between our best friend and some jewelry.


Dogs aren’t usually picky eaters. It is a trait you’ll rarely find in them. One thing will pretty much always make them turn up their noses in disgust, though. And every dog parent knows exactly what we are talking about!

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Yes, pills! The clinic posted a sign about dogs not being picky eaters until you mix their medicines with the food. When that happens, they are the pickiest eaters in the world. We guarantee that most pet owners can relate to this one!

Angry little buttercups

Dog owners very well know of a breed that throws a lot of tantrums and has a lot of temper issues. If you are one, you must know that we’re talking about a chihuahua. Even if you don’t have a pup of your own, you’d still know about chihuahuas.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

That’s because these dogs are famous for their tantrums. This sign is the perfect example of a chihuahua’s temperament. Perhaps, there’s nothing more accurate. After seeing this sign, a chihuahua owner visiting a vet must have had a good laugh.

Only facts

For pets owners, those precious animals are as part of the family as any human. A wise person also said that pets are the new babies for today’s millennials. So, here is a sign which is more of an appreciation post for the babies.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We say “amen” to this sign. It isn’t a funny one, and in fact, it is a universal truth. Carroll County Clinic knows very well about the things to say that could touch your heart. We, for one, couldn’t agree more!

Shampoo problems

Everybody has had something like this happen to them. We can’t also think of anything worse than running out of body wash right in the middle of a shower. There are ways to solve these problems, but they are still a huge buzzkill.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Well, we hope no pet owner “accidentally uses their pet shampoo.” However, the second part of the sign is hilarious! The harmful effects of using dog shampoo on your hair, even accidentally, are actually pretty minimal. You’ll just smell like your dog after it has a bath.

Socks and more

Although most of Carroll County Clinic’s posts are related to pets, some posts are just generally funny. For instance, take a look at this post which is about the circulation of household items. What are your thoughts on this sign?

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

So many of us have somehow lost our socks in the dryer. And like many of you, we haven’t been able to figure out where they go. However, what’s great is that the clinic has a really solid theory about it. 

What’s past is past

This sign is also not so related to pets, but it is still pretty much relatable. 2020 was certainly not a wonderful year for all of us, but some people claim on social media that their lives are the same. We don’t buy that, but we don’t judge.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Well, the Carroll County Clinic, just like us, doesn’t buy that. In fact, they are spitting facts with the help of these signs. By the way, the colonoscopy prep drink isn’t so bad as compared to the medical procedure. But 2020 sure was a tough one.

Fair point

After so many non-pet-related signs, we are back with one all about our favorite creatures. Not only is this one highly relevant to our love of animals, but also a vet’s job. Have a look to understand what we’re talking about here.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

There could be some people who care about what others think, but we’re sure that many of us have done a great job at learning the subtle art of not caring about others’ opinions. But, who wouldn’t want dogs to love them? 

Why not?

This one is a bit different because we are pretty sure that if pets could talk, they’d all largely agree with this sign. And for us, we think that this one is relatable on a whole new level. It’s sad that things can’t be this way, though.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Although it has nothing to do with pets, if they knew about calories, they’d surely want a calorie refund, too. Well, that’s another genius sign from the clever clinic. We suggest somebody start inventing a way to refund calories (if possible).

No suitcases

Everybody carries a certain amount of emotional baggage. There’s nothing unusual about that. But it looks like someone at the clinic was facing some problems. We’d say that it’s pretty much justified if we look at the trees in the background.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We’re not sure if they were dreaming of a tropical getaway to escape the winter or could use a vacation anywhere. We can only say that work-life balance is pretty challenging, and we hope people have the strength to push through.

Monday motivation

Motivation is essential for success because self-belief is the most crucial thing needed to do well at almost anything. Therefore, it is also something that you should work on daily. There might be many challenges in the way, like the one below.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Now that’s one tough hurdle. We can relate to how it feels when your pet is sleeping on you. You might be in a really uncomfortable position, but you’d never want to move because that’ll wake the baby up! Too bad.

Deep thinking

We all get a lot of weird ideas in the shower. It’s a pretty nice place to think. There are a lot of social media accounts dedicated to shower thoughts. But, is someone from those accounts using this clinic’s board to express those musings?

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

To that sign, we’d reply by saying that it would be tough to make a ceiling fan that could withstand the weight of any full-grown adult. We would also say that if anyone goes figure out how to make that work, let us know immediately.


We don’t know much about these things, but it looks like it’s another shower thought. It also looks like one of Jaden Smith’s tweets from the last decade. We would love to know where this idea stemmed from or which account they stole it from!

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Some might even call it a lame joke, while others might treat it as a genuine question. However, after giving the sign much thought, we think that it’s what you call a dad joke. We love a good pun and want to see more of these!

Nachos vs. tacos

We think this debate of whether these are shower thoughts, dad jokes, or Jaden Smith tweets will go on for longer than we expected. Anyways, have you ever wondered what’s different between tacos and nachos? The Carroll County Clinic has.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

What do you think about this? We don’t have a particular opinion about this one, but we can only hope that no nachos or pets named Nacho were not offended in this process. Wait – they can’t read anyway. Never mind.

A new word altogether

After looking at this post, we can indeed say that the Carroll County Clinic knows pretty well how to make people laugh. After looking at this post, we can also say that the clinic has introduced us to a recently invented word.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Procaffeinating is a word in the Urban Dictionary, with its first entry back in 2014, that means exactly what it sounds like. This is one of our habits; we play this little brain game called “stare at the coffee pot till it’s done brewing” every single morning.

A lovely pun

Carroll County is doing it all, from offending nachos to inventing new words to telling classic dad jokes. After all that, here is a good old animal pun. Do you know what a rabbit with fleas is called? If you don’t, you need to watch more Looney Tunes.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

A rabbit with fleas is called Bugs Bunny. This one depends on you knowing who Bugs Bunny is, and we really hope you do, doc, because he is an icon. It might be time to binge some Warner Bros cartoons right about now.

General physician

These are some really great dad jokes! This was one we had not heard before, so we are super grateful to the employee who put this up for the world to enjoy. It’s one to make you roll your eyes, for sure. But it deserves a chuckle too.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Did you get it? Just kidding; of course, you did. What’s even better about this pun is that it’s actually true. You can Google it – the inventor of our favorite soda was indeed a bona fide pharmacist. It’s wild.

Question and answer

The Carroll County Clinic employees have some profound self-awareness in their dad jokes. It also feels like these people have acknowledged the fact many of their signs are ridiculous puns. That’s a really wise pun. Even finding the pun took us a while.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Imagine the amount of effort in creating the whole joke deserves a round of applause. We’ve also seen plenty of memes about this – a man finds out he’s becoming a father and the dad jokes start pouring out of him.

Another good pun

There is another clever sign with a really good joke. We must say that the Carroll County Clinic is killing it with all these puns. Pet owners visiting this clinic must be leaving this place with a huge smile every time.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We don’t think there is much surprise if someone from this clinic actually started a dating site for chickens. Well, we could say that only after looking at all these signs. However, “making hens meet” is a pretty fantastic pun!

Are they, though?

This sign is pretty funny, but we think that the Carroll County Clinic should have just called the Ghostbusters team to cross-check this fact before putting this sign up. It would’ve been really easy if the team had been informed about this discovery.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Jellyfishes do look like wet ghosts, but we aren’t so sure about whether they are that or not. What do you think? It seems like a stretch, but hiding in plain sight also seems the best strategy for a mythical creature (we’re looking at you, Clark Kent).

I gotta feeling!

The Black Eyed Peas were one of the best and the biggest bands on the planet for a while. We are sorry for those who weren’t part of the hype. We are also sorry for those who were little kids at that time.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Who would’ve thought that The Black Eyed Peas and a chickpea could make combine to make a pun like this one? We didn’t, but it feels great now that we have seen it. The band split up somewhere around 2010, leaving us with their best hits and sorrow.

Where’s the receipt?

If there were a year refund possible, everybody would ask for one because of what 2020 brought us. There really should’ve been a refund policy for aging when you didn’t even do anything in that year. But if that were true, we’d start seeing every year as deserving of a redo.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

It isn’t fair because unused items do fall under a refund policy. Also, it seems like a refund for an entire year might be too long, even with the receipt. We’re thinking too deeply about something theoretical. Nice idea, though.

Hair everywhere

Pets have a lot of benefits, and the most significant of all is your good mental health. With all of the good, there are some drawbacks as well. If you think of getting a pet, you must up your cleaning game. 

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

This sign is something that every dog owner can relate to. We don’t know why dogs are singled out here because cats also shed like anything. And maybe even all the rabbit owners can relate to this one. Time to clean!

Real specific

Carroll County Clinic signs do everything, including bestowing some wisdom upon its clients and even those just driving by. This one is the most morbid of the lot, but it is far too clever to ignore. It’s a creepy thought.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

It is a piece of advice, but it isn’t the most helpful for daily problems because being chased by a pack of taxidermists doesn’t sound like a daily-life problem. But, if something like that is happening to you, now you know what to do.

The truth we need to accept

By now, you must know that there are two types of people. In this case, we are talking about dog lovers and cat lovers. It’s good that vet clinics think that both animals are equally amazing, but many people on the internet can’t agree.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Some people are neutral on the whole cats versus dogs argument. Like us, for example. All pets are wonderful and good and reliable. Our fur babies are the sunshine of our lives, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Humor and wisdom

Being sad sucks. Snapping out of that overwhelming emotion becomes a huge and challenging part when unhappy. There’s one thing that acts as the best medicine in those times, apart from pets. We’re talking about humor! That said, here is some humorous wisdom.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

That’s definitely true. Don’t be sad, because das not good. How to not be sad, though? Embrace your emotions, vent it out, and do what makes you happy! Also, spend tons of time with your pets and laugh a lot.

Clear distinctions

Here is some word twisting for you. Somebody at the clinic noticed this thing. Thus, it’s our duty to make you aware of it. Understanding the thin line between exercise and extra fries is likely the key to staying on track.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

These words sound the same to an extent if you pronounce them quickly. Therefore, the lesson is to pronounce the words slowly and understand the distinctions. That way, you’ll make sure no ever thinks you’re willing to meet them at the gym at 5 am.

My life, my rules

It’s a fact that cats have their own agendas, and they don’t trust us to keep them entertained. Instead, they choose to spend their time the way they please. Honestly, that’s relatable because we all have certain people in our lives we prefer to avoid.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

It feels like what’s written on this sign actually happened somewhere, and we wouldn’t be surprised even if it did. Cats literally are the kings and queens of their castles, so they’d disagree if you tell them that they’re not your bosses.

Exercise is a must

It looks like the person who wrote this thought must be finding it really hard to hit the gym and exercise! We get it, and probably everyone has been there as well. Finding that anchor becomes pretty tricky, but we hope thinking about it doesn’t take a lot of their energy.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Although our answer to that question would be a big no, that’s a pretty clever observation. A little convincing would do the trick as well! With that logic, dropping 100 cookies and picking them up one-by-one would be 100 squats, right? Now that’s a good workout!

Not so sorry

Apologizing is difficult because accepting that you did something wrong takes time and effort, but it’s really good when you do. But, apologizing becomes all the more difficult when you don’t even know what you did! This is where cats stand.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Well, actually, they simply don’t care about it. What else can we expect from them? The best they can do is they can bring a trinket from the backyard or scratch you. So, no cat has ever said sorry, and we don’t think that’ll happen in the future.

Parrot voice

It’s difficult to pinpoint the first person to do, invent, or figure out something. It’s alright because we don’t even know who created wheels or who lit the first fire ever. We also don’t know who put the first piece of food over the fire!

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Since we still don’t know so many things, it’s alright if we don’t know who heard a parrot talk first. Even if we don’t know that, we can at least guess that whoever did hear that must have been unwell for many days, for obvious reasons.

We are all stunt people

Everybody has had a clumsy moment, at least at some point in their lives, usually on a bad day. It makes things worse and adds salt to the wound. Here is a shoutout to those who have become their own stunt performers.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

This sign is a really humorous way to express and understand how it feels to trip over your own feet all day long. Maybe we can reframe it and think of the clumsy days as us doing our own stunts.

Bark mode: ON

Dog owners know really well that some puppers go really crazy when somebody knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. But, we don’t know if the sound of the knock or the doorbell ticks them off or if it is the footsteps.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

It looks like people at the Carroll County Clinic believe that the inventor of the doorbell did not own a dog, and it is something that many other people feel too. However, we’re not sure what the difference would be between a bell and a knock, but what do we know?

You’ll be sick

Without even saying anything else, that’s the point. If your sleep schedule is that messed up, you won’t be an early bird or a night owl. You’ll be really, really ill. Besides, what’s the point in being both of them at the same time?

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Being either an early bird or being a night owl feels just fine. There’s no need to become both of them. However, that’s a pretty nice and funny thought over there. By the way, what would that make you? Probably an exhausted pigeon.


We are in the year 2022 now, but we don’t think anybody has forgotten the last two years. This sign is older than it feels, but we can still understand what’s happening because everybody felt that way while entering 2021.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Considering how things have been, it is regrettable to realize that being excited about the forthcoming years will be extremely difficult since the last two years were a giant roller coaster. We don’t know if terms and conditions would’ve helped because nobody reads those.


It looks like a Carroll County Clinic employer is contemplating whether it is scary to take somebody’s temperature. It used to not be! We personally have made peace with our scales, and leave them be in their little corners.

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Many people believe that the latter has become a more difficult task. The reason behind it could be that as we continue to have our new normal change practically every day, the weight becomes harder to lose. That’s why we’ve just accepted the extra pounds. 

Welcome home!

There’s our last clever sign with a pun for you. If you are hooked on these excellent signs, you can always check out their Instagram to see more. But, it is our time to end things on a classic pun. 

Image courtesy of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The whole question about bees moving into a new house and having a house “swarming” party sounds like a pretty clever one. We don’t know the answer to that, and we did give it a thought. So, all bee whisperers are free to answer this question and enlighten us.