Returning A Favor: Why You Should Care For Your Sick Pet

By Stephen M

The relationship between humans and dogs dates back thousands of years. The companionship has since been very beneficial to both parties, especially humans. Aside from companionship, dogs provide security to owners and also help in hunting, crime-fighting, and rescues, among many other things. But how well do dog owners treat these lovely animals when it is their turn to need help.

Photo credit: Bryan Thompson

The sad thing is that some pet owners abandon their pets once they are of no use to them or have become sick or handicapped. These poor animals are left to their fate to suffer harsh weather conditions and hunger alone and afraid.

But it is truly heartwarming to see things the other way round (man serving his dog). Yes, good people still exist out there. A man has committed to taking care of his paralyzed dog in return for everything she has done for him. Instead of the usual dog walking, this caring man pushes his loyal friend in a wagon and makes sure she is warmly covered in blankets.

This genuine act of kindness and gratitude didn’t go unnoticed as it caught the attention of an onlooker, Bryan Thompson. He was told that the dog has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), making it too difficult for her to walk on her own hence, the need for assistance.

Photo Credit : Bryan Thompson

The ALS disease normally affects dogs between 8 to 14 years old and gradually paralyzes them until they succumb. This was the fate of the poor dog, but her benevolent owner had a wonderful plan to keep her happy. He walks the dog in the wagon frequently so that she can enjoy the beautiful scenes of the environment.

In a Facebook post, Bryan praised the dog owner and termed him as a great person for showing that act of kindness.

This is a great lesson for all pet owners. When they get older or sick, treat your pets with all the care and unconditional love that they have given you.