45 Cats That Wanted To Be Anywhere But In Front Of The Camera

By Ishita P

Pet is just a word, but for those who own one, they are like your own children. We tend to treat them almost the same. Thus, most pet parents love experimenting with their pets, trying new things, and capturing “first moments” as memories. If you have a cat, there are even more photo ops. Some kitties are moody, while others love to have you in their space. While playing with them, you might see a whole slew of hilarious expressions, and if you’re lucky, you can capture it on candid camera. You will undoubtedly have a merry time scrolling through these photos of funny cat faces. These will probably inspire you to take a selfie with your feline friend. Who knows, your picture might be the best!

OMG! What a Squeeze!

Pets usually like to be cuddled. But it seems not to be so with this cat. It looks as if the cat has dreaded this moment for its entire life. This image clearly shows that this kitty is not the one that loves being in selfies.

Photo by jamespucos on Reddit

It can hardly believe its owner is smiling with delight as it squirms in discomfort. Based on this face, the woman is sure to rethink before taking more selfies with her cat. This funny selfie is worth a giggle with those “what on earth is happening to me” eyes.

When you have it, you flaunt it

One feature cats are known for is – ironically – their canine teeth. But what about those sparkling large eyes? This feline sure knows how to work her features for the camera. Look at that face! What a happy-looking catto.

Photo by Somecornbread on Reddit

Whatever the reason may be, it seems this kitty is a pro in taking selfies. She also looks like she has a whole lot to say. Maybe she really wanted some tuna, and they drove past a fish market. We just love how she steals the show!

You got to respect my choice!

Cats can be fussy. So it would be best if you listened to their demands and requests. Otherwise, the outcome might not be very desirable. For example, this should have been a lovey-dovey selfie, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.

Photo by abbythomsonnn on Twitter

If you want to save yourself from scratches, you should consider their “no.” After all, who wants a photo taken when they’re not in the mood? So, all cat owners out there, keep this picture in mind the next time you force your cat to do something against its will.

Oh No! Not again!

This cat was not at all having the best of its time. It looks like it failed to escape, got caught just at the last moment, and was forced to pose. We wonder what scared this kitty so much – we think it just wasn’t feeling it.

Photo by arwin- on Reddit

In this awkward position, the cat looks very uncomfortable. Also, with the tail not doing its job, it was not even a flattering picture. It will surely plan its escape much better next time to avoid encountering any more photo ops.

It is either you or me

It’s a serious question: who photobombed whose selfie? But indeed, this cat was not at all in the mood of sharing the camera with anyone, not even its owner. So, poor girl, we can see nothing of her except a bit of red hair.

Photo by canhazhotness on Reddit

Though the photo is blurry, we can hardly ignore this black kitty’s bright, beautiful eyes and straight sharp teeth. The cat made sure that its highlights got the best focus in the image. After all, it was clicking a selfie, and wanted to look its best.

Please, have some mercy

Had this cat not been head over heels with its owner, it wouldn’t be sitting quietly. It loved the girl’s excitement and happiness so much that it could not manage to run away and thus destroy the selfie. Where else do we get to see such affection?

Photo by Unknown User on Imgur

However, we cannot ignore that plea in the cat’s eyes. It says very clearly that the kitty would have preferred having a good warm sleep on the bedsheet rather than taking a selfie. We can’t help but also think that it was totally taken off-guard.

Move your frizzes right now!

Poor cat! When it finally gave up and posed for the picture, it got royally photobombed by its owner. Had it had the right amount of audacity and ability, it would have snatched off those strands of hair in its face.

Photo by obiesa on Instagram

This image clearly shows that this pretty kitty highly disliked this pose. Next time, he either needs more than an equal division of the camera screen, or it’s a strict NO for a selfie. These photos are about him, after all.

Give me some air to breathe, please!

In this cuddly selfie, the cat’s expression clearly shows it was struggling to breathe. While the owner was all smiles, the cat was having absolutely none of that nonsense and pulled out all the dramatic stops that it possibly could.

Photo by brokenribbon on Reddit

But the question remains how much it could convince its owner to cut out the selfie taking. Images like these make us wonder, what if cats could shout and speak out their feelings in human language? It would have been quite a show, right?

I am not that small, lady!

This woman was holding the cat as if it was a kitten. And it seems the cat was not at all enjoying it. Well, pets are indeed our babies. But over time, they do grow into adult cats, which makes them difficult to hold and can sometimes cause them discomfort.

Photo by cassielikesyou on Reddit

But, if seen from the other side, this photo depicts the girl’s love and affection towards her precious kitty. As lovely as she is, though, we can’t help but roll on the floor laughing because of the look on the cat’s face.

Okay. One last time!

It was the last time the owner could bargain and bribe her cat for a proper selfie. Those reluctant eyes and mouth make it evident that not even for the tastiest meal would it say yes to taking more selfies ever again.

Photo by sophiehermannxx on Instagram

We can almost imagine it waging its paws and warning its owner for the last time. We wonder what she might have offered the kitty before clicking this picture. Well, whatever deal they might have had, it was the last time, without a doubt. Alas, if cats could understand the importance of selfies!

Can’t I get some peace?

Those eyes say so much; it is more obvious than any human expression. Just out of love and respect for its owner, the cat stands there still while she cuddles and kisses it for a picture. If the kitty were a little less tolerant, the outcome would have been very different.

Photo by CleverGirlIsntClever on Reddit

But the lady must not test the love and patience of her kitty, for even her beloved companion has its limits. Even after enduring so much, the cat posed well, and the selfie came out nicely. Ee can feel the amount of fluff on the cat from how the girl dug her fingers into its fur.

Let go of me!

While the girl continued looking for the right angle, light exposure, and pose, her cat executed the great escape. It took advantage of its slim body and her loose grip. The last two pictures are clear evidence of the outcome of this photoshoot.

Photo by abbynot_abi on Twitter

Well, one thing we can learn from this is to get the camera ready before bringing your pets into the scene. After all, we know how photogenic cats are. They don’t like taking as much time to take selfies as we do. Humans might not get bored, but cats do; they have more important jobs to do after all.

Okay! Okay! I know I am fluffy

If “you are being overtly cringey” had an expression, it would look like this. The cat appears to be utterly disgusted with its owner being so clingy. Though the guy seems happy with the pose, the cat does not. The poor fellow helplessly wanted to get away from this awkwardness.

Photo by sadanduseless.com

The cat extended its paws, reaching desperately for someone to turn up and lend a helping hand, drawing it out of this situation. Nevertheless, the owner seems untouched by his pet’s emotions; he is happy cuddling and posing with it.

I thought it would be me only

We should not even try to ignore such prettiness. The beautiful eyes, cute mystacial whiskers, and tiny nostrils of the cat make up a lovely creature. And the icing on the cake is the peeping human. This is a rare angle to capture.

Photo by turnip_mouse on Reddit

But yes, there must have been a big misunderstanding. The cat might have just wanted to enjoy the entire camera alone, but the owner had something else in mind. So, make sure to explain your photoshoot plan to your kitty beforehand to avoid such confusion.

Do not stare at me like this

Everyone loves getting attention, but this cat doesn’t seem to like it at all. It can hardly tolerate its owner staring at it in awe. In fact, the cat appears to be irritated. Yet, only because it cannot utter words, it allowed the owner to stare at it.

Photo by defused.com

But honestly speaking, even we would be uncomfortable if anyone stared at us like that. Or we are completely reading the situation wrong, and the cat is actually soaking up the adoration with a stoic expression worthy of royalty.

Can’t you take a decent photo?

We would not be surprised if this cat rebuked its photographer. The kitty was not at all ready for the shot, but here it is for all the world to see. So now, its expression clearly says that it will undoubtedly take revenge for this when given a chance.

Photo by BigBananaBanana on Reddit

Just imagine the cat walking up to the photographer and chastising them for shooting such a weird picture. But, dear photographer, beware and do your job right! You might lose your job all too soon. Or, rather, have your feet attacked in the night.

Please focus on your own work

We often come across this “concentrate on your work first” expression on our parent’s faces when we ask them to take a selfie with us. So, here the cat seems to act as a strict parent, teaching its Hooman the importance of work. Its expression clearly says, “You’d better finish off what you are doing if you know what’s good for you.”

Photo by ksmitttyy on Reddit

Every pet owner would be lucky to have such a serious and focused cat who would encourage them to work efficiently and help them perform well. We just can’t get over this “dad” face. And we have to acknowledge that the owner is imitating the cat’s expression perfectly.

The Monochrome photoshoot

This is undoubtedly the best shot of the decade. That one paw over its one eye, covering a little of the other, and the other paw placed with poise; the posture is a cherry on the top. Imagine all cats posing so gracefully.

Photo by julzx46 on Imgur

Honestly, how lovely it would have been had there been an entertainment world for them similar to ours? This cat would have surely been awarded Model of the Year and would be walking in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for this photograph.

How I feel every time!

Well, this is a bit of sweet revenge! All those selfies where it was squeezed and squashed, the cat struck back. The way the kitty took a bite of the girl’s cheeks, it seemed like this had been a long time coming.

Photo by LosButtman on Imgur

The owner was taken aback by shock. She could hardly imagine that her fluffy ball of love would suddenly turn so violent. But, what a mighty bite! The cat community must have undoubtedly lauded it for this act. We can almost hear the kitty whisper into the girl’s ears, “serves you right!”

She is only mine

We finally came across a selfie where we can find true pet love, unlike others where a cat is escaping or rebelling. Here, the amount of strength the kitty has put in to hold tight to its owner shows its utmost love and affection towards her.

Photo by silentstorm83 on Instagram

We are sure no one would want to combat those possessive angry greenish-yellow eyes. What a lucky owner, we must say! She must be loving all the attention and affection from her cute little pet. We bet many might be feeling jealous now!

We are not friends!

Yes, we know there are a lot of instances where both cats and dogs live in love and harmony, but exceptions are what make people on the internet laugh. And this image is one such example. Disgust and resignation have blended well here.

Photo by greenroom628 on Reddit

Had the picture been one of disharmony, it would have kinda funny. But the awkward poses and expressions of both the pets add more to the comedy of the photo. So, the next time, be sure to get consent from both of them before bringing them together.

Wait, let me get my best angle first

We cannot get enough of this cat’s camera expertise. With deft paws, it fixes the camera to get the best light exposure, angle, and expression. Had the kitty the power of speech, it would have surely given a good telling-off to its owner for her poor photography knowledge.

Photo by TheBluntRapper on Reddit

This shot is tough competition for those in the selfie game. So, hailing all selfie queens out there, this cat can give you some good tips. One, crossing your eyes is the new duck face; two, embrace that double chin.

What! Again? Save me, Lord

Poor kitty! It can hardly make out its paws and free them from this tight hug. The girl must have been too much in love with the fluff, whiskers, eyes, and general beauty of her cat. Who, it seems, is the dramatic type.

Photo by Unknown User on Reddit

We would not even be surprised to learn it turned back and let out a sigh of relief while telling her, “Easy girl! I am a living creature, for goodness sake! Now, where is my squeaky toy? I must relax now after that ridiculous selfie shoot.”

Canines vs. Lipstick

Apparently, the image was captured to flaunt this woman’s lovely lipstick, and the cat was an accidental addition. The long whiskers, perfect button nose, and sharp teeth dominated the selfie. Poor girl; her lipstick could hardly make a guest appearance.

Photo by inflamedsense on Imgur

Its whiskers went straight through, majestically covering her beautiful eyes. Well, who could show patience better than this sweet human? Nevertheless, we cannot stop admiring the snow-white fluffball. It’s so cute! This struggle between the cat face and lipstick deserves quite a hearty laugh.

Oh, please

Those big eyes of this kitty seem to scream out loud, “are you serious right now? I have things to do.” Had it been its day, it would have taken revenge from both Hoomans, the one cuddling and the other sitting there letting this happen

Photo by Unknown User on Imgur

We can all see from the look on the cat’s face that it deals with shenanigans like these on the daily. Hey, cat life is hard. But sometimes, one must put up with silly human antics to get that tuna and catnip.

How dare you invade my privacy?

Pets’ lives are nothing less than those of celebrities. Cameras everywhere, capturing every activity of theirs. But this cat seems super surprised and startled. Thankfully, the angle of the picture was hilarious and we get to enjoy this piece af art.

Photo by TheScarletPlague on Reddit

The embarrassment and shock in those wide eyes are what this picture is all about. So we want to advise all pet owners not to step into their me-time (even if we get a laugh out of it!). After all, they too have their private moments.

Hey, man, what are you trying to do?

It is one of those hilarious selfies going around the internet. Well, we honestly want to know what exactly happened during the shot. Was the kitty trying to slip away, or did the owner just forget to make it face the camera?

Photo by donotfeedthemoose on Reddit

We feel for both the owner and the cat, as none of them seem to be in a comfortable position. But then, this is exactly why the image is so fun to look at. We are sure many are laughing out loud right now!

Those lips again!

The horror in those bright yellow eyes can hardly be overlooked in this image. The kitty seems to be more than upset about those glossy lips touching its fluffy fur. This is the move cats love to pull when freaked out. We call it, “the frozen cat.”

Photo by thesun.co.uk

However, it is also aware that it does not have a choice other than tolerating what was happening. Otherwise, why would it lie down peacefully and not jump off in a huff? Nevertheless, the call for help in its expression is undeniable.

Excuse me! How dare you?

The cat in front looks angry about its sibling climbing on Mom. And the look on the woman’s face tells us this selfie did not turn out the way she was hoping. Well, she got both cats in the frame, so we’re calling this successful.

Photo by quicksilver3121 on Reddit

Well, when there are two cats at home, we cannot expect anything better than this. We can only pray for peace and hope for the best for the owner because she’ll be facing a real tough fight right after this selfie.

Move aside, please. It’s my selfie time!

Practically everyone wants the limelight, be it humans or animals. And obviously, the cat here is not any exception. The way it pawed its owner away without facing her clearly shows that it didn’t want to ruin its best angle for the selfie.

Photo by Chloe_mae_wells on Instagram

Unlike most other cats, this beautiful blue-eyed kitty seems to be a selfie lover. So, from now on, she wants a solo photo; no more group pictures. We think it had been pretty clear about its no screen sharing policy.

You thought I wouldn’t get to know!

In this series of photos, we should first acknowledge and praise the cat’s effort to find out if its human was taking photographs without permission. The second image gives us an insight into the kitty’s feelings about this invasion of privacy.

Photo by stephanieion on Tumblr

Nevertheless, the way the owner merged all the four images and formed the collage deserves credit. It tells us a nice pet story, precisely the usual complaint and revenge story of almost all cats.

Every fly has its day

We are usually familiar with the phrase “every dog has its day,” but here, the owner just gave the fly its day. It would have breathed its last had the girl not held her cat tight to capture a selfie.

Photo by treeexplode on Imgur

That “let me at ’em!” expression on the cat’s face makes the selfie much more adorable. Just one leap would have changed everything. But if we didn’t know the back story here, we would have simply fallen in love with this fluffball.

Mind your finger!

Miss Meredith can hardly believe her owner’s excitement about taking a picture. To this kitty, all the fame belongs to her, and on this day, she was not feeling like being put on display. But TayTay convinced her that her fans needed a dose of Miss Meredith.

Photo by taylorswift / Instagram

Thus, the poor kitty waited more-or-less patiently for the selfie to get taken so that she could readjust herself and maybe have a well-deserved nap. But despite the cat looking mildly terrified, it is a very cute selfie worthy of posting.

I am warning you…

It seems this mischievous cat could throw the camera down with one strike of the paw at any moment. But due to the love and affection towards its owner, it did not and waited patiently until the selfie was shot.

Photo by UnRePlayz on Reddit

But whether we could have expected similar behavior in the next pictures in the series is the most vital question. So, we hope the owner wrapped up this photoshoot shortly after this shot; otherwise, he might have had to face the wrath of the kitty.

Just let me go

As shown in this picture, the cat had zero interest in being her owner’s boyfriend’s beard for a silly selfie challenge. He was beyond annoyed and, by the look in his eyes, clearly needed some rescuing. But the result is hilarious.

Photo by heatherlcondo on Imgur

This is one of those times where you don’t need to know cat language to know what this little guy was feeling. He wanted to be free from the human’s grip, and we certainly can’t blame a cat for that! Hopefully, he recovered from the trauma.

She told me to smile; I did!

It is, no doubt, a perfect selfie! The kitten cocked itshead oh-so-purrfectly. The beauty with shiny fur and dazzling green eyes just nailed this picture with its charm. This one deserves to be framed and put on the mantle, front and center.

Photo by meldiane81 on Reddit

This perfect picture must have made the owner’s day. We’re not sure what was happening – a loud meow? A yawn? A very big kitty grin? Whatever it was, we are so thrilled it was captured on camera for us to see.


We can only imagine this cat’s owner is a total goofball – as they say, opposites attract, right? Why else would this gorgoue feline stare so angrily at the camera? It must have had to deal with this more often than its patience could handle.

Photo by nuclearbanana on Imgur

Honestly, the middle shot is the actual highlight of this entire story. We wonder how the owner thought the cat wouldn’t notice. Nothing could get past those sharp eyes. So you’d better take those pictures quickly if you want even one decent shot.

My eye, my eye!

It is not really how the picture should have come out. Had that eye not been squashed with love from the owner, we bet the selfie would have been perfect. But then, it’s not easy to manage the perfect angle for both you and your cat.

Photo by iggy-k on Reddit

Sacrifices muct be made if only one can look cute in the photo. However, we do understand the condition of the poor cat. It already had to wear a matching bow which was not its style at all. On top of that, it was totally squished!


This blow right to the owner’s face says everything we need to know about the hard work that went into this selfie. Look at the cat’s eyes; they say loud and clear, “I am here to create mayhem! Not selfies!”

Photo by boozeprincess on Reddit

Poor girl, she must have got the shock of her life to receive such a sudden blow from otherwise cute little paws. Well, we can use this as a lesson for other pet owners. It’s better to obey their rules for your good.

You are tickling me

This wide-open mouth really contrasts the calm woman’s face. Surely this was taken when the cat was in mid-yawn. It looks pretty comfortable otherwise. Or maybe it has a very dramatic meow. Whatever the case, this photo was flawlessly timed.

Photo by loloritch on Imgur

We can hear an aggressive meow and hiss coming from his photograph, even if we know better. Although, when you look at teh way its paw is draped possessively over the woman’s arm, you have to wonder if the cat was actually telling the photographer they are not welcome.

No cameras, please!

This image is just on point. It is a successful picture where the cat’s plan, at last, was executed well. The owner’s bad, we must say. However, even through that slightest peep, we can feel the cat’s frustration towards its owner.

Photo by Mrslimesubi on Imgur

But we cannot always blame the owner, can we? It is such a cute little furball that anyone would love to take its photo. We are on the human’s side in this one! One consolation is that they got a perfect shot of those toe beans.

I will break that screen right away!

A little slip and it would have been the end of the camera! This cat is more than angry. The fury with which it is lunging for the screen is quite concerning. But that smile of pride and success on the girl’s face is worth noticing.

Photo by thesoundmycatmakes on Imgur

However, if the cat manages to break away from that leash, we’d feel sorry for the trio – the girl, the photographer, and, last but not least, the camera. They do not even know what they might be in for.

You have canines too!

Here we have a canine teeth competition. The cat seems to be too surprised to see its owner’s perfect canines. It could hardly believe its eyes and drew the camera closer with its paws to have a better zoomed-in view.

Photo by rlseafor on Reddit

Okay, this is our imagination running wild. We just adore the faces of melodramatic cats getting their photos taken. The contrast between their expressions has us beside ourselves over here. We’re sure in normal circumstances he is a very handsome fella.

Don’t you make that face!

Did the girl feel her long hair would hide her expression from the cat? Well, if she did, she thought it all wrong because nothing can be kept hidden from those sharp eyes. he saw her and was not thrilled!

Photo by thatyoungsavage on Reddit

We can easily see that the cat is very displeased. It seems to be thinking, “After being so patient with the photo session, this is the pose you decide on? You didn’t even tell me this is what we were doing!”

This is not at all funny…

Indeed, the cat is not at all sharing the person’s excitement. Instead, it is more than irritated to meet this new face, who made a weird face for a selfie. It seems that the kitty is saying, “Hey, hooman! You can’t just pick me up without my permission!”

Photo by jacksonvstheworld on Reddit

However, it appears that this cat is an introvert. Hence, this poor soul would not even snarl at the man. Had it been possible, we would love to help this kitty by putting its thoughts into easy. understandable words.