Shar Peis: Dogs That Could Pass For Scrunched-Up Blankets

By Anthony K

Dog breeds have different characteristics like size, physique, color, temperance, and fur. The Shar Pei is a unique dog that may pass for a scrunched-up blanket that you may need in the cold weather. Harvey, the Shar Pei, is winning hearts with unique features as more people claim he looks like a rug, towel, and blanket than a dog.

Source: harvey.thesharpei/Instagram

Harvey belongs to Teresa Moll Arguimbau, who claims his deep soft wrinkles make him ideal for cuddling. Teresa told a magazine that her favorite features about Harvey are his double chin and wrinkles, which make him beautiful.

Harvey enjoys every bit of his routine, including spending time outside, visiting the beach, and entering the personal spa every two days, where Teresa moisturizes his wrinkles to avoid irritation. Teresa loves cuddling the soft wrinkled Harvey.

The initial days of Harvey’s life were miserable as he had eye complications. He had more wrinkles around the eyes compared to his brothers at birth, rendering the medical staples inadequate in helping the eyes open.

The eyes were consequently infected, leaving Harvey in the dark for two months until the vet used stitches to open the eyes wider. Vets readjusted the stitches weekly and used cream and antibiotics to help heal Harvey’s eyes. Harvey regained his sight after a five-month battle.

Source: harvey.thesharpei/Instagram

Teresa confesses that Harvey has graduated as a local celebrity and turns heads whenever they step outdoors. She uses various platforms to showcase his cuteness and improve access to information on how to care for rare breeds like the Shar Pei.

Harvey loves lying in the sun, playing with Chloe, and playing on the sandy beaches but is not a good swimmer. Teresa hopes Harvey learns to swim to give her company in the water.