Little Paws, Grand Awws: 45 German Shepherd Pups We Can’t Get Enough Of

By Ragini A

Every dog breed is unique, but German Shepherds are especially so. More so than other breeds, they’re loyal, courageous, confident, and selfless. After all, there’s a reason you’ll find them with “jobs” that require such qualities. And, at one time, they were the go-to breed for seeing-eye dogs! Sadly, they’re also often misunderstood, with most adults associating the lovable dogs with aggression and danger. And they can appear a little intimidating, but that’s just a front. We’re here to prove that German Shepherds are just as sweet, goofy, and loveable as other dog breeds. They are sweet family companions, staunch guards, and some of the cutest puppies you’ll ever see! Keep scrolling for 45 adorable German Shepherd puppies that are almost too adorable to handle.


No matter how old a doggo gets, their eyes — particularly when they pull puppy dog eyes — will never fail to blow their human family away. Seeing the glint in their eyes as they look to you for support, comfort, food, and playtime? Of course, we’ll do whatever they ask!

Source: stepphenhund91/Reddit

There is nothing better than being a dog parent. There, we said it. We’re getting ready to fight all the cat lovers and the “I have a human baby” mob. How can you see a photo like this and not believe that a human’s best friend is a dog? 


We don’t care if “the early bird gets the worm” or “you snooze, you lose.” If this fluffball needs to sleep in a little bit longer after an exhausting day at puppy daycare or an afternoon in the park, we’ll let him.

Source: raunchyraccoon/Reddit

If this were our pup, we wouldn’t be able to get any rest for ourselves. How can you look away from that adorable cutie? And if this was a morning sight, we’d be late for work every day. We just want to stare at the sleepy puppy all day!


Just like most human beings who come out of the shower with dripping wet hair after a long shampoo and conditioner session, this German Shepherd looks absolutely transformed after a soak. Just a splash of water, and this pup is an entirely different breed!

Source: kodi.gsd_/Instagram

Some of you might scoff at us for thinking this cutie looks adorable with his fur slicked back and ears in a frizzy mess, but one look at those desperate eyes should say it all. He knows he looks cute no matter the hairstyle.


When you get a puppy, you never really, truly, know what they are going to be like when they grow up. Whether in personality or looks, it’s all a surprise. But you love your pet for who they are. And sometimes… 

Source: aideya/Reddit

The unexpected surprises become the best gifts. Most German Shepherds are brown and black in color, with brooding eyes and a muscular body. This special pup surprised her family when she started showing off white highlights and light brown eyes. Truly a beaut!


This little bugger evidently has a knack for finding only the best sticks ever! We wouldn’t be surprised if he has a big stack of sticks collected during various walks. Just look at that proud face as he shows off his latest find!

Source: ztrainum1/Reddit

There might be some other dogs saddened by the lack of decent sticks, but this pup doesn’t care. Or, perhaps he’s saving them to give to his friends when they come over. Either way, he’s living his best life as the resident stick collector.


“Is this what humans call a selfie? I love this!” Whether or not you want to admit it, dogs have the best smiles on the planet. Everybody knows that a dog never fakes enthusiasm. So you know that every time a dog grins, it’s genuine.

Source: lifeoffluna_thegsd/Instagram

You know we’re right, so don’t even try to argue it. Anyway, this little German Shepherd puppy seems to be having the time of his life. What we would give to have a cuddly furry friend lying on our stomachs as we binge the new Netflix series.


Do you know what is cooler than a person on a skateboard? That’s right; it’s a German Shepherd puppy on a skateboard. Come on, you can’t possibly try to tell us that you are not absolutely floored by this puppy’s skills!

Source: kodiac_the_gsd/Instagram

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the bravery that this puppy has. There is no use in pretending that we’re cooler than this supremely trendy puppy. We are heading down to our local skate park to see if we can spot an adorably talented dog doing a trick or two.


Oh great. Now that we saw the dog’s name is Bruno, we can’t get “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto out of our heads. Don’t get us wrong, it was a good movie, but that song is super addictive. But that’s okay…

Source: hello.its.bruno/Instagram

We’d love to talk about this, Bruno! This photogenic puppy is a show-stopper. Look at this puppy’s perky ears and those teeny tiny paws. He’s clearly loving the car ride and how the wind feels against his face. So cute!

Piggyback Ride

Let’s get one fact out of the way before we look at his next picture: when you were a kid, it was the best feeling every time your parent or favorite babysitter picked you up. You’d either get to see the world from a new angle or feel like you’re flying up in the sky.

Source: pars_the_dog/Instagram

We’re sure this German Shepherd puppy feels the exact same way whenever his parents pick him up. He might not know to stretch his arms out like Superman, but he gets to relax after a long playdate in the park.


There is absolutely nothing better than giving a puppy a loving, warm, comforting, and supportive home. Building trust with a puppy is a masterclass on its own, but doesn’t mean it’s impossible. All you have to do is make sure that you are ready for the responsibility.

Source: oakley_germanshepherd/Instagram

As long as you’re a loving person with great friends and plenty of food, as well as some slippers that the puppy can fight during this teething stage, you are good to go. For example, this adorable goofball is finally going home. Look at how excited he looks at the prospect of having found his family.


If you’ve never had a dog, then you don’t know just how hard dog training can be. Sure, it sounds easy to an outsider, but there are a lot of little things to keep in mind. For example, chewing on things is almost inevitable.

Source: jacobbMC/imgur

Dog owners know that the hardest part is catching them in the act. You can’t scold a puppy for something in the past because they don’t necessarily know what you’re referring to. Though, this German Shepherd pup doesn’t seem to feel all that guilty about eating the blanket.


If you are reading this, we assume you are someone who spends a decent amount of time online. Meaning that you probably have either Instagram or TikTok and spend a lot of your day swiping through numerous reels and videos, correct?

Source: negan_the_gsd/Instagram

Why do we bring this up? Well, if you frequent TikTok, you’ve probably seen those videos with the accompanying high-pitched audio saying something like, “I am just a baby!” The audio is often used for puppies just like this one.


Technically, all puppies from the same litter are twins. After all, they were born from the same mother at the same time. Can you imagine having five twins? Crazy, right? Well, look at these twinning pups enjoying a beautiful day outside.

Source: peaches_and_paris.gsd/Instagram

In fact, these two are so cute that Peaches and Paris aren’t on this list just once. Nope, their human parents love sharing pictures on Instagram of the duo living their best doggy lives. Keep scrolling for more pictures of Peaches and Paris!


When we were children, we absolutely loved being tickled. Though, come to think of it, we have no clue why. But for dogs, we know exactly why they love it — the belly rubs are too good to pass up.

Source: baron_the_gsd/Instagram

This particular two-month-old German Shepherd puppy called Baron absolutely loves his tummy rubs and does not hide his desperation for more. His parents obviously oblige, given his beautiful face and tiny paws. If Baron was ours, our hands would be glued to his stomach, no doubt about it. 


For most chores, it always helps to have an extra set of hands working alongside you. So, four extra hands — paws — is even better, right? Or are they a distraction? With this cutie at our sides, it might just be the latter.

Source: luna.the.gsd2/Instagram

We don’t know for sure if this adorable German Shepherd puppy was able to help his human family water the lawn and plants, or if he was just in the way. Regardless, we can say for certain that he looked absolutely adorable while doing whatever it was he was doing.


Whether your partner, parents, or friends show up or not to your local sports game, you know it’ll be a fun time. Even if you lose, having someone support you is the best feeling in the world. However, this cheerleader might be distracting…

Source: oakley_germanshepherd/Instagram

How can you keep your eye on the ball when this fluffball is sitting in the bleachers? Perhaps he’s actually trying out to be the team mascot to provide a distraction for the other team. That might be cheating, but we wouldn’t complain.


And just like that, we are back to the sibling German Shepherd puppies that we saw earlier on this list. This time around, though, they are gazing happily while wandering a beach. In any other circumstance, we would be praising the light blue color of the sky and the beautiful lake…

Source: peaches_and_paris.gsd/Instagram

However, this time around, Peaches and Paris have completely stolen the show! It doesn’t matter where we go; if we have adorable pets to keep us company on our travels, we would not complain about where we had even for a single second. We wouldn’t even complain about foggy skylines because we would be staring fondly at just the pups.


The hilarious part of this entire thing is that we know exactly what you are thinking. Do you want to know how? It’s because we are seeing the exact same adorable German Shepherd puppy looking down at us through our screens with his damp nose and pointy ears.

Source: oakley_germanshepherd/Instagram

So it really isn’t that hard to guess to assume that you’re all either mentally squeezing your hearts out or at the brink of tears because of how pretty this photograph is. This photogenic puppy couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for this photo shoot.


We mentioned puppy dog eyes before, but we weren’t done talking about it just yet. This is another perfect example of the cutest and most pleading eyes you’ll ever see. Seriously, we’ll do whatever this dog wants. Two bowls for breakfast? Done! And extra bone? Sure!

Source: boots.theblackgsd/Instagram

Our only concern here with Boots is that there might be a serious game of tug-of-war if his human parents tried to take away that bone. He earned it fair and square with those cute pleading eyes, and he won’t be giving it up any time soon.


Cats aren’t the only pets that like to give a big stretch after naptime. Canines love to do doggy yoga upon waking up. However, someone needs to teach this German Shepherd puppy that you’re supposed to stretch against the floor…

Source: srmx16/Reddit

How can he wake up his muscles with his paws in the air? There’s nothing to push against? Then again, he could just be using his human’s legs as a form-fitting cushion. Yeah, that makes more sense. We just hope that his human doesn’t have any plans for the day.


If you are someone who has tried to train a pet, especially a cute little puppy like this German Shepherd, you know it can be tiring but super rewarding when a trick is finally achieved. This little cutie has evidently mastered the art of a perfect paw-five! 

Source: skye_thegsd/Instagram

We’re so envious! We would give anything to be on the receiving end of that greeting. Wouldn’t you? Those brown eyes, the fluffy ears, and the perfect posture — we’re in love with this sweet pup! What a well-behaved doggo.


“Hello, 911? We spotted an underage driver going around without a license.” This cutie looks ready to practice driving, but someone should tell her that she’s too small to reach the brakes! Good thing this car is parked or it’d be a serious hazard. We can’t stop staring at that cute face.

Source: kaigsdrulez/Instagram

This is such a cute picture, but we’d love to see it the other way around, with her properly sitting behind the wheel. We need this German Shepherd puppy in our daily lives. It’s hard to be sad with that face looking back at you. We’re so jealous of her human parents!


Traveling with a pet is a whole different experience than what you might be expecting. Just like tiny children, pets are just as excited, curious, and silly about the things that are new to them. For example, this puppy playing in the snow…

Source: travels_of_bella/Instagram

This is Bella’s first snow! Even though this is a still image, we can feel the excited energy coming off of Bella. Some dogs are scared of the snow, but we can tell that this brave puppy fears nothing and will dive into the nearest snow pile without hesitation.

“What Do You Want?”

Another thing that puppies have in common with human kids is their love of toys. And, most of the time, they’ll even have a favorite toy that they’ll go crazy looking for. Unfortunately, some doggies prefer to eat their stuffed companions.

Source: ziltoidTheHorror/Reddit

This German Shepherd pup was busy chewing her favorite plush spider — possibly a Halloween gift — when her human interrupted her. That little face looks equally scolded and hopeful. Is there a dog treat in the near future, perhaps?

Opposites Attract

When you have multiple pets, chances are they have incredibly contrasting personalities. You may not have noticed it yet, but look at the calm and docile, almost grumpy-looking dog in the background. Now, shift your focus to the German Shepherd in the foreground.


Sometimes, when the family gets a new puppy, the older dog will take the young one under their wing and teach them. It looks like this pug has some serious work cut out for them; with this adorably quirky German Shepherd pup.


If a puppy could lodge a complaint against their human, this puppy would be first in line. He looks so betrayed as he sits on the vet’s table! We just hope that as he grows older, he realizes that it’s for his own good. 

Source: commonvanilla/Reddit

To be fair, most of us also had some level of anxiety about visiting the doctor, but it’s harder to explain to a pup why it’s all going to be okay and there’s nothing to fear. And this cutie, in particular, shouldn’t be worried. She’ll probably get lots of treats afterward!


This reminds us of the Toy Story song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”! In fact, this particular picture is making us feel inspired to be funny and punny. For example, we bet these two puppies stick together. Get it?

Source: Divider1/Reddit

Don’t lie, you laughed at that one. Anyway, these two puppies look absolutely adorable. Can you imagine being woken up by these? Imagine your head is just about to lift off from the pillow and you’re face-to-face with soft fur and playful kisses.


The only thing better than watching the snow fall is popping bubbles. Whether it’s a roll of bubble wrap or bubbles you’ve blown into the air, the sound and feel are so satisfying. It never ceases to amaze us just have pretty these things look.

Source: enzo.swe/Instagram

The same entertainment works for this beautiful German Shepherd puppy named Enzo. We don’t really know whether he liked the taste of this particular bubble that he ate, but at least we know that he has good aim and a sense of direction to follow it in the breeze.


We can only assume that this particularly adorable puppy probably thinks that he’s absolutely terrifying, and to be very honest with you, we will play along just so he can have his two minutes of an ego boost. But it’s obvious with his posture and his teeth…

Source: baron_black_gsd/Instagram

That this cutie is just about a couple of months old. And anyway, if you look deep into his eyes, you can tell that he is not going to hurt or scare anybody. Those flopped ears and disproportionate paws betray the “vicious” teeth.


Going to the grocery store after work can be such a drag. You finally get to clock out after a long day, but you still need to restock your fridge and pantry. All you want to do is go home and crash. Those are the exact vibes that this German Shepherd puppy is giving off.

Source: igotbannedthisismynewname/imgur

Dozing off in the shopping cart is something we can all relate to. Even if we don’t fall asleep like that, the desire is strong enough that we’d seriously consider it. In fact, we love that this pup’s leash almost looks like a little tie! He must’ve had a ruff day at the office.


No matter how many friends we had as kids, there was always that one special friend that we couldn’t get enough of. Endless playdates and countless sleepovers, not to mention lunchtime and the playground — there’s no one like a best friend!

Source: darth_betta/Reddit

Now, obviously, these two aren’t schoolmates, but we can tell that they’re BFFs for life! Those big smiles and nose taps tell us all we need to know. They must have so many fun puppy playdates. We hope that their human parents are just as close friends, too.


“Hi, hi mom. Can I get another piece of candy, please? Pretty please? Oh, mom, please, mom?” This is exactly the vibe that this photograph gives off to us. That’s the face kids give their parents when they really want something.

Source: sc00byj3w/Reddit

With those wide, pleading eyes and head gently resting on the ground; we can practically hear the gentle whimper of a question. Now who could deny this pup his desires? But first, he better be okay with lots of belly rubs before going to the pet store for a new toy bone.


The silhouette of this doggo’s head looks like a child’s drawing of a house — three nearly straight sides and a triangle on top as the roof. Sorry kids, but this pup is way prettier than anything you can make.

Source: s**tshaw/Reddit

Oh gosh! It’s even cuter from the front! This puppy looks confused, though. Is the person behind the camera saying “awwww” nonstop? Because that’s what we would do. Someone needs to tell him why that face is our new favorite thing.

More, please?

We know we’ve brought up puppy dog eyes more than a few times, but in our defense, there’s a lot to talk about. There’s just something about those wide eyes that is captivating. Even cat people will admit to falling in love with those tiny faces.

Source: kodi.gsd_/Instagram

What do you think? Is he asking for more treats? Or did he have an accident on the porch and is asking for forgiveness? Either way, the answer is yes! Yes, he can have more treats, and of course, we forgive him for whatever mistake was made.


Some of us, no matter how hard we try, can’t keep our eyes open when it’s sunny out. Even with the best sunglasses, the bright light forces us to squint for hours. It’s especially frustrating with photographs because our eyes are usually closed.

Source: shywildrose/Reddit

This pupper doesn’t mind, though. She’s just happy to be basking in the sun next to her favorite person. It looks like they’re heading somewhere — possibly home after a run around the dog park. This feels like a danger to the driver. How could they look at the road with this cutie next to them?

Say Cheese

This picture should be the new image for dental advertisements — for dogs and humans! Those pearly whites are on full display as this pup is happy that their favorite human is right there. Or maybe he’s just showing that there are no toy strings in his teeth…

Source: dayman360/Reddit

“Hello, friend! Do you see my new toy?” This pup sure is proud of its new plush toy. But, of course, toys are secondary when there’s a human ready and willing to give some belly rubs. That’s our first instinct when we see puppies as adorable as this.

Which way?

It seems like that pretty silhouette from earlier isn’t the only German Shepherd puppy with wayward ears. We have another one here who can’t seem to figure out which way is up. It puts us in mind of the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

Source: lentilbeanz/Reddit

He’s trying to use his ears to point in the direction of his jar of treats, but he can’t seem to orient himself enough. We wonder if this is a less common trait of German Shepherds or perhaps something they grow out of as adults.


Ikea is well-known for its easy-to-assemble (usually) furniture. They do sell toys, but those are just stuffed animals. Well, it turns out that Ikea is rolling out their new line of “build your own” dogs. Just pick the breed and assemble it at home.

Source: loopdeloops/Reddit

We can’t even tell what is going on here. We see the teeth and paws, but the position doesn’t make any sense. Where is the tail? Hopefully, this poor puppy didn’t get stuck and is just goofing around on the couch, trying to confuse their humans.


We can’t speak for you, but we have never before seen such a serious-faced puppy on a swing before. Usually, when we come across videos that show puppies on the swings and playgrounds, they are either deliriously happy or really tired.

Source: koda.and.hoonah.gsd/Insatgram

This particular puppy, though, seems highly observant but not exactly hyperactive. Instead, he seems like a wise old man who is absolutely content with how his life is going, and he’s happy to while away his time on a swing, breathing in the fresh air.


We might want to report a scam or fraud right now because it seems like the people who went out to get themselves a German Shepherd pupper somehow took home a kangaroo. Just kidding! But, seriously, they might want to check on their new puppy. Is this normal?

Source: bigfootapm/Reddit

He doesn’t look like he’s in trouble, though. In fact, he looks quite content with the position he’s found himself in. In a way, it looks like he’s trying to hold his head in place while he watches the TV.


It’s “Take your pet to Starbucks” day! If this puppy’s picture doesn’t inspire you to scoop your doggo up, drive him to the nearest coffee shop and get him a cup of whipped cream asap, we don’t know what will. 

Source: ragonk_1310/Reddit

This particular German Shepherd looks absolutely floored with the cream in his mouth. We sure hope he didn’t make too much of a mess in the car, but to be frank with you, we would happily clean up after this beauty every single day. 


It’s like we can feel the wind blowing through this beautiful puppy’s fur. He looks so happy! This photograph seems like it’s out of a cinematic montage of the most stunning things created by nature. It’s the definition of puppy energy all in one picture!

Source: rayco.ogsd/Instagram

We’re in love with this photo. We’re going to print this and put it in our wallets, stick it on our mirrors, and make out banks print this onto our next credit cards. We’re going to be full of serotonin every day! 


The only benefit of working a corporate job that you don’t like is if your boss either allows pet days at the office or makes personal exceptions for their own pets and brings them to the office frequently. This would change morale right away!

Source: penguindisco/Reddit

If we trashed an important presentation that could have granted us an end-of-year bonus and were super sad, seeing this puppy show up near our desks would definitely help make the day better. Bring back pet days at the office, please.


Nature continues to surprise us every single day, and this photograph is proof of just that. This adorable creature in this picture is supposedly a German Shepherd puppy, but it also resembles a grizzly bear. We didn’t know that those two could have cubs/puppies…

Source: sm0keyii/Reddit

Well, they can’t, but you can’t deny the resemblance here. That full coat of fluffy black fur makes this German Shepherd look like a bear cub that got lost and wound up at an animal shelter. These owners must feel lucky for having such a unique pup.

He’ll Grow Into It

As we mentioned in the beginning, German Shepherds are a popular breed for use as police dogs. But they don’t always start so big and intimidating. Nope, just like us humans, all the dogs in the K9 unit need to go through training.

Source: peterbenk09/Reddit

This must be his first day on the job. Poor puppy; they didn’t have a vest in his size, so he had to get an adult-sized harness. Though, he doesn’t seem to mind, He’s just happy to be around people that love him…and give him treats.