The Pet Walk Of Fame: Animals Who Showcase Nature’s Unique And Rare Looks

By Kelly B May 23, 2022

Who said human beings are the only ones who can be celebrities? In this day and age, especially on social media, animals can also get their share of fame and importance. We are sure that you may have come across popular cat pages on Instagram or videos of dogs on Facebook that garnered thousands of views. Our pets can also be superstars! Now, this list is made for superstars who shine brightly and uniquely in their own way. Let us present to you unusual-looking pets with unique and special one-of-a-kind appearances that prove their success in the genetic lottery of the animal kingdom! From Scottish Fold to British Shorthair to Sphynx, from grumpy to curious-looking ones— here are photos of extraordinary pets that will surely get your attention!

Find The Hidden Mickey

If this cat were on the Disney channel, he would definitely be the Hidden Mickey. This little cat is not only adorable with its big eyes and soft expression but also for its ears that have a unique and unusual shape!


We are used to seeing cats with pointy or folded ears, but not cats with ears that make them look like Mickey Mouse! Nonetheless, they made this cat look even cuter – alongside its heart-shaped patch of fur; we are in love.

Cat Moss

You’ve probably heard of the famous supermodel named Kate Moss, but are you aware that there is a supermodel cat? This photograph is not only a simple shot of a cat but a snap of a supermodel who has legs for days!


Now, we cannot wait to witness its catwalk and editorial photoshoots. We are sure that this cat also slays in the fashion field, seeing how stylish it is with its elegant pink collar! Come on, Vogue! It’s time for you to hire this little one.

Doggy Flying High

This list would not be complete without a rescue dog that is the living personification of the word beautiful. This puppy even becomes more gorgeous with its rare-looking ears that look like they’re flying or being moved by the wind!


If the wind is moving this dog’s ears, then our hearts are being moved by this adorable dog. We are also beyond glad that it finally got rescued and welcomed into its new family. Look at its joyful eyes and smile!

Chubby Bunny

Now it’s time for a bunny to shine! Here, we see a bunny with atypical and unconventional markings that are far from ordinary. Nonetheless, it still does not lessen the bunny’s cuteness. If anything, it makes it even more lovable than ever!


We are in awe of how the bunny sits adorably and proudly as it shows its unique coloring that can even be the bunny’s asset. This bunny proves that our features make us even more pretty, even if they don’t look the same as others!

Is that Big(Cat)Foot?!

The bigfoot legend has always served as a horror story for children, told by people to scare and warn them to be careful when they see an unusual-looking creature with big feet. However, for this one, it’s the complete opposite!


We can’t get enough of this adorable bigfoot! Who can be scared of this cat with toes that seem to be bigger than its face? This time, the legend of bigfoot is not meant to scare us — but instead, meant to make us smile!

The Regal Snake

Lo and behold, a snake is included in the list! We bet you are just expecting pets such as dogs and cats to be the only ones included, but we are here to tell you that snakes can also be beautiful pets.


In this photograph, we see a python with a piebald mutation. This unusual-looking snake no doubt captured our attention with its eye-catching colors that make us think it is some kind of royalty in the animal kingdom. This fellow is rare indeed.

Galaxy Eyes

When someone tells you your eyes look like a galaxy, you would think that person is exaggerating and being corny. But it’s not the same with this cat’s ethereal eyes, which seem as if they are staring deep into your soul!


We can never exaggerate and be corny when we talk about this white cat that has the whole galaxy and possibly other universes in its eyes. Of course, its eyes are not the only thing capturing our attention. What a beautiful creature!

Ranger, You Rule

Did your head also tilt when you looked at this heartwarming photo of this dog tilting its head? Because ours sure did! Ranger is a grown German Shepherd with dwarfism. It looks more beautiful than ever, along with its eyes that captured our hearts!


We did not think that crying because of one photograph was possible, but Ranger proved us wrong. We are in tears right now because of its cuteness and bravery. Ranger, you deserve this seat because you rule! Has anyone else heard of dogs with dwarfism? Because this is a first for us.

Frankie’s Home

This entry on our list is the equivalent of the word heartwarming. The beautiful cat is named Frankie, and it was revealed to have already found its foster home. We can see that this one-eyed, gorgeous, and loving cat loves its new territory!


It truly warms our hearts to see animals and pets find their new homes and owners who truly love and care for them. Frankie, we hope you know how loved and adored you are, even by people who only get to see your photographs!

A Spy Cat

We were not aware that The Incredibles had a cat in their family! Here we see a cat that looks like it has a black mask covering its eyes, making it seem like a double agent or a secret spy in the community.


If this cat is indeed a spy or a double agent, we are sure that it is successful at its job. Perhaps it’s a superhero in disguise, always saving the community with its cuteness and sweetness! Way to go, spy cat!

Rowdy and Marcus

A lovely dog with a gorgeous smile and friendly demeanor would make all our troubles disappear. In this photo, we see a dog named Rowdy, with vitiligo. Vitiligo is a disorder in which the body’s pigment cells are lost, resulting in discolored patches on the skin.


Rowdy met a new friend named Marcus that day, and Marcus has a positive outlook despite also being affected by vitiligo. They found friendship in each other, and it is felt in the genuine interaction seen in this photograph! Aww, our hearts!

The Tale of Dexter’s Tail

We would like to write a tale based on the long tail of this black cat named Dexter, which almost occupies all the space in the bed. A tail as long as this deserves to be brought to the world!


This tale about Dexter needs to be longer than its tail, if that’s even possible. However, what we’re sure of is if that were to occur, it would never compare and amount to how unique and breathtaking Dexter is. Black cats for the win!

The Cat Avenger

This photograph shows a domestic cat afflicted with myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, an extremely uncommon condition that causes muscles to grow to abnormally large sizes. The condition is known as “hypertrophic muscular dystrophy” is the type of muscular dystrophy observed in cats the most frequently.


While this may cause this cat to look unusual and different from others, it does not matter, as it even makes the cat look like a superhero who will save the world! We are confident this cat can do it.

A Jinx? More Like A Blessing

Pets are now considered honorary and special family members of people, even calling them one of the most beautiful blessings in life. This cat’s name is Jinx (which means bad luck), which is the complete opposite of the happiness and glory it gives to the people around.


Jinx was also born with one ear, but this did not stop it from living its life to the fullest – while still looking like the most charming creature in the world! Jinx, you are a blessing in this world.

101 (Snake) Dalmatians

You’ve heard of dogs and cats with Dalmatian pied, but have you ever seen a snake with it? We hope Cruella De Vil does not see this photo, as it reveals the most divine-looking snake with a pied that’s beyond extraordinary!


Snakes are often times deemed to be dangerous creatures that one should not have as a pet, for they can never be domestic, but we can clearly see in this photo how peaceful and gorgeous it looks. What a visual!

Easy To Spot

Another pet on this list is revealed to have vitiligo. The owner shared how she was initially all black when they first got her, but because of her condition, she gets more spots every year – as we see in this photograph of her!


If we need to find a cat who is undeniably delightful and alluring, then it’s definitely easy to spot – because it’s this girl cat in the photograph! We cannot deny its beauty and oneness with its intense look and features.

The Pretty Pixel

An individual with heterochromia has eyes of a different color than each other. It is not just in humans, as animals can develop heterochromia as a result of an injury or disease; nevertheless, the condition is nearly and exclusively inherited.


One case of heterochromia in the animal kingdom is seen in this beautiful cat named Pixel. In this photograph, it is visible that Pixel has two different colored eyes – the left one is green, and the right one is blue.

Thumbs Up!

Putting your thumbs up is an indication that you approve of something and like it. We can conclude that this pet approves of what’s happening in the photo, take a look at its huge thumbs and eye-catching paws! What a face!


It is not often we see that cats have paws as noticeable and striking as this one, but we are not complaining about any of it. Instead, we are even delighted to see this unique and irresistibly cute cat! So sweet!

Kitty Vampire

We think this cat took “show us your teeth” more seriously than the rest of us. This particular kitty is not afraid to show the world its fangs, which makes us wonder whether it is a cat or a vampire!


Yes, we know that this cat has more teeth than usual cats. But does that make it any less adorable? Of course not! It makes it even more dazzling, even though vampires are meant to be scary – this cat is the opposite of it!

This Astrex Strikes Us

The Astrex is a rex-type of rabbit with fur as soft as velvet. Curly fur on rabbits results from a highly uncommon mutation in the rex fur gene. As a result, they are quite popular as pets, which contributes to their high demand.


We do not doubt that many people want an Astrex as a pet! Just by looking at this photograph of a chunky and fluffy Astrex rabbit, we now also have the urge to hug them and care for them eternally!

The F In Fanny Is Fascinating

Fanny, like the other pets included in this list, also has vitiligo. This rare skin condition makes Fanny’s hair depigment, causing Fanny to look different from other dogs. But looking different does not matter to someone as fancy as Fanny!


All the positive adjectives that start with the letter F apply to this awesome dog – such as fascinating, fabulous, and fantastic! We surely want to meet Fanny someday and just shower this fair creature with all the deserving compliments.

I Have Two Noses

Prepare to have your entire day made as you discover this photograph of a cat that has two functional noses! It was shared on the internet how someone found this cat in a clinic. Who could resist not taking a photograph of this cat?


We are beaming with curiosity about how this cat looks even more adorable with two noses than one! The longer you look at it, the more you become enthralled by its beauty. We hope it can smell how much we love it!

Rainbow Connection

Obviously, we appreciate snakes as we further reveal all the pets included in this list. This time, we are checking out a rainbow reticulated python – and it is not often that we see a snake having all these bright colors.


We cannot believe how stunning this snake looks. It makes us feel like we are gazing upon the whole sky – only this time, it’s all in the skin of an animal! Oh, the wonders of the world and its creatures.

You’re So Golden

Most people think that having patches on your face is not considered pretty, but this golden retriever begs to differ. As seen in the photograph, its beauty is even more evident as he confidently shows the rare black patch on his face!


This puppy is truly the definition of golden, seeing how exquisite it is! Sitting in the grass has never looked this good, and it can only be seen in this golden retriever right here. We are excited about your golden days!

Admiring Avgust

Albinism in dogs is an uncommon genetic abnormality known as tyrosinase (complete albino) or tyrosinase-positive (partial albino). Albinism is characterized by a total loss of pigmentation (such as the skin, hair, eyes, and blood vessels). This results in a pinkish hue evident in their features.


We could not believe our own eyes when we saw how ethereal this dog was. We want you all to meet Avgust, an Albino dog from Moscow, Russia. People say a picture tells a thousand words, and this photograph alone says a lot about Avgust’s enchanting beauty.

Let Me Boop Your Nose

It is pretty much impossible not to boop their noses when petting dogs. We love showing our love and care for these pets in the cutest ways possible, and that includes telling them how wonderful they are by appreciating their lovely features.


We absolutely cannot wait to convey how much we love this dog right here in this photograph. Take a look at its long face that makes us want to spend the rest of our days just booping its nose! Who is more impressive, the cat with two noses or this doggo with the most extended nose we have ever seen?

The Chronicles Of Narnia

Numerous people love the work of art that is The Chronicles of Narnia, and we are confident that many people love this cat named Narnia as well. The name is perfect for him, as it exemplifies how magical he is!


Narnia, like his name, is rare and extraordinary in this world. He is a two-faced cat with an adorable face divided by the colors gray and black. We no longer need a magical portal to experience the magic right now. We just need to look at Narnia!

The Growling Tiger

The tiger, scientifically known as Panthera tigris, is the most prominent living cat species and a member of the Panthera genus. In the mighty jungle filled with fierce and competitive animals, it is also called “The Mightiest Big Cat.”


In this photograph, we see a cat with spots like a tiger because of its vitiligo. Like the pets with similar conditions included in this list, this brave pet does not wither because of its situation! Instead, it tells the world how mighty it is, like a tiger in the jungle.

Peculiar Paws

You better not be on bad terms with this cat right here. Another cat on this list is seen to have huge, extraordinary paws, which further proves how it’s not only domesticated but also a fighter in the field. Watch out!


Even though its paws have outgrown our hands, we cannot afford to get scared because of how adorable this cat looks! We would like to meet this cat and shake hands with it – or should we say, shake paws?

Dog Ears

If we had an entry about a cat’s ears looking like Mickey Mouse’s, then it’s a sin not to include a dog as well. It is our first time seeing a dog with circular ears like these, and we are enchanted!


This dog seems to know that its picture is being taken and is even proud to show its flamboyant ears that make it look like it’s wearing a headband! This is proof of how doggy ears are underrated and should be appreciated by more people.

Looking At A Mirror

We initially thought someone edited this cat’s eyes, but apparently, it has a genetic mutation that makes her eyes look like a broken mirror or a shattered glass. Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with her eyesight, and she can see things clearly.


While a broken glass is not usually a pretty sight for people, it is the opposite case for this cat’s eyes. It feels like we are looking into a mirror, and our souls are being shown. We cannot wait to get eye-to-eye with her!

The Lucky One

We bet you are not expecting to see a calf on this list. A calf is a young domestic cow or bull, often seen on dairy farms. This calf is different from the rest because it’s called Lucky Number 7!


Maybe it’s because of Lucky Number 7’s birthday or its place of birth – but whatever the reason is, we no longer wonder why it’s called lucky! Does that not scream luck to you? Oops, on a second look, we notice something. Take a good look at that face, and you’ll see why it got its name!

The Ethereal Elli

Due to vitiligo, this beautiful cat named Elli went from having tuxedo markings when she was born to almost being completely white in just three years. Elli’s transformation is shown in this collage, showcasing her unbelievable markings throughout the years.


But that does not matter, Elli! Whatever your soft fur looks like or whatever color your coat is, the only thing not changing in your life is your ethereal beauty. We shall not disturb your beauty sleep anymore, Princess Elli!

Eyes of Nature

They always say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Because of a very unusual genetic condition, the eyes of this beautiful white cat are two different colors. To say that this cat has a beautiful soul would be an understatement.


Best believe we tried our best not to spend the rest of the day just looking at this cat’s enchanting and captivating eyes. We feel like we are looking at the sun and the ocean at the same time! We see your beauty!

Pretty In Pink

We would like you all to meet this cat named Geordi! Geordi takes great pride in displaying his pink toe beans, along with his eyes that have different contrasting colors. The sun shines bright on a gorgeous creature like him!


Different and opposing colors are not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, they are pleasing to the eye and uniquely captivating. Geordi is living proof of this! He seems like a child of the golden sun, showing everyone his bright light.

The Marvelous Myrtle

Nothing makes us soft more than a small kitten’s paws. Bonus point if we get to touch their warm toe beans! We became even weaker when we saw this foster cat named Myrtle, which has eight toe beans on one foot!


Each cat’s front foot usually contains five toe beans, whereas each of its hind feet has only four. These numbers are not evident on Myrtle’s foot, but that doesn’t make Myrtle less typical than the rest! It makes Myrtle even more marvelous and endearing.

Curled Ears For The Win

We cannot contain our excitement as we look at this smiling cat with curled ears! It appears to be confident and proud of its unique set of curly ears, as we see her smiling while her photograph is being taken.


If this were our cat, we would always cry while looking at her, even if she’s doing the most simple thing, like sleeping. With her curled ears and peaceful sleeping position, her smile also puts a smile on our faces!

The Pink Paw

If there is a movie about The Pink Panther, we would like to make a movie about The Pink Paw. This photograph alone proves that this cat deserves a film about her life, specifically about her unusual-looking paw! We don’t know what to call it… Three Vs. One?


Her owner shared that this cat has a pink toe, despite the fact that her hairs are white. We can also clearly see the other dark-colored toe, and the one and only pink paw is a standout among them!

Ogre Cat

Is this black cat really a cat, or is it secretly an ogre? We don’t know its character in the Shrek Cinematic Universe, but what we know for sure is that it has the main character’s long and unusual-looking ears!


This flathead cat with black fur and unique ears undeniably caught our attention, making us wonder whether he is a secret character in the famous and well-known franchise. Maybe it’s a friend of Puss in Boots? We hope to see her star in the next film.

That One Budgie

The budgerigar, also known as the common parakeet or the shell parakeet, is a species of tiny parrot that consumes seeds and has a long tail. They are commonly referred to as “budgies.” Blue or green can be seen on a budgie’s feathers, though blue is more prevalent.


Because of a rare mutation, this one specific budgie has both green and blue colors. This color mutation and combination is not typical for normal budgies, so we can say that this budgie is unique and distinct on its own!


Many of us idolize and admire basketball players like Michael Jordan for his commendable skills and talent on the court. It seems like this dog is also one of his big fans, as seen in his back that looks like the Air Jordan Jumpman Logo!


Even if this dog doesn’t get to win a game, let alone shoot a ball, we don’t care! He is already a winner in the field of cuteness and being lovable, and he will forever be remembered as the MVP!

White and Yellow

Sssss… another snake on the list! We bet you still cannot believe that snakes can be gorgeous pets and creatures despite their dangerous and poisonous image. This color combination looks unreal, and we cannot believe we are looking at a snake!


The colors white, yellow, and a little bit of black are seen in the skin of this snake, a combination that is alluring and supernatural to the eyes. As cunning as it can be, we cannot deny its beauty underneath.

Puppy Eyes At Its Finest

This adorable Boston Terrier has two different colored eyes! Heterochromia is the medical term used to describe dogs with eyes of varying colors. Melanin is the pigment responsible for an individual’s eye color. The word “hetero” means “different,” and the word “chromia” means “colors.”


We surely cannot resist this dog’s puppy eyes. If this dog asks us to do something, we will surely do it for the cutest Boston Terrier! There is no need for this puppy to persuade us because just one look from it is all it takes for us to give our love.

Sorry For The Scratch

As pet owners as well, we are aware of how painful their scratches are. But the truth is, we cannot stay mad at them despite being injured because their cuteness triumphs over everything – including our pain and ill feelings!


One example of this is this particular cat with two nails in one toe bean. We now anticipate the accidental scratches this cat might give us, but that won’t matter anymore as it already warms our hearts just watching it sleep.

A Curly Whisker Away

Cats are usually known for their whiskers, and they are straight and long in most cases. With this cat, however, they have a curly one! Take a look at the little curly whisker of this cat, which even becomes more adorable because it’s one among many straight ones!


The cat in this photograph looks proud to have one curly whisker! If pictures could talk and cats could convey their feelings through words, you would catch this cat saying: “I have one curly whisker, and you don’t. I’m unique.”