Awesome Pictures Of Rescue Puppies Eating Peanut Butter

By Stephen M

In 2013, Greg Murray and his wife rescued a Mastiff dog they named Bailey. They had already rescued another dog, named Leo, into their home. Being an enthusiastic animal lover, he left his job in corporate human resources a year later to become an animal photographer. He loved taking pictures of Leo and Bailey whenever possible. To capture funny and animated images, Greg usually gives Bailey peanut butter before taking pictures.

Greg is now a full-time photographer and passionate about his new job. As he does for Bailey, he has extended the peanut butter magic to other dogs. He has started a photo series of dogs enjoying peanut butter to capture those exciting moments. Some of the photos he has taken went viral immediately after he posted them on the internet.

Internet Popularity and Books

Greg says his pictures have attracted numerous views on the internet and interviews from several media outlets across the globe. This prompted him to launch a Kickstarter campaign and self-publish a book on dogs eating peanut butter.

He later received book deals from multiple publishers to have his works published by them. Consequently, they released “Peanut Butter Puppies” in 2017. The book has made over 15,000 sales worldwide. Two years later, he released the book “Pit Bull Heroes: 49 Underdogs with Resilience and Heart.”

Greg then shifted from the peanut series in his next book to avoid being stereotyped as the peanut butter guy. However, upon talking to his publisher, they decided to develop another edition of Peanut Better Puppies. The book features 70 rescue dogs between 8 weeks to 12 months.

Now check out and enjoy some photos of these adorable puppies eating peanut butter.







Buck and River




Some of the dogs featured were photographed in shelters and foster homes. Others were living happily with new owners. Greg wants to use his photography and platform to advocate for dogs euthanized daily.