These Pets Can’t Part With Their Favorite Toys And Watch Them Get Fixed

By Stephen M

Pets also have pets. Surprised? Don’t be, because as you always want your pet to be around you, they also want to be around the toys you bought for them. Some pets are so fond of their toys that they can’t do without them, no matter how old or dirty they are. In fact, some get affected and have mood changes once you discard their beloved toys. And even if you replace such toys with the best on the market, they may take time to adapt to them. Therefore, the best option is to keep these old toys in the best condition possible. Fix and wash them as required.

Having your pets wait patiently and watch as you fix their nasty toys is always a sight to behold. The look on their faces at such moments tells it all. They are like, “hurry up; I am missing that thing already. I can’t wait to reconnect.” Here are the looks of some pets long waiting for their toys. Looking at them shows how they can’t live without their toys.

Photo credit: Kennedy Media and News

Look at how Lucas the cat is watching granny as she fixes his lovely stuffed leopard. The look on his face speaks volumes.

Why Pets love their toys

Out of curiosity, we decide to talk to a dog trainer to determine why pets can’t do away with their toys. Caitlin Crittenden, a dog trainer at Wag! dog walking service gave out several reasons why this happens. According to her, the pets see those toys as their offspring and try to give them motherly care. Pets can be emotional and get attached to things they are always close to.

Caitlin said dogs usually guard their toys to ensure they get them back. They want to see what you are doing to their beloved toy and are concerned that you may discard the toys.

Photo credit: DaisyDubz92